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Vehicle Database

I would like to build a vehicle database/spreadhseet that shows each vehicle and the correct sized passenger, driver side and rear windscreen wipers for each vehicle. This information can be found using the Part Finder function at:

Each make, model and series can be selected using the part finder, and all the information is shown.

For the project to be successful, the following outcomes must be achieved:

(1) Develop a spreadsheet that lists vehicles by:
– make (e.g. Ford, Volkswagen)
– model (e.g. Falcon, Golf)
– series (e.g. G6E, GTI)
– start date in MM/YYYY format (e.g. 06/2001)
– finish date in MM/YYYY format (e.g. 08/2008)

(2) There are four different types of windscreen wiper categories for each vehicle:
– wiper complete blade
– wiper refill metal rail
– wiper refill plastic back
– wiper tridon flexblade

For each vehicle, the part number for all four categories (where applicable) for both driver side and passenger side (and rear when applicable) must be put into the spreadhseet.

(3) Information for ALL vehicles (i.e. every make, model and series) need to be collected and put in this spreadsheet

(4) Data must be well organised and accurate, so I can easily sort through and analyse the data. I am looking to find what the most popular sizes and categories are.

I can give you a starting template or example (see attachment) of what it should look like and you can work from that. You can make changes to this template if you think that this will make your job easier, as long as all the requirements are still met. I will provide very clear and helpful instructions to help you get this project done accurately and efficiently.

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Copywriter Required For Follow-up Email Series

To save time I need an experienced sales copywriter familiar with the I.M. Online Income Niche to create 25 emails for a high quality follow-up email campaign.

The follow-up campaign is just one benefit of a brand new membership site launching on May 1st 2011 and will require some detailed research to be able to fulfil the overall requirement below:

1. Needs to contain a good overall mix of high quality information, plus free and paid for online earning opportunities. No Click bank rubbish, only long term viable income opportunities.

2. Needs to be coherent and structured flowing nicely from one follow-up to the next.

3. Each week the subscriber needs to be presented with a teaser to keep them interested.

4. Needs to come across as personal and highly informative with the aim of building a long-term relationship with the subscriber.

You will have an existing portfolio of verifiable work for consideration.

The successful copywriter will also be offered the opportunity to continue with this email series for a further two years in 3 month chunks of 25 emails.

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Healthy Articles – 2

We are looking for a series of 10 articles that are each 350 – 500 words. The articles will be about healthy food and nutrition related topics. We are specifically interested in Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, non-GMO and other healthy food trends. . We want one article per topic, and there should also be a submitted picture that can be posted along side the article. These will be ghost written by the writer. The articles will appear in a website and we want them to be easily searched through google and other engines. This is the beginning of a long list of articles. We plan to have over 250 separate pages and eventually a series of books. The writer should be familiar with healthy food options and how to research their benefits. Ideally the writer would also be aware of health and fitness trends. The writing style is casual yet informative with headers for sections. The articles titles should also appear a few times in the body of the articles. Following are examples of the types of articles –

1. healthy foods good for the heart

2. vegetarian pie crust recipes

3. gluten dairy sugar free recipes

Please advise turn around time and cost. A reminder that this initial scope of work is for 10 articles only, each article 350 – 500 words.

Thank you!


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C/C++/PHP Diagram To Data Image Parser

The project consists of a Diagram to datas Image parser which extracts x/y data pairs from a given gif/jpg image behind a certain Web Url with data point markers of a fixed color and axis descriptors for the values to extract.

The script should be programmed in C, C++ or PHP and run under Linux on a webserver from a cron job, the returned data should be ideally in a data file containing the data pair values for each point in the diagram. The script should be able to handle day series as well as hour series.

Example for script parameters:

img_parser [ImgUrl] [SeriesMode] [OutFile]

Source code should be made available.

Example images:

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TV Streaming Script + Embedded Checker/Fixer.

I run and sell TV streaming sites for both my personal income and as a service, you can view one of my demo sites here: . The two main features I need in a script are the following:

1. Automatically (needs to be completely hands off) search for video links from an editable list of TV series or movies on, copy embeded video codes along with the brief description of the episode available, post them into a wordpress post, set the wordpress post category to that of the series name, and post it. The end effect needs to be a self updating website with new episodes added daily. Additionally, an interfaced control for this would be ideal (something I can search specific TV Series/Movies with).

