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ASP Developer For Contact Form


I need a contact form building into a web page that will have 8 fields and will send the data to the server via CSV. The server operates via ASP. I need to deliver the project on Monday so I will need the coding by Thursday Night/Friday morning. I also dont have the web page built yet so Ill need to know how quickly it can be turned around.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Server Side Script To Get IP From Image Request


For an image hosted on server, I need a script that will
get info about the client when that image is requested in an html

Specifically, this script will:

1) Get the IP address of email reader. If they open in Outlook for example, ideally
want to get the current IP of where they opened. If they open in browser email, or gmail, etc.,
I understand that we will only get the IP of gmail and that is ok.

2) Would like any other info that is available:
– operating system
– brower
– time

3) Would like that info emailed immediately to a specified email address.

Essentially, I want to implment the equivalent of what does but
I want control over the image that is used.

Please indicate in your reply if there is any special server requirements that we will need.

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C# Application Window With 4 Tabs – PriceSheets

This project is for development of a single window form with four tabs. The purpose of this window form is to allow users to maintain product price sheets. A product price sheet contains a list of products with different types of pricing. This window will use SQL Server database tables. The attachment contains alot of details and please note that the design shown in the screen prints will be provided along with some code as mentioned. I always pay extra for early completion and improvements. Provider will be provided with SQL Server tables mentioned in SPEC, visual studio project and specification.

TAB1 – This tab is where the user will create new price sheets, delete existing prices sheets or open existing price sheets for editing from a Gridview control.

TAB2 – This tab is where the user will selects the products that apply to the selected price sheet. This tab cannot be selected until a price sheet is selected from TAB 1. This tab will consist of a TREEVIEW displaying a hierarchy from a SQL server table (this code will be provided), 3 list box contols, a gridview to display products for the selected treeview node.

TAB3 – This tab is where the user will select an additional criteria to limit the price sheet to certain price types and/or receivers. This tab will contain 2 list box controls to allow users to select price types and receivers. The list of price types and receives will be obtained from a SQL Server Table.

TAB 4 – This tab is where can create a Price Catalog from the selections made in TABS 1 3. There will be 2 buttons. The [View] button will display the report in the window. The [Print] button will open the print dialog window for the user to print the report.

Delivery Expectation:
Provider will be provided with application window form show below so none or little design is needed.
Provider should be experienced with creating text reports.
It is recommended but not required that the provider user use DevComponents software. A full functional trial version can be downloaded here –
Must be developed in C# and compatible with Visual Studio 2010
All source code must be at least unit tested.
All source code must be provided including any stored procedures when final milestone payment is made.
Must be developed using two tier application layer. All the SQL Server calls will be made in Data layer called DAL. This will be provided.
Writing performance efficient code is critical for this window. This window must open within a 2 or 3 seconds.

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MS Dynanics 2011 CRM Setup

We require someone to setup a new install of MS Dynamics 2011 Server on our test server.

You will need to make sure all the correct SQL /System parts are working and install the CRM (and demonstrate it working)

Server is running 2008r2.

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Linux Expert – Config Support


I am looking for Linux export who can configure on our server.

We already have 1 working with mumu, we purchased 3 more tuners for the same server and we are looking for Linux expert who can configure them.

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# # # # # Need Captcha Worker For Qlink Server # # # # #

>> I Have Captcha Entry project for server.. WITH SOFTWARE.
>> I need team .
>> I need 50 workers for this project.
>> Working time 11.30pm -6am ( Indian time )
>> My rate is $0.80/1k captcha . I can give u $0.9/1k (but u must do minimal 5k per week),
>> The payment is send every saturday.. u dont need to requested..
>>The requirement is :
>> 1. I need team
>> 2. Must have a good skill for typing
>> 3. Must Per id finish 5k-10k captcha per week or more
>> Can increase the rate if u can give me much captcha per week..
>> Please send me pm if u interested for this job.
>> Feel free to contact me if u have another question,
>> U can add my y_M ( captchabosss )

Happy bidding.

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Install Icecast Server

[Posting contact details is Prohibited by Admin]
[Removed by Admin]

offers audio streaming software

I simply need this installed on my Centos server

You should only appy if youve done this installation before. From what I hear, its a cinch, and you should be able to install it and have it working fine in a lil more than 30mins

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Exchange Server – LTO2 Tape Data Extraction


I have shut my real estate company down back in 2008. I have a backup of my old company server on a LTO2 tape drive. I need someone that knows how to extract that date from the LTO2 Tape drive and copy it to a 500gb hard drive Total data on LTO2 tape is less than 500GB.

