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Convert Homepage To .html And Improve SEO

My SIte, is great. However, the first page is redirected to an asp site. I want it html and I want it optomized for search engines. you gotta be good at what you do. I also want to add add words and a few section on the page, google adsense, and specials via text banners and add my phone number on the top. Anything else would be great from the artist.

I also want to add a photo library so people can share their photos with us. And of course, put our twitter and facebook page links on the site.

DO a good job and we have lots of other work. Be proactive and make suggestions!

THis is a $50 tops project. DONT BID ANYMORE. I have the .html template if you want to use it.

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Virtual Assistant Tasks / Facebook – Twitter – SEO

Bright Task seeks people who are able perform virtual assistant tasks on Bright Task, anyone may apply and you will earn money on every job performed at:-


Task suggestions that you could perform:-
* advertise stuff on facebook (popular!)
* create seo backlinks (very popular!)
* submit urls to backlink sites
* suggest your facebook fan page to people
* send tweets to followers
* write comments with seo backlinks
* make short promo videos
* submit ads to yahoogroups
* draw cartoon image from pictures (popular!)
* record a video testimonial and post on youtube
* help people with wordpress problems
* conduct website usability testing* write an seo articles
* provide audio voice overs
* design logo for companies
* provide advertising slogans or taglines
* be a virtual assistant
* index websites search engines

Please review before bidding!


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