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Need Telemarketing Script Written For Appointment Setting

I need a telemarketing script designed for setting touring appointments for our business center. It needs to be complete with: needs assesment, rebuttals to everything and assumptive close. I need this done immediately (yesterday) because my phone person starts on Monday.

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Small Self-help App

Self Help Application
To flash a series of customized subliminal self help messages and images on the computer monitor.

Key Features:
– Download and install on multiple machines
– User Account login
– Server side back-end, which holds all settings online
– Client-side User interface for settings
– Cross platform compatibility (Starting with Windows XP, Vista, and 7)

1. Language and Alphabet selection
2. Pre-set but editable categories of self help topics
3. Pre-set but editable motivational messages within each category
4. Upload desired photos from computer
5. Insert images from the web
6. Speed setting (display for 10-1000 milliseconds)
7. Frequency setting (every 1-120 seconds)
8. Font size, type, color, and transparency
9. Location of flashes on the monitor
10. Randomize location and order
11. Restore default settings button
12. Self-launch with OS option
13. Task bar icon with Sign out, stop, start, and other quick options

Interface design:
Simple, clean and fresh
Colors: white, light green and pink.

Scripting Language:
C++ / Qt / PHP / MySQL

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Drupal Clinic Website

Its a website for a clinic

Ill buy the template in Drupal to save time in design

site requirements:

1- Users or Patients log in
2- users or Patients on line registration
they can register with an online form and submit
they can download a PDF file

3- Event calendar easy to upgrade by the clinic management
4- email alerts to registered patients (new lester)

setting the logo on site

and try to leave the site like in template sample or demo so i can change all the information, text, and pics

basically the work is
-setting the web site in server
-programing in drupal the blocks that the clinic needs mentioned above (requirements)
-setting the logo on site
– leaving the drupal them as similar as the demo

and Ill do all the writing

demo sample:

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Appointment Setting – Appointment Setter And Lead Generating

We are an SEO firm based in Montreal, Canada. We are looking for an individual, Call Centre or company with experience in B2B lead generating and appointment setting to find qualified leads and set appointments in the greater Montreal area to sell SEO services including SEO packages, SEO consultation, SEO seminars and SEO training to small and medium-size business with 1 to 300 employees.

1. We will provide you with detailed training about our services to help you to understand our business to set appointments for qualified leads. Our firm provides a long list of services. We are able to service almost any business.

2. We will provide you with a script to facilitate your work to ask for an appointment.

3. We will not provide you with a list, but there are many lists on the internet. The following are few examples of what we can provide you.

4. We will suggest the categories of businesses that you can contact. We can serve any business from any industry except gambling, casino, dating and similar industries.

5. We would prefer an individual, Call Centre or company with at least 1 to 2 years B2B appointment-setting experience.
6. You must have a reasonable American English accent.

7. You must be able to work during US Eastern Time zone working hours. Between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

8. You must have a high speed internet connection

9. We are looking for an individual, Call Centre or company to establish a long term business relationship with them. This is not a one time order; it will be repeated with the same criteria over and over again.

Please answer all the following questions:

1. Give me your bid for 10 appoints with qualified leads.

2. What is the suggested payment schedule?

3. Mention your previous experience in similar work.

4. Mention your criteria to qualify leads

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Appointment Setting

We are a janitorial company located in Calgary Alberta Canada. We are looking for fluent English telemarketer/call centre who will set up appointments for us to bid on janitorial service. We will pay by per qualified appointments. The appointment setting should be for service at least 3 times a week and service area should be more than 2000 sqt. This listing is a trial.We need 30 appointments for this trial. Please quote me based on per appointment.

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Real Estate Appointment Setting Call Centre Needed

We are looking for the call centres to dial in US and set appointments for real estate company.We pay a per appointment fee of 15$.The quality appointment means an appointment where the customer picks up the phone when we call back and confirms he is looking to know more about our services.Good American accents preferred.

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Setting Up A WordPress Blog

I have the need for a website to be developed. I have the desgin, i have already setup the database and the wordpress backend. All that i require is someone who can implement a design to a wordpress theme. It will include complex categories that a different layout for homepage, category pages, post pages and a store page layout.

I will supply the ftp and wordpress logins details upon hire. But i will provide the design screenshots to anyone who is interested.

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Appointment Setting

Looking for fluent english telemarketer/call centre who will set up 20 Insurance appointments on every week upto 28 April,2011.
Previous experience is required in the life insurance outbound telemarketing.
The work will be to cold call from the list provided & give them details to set appointment

Please send your reference with your Bids with your previous detailed experience in Insurance appointment setting.

