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Fantasy Game Story/Script Writer

We are looking for a Story/Script Writer for an action RPG (Role Playing Game) that we are currently developing, which we hope that you as writer would bring life and emotion to the story. The game will have visual novel style, where chosen actions/choices will affect certain outcomes. Ideal writer would be if you are a fan of or familiar with RPG or fictional fantasy settings

The Game:
A fictional adventure fantasy game based on medieval settings, which is similar to Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Baldures Gates, Elder Scrolls and similar titles. However the story would be a more simplified version of the above named game with our own version of story and vision for the game.

The Story Style: Slightly dark (gothic) and Sad (touching but with some funny moment)

You are required to prepare the storyboard based on basic character descriptions and story plot. Basic settings and background will be given. Story centered in a numerous of settings which our heroes (the main playable character and his/her companions) will progress throughout the game. We will be heavily emphasizing on the heroes developments and these characters are part of the world (not just some characters thrown into the world). We want to make characters real and stronger players attachment.

There will be 3 selectable character class (e.g. Fighter, Wizard, and Rogue) which each class will have its own introduction setting/story and there will be 8 different companion which each of the hero has its own class (e.g. defender, healer, sorcerer, etc) and personality.

The story you come up with will be told through quests in the game. There should be a fair number of main quests which the player must complete in order to progress to next settings. You should insert approximately 35 other sub quests and 16 companion quests. You can make chain quests that suit your story.

Although not finalized yet, the entire story should be taking place in 1 kingdom (Country) which has 5 different States. We will be focusing only mainly on 1 State (which has 4 main districts and 3 different locations each districts) and 2 other sub states (only but only include 1 district each and 2 locations each).

The scripts should have around 20 chapters (including the introduction chapter), and the character could evolved (or leveled up) to level 40. There will be approximately 40 unique monsters names and descriptions for those monsters. The monsters will be referenced in the quests you write.

Please take note that although you will be responsible for the entire scripts, the entire story will not be fall upon you alone as we will be contributing to the story and character together. Rather than standalone, you will be working as a team.

Youre welcomed to bid more than the budget if you feel your work is worth more. Please send examples of previous related works. Those without any past work or profile, but you think you can do this, please send me a sample story that you can come out with. The evaluation would be based on your writing style and the depth of your story telling.

Any further questions, Ill be happy to answer via PM.

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Commenting Out Unneeded Options In Vtiger Admin Settings Pag

To better focus my organizations efforts inside the admin section I would like the following commented out of the Admin settings page so that the user will be unable to see these options:

Customer Portal
Inventory: Terms & Conditions
Backup Server
Tax Calculations
Inventory Notifications

These also need to be eliminated from the side column options shown on the left hand side in many different menus.

Budget is very tight on this and since time should be minimal to just comment these out Id expect bidding to be inline.

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PHP Streaming Module For CMS

Good night,

We are looking for a coder that is able to develop a PHP/Flash to stream event live from a USB camera or a webcam.

We have the CMS already developed but we need someone to help us with this task. The development must be using PHP, MySQL, jQuery and it uses CodeIgniter 2.0

– The user in admin logs in and it will be able to connect to a camera to stream the event.
– After setup the streaming the user can enter a code {qeria:stream id=1} and start to stream the stream created with the id 1.

Video Settings Admin:
– Stop Streaming
– Stop recording
– Mute
– The user should be able (enable/disable) to record the streaming to a specified folder.
– The user should be able to set permissions who will be able to see it.
– Set location or auto-detection (PHP library already done).
– Other settings the coder and script suggest or able to provide.

Please let me know your price, time to complete the project and your portfolio.

Please only bid if you have experience in this subject.

Thank you

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Small Self-help App

Self Help Application
To flash a series of customized subliminal self help messages and images on the computer monitor.

Key Features:
– Download and install on multiple machines
– User Account login
– Server side back-end, which holds all settings online
– Client-side User interface for settings
– Cross platform compatibility (Starting with Windows XP, Vista, and 7)

1. Language and Alphabet selection
2. Pre-set but editable categories of self help topics
3. Pre-set but editable motivational messages within each category
4. Upload desired photos from computer
5. Insert images from the web
6. Speed setting (display for 10-1000 milliseconds)
7. Frequency setting (every 1-120 seconds)
8. Font size, type, color, and transparency
9. Location of flashes on the monitor
10. Randomize location and order
11. Restore default settings button
12. Self-launch with OS option
13. Task bar icon with Sign out, stop, start, and other quick options

Interface design:
Simple, clean and fresh
Colors: white, light green and pink.