2. Broken/Removed video checker and fixer – This is actually far important to me at the moment, however I suspect it wont be possible without the existence of the above mentioned functionality. I need something that I can run, which will check each embedded video present on the website to see if it has been removed or no longer works. Once its identified a list of broken episodes, I need it to then replace the embed code with a working one. The end goal is to ensure that there is always a working video for every episode/movie on my sites. Ideally I would like this to be automated as well, with an editable schedule; however a stand alone script I can manually run will suffice.

Please bid with a time and cost estimate, I would like to discuss this further with whoever takes on the job!


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Our site is currently running CRE LOADED 6.2 Pro B2B – we require an update to Series 6.4.1. Only those with thorough knowledge of this update need respond.

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Movie Animation

We are looking for a animation movie maker guru to produce a series of HD cool Brand movies. We look forward to find the best in the business to be our movie maker guru for a series of project.

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Corporate Video

We are looking to do a series of corporate videos based on the business processes of our software. Its a rather specialized field, and we need someone with a creative eye as well as the ability to understand complex projects. Our main idea is to animate a series of flowcharts that illustrate the flow of information across our system. We have the flowcharts, but we will need for the animation and for the scenes that will be inserted into the video. Audio will also be added but we havent decided if it will be voice over or music. We like the Google Zeitgeist video and want to model our videos on that.

We will need to see a sample of work, and it needs to be professional and corporate – we are a software company that has large ($1B+) clients.

We have a plan to do a series of videos (5 or 6) so this one project could lead to more.

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Webscrape For Cisco Products

We need a list compiled of Ciscos Router, Switch, and Security Products. Data must be in CSV format.

Specifications will need to include:

1. What kind of environment the device is used for – ig., Server farm, Internet backbone, Data center, etc.
2. Type and number of Ports/Slots available – ig. Supports all 6500 Series Modules (supervisor engines, Fast Ethernet modules, WIC), 48 10/100/1000 Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet ports.
3. Core features capability – ig., VPN, Firewall, IPSEC, Wireless, POE, Gigabit
4. Power Supply – ig., Optional internal AC or DC 1+1 hot-swappable power supplies, If none, just AC power, or DC power, etc.
5. Maximum Throughput – ig., 25Mbps with concurrent services, 350 Mbps with services such as security, mobility, WAN optimization, unified communications, video, and customized applications
6. Type of Layering supported – ig., Layer 2-4 switching
7. Weights and Dimensions – ig., 24 x 2 x 19 8lbs

Below is the requires list of products from Ciscos Website (These are the core products we need, if able to get ALL Cisco products with little effot please add to the list).

Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 3200 Series Rugged Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 1900 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 800 Series

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series Switches
Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches
Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches
Cisco Nexus 4000 Series Switches
Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extenders
Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3750-E Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3560-E Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3560-X Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3550 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2975 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2955 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2940 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2360 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2350 Series Switches

Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances

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Imagine this. Nova was assigned to be a government breeder but, the she wouldnt have her girlish figure ruined by dozens of potential c-sections so she fled her homeworld in search of a better one that should could learn to call home. Miss Nova runs low on fuel around the Milky Way Galaxy and has no choice but to set coordinates to the nearest inhabitable planet. Earth! She lands in a rough spot that is only known as Bad Seed City. This place is full of thugs, drug dealers, gangs, and rapists. No place for a young lady from beyond the stars to be. Miss Militia was on her way to The Peek-a-Boo Warehouse to start her 10:30pm shift when she spotted this sweet little thing being surrounded by thugs. She revved her engine on her 1976 Charger. She hated the low life punks that plagued these desolate streets and seeing them roughin up a sweet little dame from out of town really burned her ass! However Nova was holding her own. She jumped ontop of a car hood and pounced onto the back of one of the thugs knocking him down into a puddle. The muddy faced thug looked up just in time to see angry eyes peering from behind whiping hair and then blinding lights. She peeled out and surged toward the enemies of night! The last remaining thug places a bomb beneath Novas Interplanetary Space Car and just as Militia is bidding the girl farewell and walking back to her own vehicle…..Novas car explodes! Sharp blades of thin metal go careening into the air and a soft body limply sails through the air landing in the dumpster 3 feet across the way. Is she dead?!?!

