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Before And After Pics I Need 20 Sets Of Them Weight Loss

I need 20 sets of before and after pictures – These must be your own rights. YOU CANNOT take them off the internet, thats illegal. I need you to give me full rights to the images so I can use them.. Please send me a PM with details.

These need to be of men and women, for a weight loss program. Thanks

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IPhone App To Be Designed For A Tween Website

I am currently in the process of building a website called MyTweens (a brand extension of that sells tights to Tweens (8-12 years). The website will also offer unique gaming activities that allows the customer to clip and drag their favourite images/items to create sets that can be posted to social network sites/blogs.

I need this to be accessible through an iPhone/Blackberry app, so that the user can browse the site and go ahead with creating sets on their iPhone/Blackberry.

I also wish for the design and the writing of the iPhone app to be highly professional and look visually stimulating, as it will be presented to experts.

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Video Editting

I need someone who can help me edit videos rapidly and professionally
Basically I have 6 sets of 3-5 short videos which need to be converted into 6 videos. They are really not that long, each video should become about 3-4minutes long.
Editing that needs to be done is pretty basic:
1- "join" the videos into one for every set (6 sets in total)
2- add logo and some text to all videos
3- remove sound in some sections
4- improve sound in other sections (if possible!)
5- some videos are pretty dark so, if that could be fixed that would be great!
As you can see, no mayor editting and no special effects needed.

I need it ASAP so only bid if you know you can do this within a couple of hours and have it done before 3pm EST, I will be accepting the bid at around 10am EST.

You can PM me specifying what you can do and how long it will take you. Please please only serious bidders, I cant afford to loose time!


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SlideShow Addon-2 (Random/Mass Video)


i want to add another function to my existing software to be able to create multiple videos at in one click? Ill explain:

a) User adds say 50 images
b) User adds 100 lines of text (separated by return/carriage return – and by pasting in)
c) User sets random slide duration, between 3 and 5 seconds
d) User sets number of videos theyd like to create, for example 20
e) Then, the software goes through all 50 images, 100 lines of text, any audio, etc. and creates 20 videos by randomly mixing those elements.

this project is reserved for ineedWorkJob

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Designer Prof

Integrates requirements including script, research, budget, and available locations to develop design.

Presents drawings for approval and makes changes and corrections as directed.

Selects furniture, draperies, pictures, lamps, and rugs for decorative quality and appearance.

Confers with heads of production and direction to establish budget, schedules, and discuss design ideas.

Directs and coordinates set construction, erection, or decoration activities to ensure conformance to design, budget, and schedule requirements.

Assigns staff to complete design ideas and prepare sketches, illustrations, and detailed drawings of sets, or graphics and animation.

Examines dressed set to ensure props and scenery do not interfere with movements of cast or view of camera.

Reads script to determine location, set, or decoration requirements.

Estimates costs of design materials and construction, or rental of location or props.

Researches and consults experts to determine architectural and furnishing styles to depict given periods or locations.

Designs and builds scale models of set design or miniature sets used in filming backgrounds or special effects.

Prepares rough draft and scale working drawings of sets, including floor plans, scenery, and properties to be constructed.

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Transformational Geometry Worksheets

Create 10 two-page pdf documents for each of the items below:

– 10 sets (question and answer sheet) of translations
– 10 sets (question and answer sheet) of reflections
– 10 sets (question and answer sheet) of rotations
– 10 sets (question and answer sheet) of dilations
– 10 sets (question and answer sheet) of two-step transformations (e.g. a reflection then a translation, or a rotation -then a reflection, etc.)
– 10 sets (question and answer sheet) of three-step transformations (i.e. where a translation, reflection and rotation must be done on each figure)

A title, short instructions and a footer with the website name must be included on all pages.

Freelancer must sign a Copyright Assignment form to transfer copyright to website.

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Banner Set Wanted

For the promotion of our various products at we are looking for a number of banner sets.
A banner set includes the following sizes: 120×600, 468×60, 336×280, 300×250, 728×90 with a maximum of 40kb per banner.
Banner can be created in either GIF or SWF.