Scripting Language:
C++ / Qt / PHP / MySQL

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Optimization Of Gps In An Exixting App For IPhone

We need to optimize the Gps localization settings of an existing app: when you change position, app doesnt find immediately the new position. We also need to install a system to activate the localization automatically for the app in general settings of the iPhone. Budget is 75 $, delivery time is one week.

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Joomla Gantry Settings / Menu Drop Down Problem

I am having a couple of issues that I believe might be Java related on my Joomla based site running Crystalline_J15 template version.

1st. First off, have a problem with the Settings portion of my Gantry template on the backend, all Settings are grayed out, I need this resolved quickly, running Gantry v3.1.10.

2nd. My dropdown navigation menus are not working on the site, need these fixed as well.

Need this done in the next couple of hours PM me to get more information on the site.


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Video SlideShow Addon-1

I want to add another function to my existing software.

Save Settings so if someone set everything but want to create a new video say tomorrow, but using the same settings,
then they could open up a "Project", like "Project 1" or a project they name themselves like a project name "Online Marketing" or "Dieting Videos" etc.

this project is reserved for ineedWorkJob

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WordPress Widget

I require a WordPress widget (and associated configuration settings page) that displays the latest text from an external rss feed and a Yes button that when a visitor to the website clicks – then it will send that latest text value to the email address inserted in the the widget configuration settings.

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Sh404sef Joomla Settings

I would like to set the sh404sef to work right with the Google result page.

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IPhone – Modify Existing IPhone / PHP Application

I have an existing iPhone application (I have the iOS Source code), that needs to have additional functionality. It is a bus passenger counting system. Currently it counts people who get on the bus at each stop. When the driver presses the counter button it records 1 record and stores it until the data is uploaded to my webserver. The additional functionality that I need is:
1. Add a second counter for people that get off at each stop to be recorded in the same way. I have designed the new psd file to use as the new skin.
2. Add a new field that captures rider type (this is a scrolling top field that would record different rider types when pressed. The default would be Regular, but you could select Transfer, Handicap, Bike, +5, User#1, User#2, User#3, User#4, or User#5)
3. Currently there is a manual upload to my server. I would like to add the ability to automatically detect a WiFi/Internet connection and automatically upload the data. This would be user selectable to either turn on or off.
– The current upload is slow with hundreds of records, so we are looking for a way to speed it up or at least do the upload in the background.
– We need to make sure that the data is valid (i.e. no duplicates, all records uploaded)

In addition to these new features, there are several small changes that I need done, as follows:
1 App – do not reset current stop location when settings are changed, only reset when Route is changed
2 App – also allow route and Stop count reset if you press ON and OFF at the same time for 2 seconds
3 App – correct language when there are no records to upload, currently states, "There is no any record to uplaod!", change to "There are no records to upload!"
4 App – If Next Stop or Previous Stop has not been pressed for x minutes, then pop up reminder
5 App – If there has been inactivity for more than 150minutes, open settings screen
6 App – Settings – move Driver to top, then Route, then Bus, then Plus #
7 App – Settings – Format text of Driver field to be BOLD RED and Route field to be BOLD BLUE and Bus field to be BOLD GREEN
8 App – Settings – show "Last successful upload: [timedate]"
9 App – Settings – UDID display for customer reference
10 App – Settings – view/hide total count
11 App – Report upload – speed up, put into background

If you are interested in this project, I can send you picture files of the current app and the new skin.

Also, the original developer is sick and therefore not able to continue on this project, so I am looking for someone who will want to continue with the development of this project.

Future development will include this app collecting and using GPS data and porting to Android, so if you have experience working with GPS and Android thats a plus. And if its something that you want to do now, that could justify more money, but it still needs to be done quickly.

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GPRS Settings Sender Script


I want script that sends GPRS settings to Mobile phones.

Nokia, Samsung, Iphone, Windows, smart phones….

– front end area and back end area
– front end/ user complete profile fields/ users register or login in order to send GPRS/WAP/MMS settings
– front end/ users select mobile type and send settings
– front end/ contact page
– front end/ about us
– front end/ term of use
– front end/ privacy policy
– front end/ facebook like button/share
– front end/ 2 settings in 5 minutues/ limitation for ip or user

back end/ edit users/ delete / rename and change profile
back end/ view logs/ status, who did what / how many settings out.
back end/ API for sending messages./ message will be send through third party.
back end/ edit all statics pages/ privacy policy, contact us/ term of use/….
back end/ add GPRS/MMS/WAP settings for each mobile type.

and other customization if required.

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Magento Ecommerce Website Build / Templating From PSD

We are rebuilding an ecommerce website using the Magento platform.

