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RED5 Video/Audio Recording Software

Hi Im looking for an expert in Red5 and Actionscript, to build a serverside software that saves video or/and sound user can choose from webcam/microphone and save it to the server and make a small entry in a mysql db (name, mail)

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Decaptcher Client With Proxies

I need someone to build a similar program to this:

Where the user can submit votes to Xtremetop100 using proxies and will automatically find errors with the proxies when submitting. Using the Decaptcher framework.

There are 3 other projects that I would like to do similar to this, so the person with the lowest bid will be offered those projects.

The program is on sale for 50$ so only offers lower or equal to this price will be accepted.

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Make Server PCI-DSS Compliant


I am looking for a linux system admin to make my server PCI compliant.

There are 7 vulnerabilities which needs to be patched and all of them are Plesk/8443 related apart from one.

Plesk version is 8.6.0 and seems like its broken at the moment.

Apache 2.0.x Version Check
SSL Medium Strength Cipher Suites Supported
SSL Certificate Signed using Weak Hashing Algorithm
SSL Weak Cipher Suites Supported
OpenSSL PKCS Padding RSA Signature Forgery Vulnerability
SSL Version 2 (v2) Protocol Detection

Apache UserDir Directive Username Enumeration

Please message me if you have any questions.


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Single-Server Multiple Client

A Single-server Multiple-client system has to be developed using IO::SOCKET in Perl. Use of multi-threading or fork server is not allowed.

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Need A Code For Video And Audio Convertor For A Website

Need a code that I can install on my site where when a user upload a audio file ( no matter what format ) ,it gets converted into mp3 and if a user upload a video file it gets converted in the flv just like the does..

Also I need a code that can do just like the customize it first button does on this website .

I will need to see the demo on your server or on my server before I buy the code.

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Debugging Server/client Code Involving Java And Xml

I am in need of some quick help debugging my JAVA code. I am completing a project where my client/component must send and receive xml messages from a server. I have written the code which compiles and runs, but generates a nullpointerexception. Here is the scenario that needs to take place:
1. the server is started,
2. a remote control called, prjRemote is connected to the server.
3. an initialization message is sent via the remote.
4. the client component is started which automatically sends a message to the server.
This is where i get the nullpointerexception.
If you are interested in helping me out, please let me know asap and I will send you my files.

Thanks to all in advance.

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Seo Online LInk Verifier / Client Report

We are looking for someone to supply the initial build PLUS ongoing support for changes. Being we out source link building the software will support some of these features:

1. A “site” will be created. This site will have one client attached to it,but some client might have more then 1 site.

2. Each “site” will have a backlink report

3. The backlink report will include link, PageRank, Out bound links on that page, anchor text, and last checked date and time.

3A. The software MUST be able to verify each link in the db once a week.

4. Software must allow link builders to have a login and password and upload the links they created. This can be a form for link by link and also a way to uplaod a csv file. These links must be vefied right away when uploaded.

5. Each client must be able to also login and see his site(s) and see a back link report for each one, with the above columns.

6. Would also lijke to explore to see if possible using the google code, if we could “import” some stats (basic traffic report by day). We want clients to see value of our service.

7. Keyword report for client, to check google, bing, yahoo results of each keyword.

Prefer a non .net platform, but anything you think is best for us to use, we are into.
Please ask questions, this is my first time trying this service, but we hope to be here often! Time is of the essence!

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