We are looking for a total of 14 banner sets to promote the following sections:

Bundesliga football
Premier League football
Primera Division football
Champions League football
Serie A Football
Arsenal football
Schalke 04 football
FC Barcelona football
Belgian F1 race
German F1 race
Monaco F1 race
Hungary F1 Race
Italy F1 Race
Great Britain F1 Race

The football and F1 banner sets may all be in the same style with just a few tweaks like a different image, as long as they clearly promote that part of our travelling shop.
The text per banner will be sent following the assignment.

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Promotional Video Needed

Hi Everyone,

We are looking for someone who can take our product and give it the

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30 UAW Article Sets

– Need experienced UAW article writers
– 30 UAW article sets on printer supply
– Each article set includes 1 original + 2 rewrites (no spinning allowed)
– Should be written in proper grammar and spelling
– Each article has a title, 400+ words and 7 paragraphs
– One keyword phrase per article set, you should include the keyword in the title and article body
– Articles should pass copyscape and plagiarism tests and get accepted by UAW
– The articles should be high quality with accurate information on the topic
– I will own the copyrights and all rights of the articles once payment is made
– If the articles dont meet the above standard, you will need to revise them before payment is released
– Milestone payment will be arranged
– $4 per article set.

I am hiring two writers, each will write 15 UAW sets, so please bid for 15 sets ($60) only.

Bid only if you can write 3 article sets per day. I will choose the better writer for long term project.

Thanks and happy bidding.

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Need 2 Different Templates Sets

Hi All,

I need someone who can do 2 different template set for me.

Both of the sets will contain 10 templates designs. No need to make the html.

I will pay 100$ for both so dont bid higher.

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VB Script And Support Needed

This is rather small project.

We get huge data sets that are scrubbed and populated into reports. Most of the data comes in sets that are 3500 rows and about 550 columns. We find ourselves moving manually a lot of this data aligning it to one specific column (deleting empty cells in rows while shifting data to the left to align ALL data sets). To clarify – no consolidation of data needed, but deleting empty rows while shifting data to the left (to align to a certain column).

Manually it takes a lot of effort. What we would like for someone to write a good VB code that can handle rather large data sets with clear instructions on how to implement this code.

For someone who knows VB we know it will take no time to create. We would like a support as well on helping us to implement it. Would prefer VB with a button which would allow "no-brainer" approach.

Thank You.

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Cartoon Toy Character Head Sets (Images & SolidWorks)!


Im looking for someone who has experience working with SolidWorks and can create different cartoon character head sets that I can include for a "toy" project Im working on.

Each character can go with a theme like princesses, monsters, sports, or any other themes that you can come up with. Im looking for someone who can create unique cartoon character heads that are not currently available in the marketplace, and wont look similar or infringe on current cartoon characters that are in the marketplace.

Please bid the price it would cost "per" cartoon character head!

Thank you and happy bidding!


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30 UAW Article Sets In 10 Business Days

– Need experienced UAW article writers
– 30 UAW article sets on computer peripherals
– Each article set includes 1 original + 2 rewrites (no spinning allowed)
– Should be written in proper grammar and spelling
– Each article has a title, 400+ words and 7 paragraphs
– One keyword phrase per article set, you should include the keyword in the title and article body
– Articles should pass copyscape and plagiarism tests and get accepted by UAW
– The articles should be high quality with accurate information on the topic
– I will own the copyrights and all rights of the articles once payment is made
– If the articles dont meet the above standard, you will need to revise them before payment is released
– Milestone payment will be arranged

Once you have accepted the job, you will send me 3 article sets everyday (excluding Sat and Sun) until the project is completed. Please leave your bid and send a sample UAW article set for review. Budget: $4 per article set.

This could be a long term project if I am happy with your work.

Thanks and happy bidding.

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Audio Creation – Backing Track Loops

I am looking for someone to create 25 very short backing tracks that are loopable.

I have designed a program that functions like an mp3 player that will loop each audio track indefinitely, so now i need the audio. The audio need to be 4 or 8 bars long, so 5 – 15 seconds in length, or longer if you prefer.

All 25 audio tracks need to be in the same style – however, you can pick the style (preferably rock, metal, blues, country etc) and i am looking for AS MANY AS POSSIBLE! If you can provide 5 sets of 25, then you will get paid 5 times. I need a variety of audio sets, different styles of music ranging from everything from rock to hip hop and dance, so any style is OK.