The software used to backup the server was

I also need the OST / PST files for each email account extracted from MS Exchange and put into a separate directory on the hard drive.

I will send you the LTO2 Tape and a blank / formatted hard drive via overnight service or an expedited service. Please perform the above mentioned work. Then mail back to me overnight or via an expedited service the LTO2 tape and the hard drive with the data on it. I will pay for all shipping.

The total time to complete must be 1 week or less once you receive the LTO2 tape.

Thus you must have the ability to be able to read the LTO2 with a drive you already have or have access to.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you,


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Mobile Thin Client

I want to develop a fancy graphical mobile thin client on mobile handsets mainly starting with J2ME and Symbian, lately with Android, iphone and blackberry.
The client is just to have a secured access as an ODP, that connects to a back end suite of applications, the client should be able to have a dynamic menu that are sent from the server side, in order to be order to change the data and service centrally on the server, which will automatically be reflected on the client dynamically without programming.
We need a proof on the code quality, which should be transfered to us after completion and delivery.

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Server 2003 Reports/back-ups Failing Using Symantec Backup

I have a Windows Server 2003 environment using Symantec Backup Exec 10d for Windows Servers. The back-ups keep failing and I cannot figure out why.

I need someone to log into the server and determine the reason the back-ups, both daily differential and full, are failing on the server.

I have the error log files in the backup software still as well as server reports I can provide to you.

Also, the server reports are not working. I can give you these failed reports for your reference.

Please only bid if you are capable with RDP.


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Transfer A Complete WordPress Site From 1 Server To Another

I need someone to transfer a fully functional WordPress site to another server, and leave it running exactly the same way it runs on the previous server.

The WordPress site is completely done, therefore no extra designing is needed, just the ability to fully transfer the site from one server to another and leave it running perfectly as stated above. Thanks!

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Blackberry / IPhone / Android Application

I require a developer who can quickly develop a simple application for Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

The major functionality of this application is to stream audio from a shoutcast server. The application will in addition have banner rotation and text ticker and thats about it

I require the solution to be handed over so that the SHOUTCAST connection server can be changed as well as the banner adverts (to be called from a directory on a particular server) – I will explain this more if required. And then the application icon changed, compiled and uploaded to both App stores for BB, Android and iPhone

This should be an easy job thanks


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Xen Networking In Hetzner EQ

I have a server at and I installed xen 3.4 on it.
I`m having issues configuring the networking to work on a vm.

What you will need to do is :
– tell me the changes needed to make the network work on vm`s
– apply these changes
– create a simple centos 5 vm or tell me what to do so it can install from a http mirror

I already applied ALOT of changes to scripts, but nothing seems to work.
There is no KVM attached, so extra caution should be added since a networking mistake would ultimately lead to hours of no work or, server reload.

04/04/2011 at 13:50 EDT:


– you WILL need to install a centos VM
– you WILL need to check that networking is working inside it
– you will need to show me how you did it

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Setup A Simple Wowza Server

Im looking for a person to set up a simple test Wowza server, please follow this setting guide:

This is just a small task so I will not pay more than 50$
Do not bid if you have never installed/configured a Wowza server

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FTP Client For Automated Secure Backups, Window XP Onwards

We have a clear understanding of what we would like this software to look and feel like. We do not have time to develop it in-house hence we are outsourcing.

Our company offers remote off site backup. The aim is to have a lightweight software package installed onto a customers PC or server which once setup the customer will not need to look at again. all the files and directories that they choose will be automatically backed up as and when changes are made to them.

everything uploaded will be encrypted and password protected meaning they and only they will be able to access them. file name and file type will be visable but everything else will require thier password to be inputted.

the customer will also be able to restore/download using this new software and, if they choose, they can just enter thier password once to unprotect all the files they are downloading.

the list below is not exhusted and we will be looking for the developer we hire to make suggestions and come up with new feature ideas.

we understand that there are several opensource projects available for customising plus there are .net FTP classes available to buy. We hope to make use of these and save development time

please make sensible bids and leave your comments and suggestions.


Either or C++ to be used
Windows XP onwards & Windows 2003 onwards compatible. Possibly MAC compatible.
Long term relationship required to supply updates, fixes, new features etc etc, client side of this project if phase 1. Phase 2 will be server side.
Regular communication!