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Help Setting Up Webhosting On QNAP TS-439 NAS

I need help setting up multiple websites on my QNAP TS-439 NAS. I have some of the knowledge, but have run into a few problems. I currently have a few websites, one in flash and one in ASP and Javascript. Ive been able to get the flash one working, but the ASP one doesnt. I need help getting the ASP site working and setting up multi-domain support on my QNAP (by default it only supports one). This should only take an expert a hour or two to explain and setup.

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Interview Audio Transcription

This project involves transcribing a graduate student interview between two individuals in a relatively quiet setting. The finished transcription will be reviewed several times for accuracy. If quality is acceptable, there are additional opportunities for work. The details are:

– 2 individuals
– Approximately 1 hour long
– Quiet setting
– Subject matter is social media and branding
– Confidential material

On occasion, the speakers talk over one another. In those cases, it is more important to get the interviewees response, rather than the moderator. Transcription does not have to be verbatim, but must be at least 90-95% accurate.

Thank you for the consideration, and I look forward to working with you!

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WordPress Expert Needed, Template Setting

Need a wordpress expert to setup new template on existing website.

template provided.

30$ Maximum.

03/09/2011 at 1:52 EST:

Need it to be done quickly may be within 2, 3 hours.

Dont bid if youre not sure you can do it easily.

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Website Administration

I am looking for a programmer that I can build a longer-term relationship with and use for several future projects. I am working with several websites, both communities and e-commerce and need a person that is quick, reliant and have a sound and broad competence within this field as my needs will be ranging from setting up and administrating the websites, putting up banners, affiliate marketing, setting up databases, shopping carts, social networking etc.

A certain level of flash and website design is preferable, but not required.

I would like to meet you in person so I am particulary looking for programmers in the Philippines or Thailand,

I am in Borocay, Philippines until March 11th and in Manila March 12th. I will be in the southern parts of Thailand March 14th – mid April.

Only respond if you are an all rounded web programmer with ratings above 8 and at least 5 completed projects. Candidates should also be fluent in english, and proactive in detecting problems in specifications and not blindly following directions.

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DFP And Analytics Genius Wanted For WordPress Site

Web site needs help

We already have a fully working Adsense, DFP and Analtics working fine

but we do not know how to optimise them and generate useful reports

1. setting up pre-existing Google analytics to generate useful reports each day
2. Optimising existing AdSense to ensure maximum revenue is generated (includes color and positioning)
3. Setting up automated reports on DFP and ensuring that it is optimised for max revenue

If you know how to do 1 and 2 but not 3 then please bid accordingly.

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PHP Modifications WordPress And Oscommerce Integration V2

Oscommerce 2.3.1 and wordpress 3.0.4

I have a configuration issue integrating oscommerce and wordpress,

The platform is Windows 2008 Server rc2, wordpress 3.0.4 and oscommerce 2.3.1 and IIS7.0
oscommerce is installed in /catalog of wwwroot (IIS 7.0)
wordpress is installed in /catalog/wordpress

I have included the header, sidebar and footer of wordpress in the oscommerce template file. as you can see here below, it works only depending on the settings in wordpress

When the WordPress address (URL) setting in the General setting is :
When i set the Site address (URL) setting to the wordpress site is working fine. but the catalog files are not showing the headers properly

When i set the Site address (URL) setting to, the oscommerce site is working fine. but the wordpress site are not showing the headers properly

I think it<s just some directory settings, or some url redirect, but can<t find the right settings.

heres the 2 oscommerce template content file.



osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions

Copyright (c) 2010 osCommerce

Released under the GNU General Public License


/* Short and sweet */
define(WP_USE_THEMES, false);




<div id="container">



osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions

Copyright (c) 2010 osCommerce

Released under the GNU General Public License

</div> <!– bodyContent //–>

/* Short and sweet */
define(WP_USE_THEMES, false);




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Setup Of Bbphp Forum

Looking for someone that is very good in bbphp forum.
i have installed the forum and i want to set it up including
setting user permissions for user groups and moderators
adding few modules like (what you see is what you get)
setting few templets for deferents areas

pls bid only if you have good experienced in BBphp

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Appointment Setting

We need an experienced telemarketer to cold call our lists, qualify the prospects, improve our script as needed, and schedule appointments for two sales team members.

Must have excellent spoken english and idealy have a fundamental understanding of social media marketing.

Initial/trial campaign period of four weeks.

Please quote both a 4 hour work day (part time) and an 8 hour work day (full time) for the contract term.

Calling/working hours will be bewtween 7:30am and 5:30pm EDT.

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Telemarketing / Appointment Setting

Property & Casualty Insurance Brokerage firm is looking to hire a telemarketer / appointment setter to handle our outbound business to business appointment setting.

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Funambol, SyncML Specialist

We are currently setting up a SyncML server/client ambient using Funambol. The goal is to use this environment to insert a single contact in a syncML compatible client device.

For this task we seek a specialist who has experience on this field to aid us in setting up this environment.

