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Job #2B For Jim GWI

Build two versions of a single page website on Google Sites, use google web optimizing tools and SEO. Due 10 days $100

The theme will be your own writing portfolio site.

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SEO Blog Post Service Needed

If you have a blog network, i will provide a spun article so you can post all your blogs as blog post.

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100 Articles Of 500 Words Bulk Article Writing

Hello freelancers

I need people to write for me good quality articles for a cost effective way

i will be ordering 100 articles per time

100% unique content , hand written,no spinning , 100% copyscape passed, SEO writing

The niche is games

If you can provide 100 articles in 7-10 days then bid on the project with a bid for 100 articles and send me a sample too


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SEO Expert Needed

I am looking for a right SEO expert for a small 4 page website, lowest bid with quality guaranteed will win the job. Provider needs to describe the technique he will use to get natural traffic to website.

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Entry Level Content Writer Require For SEO Blog Writing

The Writer should provide unique copy scape passed content.

Blog Writing Format :

o Unique 3 Titles should be provided for each article (That should not only the keywords)
o Blog Body (should be 350 words at least)

Writer must follow the instruction:

o 100% Unique
o USA Ascent
o Should be Written keeping mind marketing aspect.
o Blog content should contain all the keyword at least once given in the keyword list.
o Blog content seems to be attractively written having sub-headings as well as bullet or list item as and when possible.
o The flow of the content should be maintain from beginning to end.

Blog Quantity : 20

Time Line : 2 days

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SEO Expert Needed

We have a website related to shared web hosting.

There are 2 keywords on which we want you to rank us on top 3 results in

At the moment we have no rank for each of these keywords.
Your Job is to bring it in top 3 searches results of &

Please see other points that you must follow while performing your SEO Techniques. Whoever takes the project and performs will be given job of regular maintenance and more keywords to target.
However quick performance is must as we work on deadlines.

1. No Black Hat
2. No link farming
3. Links from related theme websites.
4. Need regular reports on Links, Blog postings, nodes, article submissions etc done for website
5. You need to let us know the time frame in which you can rank the above keywords on required positions in
6. Advance will be paid however complete payment only on achieving the desired results.

Keywords and website details will revealed on PM, send proposals with your past work.



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Article Writing Job, Potential For Long Term Cooperation

I am setting up my internet marketing business and I am building various blogs and websites in different niches.
I need someone who can produce regular contents for these blogs (300-500 word articles).

The job is simple, you are expected to do some research on the topic but I do not require high level technical or specific knowledge.

However, I DO require the following:
– Ability to produce regular ORIGINAL content
– Creativity to write different articles around the same specific topic
– English as mother tongue
– Near to zero proofing and rewriting on my part
– Engaging writing style, not accademic

I can pay 1.5$/article for the first 15 articles. If I see that you are a good and reliable writer we can extend this cooperation and we can increase the rate according to the quality of your articles.

The price is fixed so I will be judging based on experience, sample of work you can provide and if you are from an English speaking country is definitely a plus.

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SEO – Russian Speaking

We are seeking a Russian speaking SEO specialist who has experience with Russian search engines such as Yandex, Rambler and Aport. The person must have previous experience with Russian SEO.We need help with keyword research, link buildning, writing titles, descriptions and alt text for images on the site.

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Super Easy SEO/Rewrite Project

I have a super easy job that needs a writer/SEO. I have around 4000 +/- items I need someone to put SEO friendly keywords in each one of the item description. Whatever you write has to give the description some flair and spelling, grammar, ect has to be great.
I prefer for writers with special software like white smoke but if you do not have any special software and have to go off of raw skill its ok.

Because the items are mostly all written out and all you have to do is reword the description and add flair, my budget for this is between $30-$50. NO ESCROW. The fees are too high for that. ONLY ONE FREELANCER WILL GET THIS JOB. I don

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Article Information Gathering

I require a team to gather information on a variety of products mostly technology products which I will provide.

1, You will be given the format which I would need 5-10 items written about using reviews and product information which I will supply.
2, The format I give needs to be used. Each product needs 1 decent sized paragraph.