Automated upload of selected files/folder and or scheduled uploads.
Detection of file changes which activates upload.
Automated password protection encrypted for all files/folders, maybe some sort of zip?
Multiple ports used
Proxy server settings.
Directory browsing on client machine and remote machine.
Usage counters, total sizes etc
Ability to right click any file on the client machine and add it to the upload list which means that file will be constantly checked for changes.
Auto resume function for dropped connections
Multiple revisions stored on server
Auto creation of correct file structure on server.
Detection of client machine name
Optimized for speed and security
the ability to ignore certain types of files extentions for example .dlls

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Simple Java Rmi Client Server Communication

need help with
simple java rmi programm that grabs 15 randomize numbers from a server java program.
print out in console of client program
how to set up?
how to compile?

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Need Amazon Cloud Expert to give our technical team a KT on the Amazon EC2.

It includes

1. Configuration of our Test server(Linux/Apache Based) & SVN on EC2.
2. KT to our technical team while configuration as to how to configure the same, on Web-meeting & telephonic/Skype call.
3. Documentation Detailed documentation of step by step procedure to configure, possible errors & troubleshooting them.

On successful completion of KT & documentation,money will be released.

Please bid if you can give the KT in 15$

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Resolving Permissions Issues In Active Directory

Looking for an Active Directory expert to resolve a permissions issue we are having in our small business. We are based in London W1 and ideally would like to resolve this week (commencing 4 April). We would like this resolved in person rather than remotely.

I have a Windows 2008 Foundation R2 server with 7 clients. The server is a 6mth old Dell Poweredge 110 and the clients are all 6mth old Dell Vostro V13 and 1510s running WIndows 7 Professional. The clients are all joined to the domain and AD is running & controls access to the shared network drive. Most of my users can access, open and save files no problem – but a few users have significant problems. When they try to save any files they are no longer visible by the user or other users of the network drive. When I access them using the server and go to view permissions, I see the file is "Unable to display current owner". If I reset the owner to Administrators then all users are able to see and edit the file again – but when they save the same file after editing the problem reappears.

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Install SquirrelMail On Linux Web Server

I am looking for a kind soul to install SquirrelMail on my Linux reseller web server. Too busy designing to be able to spend a day trying to work out how to do this.. Budget is £30.

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Android Chatting Application

I need a Android Chatting App.

– User can register account and fill their interest in signup form
– They can chat in group or by category(I will give you a category name)

– I think I also need a server for running a chat Application?(means theyill register a account so their info send to my chat server?)

I am new to android and freelance so please also setup my chat server.. (I really dont know anything about this..)

Please note: I want to help other peoples(this app is only for who is suffering from social-anxiety) so I decided to spend money on this and help them, my budget is low..

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Expert Wanted To Setup A Craigs-list Proxy Server

I need an expert who can remotely setup a craigs-list proxy server to post ads in US cities…..
Ill provide the PC situated in USA and also the remote PC access….
Or if you r a Craigs-list server provider also can bid on this project….
Plz PM me about details…..

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PVAs, Servers Or Proxies Wanted For C L Posting In US Cities

PVAs, Servers (for rent) or Proxies Needed for Craigs-list posting in US Cities….
If you Provide any one of these (1. PVAs 2. Servers for rent or 3. Proxies), plz bid now….
Only genuine & confident providers bid…Plz Do not waste my time….
High rating poviders are recommended….
Plz mention in details
1. warranty of PVAs.
2. the sections can post with ur servers & PVAs.
3. Phone verification status of PVAs, single or double verified
4. Price in details
5. Server Rent
6. Server location
7. Server setup

PM me or email me at pvaserver(at)gmail(dot)com
Skype ID: PVAServer

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Tutor Active Directory And Exchange Server On New 2008

small server to take exchange for limited users and possible file server , help is needed with setting up active directory and exchange to manage e-mails , project to be complete by Sunday 10th april either by remote or by site visit in manchester england area,mentoring or tutoring for admin role, free tea , coffee and biscuits food etc maybe transport if close to M60

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Database & Server Configuration Memory – Site Is Down

our server is running out of memory upon immediate restart.
using the TOP command, we see that mysqld and apache (httpd) peg the CPU usage of the server.
This started happening yesterday at 11:30 PST.
Our server upon restart takes 4 minutes and works fine, then immediately goes into non-response state.
Log files on mysql dont show anything.
need someone to diagnose and fix

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Sharepoint Kpi Dashboard For SharePoint Services 3.0 WSS

Sharepoint kpi dashboard for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 WSS

Create and publish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Video of Eg:

