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3D Moon Map Where I Can Mark Piece Of Land

I got a website which sells virtual land on the moon
Now I need a 3D Moon globe where I can mark the sold areas on the moon…
I also accept a 2D Moon map but I will pay less for that.
There should be coordinates on the moon map!

I should be able to mark every area and every size of area I want. When the cursor moves over it should display something like "this area is sold to: xxxx"

Since my budget is kinda low Im looking for someone doing it cheap and QUICK!

Just write me a message if you are interested and experienced.

02/15/2011 at 11:06 EST:

an example for a 2d Moon map would be

there are areas marked and if you move the cursor over it you see the owner!

By the way coordinates arent that neccessary.

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Worldmap And Ingame Map Needet

We need for our fantasy game an artis who can make a worlmap and a ingame map from the style similary like (the maps).

you will be guided trought this job by our leading concept artist. from the workflow the job will take you aprox. 7 till 10 days. the budget for this job is 100 dollar, higher bids will be ignored!

you must be availible over skype (chat only) and be capable to work in a team!

plz add references of your previous work to your PM!

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Statement Needed

I need two personal (supporting) statements to be written.
Each to be minimum of 100 words. The statements are for university application.
You must be good at writing and be creative.
I will provide you with necessary hints.
My budget is $30.

If you bid, please send me a message and let me know how you plan to write it and if you have any experience etc..

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Classifies Services Site

I need a simple website made where people can post services that they would preform for money there there should be search . They should be able to pay each other with paypal and the design must be nice. Please stay within my budget. Users should be able to place tags on the service. Rating should be made on reliability.

Budget is less than $100

*Send me your portfolio for desinging, MUST be a good designer. DONT send me links to 100 websites*

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Blog Installation

I need a blog installed onto my website. It is a template I found online and I can not install it myself. Please do not bid high because I am on a shoestring budget. Thank you and have a nice day.

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Blogs Needed

I need a complete blog for google adsene and my budget is 50$

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Create A Template


details of the project will be given through PM , contact me for more details.
the project consist of creating a template for interspire shopping cart and some customization.

when you bid include "RedhopIT" in your PM and Bid

budget 100$.

i will award the project in the next hour..

Happy bidding

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One Minute 2D Simple Animation


I got a small business and im looking to promote it on 1 minute simple animation, the reel will show the logo of the business and some of the features i provide, majorly text based. The look is very modern and querky feel (not that much thought)

Here is a sample for what am looking for but am looking for something easier and much simpler.

If you think you are capable of doing it:
1- show me work "real work"
2- My initial budget is within $100 (am serious) so please do not bid if you think it will take more time than you think
3- I am a designer (print) so ill be providing rough storyboard with supers to explain the idea
4- Changing is a part of the execution process so minor changes expected
5- If you left this off, more work will be provided
6- VO or music will be provided

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Removing Posts From USENET And Google

There are a few USENET posts on the internet that contain harmful information about our company. It is also important that as many traces as possible are removed.

I am looking for consultancy and advice regarding the removal of these posts from the internet, a creative mind with good ideas. Fast and clear communication is of great importance to me.

This projects budget will be $35 to $50, depending on the amount of work that is required. It might only be a consultancy project. My preferred communication methods are Messenger and e-mail.

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