Please bid now, for 1 audio set of 25. The lower the better, as i need a lot done.

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Financial Consolidation & Group Reporting Software Applicati


I am looking for a developer who has experience in doing a Financial Consolidating & Group Reporting Software Application, (even better if there is one that is ready to deply)

It must have provisions to enter business rules, consolidate unlimited companies, handle multi-currency companies, pass elimination journals and if possible, generate graphical reports etc etc. There are many more features that financial consolidators can do. It could be on the lines of BASware, ClarityFSR, PlanMaster, ConsultEBS etc.

If you want to bid for this, you MUST KNOW what financial accounts consolidation does and have exposure to one of the existing tools. Basic list of specifications / features is as belows. You bid should come with proposal of what your bid/system can do.

o Consolidation of companies within a Set of Books
o Consolidation of companies across multiple Sets of Books in the same instance
o Consolidation of companies across multiple Sets of Books across multiple instances.
o Accounting for some companies is maintained in non-Oracle applications
o Same or Different Charts of Accounts
o Balances or Transactions
o Same or Different Calendar
o Same or Different Currency
o Balance Type
o Actual/Translated
o Budget
o Statistical
o Create Consolidation mapping: parent and subsidiary sets of books
o Post all Journals in subsidiary set of books
o Revalue foreign currency balances in subsidiary sets of books
o Translate subsidiary balances to the functional currency of parent set of books
o Run and review trial balance report
o Transfer data from subsidiary to parent
o Run Journal import
o Post the consolidation journal in parent set of books
o Eliminate inter company balances
o Run trial balance and other financial reports, Multi GAAP (IFRS incl.) reporting.

Business Features :

– Collaboration
– Workflow
– Internal control
– Audit trail
– Data integration
– Automated Rounding
– Business Rules
– Data Collection for Operational Data

We need to buy (agreed price will include this) with SOURCE CODE and Intellectual Property (IP). The bid amount is indicative only. If you have the right system Im looking for (where further workings are not necessary), then we can negotiate specifically and immediately.

With regards,

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Writer For 10-20 Articles Sets Hiring ASAP

This project is ONLY for serious and qualified writers who would like to work with us for a long must be able to write 20 original articles within 3 days turn around time or 10 in 48 hours. articles are 500 words, 250 words and 350 words long. Pay is .004 per word ($2 per 500 words) bids accordingly. generic bids will be rejected
I look forward to receiving your proposals.

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For Mister Teacher

For Mister Teacher

I need a list of 450 words/phrases and description.

This will be broken down to:

15×10 sets of adjectives

15×10 sets of nouns

15×10 sets of phasal verbs

Each is the format:

word – example – description for artist

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I Want To Writer A Technical Cover Letter

I need to write a cover letter with to attach with my resume. The writer must have technical knowledge of Information Technology Business, Computer Skill Sets, Web Developers Skill Sets.

I would only accept the bid from native American writer only.

Please bid only after you read and understand carefully the details of the projects.

Budget: $30

Thank you.

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Polyvore-like Website

( for users to create and comment on fashion looks with the items available on site and sent items for themselves

Site Functions:

Create sets of items (publish / draft / function move / scale / move front to back / delete everything)

Comment sets, vote for sets you like

Set will be formed, events such as tags, Title and Description
Will be allowed to add text on the set along with the items

Item (can be generated coming from shops or coming from user) and are separated by categories

Having a system of competition of the best sets where users may vote or compete

Have robot system to scan and generate accessory items coming from the site

Allow users to submit their own items to include in their sets (one item can be public or only by the user)

Allow users to report what items (not) fit together and denounce sets or inappropriate items to be evaluated for administrator

A user can add favorite sets from other people and he can still add real picture of how the set was wearing (which can be public or not)

On the item page will be the list of the sets he is being used and what other items have been marked by others as matching the item in question and will have the option to buy it where the users will be directed to the store that sells item

On page user will be allowed to guest users are viewing the published sets of user and the owner of the page itself will be allowed to edit the sets

On the page set will be allowed to comment sets, add it to your list of favorites and vote them if they are participating in a contest
When selecting an item from the set will display a message asking if the item matches the chosen set, if you have chosen two items will be asked to enter you combine items

Area Administrator:
Create / Edit / Delete shops, items and tags events

Moderating the items / sets reported by users and can remove items / sets and users

The site will be done in English, but will use the best practices of internationalization of the rails 3

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Illustrations; 10 Sets Of Graphic Designs For Olenka31

Creation of ten sets of graphics for the use as thematic logo sets on printed customer bills.