I need an artist to help me further create this comic book series. This is Issue #1 titled "She-maya Boom!".
We meet two main characters and set the scene for the rest of the series. Our audience will get to know Super Nova and Mega Militia more as the series goes on and in Issue #3 we introduce the third member of the trio. Ultra Fox. She is Super and Megas Intell and will function as a vital role in the panel fights that take place with various villans.

Im looking for a sort of Heavy Metal magazine art feel on this. The women are tough but total bombshells, the bad guys are depicted in various forms both of the male and female genders. This is a very detail oriented project! Anyone interested in the story so far may inquire more about it through bids. Thank You for your time and happy creating everyone!

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Autoresponder Series + Free Report: Survive Infidelity Niche

I need:

1) a 20 page "report" to be used as an opt-in reward and

2) a 40 unit follow up email autoresponder series in the save your marriage niche, specifically targeted to women who have been emotionally injured by a spouses infidelity. The goal of the programs promoted are to assist couples to rebuild trust.

I am looking for effective copywriting to engage the reader in the series. My goal is to build a relationship with my readers, and down the road present recommendations for online products (actually only two) specifically aimed at this problem.

I have all the content you will need: review copies of the products (2 ebooks) promoted, as well as competitors emails. Your teask will be to esentially rewrite material to form the free report, and to use your well hones email copywriting skills to craft a 40 unit engaging series.

Leads will come from optins from a WordPress blog in this niche, as from Faceobok and others social media sources.

Only writers with proven past experience please. The emails must be engaging and effective .Follow up work available, although not in same niche.

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ATMEL 89 Series Software Programmer

I need ATMEL 89 Series software programmer for the follwing controllers.

GSM/ GPRS/ GPS Module: SIM548C, Make: SIMCOM

Microcontroller: ATMEL, AT89S52/ ATMEGA32

We have complete hardware prototype, and code to receive GPS data.

We need someone who can take the code and work with our hardware engineer to send the GPS data through GPRS. Analog to digital conversion We also need a customizable screen to configure to set the port, IP address through serial port.

Once this is complete we have other project to be worked.

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Looking For An Artist For CGI Adult Cartoon Series.

Hi community!
My name is Konstantin, I am the producer of CGI adult cartoon series.

We need an artist for creation of storyboard for the future cartoon with work name "robo".
We would need an emotional sketches for further animation.

Read synopsis via google docs

Please, contact me at with samples if interested!

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Series Of Illustrations Of Historical Weapons

We are seeking an illustrator to complete a series of 55 full-color drawings of weapons from different time periods and geographic locations – from the Stone Age through the Modern Era. A sample of weapons from the list would be:

– An atlatl
– A dirk
– A pike
– A katana and wakizashi
– A longbow
– An arquebus
– A cannon
– A PS90 machine pistol
– A minie rifle
– A sling shot
– A Turko-Mongolian sabre
– A yumi

The drawings should be at a high resolution and suitable for printing.

The chosen illustrator will need to not only be a skilled artist and be able to render accurate models, but be a competent researcher able to discover pictures of the chosen weapons for reference material.

We are attaching samples of drawings of weapons that we appreciate for their execution and personality. Your style will not have to emulate any of the three in particular, but the work you produce should meet or exceed them in terms of quality.

Please include a link to your portfolio. Please demonstrate high-quality illustrations in your portfolio.

Skill with digital painting is a bonus. A portfolio that demonstrates experience producing similar work -or- concept art for media (movies, video games, tabletop gaming, etc.) is a bonus.

Thank you.

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Market Research, Web Research, Media, Media Research, Televi

I would like to find out price paid by television networks in Denmark, Norway and Sweden for English speaking TV series shown in their countries.

In particular popular reality shows and TV series, such as Friends, Scrubs, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewife’s, Californication, Southpark, The Apprentice, Americas got talent and other similar popular imported English speaking Tv series.

I am not talking about local versions of popular foreign shows such as Idol, So you think you can dance, Fear Factor, America’s got talent, The Amazing race etc etc. But English speaking TV series imported and shown to viewers Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

I wish to know how much national TV stations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden paid for such popular foreign (English speaking tv series) TV series ?