We have a home page PSD for you to work with and need you to setup Magento and install the template / psd etc using the latest css standards etc.

Freelancer requirements:
Must 1. Magento Trackrecord (can show portfolio + good comments/testimonials) – I will ask basic magento questions to confirm this
Must 2. Good Quality css skills, work at best practice etc
Communication: English writing 6+,
Responds fast to e-mail (max 24 hours)

We will provide wireframes for each page.

I currently have 3 Magento builds ready to go and this first one will be a test project for the rest. The winning bidder if a good job is odne will get the other two builds, plus ongoing amends etc. And any new clients we get.

Kind regards,


I will setup all of the categories and cms pages. I can also create forms, custom contact us pages etc myself.

I will also do various bits in the configuration myself such as the following which should save some time but you will need to do anything I cannot and check it over etc.

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Amazon EC2/ FFMPEG

We are looking to encode videos on EC2 (Amazons web services) using ffmpeg. Need freelancer to:

1. install LAMP on EC2
2. install ffmpeg and any dependencies, including x264 codec
3. Final application workflow: 1. user uploads file and can change video encoding quality settings in kbps (simple HTML browse and input fields along with an upload script in PHP needs to be created as well); 2. video gets encoded to H264 2 pass MP4 at quality setting passed by user; 3. encoded file and source file are copied into S3 bucket; 5. Thumbnail of video is created and placed in S3 bucket; 5. only admin or variables that we need to be able to easily change are the ffmpeg settings/profile; 6. final test of completion will be mpeg or avi uploaded to application.

Process needs to be scalable to handle multiple requests and perform well–if it is necessary to have multiple running EC2 instances, then lets do it.

Let me know of any questions. 100% of payment upon completion or escrow.

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Interactive Lines Scrambler

A screen with a set of N multi colored rounded edge lines of the same size and thickness, scrambled randomicaly each time it is loaded

Each time the screen is loaded, a timer is reset.

The number and thickness of the lines can be ajusted by the user, refreshing the set to match the new settings, without reloading the page, but the first time use as default 400px lenght and 3px thickness.

The lines must always be randomized not only for its position of A-B points, but also for its Z layer order.

The user is allowed to drag-n-drop the line on top of all, by clicking exactly on it and not the others and draging it outside, so the next line becomes the one on top, and avaiable for draging.

Once all lines are gone, the timer stops and is presented to the user in a dialog box before reseting with the same settings.

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View Refresh On Modal Close / Panels / VIEWS / AUTOMODAL


What I have
– a view on a panel page is listing some nodes (see screenshot 01)
– The "edit" and "delete" link should appear in a modal. Im using for that.

What I need
– the/a certain view on the parent page should be refreshed after closing the modal.

You should alter the automodal function for this refresh in a small module. (Have a look at automodal.js)
Maybe with a NEW setting "refresh view". Or/AND you ajaxyfy the form in some other way, in oder to use the…. module.

PSEUDO CODE for automodal

function automodal_addons_automodal_alter(&$settings, $selector) {
if ($selector == .automodal-delete) {
$settings[automodalReload] = TRUE;
$settings[width] = 700;
$settings[refresh view] = array(
viewname: myview,
display-id: view-pane-2,

function automodal_addons_init() {
automodal_add(.views-field-delete-node a, array(
width => 300, [refresh view] = array(
viewname: myview,
display-id: view-pane-2,
automodal_add(.views-field-edit-node a, array(width => 300));

Have a look on the exposed filter function with ajax of views.

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Color Settings For Flash Components

I have some flash components. The components are made in such a way that in no time their color, data, and other settings can be changed just in external XML files.

So, I need someone who can create various different looks for the components, changing the data and settings in the XML file.

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WordPress Plugin & Theme Development

Hey everyone,

Im developing a theme for WordPress that adds the capability to do automated webinars on wordpress blogs. The concept is a slight combination of (a sales page & membership site wordpress theme) & (a php auto webinar script).

For Version 1.0, I want only core features developed and the project details will be managed at

To complete this project I need:

– Creation of a Configuration Dashboard to allow registered members to choose the settings for their auto webinars (this will be on my end that users register to get access to)
– Creation of a plugin and/or theme connecting a registered users Configuration Dashboard Settings to their blog and allows them to select theme settings for their blogs auto webinar(s).

The freelancer I select for this project will develop Version 1.0 and will get Right of First Refusal (ROFR) to develop versions 2.0, 3.0, so on and so on.


I will make payment via escrow with agreed milestones by both parties and will be done in following phases (25%, 50%, 75% & 100%). The project must be at those agreed phases before I will release any payments to provider. Providers must have skype or ooVoo to do live video conferences regarding project.