Must have Features:
1>Open Dashboard API Must read information from an external source like from a local, web or server location with xls,csv,txt file supported or from SQL live tables
2>Dashboard Notification & Alerts to user email address Custom alerts
3>Data Visualization Options- highly customizable visualizations will ensure your data is easily understandable and actionable to the end user
4>Report & User control level
5>Dashboard must have RSS tab & support internal & external RSS feed
6>You can easily keep track of the vital aspects regarding all your Portfolios and Projects.
7>Real-time updated Reports.
8>Dashboards, Grids, Histograms, Line / Bar / Pie / Radar / Scatter / Bubble / Gantt / Network /

1>Be to complied in an exe plugin file format to my current Sharepoint 3.0 WSS
2>Must be able to install & uninstall
3>Must have feature of a 14 day trail of this software/plugin thereafter after 14day must expire
4>Must be able to enter a register key together with the company name & key to activate the full version
5>A key generate together with company name must provide serial key ( only I will have that , additional exe )
6>No information of the developer whose created this plug in. I will provide info
7> Infomation must be in real time with maybe auto refresh
Find screenshot of our current Sharepoint live

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SMPP Server


We are having a Web Application and a SMPP Client for sending bulk SMS. We create resellers and provide them with a whitelable website and then they reate their own clients and send SMS.

Now we want to develop in a SMPP Server, where we can provide SMPP account to resellers who have their own SMPP Client applications.

Companies who already have a developed and tested SMPP Server should only Bid.

We are fine with both the platform Linux and Windows and are also fine if you can modify kannel source code to suit our requirement.

All the technocal details would be mailed to bidders individually.


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VPS Server Setup (LAMP, AWStats, PHPMyAdmin, S3 Backup)

Bids should ONLY be $30.00

LAMP Web Server:
-AUDIO Encoders (mp3, m4a, aac, wav, etc…)
-SSH/SFTP Only (FTP Disabled)
-A few other packages to install…will provide list

Three Sites:
– http://www.XXXXXX.XX > http://XXXXXX.XX
– http://*.XXXXXX.XX > http://XXXXXX.XX

Nightly Database Backup and Incremental File Backup to Amazon S3

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Microsoft Forefront

Need someone to install and configure Forefront from Microsoft on windows 2008 server.

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Zen Cart And Server Monthly Services

We have a server based on free BSD, Apache. There are 2 shops now and will be more soon. One very custom and others on Zen cart. A lot of customization there done but needs more.
Using also SSL certificates from Go Daddy. Pay Pal and regular CC check out.
Job – regular service for all – activate alert software and provide additional addons piece by piece.
Provide backup and create back up – emergency running for the shops when main server is down.
Yearly contract, monthly payments. Addons by job – paid after all is running properly!

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I want to install the java GPS fleetmanagement application on a server (a new one you can choose the platform like Ubuntu, Plesk etc.)

The project is only to install OpenGTS on this server before moving it to our exploitation server (with many other soft and scripts).

The time is limited, and you can reach me for any question,

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Starting An Application With Python

I am a very experienced web developer that has little experience with game servers and python. Im trying to start a game server hosting site for a game called Minecraft but I cant figure out how to start the server. I keep getting error codes and I dont know how to get around it.

The requirements of this job:

-Show me how to use python to start a game server (a jar file).
-Show me how to capture the process pid so I can terminate the server. I dont want to start it and have it get lost forever in the processes eating up my cpu.
-Show me how I can use python to record the information. I dont know the best way to do this but Im thinking it needs to be recorded to a mysql db.

To be perfectly honest I dont even know if this will work on my server. Ive written a simple python file that executes the server on my own computer but the same setup does not work for my server (paid hosting). So Im not sure if my server is blocking me from running the application. If someone can tell me this before they start that would be great. Id rather not pay someone to tell me- "oh yah, this aint going to work. 30 bucks prease!!".

Oh! And if youre Indian or Pakistani or what-have-you, do NOT just post some stupid s*** like- "Lets do it…" and expect me to even consider you. Not that your background has anything to do with it, I just see this ALL THE TIME from these two countries. You must be able to speak english and explain this to me (I love to learn). Im sick of seeing your bids…. really.

Budget: $30 – cmon this is easy!

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OpenGTS Server Config

Setup and Install OpenGTS and tracar

The configuration of the protocols for TK201 and sipgear tk500 trackers. (Or suggestions on prefered trackers)

Also a training in admin usage and skinning of web page.

I need someone that could give maintenance, adapt new protocols, add new features, etc. in the future to the system.

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