The stations important and in question are :

Norwegian: NRK2, NRK2, NRK3, TV2, TV2 Zebra, TV2 Bliss, TV Norge, FEM, MAX, TV3.

Swedish: SVT1, SVT2, SV World, TV4, TV4 Plus, TV3, TV6,TV8.

Danish: DR1, DR2, TV2, TV3, DK4, Kanal 4, Kanal 5.

I require that you inform me or demonstrate to me that you can find this information before I give the assignment to you.

I will choose the person(s) that best demonstrate/show they have, know or can locate this information.

Any and all sources are acceptable as long as they can assist to find the information I require.

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I want someone to make website regarding ONLINE TEST SERIES like wise in competitive exams , we have 4 -5 options with one as an answer.. I want that questions to be added as an Administrator , but students can only give exam ,.

Student can take exam only if he has paid for the TEST SERIES ..
there will be approx 20 tests in a single course of Test Series .. I want question to come as randomly .. After the test in a stipulated time given to the student he can submit the test. His scores i need as an email to me as well as student.. and want that all student details whichever test he has taken in another database.. i mean whoseover taken the test which test he has taken and how much he got in that test, this is just to get the Top scorer of the whole test series,

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Book Cover Design

– book cover design, front, back (with a series of books and covers in mind)
– potential for additional covers in this series
– award-winning designer preferred
– you must provide sample designs of real books that were published
– after contracted, desiring three different design ideas to chose from
– market research (prior to designing) ensures the cover fits within body-mind-spirit category, with superior quality.
– editing of text for back cover, possible coaching on that
– I will retain full ownership, copyright to the design and all components
– sample contract required
– interface with my book printer to ensure smooth, mistake-free book production
– guidance in choosing and using cover elements for branding (series)?
– archive CD/DVD of all source files (prefer InDesign and Photoshop, Illustrator if necessary), and cover images for web sites, ads, fliers, postcards, t-shirts, bookmarks, etc.
– coordination with interior designer to ensure a consistent appearance throughout the book possible?
– I have the ISBN and what I think is a usable bar-code, can you advise me on that?
– I will be printing advance reader copies, can you adapt the cover for it?
– do you offer a guarantee?
– availability, time-line: February 2011

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Catalog Page And Movie Of A Series Of Books

I would like to have two pages made in flash that describe a series of books, included inside a digital book. The digital book also has a Table of Contents and a page available for a movie. I might want to have a flash movie set inside a projector describing all the Ebooks I sell.

I am also interested in developing an app for the iphone that is associated with the above books.


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FIND THIS BOOK Kaplan Series 7 Securities Exam Manual (PDF)

PLEASE FIND AND CONVERT this book in PDF Kaplan Series 7 Securities Exam Manual

General Securities Registered Representative Exam
Publisher: Kaplan Financial; 6th edition (2010) (December 2009)
ISBN-10: 1427788146
ISBN-13: 978-1427788146
The License Exam Manual consists of 17 lessons, each devoted to a particular area of general securities sales and regulation that you will need to know in order to pass the Series 7 exam.  The topics covered are:

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Animation For Sikh Audio Story Series

SikhNet is a non profit organization the provides free educational services geared towards Sikh (particularly youth). One of the services which we offer is audio stories ( ) and we are looking to take this section to the next level by producing a new series that tells stories, but is in video/animation form. Our goal is to produce 1-2 episodes per month for the next 12 months. Typically our stories are 5-10 minutes so time would vary depending on the story.

We have a tight budget so are trying to weigh the options of animation style since there are many ways you can do it from simple pan/zoom of illustrations using video all the way to full animation.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in this project please be sure to respond and include samples of animation work that you have done.

Please also list what software tools you use to illustrate/animate.

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Teleseminar Series-create Web Appearance

Create a webappearance to host a teleseminar series, preferrably by integrating commercially available modules. Content management: Email marketing, opt-in page listing all the speakers and sign-up button asking for email address, autoresponse, info page (seperate or all in one) for each of the 15 to 20 speakers with embedded audio module for webcast (going dead after 48 hours), with a field to post questions to the speakers and sales button for special products (opening a new page with detailed description of that product, shopping cart. Box for comments, social networking embedded. Suggest established yet thrifty web hoster, webcast provider, email marketing partner etc. Customer wants easy access to change texts and update information alone. Since the webcasts will be in german, compatibility should be considered.
Have I forgotten something? YOU tell ME, because I expect you to be a professional, who hasnt done this for the first time! Proof of previous work required.

