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Bingo Game Live


casino/gambling experts needed for both client and server side programming

kindly open PMB for more details!


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Facebook Multiplayer Crossword Game Client

We need a contractor to build a Facebook client for our 2-player crossword board game WordWise. We have already implemented the server, using Google App Engine, and mobile clients on both Android and iPhone.

We use GAEs native user system, requiring a Google account to log in. Were not sure how this would work in a Facebook app. The look/feel and interface should be very similar to our existing clients. The Android client is described here:

The app will be monetized with Google AdSense ads, so knowledge of integrating AdSense into a Facebook app using our info is required.

We will provide all graphics, server specs, and any other information necessary to complete the project. We require a signed agreement detailing responsibilities, ownership, scheduling, and payments. Well set up milestones for completed deliverables and expect notification of progress at least once a week.

Let us know if you can build this client and help expand our popular game to yet another platform.

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Game Server Administrators Creators (Cabal Online)


Is going to launch the game server Cabal Online.
Becouse I cant do all myself, I am looking some people forward to working on the server along with me.

All resources under the server will be given by me.
It will be a fresh new server that we need to configurate and make it a thing attracting users.

Please contact only the people who have already had to deal in this area and experienced or understood from what will have to do.

Olso we need *nixwin programmers.

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