1, Good standard of English.
2, You are bidding on one test job, which there will be much more if done well.
3, Fast turn around of articles.

Upon confirmation you will be given details of the test

Example of format required:


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Content Writing On Marketing, SEO, Mobile Apps

I need some high quality writing,

Need 15 Copywriting texts/articles, my Budget is 30 $
Word count: 300-500 + a picture per piece.

You should use some snappy, personal voice so it is clear that its you who is writing this and not a steal from newspapers.

Content should be about:

4 on iPhone Applications (something cool)
3 on iPad Applications (Something very cool and very new)
2 on Android Applications (something that people want to download)

2 on SEO (Something new in SEO business)
2 on Marketing (Something fascinating, perhaps some big company declared bancrupcy or some big marketing guru held a speach on advertising)
2 on Copywriting (Give some tips on how to write interesting texts)

EVERYTHING MUST BE ORIGINAL COPYSCAPE PASSED. – If you provide good work I will hire you for at least 30 more articles/texts

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Hi I am looking for two article writers who are from Europe. I have regular work for the right people. Articles can be on a number of different topics, and pay is at a rate of £1.50 per 500 words. Articles must:

*Be your own work and pass Copyscape. Articles that do not pass Copyscape will be asked to be rewritten.
*Meet the deadlines set. Failure to meet deadlines will result in articles being passed to other writers. All article deadlines are agreed before hand so there is unless there is a good reason for you not meeting it, your articles will be passed on.
*Writing must me excellent in terms of spelling, grammar and understandability
*Articles must adhere to the rules sent with each topic (concerining US or UK English, headings etc.) Failure to do this and the inability to contact you may result in your work being passed to another writer to complete.

Please send me a private message if you are interested with the headline *tomoato* so I know you have read the above rules. In your private message please do the following:

*Let me know whereabouts in the world you live, expats are welcome too just let me know which European country you are originally from.
*Let me know if you agree to the rate of £1.50 per 500 words and if you offer any discounts for bulk work.
*Let me know how many articles of 500 words you realistically can complete in one day (this is important). Any figure is welcome but do not over exert yourself so you can not meet deadlines.
*Let me know whether you would rather be paid on a daily basis via paypal or after each set of 20 articles via freelncer
*Please send me a sample article of your work
*Let me know when you can start

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SEO Link Building & Google Places

I have budget of $50 for next 6 months to help with SEO on one website.

The website needs to have a naturally good presence in Google and more importantly google places as the site is being redesigned in the new year & we want as much work done on it as possible so that when we release the new site, it will have a good presence in google, Bing Yahoo, etc for us to work with on the new site.

Link building – to home page only
Twitter followers
Google places
Article Writing and Submission
DIrectory submission

Only PMs with the text/subject "LIMOHIRE" will be considered.

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Seo Needed

Seo expert needed for some escort article.

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SEO Article Writing Project – Original Articles Daily

I need someone who can do at least 10 articles a day for me. Each article will be at least 500 words.

I will check them through copyscape to make sure that you

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9 Article On Seo Due Tonight(3$ Each) 150-400 Words

Ok, So I actually have only 9 articles. Please ensure that your writers write these articles from the viewpoint of sales materials. These articles will be used to gain more clients so they must be unique, original and simple to understand. It would be great if you could include graphs or any other illustrations. Please review the main webpage as it outlines the three packages. Basic , Pro and Enterprise. please try to include these elements in some way in all articles. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via here. I create thousands of websites each year. Think of this as your trial. If this is done well you will have a consistent client. I really need to stress the importance of these being original articles. I will test each article for uniqueness. If any article fails the originality test I will file for a refund on the grounds of fraud. This is very very very important to me and is my number one rule. If you accept this offer you are agreeing to this. Please let me know if you are up for this challenge. If so I will hire you right away……

The 9 Articles I need are:

1)Sales and Google Adwords Advertising- How can optimizing your google adword and SEO tactic increase a companies sales

2) Marketing- Marketing strategies inherent to Search Engine Optimization

3)Research, Research that is involved with Search Engine Optimization

4) Strategy- Combine Sales,Marketing and Research and how the strategy will greatly impact the client company.