– each thematic set to exist of top and bottom image
– in black & white
– resolution in width 512 pixels
– resolution in heigth can be customized
– file type: BMP
– to be used as top and bottom image on customer receipt

Extra themes:
– salsa dancing
– bridge (card game)
– poker game
– swimming pool fun
– sailing (small sailboat theme)
– wind surfing (with sail)
– camping fun(with tents)
– disco dancing (night club)
– swimming 500m freestyle
– snowboard stunts (wintersports)

Sample in attachment

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Affiliates Needed

Looking for affiliates to help us sell our products – wall art.
All products we sell are hand made and are delivered to customers by us.
You will only be responsible to bring in the sales.
Prices vary from 119 (single canvas) to 279 (canvas art sets) usd.
For any single canvas art sold we will be ready to pay out 25USD.
For any canvas art sets sold we will be paying out 45usd.
Payment will be made weekly via PayPal.
Affiliate will be provided with discount codes and neccessary images to advertise products.
PM for url and more info

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Data Sets/Variables PSD Troubleshooting

I am looking for someone to help troubleshoot a psd file that is not importing the dataset csv file I have created for it. Looking for someone with experience in: photoshop variables, action sets, and data sets.

The error message received upon unsuccessful import of data sets csv file is:

"Could not parse the file contents as a data set. Data set 2 was incomplete."

Please submit a private message with a short description of your work experience. Looking ti hire tonight!!!

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100 UAW Articles

I need 100 sets of UAW articles. Here are the basic details:

*A set = 1 original + 3 re-writes UAW style
* Word count MUST be 300 words.
* Payment is: $4 per set
Payment can be weekly/Bi-weekly

I need you to state how long it will take you to provide the 100 sets…
Your work MUST be quality stuff and must pass copyscape.

This is a long-term project: As I have more work for the winners.

You MUST be able to turn in 5-10 sets per day…

[You MUST be willing to provide the first days set for review – Payment shall be made for it.]

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Grapics Researcher – Make Image Collections

This project is for non-profit site, you will still be paid, but please bear this in mind when bidding.

I need someone to create(source) sets of 50 images for each topic.

ie food: (see )

There are plenty of free image/photography site and you may use them to souce images.

Files need to be put a folder (topic name) and each image named itself, ie: picture of pizza, pizza.jpg
Images need to be in jpg format, no spaces in file name use _

Please bid on how much for 10 sets (500 images).If you do a good job will hire you again

Any questions, use pcb.


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Security And Website Expansion

We require someone to perform various software upgrades to our site, along side some feature expansions in the area of CMS and event management. we estimate this to be approx 30 hour work. Please respond with your various skill sets relating to CMS and security, full details of work required will be provided on request if your skill sets are approved

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Facebook: I Need 10k App Installs; Users: US/UK/Au/Ca

I need 10.000 application installs.
Accepted countries: US/UK/Australia/Canada/Ireland

Application is very similiar to Phrases.

No fakes.
– at least 10.000 new installs
– 50 new quotes sets must be created by real users and from those 50 quotes sets:
– at least 1 quote set should reach 1000 visitors
– at least 5 quote sets should reach 100 visitors

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UAW Articles Need

I need UAW article sets. Each set contains 1 unique article + 2 rewrites of the same article (not spun but rewrite). That means I need completely different articles for the rewrites not just a few words changed out.

They must each be 350 words.
Must pass copyscape and must be approved by UAW
Must be original

I need 2 sets for each of the following topics:
Dedicated Servers
Application Hosting
Managed Hosting
Cloud Computing
Cloud Hosting

I am willing to pay around $4/set for a total of $40 for the project.

Preferences will be given to those who have expert author accounts. If you have so please provide a link to your accounts.

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Quebec English To French Translation Flyers 4 X 2 Sets

I have 2 sets of flyers/brochures 4page each written in English. Need help translating these materials into Canadian French for use in QC.

Thank you

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