Lastly, for those of you who havent noticed I have a perfect feedback & payment history and have done 12 projects on without problems, so Im not a newbie to this process nor will be forced to deposit funds into my escrow before beginning this project so the mere request will cause me to choose another provider. Im letting you know upfront so there are no surprises.


Lenox (freelancer username: jrlar1)

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Magento Product Display Settings

I have a website, I installed using magento. I also added products to it but unfortunately those products are not getting displayed on front end. whereas all default products already in database as sample data are displayed on front end.

It seems to be some setting issue. A very quick and few minute job for any Magento expert.

Need urgent attention. Only provider who can immediately address it are preferred.


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Asterisk – Advise On How To Configure Elastix 2.03 C-C-2

Hi All
We have a fresh install of Elastix 2.0.3 with Call Centre 2.0.0.

We need you to tell us the exact configuration settings and customisations required to
create an Automatic Broadcast Dialler.

-It must use the Call Centre Outgoing Campaign Settings (providing time, port and queue control etc)
-On Answer it must connect the receiving party immediately to an IVR.
-The IVR must operate as normal.

OPTIONAL Aditional
Ideally you can tell us how to configure background detection settings so it will release calls like this:
-Recipient Hung Up
-Answer Machine
-wrong number
-other non live answer events

Your advise on extra capabilities will be appreciated, so briefly tell us what you can do in your application

–we expect you to provide the configuration instructions and we will implement and test so we learn how to do it ourselves.

In your application for my job, please specify if you can deliver the Mandatory and Optional Tasks

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I have a blog site that Im trying to interfcace effectively with Blogger, Feedburner, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. I am encountering some difficulties. For example: I have a Feedburner feed which notifies subscribers of blog updates via email. I have adjusted settings several times, but cannot get the latest blog post title to come up in the email subject line.

Also, I have a Facebook page which should put up links to the blog automatically. All worked fine for several months, then the updates simply stopped appearing on the Facebook page in October. I have no idea what the issue is as no settings were changed. We have a Twitter page but it is not updating from the blog and I would like to see if we can offer an RSS feed that comes up on readers home pages in addition to an email subscription notification. Any other suggestions to increase SEO optimization and social networking options would also be welcome.

Finally, I am looking for someone who can not only handle these issues, but who can tell me what was done so I can maintain a handle on all aspects of the technological side of my blog. (When I make my first million from this, Ill happily hire someone to manage the site, but for now, I need to know whats going on!)

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100 Twitter Accounts

We need 100 new and different Twitter accounts.


1. We need no tweets in them.
2. Language in Settings must be set to Spanish.
3. TimeZone in Settings must be set to MADRID
4. Location in Profile must be set to one of this three: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia
5. Dont add a Profile photo.
6. All accounts MUST be email verified.
7. User names must be taken of a list given by us ONLY.

We will pay 100 USD for this simple and easy task.

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OScommerce Coupon Module And USPS Postal Settings

I am requesting a bid for this or a similar coupon module for an oscommerce website.

Create coupon codes for your customers to use for discounts on orders.

Discounts are applied before tax and are displayed as one order total line for each applicable tax class. You can configure whether to display the order subtotal including the discount, or before the discount is applied.

Coupon codes may be configured with a start or ending date, number of times they may be used, and an order minimum.

and assistance activating usps postal settings.

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SImple IPhone App Using Camer/email (revised)

Hello, I need a simple application that does the following

press the App and it loads the app with the camera open , take a photo, option to take more say up to 10

once the right number of photos have been taken for this job then go to a data input screen
input 4 items, field 1, field 2 and field 3 field 4 then From the app settings it can add auto text such as username, etc. Say up to 8 fields

There will be three send buttons at the bottom so send to Pop1 Pop2 or Pop3. This will be 3 different email addresses setup in the settings file, when either of the three buttons is selected the app emails the photos and the text to an email address in the settings file using an email account already setup on the phone.

This is an engineer report from a job completed that gets emailed to our server and is parsed by another program

Please provide examples that you can do this and be honest with your timescale



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Office Classification Plugin

For a PoC I need a MS Office classification script / plug-in prototype.