5)Google adwords. Talk about what google adwords is and how it works

6)Email Campaign- We offer a 300,000 email blast- talk about the value of opt in email marketing

7)Quality Backlinks- Talk about the importance of backlinking to SEO

8) Search Engine Submission- I will provide daily search engine submission talk about the value of this

9)Each client will receive a press release that will be sent to at least 15 companies. Talk about the value of this and how Press releases can help a company grow.

11/02/2010 at 22:08 EDT:
i can only pay abt 30$ for 9 articles ….i cant afford ore than that

I am in need of a technical writer with at least 5 years of experience with SEO. I am extremely busy and do not have the time to write the articles for a website: . I need a NATIVE English speaker who knows SEO. Please do not place a bid if you are not a NATIVE english speaker. I do not have the time to reread and correct any bad grammar. When you respond to this ad please include your price quote. Price quotes of $0 will automatically be rejected. The website will feature about 10 articles with each article containing between 150-400 words. Again, native English speakers only! The articles must read slightly technical as well as smoothly

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Writing 50 English SEO Related To Personal Loans

For a blog with Google sense, i need 50 articles about personal loans and related subjects.

Delivery asap.

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SEO Needed For 2 Of My Sites

Im working on 2 websites. One is about Muscle Building the second on is about weight loss. I need an SEO expert to promote it and get my site to top 5 on for the following keywords:

Muscle building website:
Muscle building
Muscle building supplements
Force factor
Whey protein
Nitric oxide

Weight Loss Website:
lose weight fast
Lemonade diet
Weight loss pills
how to lose weight
acai berry diet

Im looking for someone who can get my site to to – Top five on a first page of for their keywords (listed above) i know its preaty imsosible to make them all top 5 within few months, but i do want it within the shortest period of time, preferable 2-4 months. Will have much more work for you if youll do what you say and get the job done. You will get paid as follows: Muscle building website is already link to google and already has over 20 links and the weight loss site is linked too and has over 140 links made!

– 25% top 100
– 25% top 20
– 50% top 5

– get 2 of my sites to rank for the keywords as its listed to – TOP 100 – within a month and TOP 20 within 60 days, and I should be already seeing some results within couple of weeks if I wont see any results within couple of weeks Im canceling the project, because people have already wasted my time like that.

1. You dont your a newbie
2. Offering me some link building packages.
3. Please dont bit if its gonna take you long time to get it up to top 5 or 10

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Press Release Writing X 5 Press Release SEO

Hi guys I require 5 press releases written. 1 for each keyword below:

web marketing software
internet marketing software
Master Resale Rights
Resale Rights Software
Private Label Rights

Each Press Release will have the particular keyword in the title and in the first paragraph of each press release.

Must be original content and written in english. The url you will be writing about and promoting will be so please analyze the site and keywords thoroughly.

Full payment to be made on completion of work.

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Need SEO Expert For 10-15 Days

Hello all
I need SEO guys who can work for me.I need your services for 10-20 days.
its really easy job you just need to continue our work for 10-20 days.

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10 Economics / Finance Article For Today

We are looking for finance writers to write 10 articles of around 400 words. We pay $4 per article and need a high quality of writing.
The job must be today (at least part of it)
The article will need to be copyscape free

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Skilled SEO Needed For Several Projects

Hello all,

I require a skilled SEO who can work for me over a long term. I would like you to work at an hourly rate for me on a number of projects for my clients. I have at least 4 / 5 clients who require SEO for their websites. Some of them are very easy terms to rank for, some of them will take a bit more work.

I require you to take care of all of the on page optimization, the copywriting on the page, the off page optimization including link building and social marketing, and finally articles etc.

This *could* be a very rewarding job, should you deliver on the initial projects. Please post your past works, and SEO schedules – only white hat methods will be considered.

Europe candidates may have an advantage due to the time zone.


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SEO Expert Needed

I need a seo expert for 5 websites that will be under development soon. We want all 5 websites to reach page one on google for 1 keyword. And atleast 2 to reach among top 5. Currently the website that comes as number 1 has page rank 3 and the rest of the websites has pangerank 2. So the keyword is not very competetive. The websites will be in swedish. We can support with article writing in our language. Only whitehat. Another firm will be chosen to monitor that no black hat is being used.