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Ebay Listing Search / Visibility


I currently have ebay templates designed and ready to go. I am selling laptop motherboard repair services, but I have a problem with uploading the listings so that they are visible when a customer searches. For example, lets take just one HP laptop series, the Presario DV9000 series. In this series there are over 680 model variations such as dv9024ea, dv9030ea, dv9040ea, dv9044ea etc etc. When a customer searches for hp dv9024ea motherboard repair I want my listing to be displayed in the search results, however I do not want to have to list over 680 listings for each model. Is there a way to have one listing which will display when any of the 680 model variations are searched for?

Please advise if the following is possible, if it is possible please bid on providing the information on how to achieve it.

Many Thanks


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Corporate Communication Copywriting

Brainue strategic visual opening a job posting on developing corporate communication:
1. magazine
– monthly (for 6 editions)
– 16 pages
– bilingual, creative copywriting
– including event coverage, interview and data content organizing

2. communication tools series (poster, flyer)
– used for internal communication, encouraging & socializing employee to the corporate values
– 10-20 consecutive series
– content creation, depends on the subject

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Native English, Phenomenal Writer Needed For Auto Responder

Im in need of a native english speaking, experienced copywritier to construct an auto responder series. This project is about an online dating product but the copywriter I hire should be extremely versatile b/c I have other projects immediately following this one. I would like to see your portfolio of your copywriting. Please include copyninja in your response in order to be considered. Im looking for more of a soft sell style, the copy should be friendly / informative and then suggest the product to the reader. There will be a total of 4 emails in the series.

If you think that youre the right person for this job, show me your portfolio and… lets talk. Thanks.

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Series Of Simple Black And White Sketch Animations As GIFs

I have a series of simple scenarios Id like to have animated as GIFs (Im open to alternatives but no flash). Each scenario will be something like "cat walks into room and does X". There are about 6 scenarios at present (maybe 1 or so more depending on how well it comes out).

The feel of the animations should be:
– Fun
– Not too complex
– Black and white

If youre thinking "something for a childrens book" youre going in the right direction.

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Short Video Intro For Luxury Video Series

Were starting a luxury travel show for our website and we need a short (5-6) animated intro for each of the shows episodes. We have several examples we can give, and please only bid on the project if you can show previous work youve done that is similar.

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Interactive Flash Actionscript Software Series

I am wanting a series of interactive educational software. This first project is for the first title in the series only. If development and design move well in this first project I will hire to complete the series of 24 titles. Looking for a good communicator that can manage this project and compete in a timely manner. The initial project will require some basic template construction that will be used throughout the entire series. Must complete project to the point where software can be distributed. Action script and Flash a must. Graphic design skills a BIG PLUS.

If you do not have the skills required for the project please do not bid. First educational project is Science / Weather.

A lot more details are available to serious bidders. Please ask questions before bidding if you are unsure of details of project.

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Mini Articles

All about entertainment such as movies, tv series, anime series.

I need 100 words each article

I need two writers to submit 8 daily

Budget: $0.25 Each article

I can transfer up to 10% milestone while 90% will be released upon completing the articles

Feel free to ask questions.

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Mini Articles (75 To 100 Words) – Repost

All about entertainment such as movies, tv series, anime series.

I need 100 words each article

I need two writers to submit 8 daily

Budget: $30 for 150 mini articles or $0.2 each article

I can transfer up to 10% milestone while 90% will be released upon completing the articles

Feel free to ask questions.

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Need Help In Making Series Of Flash Games With Multi Touch

Need help and support in ActionScript 3.0 coding for making a series of multi touch Flash games, that will be projected in big screen. Please do bid if you are serious and can help to build the code. Money part is negotiable

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Mini Articles (75 To 100 Words)

All about entertainment such as movies, tv series, anime series.

I need 100 words each article

I need two writers to submit 8 daily

Budget: $30 for 150 mini articles or $0.2 each article

I can transfer up to 10% milestone while 90% will be released upon completing the articles

Feel free to ask questions.

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