– Office Document Classification is an easy to use document labeling solution that ensures every Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint document is classified and protectively marked before it is saved or printed, by ensuring classification at the time of creation
– As soon as the new document is closed, saved or printed, the script will intercept the command and prompt user to classify the document
– The prompt can also be started manually by clicking on the icon in the MS Office toolbar
– Can apply visual markings to headers, footers, watermarks or into the meta tags to clearly identify the sensitivity of the document content

System Design
– For the prototype, all settings are defined and stored locally in an XML file. The XML file will be created from a local html page (makes it easier to select different settings).
– Can be developed in C++, C#, Java, .Net, VisualBasic…. etc.
– Should work on: Windows XP, Vista and 7, Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 local on a default notebook
– Classification promt will have a pulldown with predefined classification labels

As its a prototype (demo, which will not be further developed), the functionality is much more important then the code, technology or design. Ill provide more details (draws, pictures) for those which will be on the short list. If we decide to proceed with the idea after the prototype, we will build the final product from scratch. No need to think about further releases based on this prototype.

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C++ Programmer

I am looking for an experienced programmer,that can develop a program from scratch . we have the idea,you need to make it real . basically we need a player,that take commands automatically ( for example start a music video or a mp3 file at a time- then stop ,and play another one -based on settings )
this application must be able to store settings,and then run them . programmed in C++ ,and then be able to add more features

i will explain it better once we start talking

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Backup And Restore Application

The following are the core requirements of this project.

Application should permanently store any change in settings/options with the facility of
applying default settings (application settings or the registry can be used to permanently save
settings). Proper user interface/form should facilitate the user to change and store settings.

Application should have the mechanism of authentication. At first startup of the application, it
should ask the user to select authentication mode from the following:
– Password protected (user must enter user id and password every time to use the
– Default (no password required to use the application)

User should be able to define the physical paths (paths on hard disk) for backup and restore

Backup of code and database should be stored in hard disk with proper time/date postfix or
prefix, so that the user can easily understand each backup.

Backup/Restore of the code should be the simple backup/restore of the folders in which code
files are stored, to the user-specified backup and restore path.

Backup/Restore of the database should be the full backup of the database at target path and
restore it directly from the target path to the database itself (any one tool from MS SQL
Server, MySQL, Oracle)

User should be able to define the backup overwrite settings, so that the existing backups can be
managed without any problem. For this purpose, application shall provide the user with some
options (Overwrite existing backup, delete existing backup to recycle bin, delete existing
backup permanently)

User should be able to perform backup/restore operations manually and automatically:
– For manual operation, user shall be presented with a windows (desktop) application so that
the user can perform the backup, restore, change in settings operations manually.
– For automatic operation user shall save settings for automated backup/restore operations at
startup, or time-to-time backups. For this purpose, the application shall utilize windows
startup, registry operations and windows services.

Application shall have an alert system to notify user about success or failure of backup/restore
operations. Log files and/or email should be used for this purpose.

According to the following details i need the following diagrams

Cotext diagram
Data Flow diagram
ERD diagram
Architecture diagram
Activity diagram
Sequence diagram
Class diagram
Database design
deployment diagram
Test cases

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SImple IPhone App Using Camer/email

Hello, I need a simple application that does the following

press the App and it loads the app with the camera open , take a photo, option to take more say up to 10

once the right number of photos have been taken for this job then go to a data input screen
input 4 items, field 1, filed 2 and field 3 field 4 then From the app settings it can add auto text such as username, etc. Say up to 8 fields

Then press done and the app emails the photos and the text to an email address in the settings file using an email account already setup on the phone.

Please provide examples that you can do this



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OBJECTIVE = Connect to local or remote db and save the data from multiple csv files to single
mysql db table. also do simple calculation to data before saving it and save the calculation to
mysql db as well.

recommend format of storing the calulated values.

ability to set which files to parse from xml file and save the settings. (GUI Part)
ability to set set remote or local mysql db settings.
in .txt setting file is fine.
ability to set calculation values in settings.txt file.
ability to set which method to use for calculation and storing of calculated data.
showing progress bar of parsing and processing the data.

the interfeace can be very simple as long as its user friendly.

the application should be bug free and provide the calculations properly.

i need it fast and cheap.

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File Filtering

There is a file called dictionary.txt which includes words and phrases.
The application should take all text files in a certain folder (user defined via a settings file) and scan it for words that are included in dictionary.txt.
After the file was scanned it is moved to a different folder (user defined via a settings file).
If a word or a phrase are detected a syslog message that includes the previous line to the one found, the line that was found and the line next to it. The syslog message will be sent to a specific server (user defined via a settings file).

Example –
settings file –
root directory = originalFiles
shadow directory = copiedFiles
syslogIP =

Dictionary file =
"master yoda"

Sample file =
"I am going to dress up
As darth vader ?
And you?
I will be master yoda
No kidding"

Syslog message description = "And you?<cr>I will be master yoda<cr>No kidding"

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