PM me for keyword.

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Longterm SEO Article Writer And Web 2.0 Specialist Needed

I am in search of an expert in SEO article writing and Web 2.0 properties.

I have several clients that need this type of work.

For each client I have I will need between 6-14 articles per month and 4 Web 2.0 properties per month.

Web 2.0 can be Squidoo lens, hub pages, wetpaint, livejournal, multiply, and ning.

You dont have to search for new content for the Web 2.0 properties. Just take what you have written for the articles and re-purpose it. Make sure its not duplicate content though. Pictures and images is a must on these. Images must link to website or blog that will be provided

Each article is to be between 500-700 words. Must be rich with content, no plagerism, great English, and no spelling or grammatical errors.

I will post to the article sites. As far as the Web 2.0 material it will be your job to post to them.

This will be an ongoing project and will be getting bigger as the months go on so I am looking for someone who wants a longterm work and can handle a huge workload.

I will pay $4 per article and $4 per Web 2.0 content.

I must proof read before posting is allowed and payment is sent.

Id like to see examples of work done and how well your content was ranked in the search engines.

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Article Writing / Re-Writing – 500+wds / $5+ Ongoing

We have an ongoing content writing job that needs to be filled urgently.

Unique article content of 500+ words = $5+ (CS Tested)

Article rewriting = $2+

Needs to be good quality writing.
Covers many different niches.

Job would be better suited to an article writing team due to large numbers of articles requested.

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Article Rewriting For Fitness Site

Hi Guys,
I have a site that gives details about how to do a exercise like abs exercises (ab crunches etc..). I want some one to write more articles for me.. NO need to create fresh content. i have list of sites which you can rewrite the content. This is not a fresh article creation job. You need to rewrite content for me.
Budget is $30.
I want to know how many articles you can write for me for $30. BTW each article is about (100-150 words) if possible with videos showing how to do the particular exercise from youtube or on internet.

Please do provide samples of your work.. Prefer individuals with atleast 1 feedback … Pm me if you want more details.


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Write Article In An Hours Time

Very easy job

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SEO Article Writing – Need In 2 Hours.

I need 5 SEO Articles Written in the next 2 hours.

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SEO Campaign For HeartCentered Biz

If you are the one, you will rank our site #1 for our keywords when searched on Google. Please provide your portfolio and let me know why you are best suited for this job.
Please respond with the word: relationship. If you do not respond with that word, your response will be deleted. When we work together, you will provide regular progress reports and respond to messages within 24 hours (during the regular work week, weekends excepted).

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Content Writing And Research SEO FRIENDLY

I am looking for content for a website that provides
PC, Laptop Repairs, Data recovery, Virus Removal. I.T Support
I need perfect English only.
Also there is about 5 pages of content needed i would expect copy writer to research and write accordingly.
Also the services are based in Northern Ireland so must be region specific and also include towns in Northern Ireland main towns will be provided.


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Writers Needed For A Long Term Writing Job

We need professional writers for a long time Job.

We want writers who can write high quality articles and can easily deliver 10 articles everyday.
Our main concern is quality and we want only writers who can write quality articles.

Price is $1/400 words.

We pay only through paypal and payment is on a daily basis.

Should be able to write High/excellent quality articles.
Should compulsorily check each article in copyscape to ensure its 100% Copyscape passed.
Should be able to deliver a minimum of 10-15 articles/Day.
Should be able to write in wide niches.

If you are following the above conditions then feel free to BID.PM along with your samples.

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Need SEO Keyword Expert/Video Tutorial Creator


Im launcing a new "keyword research" product soon. It will be something like but better 🙂

For this product I need:

– Video tutorials
– Casestudy videos (someone actually using the system with specific methods)
– Maybe some written tutorials

For this job you need to be an EXPERT with keyword research and SEO. And you need to know actual methods how to make money by using low competition buyer keywords.

I can offer a nice fee and 1 year free subscription to my system (worth $1000)


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8-Project 12: July For Mercy- SEO Article Writing $30

8-Project 12: July For Mercy- SEO article writing $30

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