The job is a "consultancy" one. You will assist and guide a programmer with your valuable knowledge – in order to keep development times as short as possible.

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File Share

I want to be assisted with setting up server for linking with 5 dreamboxes for file sharing tv etc with our kids. Currently I have a redundant server that runs windows server 2003 but I have been told Linux may be more suitable. If so setting up with Linux will be required.

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Appointment Setting Campaign

Looking for someone to set appointments for my janitorial company to go and bid on janitorial contracts.

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Appointment Setting By Telephone

Appointment Setting by Telephone

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Ext.Container With Drag’n’drop Reorderable Children (Ext JS)

I am looking for an experienced Ext JS developer who would be able to extend (or hack) the Ext.Container class so that its children would be movable (re-orderable) via dragndrop.

To get a quick idea of what I need, please have a look here:

Basically, that is a very good example, but too complicated and not re-usable.

Another example is here:

I dont need you to handle all possible containers layouts and types of children. A solution for the default layout (where children simply go under each other vertically) would be enough. It would be also enough (and necessary) that the children will be draggable by their headers, not whole body.

At this moment the task is partly done by setting draggable: true to the children. But you will need to add a DropTarget to handle drops and reordering, and anything else so that the result would look as a hacked Ext.Container (via Ext.override) or a new class derived from Ext.Container. It should contain the following elements:

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MIgrate OSC To Magento Shopping Cart

I need a very budget programmer to migrate my existing OSC website to Maganto.

1) To migrate my existing OSC website database, including product information, categories, photo and payment shipment setting to magento. Including paypal checkout setting. All static pages and new contents to be included in the new site

2) Install a new premium theme , provide by myself

3) install facebook, twitter and social media

4) SEO friendly setting and extension

Budget $75-$100

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Finish Setting Up My WordPress Website

I have my theme installed and is functioning, I just dont have the time to finish setting up. Shouldnt be much trouble, an hour or two at most. The instructions are easy to follow, its a basic theme, I just dont have time.

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Setting Up Podcasts In ITunes Via WordPress

I have submitted podcasts to itunes and had them running for a long time. Then all of a sudden, all of my podcasts disappeared from itunes, but my podcasting account still shows. I use PodPress via WordPress, but am open to using another approach.

When I try to ping iTunes update, I get an error message that my email address is in the wrong format. But it looks right to me.

I need someone to help me to be able to load my podcasts back into itunes.

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B2B/B2C Appointment Setting Agents Required ASAP.High Payout


I need either home based or experienced appointment setting agents for appointment setting campaigns in Canada. Im looking for 2-3 very experienced agents to run these campaigns. These agents will be in regular contact with me so Id prefer home based agents with experience but Im open to experienced centers as well. Possibility of long term work.

Ill pay weekly (1 week in arrears) and above $50+/appointment. Exact details will be discussed once campaign is awarded.

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Setting Up Video/ Live Streaming Website

Designer/ programmer required to modify a video website to accommodate live streaming, video ads, and other minor adjustments

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Simple Appointment Setting – Call Centers And Freelancers

Hi there ,

we need help in appointment setting .

we are looking for people from India and Philippines .

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Need Help Setting Up HVA Mysql Cluster

Need step by step guide and hand holding as we set this up. So far we are getting owned and its eating databases like breakfast. :/

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Telemaketing – Appointment Scheduler – Advisory Service

Project Description

Small Advisory Business Services Company located in the Boston Massachusetts Metro Area is searching for an Appointment Setting service to generate 30 qualified leads. Company advises corporations who sponsor group retirement plans on properly managing investments as required by ERISA and assist corporations on effectively monitoring all service providers and providing participant education. We are seeking to outsource arranging appointments with key decision makers to a telemarketing company that will result in closed contracts with new customers. We are looking to have 30 appointments set.

Marketing Details:

* You are responsible for calling the list with a pre-approved script. Assistance and our service details will be shared.
* Prospect list must be within 150 mile radius of zip code 01742
* Telemarketer must speak clear English and be proficient at taking notes related to questions on the phone.
* Preference will be given to companies or telemarketers with Business Services and telemarketing experience.

Qualified Lead Details:

* Provide 30 Qualified leads. Should these prove well qualified, we will be re-hiring on another part time basis.
* A Qualified Lead is defined as setting up an appointment with the key Decision Maker.
* Confirmation of appointments will be via email.

Payment Details:

* Bid on setting 30 leads and estimated time to completion
* No upfront money or fees will be paid
* Additional commission can be earned if appointment results in contract for multiple locations. Details will be worked out prior to start.
* Money will be paid upon completion of the project.

We are an up and coming business with a dynamic service offering. We are seeking to build a long term relationship with you as we grow. Other products are in the works and are expected to be added in the future.

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