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MS Dynanics 2011 CRM Setup

We require someone to setup a new install of MS Dynamics 2011 Server on our test server.

You will need to make sure all the correct SQL /System parts are working and install the CRM (and demonstrate it working)

Server is running 2008r2.

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Setup Mysql

setup mysql on a site.. its already written, I need it installed. easy task. if this is done quickly, Ill give other tasks..payment only after completion…

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Ec2 To Cisco Pix Vpn Tunnel Setup


Currently Im in process of migrating my datacenter infrastructure to amazon ws, but I am having a hard time configuring the VPN.

I need to setup a VPN connection(lan 2 lan) between an Amazon EC2 Unix(any flavor) instance to a Cisco PIX 515e to handle TCP traffic. This connection must be very reliable since my app depends on it to receive all its data.

Ideally the EC2 instance should be within an Amazon VPC subnet but if not possible, I can live with it.

Thank you

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Setup A Simple Wowza Server

Im looking for a person to set up a simple test Wowza server, please follow this setting guide:

This is just a small task so I will not pay more than 50$
Do not bid if you have never installed/configured a Wowza server

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Setup Google Base Product-feed For 2 Magento Store

We want a magento professional to complete the following task

– Work for 2 websites, same duties
– setup the google api for our magento store (google base product search, google analytics)
– the google base product feed must be posted and be searched in google product search
– Please provide a 2 new google accounts for each websites

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Expert Wanted To Setup A Craigs-list Proxy Server

I need an expert who can remotely setup a craigs-list proxy server to post ads in US cities…..
Ill provide the PC situated in USA and also the remote PC access….
Or if you r a Craigs-list server provider also can bid on this project….
Plz PM me about details…..

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Customized Events Platform

Objective to create an events platform to allow people to setup events and people to purchase events. The events will be run world wide

The website will provide an events platform for people to setup events and activities at a set price for people to book into each day/week.

Worldwide service accepting US$ (if possible other currencies) via paypal

Min spend $50 per event

People running Event

Peoplecan make the event a weekly, monthly or yearly event, allow replicating the schedule
Must upload the character, type, dates, start and end time, location, meetup, what to wear, suitable ages, number of people, category, cost per person or group, what the trip includes etc of event run on set nights during the week or month (replication).
Event must be approved before being listed on website by admin
Default event programs setup as guideline
Payment to be taken by us via paypal
People paid after the event is finished by us via paypal
People will need to apply and granted approval before they can submit events
Only accept socialites will be allowed to upload events within their specific city
We will have each approved socialites description â how long in city, favourite drink, favourite bars, What makes their city special etc
Each city will only have a set amount of event organisers
Events/Tour to be rated on popularity and rating by people attending the events
Similar to any general event upload
Event to be liked / shared on facebook & Automatically onto Twitter when submited


Customer to sign in with username/password or via Facebook or Twitter
Can accept and pay for set package or event
Service must be ranked out of 5 after service feedback after event via automatic email
Similar to Odesk or freelance platforms
Internal emailing and response between parties, similar to

All Services

Follow up email requesting feedback
Service must be ranked out of 5 after service / or Liked or Not Liked (Similar to

Additional Pages on Sites

Blog submissions from each event organiser on going out in their city
Integration with facebook, twitter and youtube
List of Partners/Suppliers
advertising space on each page
Rules for Event organisers
Rules of Customers
Become a Even organiser, sign up questions
Monthly Poll


To take 20% of sale of every event booked (allocated event organiser 80% of sale in points, 3 days after event)
Refunds if event is not held or not satisfactory (within 3 days)
Approve all event listings
Approve all socialites worldwide
Offer advertising opportunities â focus on hotels, airlines and local services


Focus on high end travellers and corporate, must suit
Part of travel experience


To feature main regional areas; Great Britain, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, N.Z. and Pacific Islands â with major cities underneath them
Each city will feature the event organiser, the packages on offer, blog feed with information about their events, plus 2 x advertising spots
If no Event organiser in the city, request for a socialites to apply to offer events


Built on godaddy server
Must be automated in setup allow for monitoring and approval only
Search functionality on main page
MAYBE â enter trip dates and places and share with friends on social media â side feature!!
Built in Affiliate program, 10% of sale

Building or Website

– will happen in 5 stages over 2 months
– first phase is development of website to allow event orgniasers to apply to setup events
– second phase is build website
– third phase is confirm event organisers, and allow them to setup events
– fourth phase is launch website
– last stage is to complete all bugs and errors after launch
– you will be paid after completing each milestone

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Domain Registration And Setup


This project is for registering two domains and setting up free hosting and one index.html file, so when someone will go to domain name, this html file will open.

1.You will register two domains. You will pay for them with Paypal

2.You will setup free hosting by your choice and setup DNS or forwarding for the domains so when Someone will go to the domain name provided index.html will show.

3.I will provide You with simple html file, that You will put on the page.

You will get payed all costs of domain registration + 15 USD.

Only Serious bidders.

Thank You

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PowerMTA Admin/Setup

I am looking for someone to Setup and configure PowerMTA.
Must have experience with PowerMTA.

We are looking for FULL setup to the point where we can send mail with decent delivery to yahoo hotmail and Gmail

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Setup Exim On Linux VPS

I need my linux vps with centos and cpanel installed to rotate my ips when sending mail. I have a windows server that hosts my mailing software that I want to send from.

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Ning Customization Redux

We have setup a Ning website and are currently setting up SocialGoa web site for star gazers. We are interested in contracting a developer who can help us create a custom user profile page (in either site) that would allow our users to setup the telescope "profiles" with the individual components that together make their "setup". We would then want their telescope setup to be displayed as active links to the part manufactures web site. The idea is to monetize the site by partnering with the manufacturer and providing links to their websites where our users will buy equipment and we would get a referral fee as well. If you could provide me with pricing estimates or any guidance as to which language is most appropriate to fill our needs I would sure appreciate that. This is an urgent need and payment would be made promptly and will reflect and be commensurate of a "rushed" timeline.

04/01/2011 at 17:04 EDT:

Please accept my apologies for the lack of communication. We actually would like to contract you for this job, and wanted to let you know some time ago. One of my partners was trying to find your email for the past few days to let you know because he didnt realize he has to communicate with you through Freelancer. So I took over,… and hopefully it is not too late! Your understanding of the hobby, our needs and the project itself separated you (considerably) from the other contractors. Despirte your time constraints we all felt you were by far the best fit and worth waiting for. Anyway, we would like to contact you directly and get the project started. Can you please provide us with a telephone, email and generally some direction on what you need to get started. Thank you again for your patience. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Chris Medley

Christopher Medley
Director of Information Technology | Ambry Genetics
o. (949) 900-5552
m. (949) 478-5418

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ISO Image Of Production Linux Server(s)

We are looking for a Linux expert that can help us create a *SIMPLE* process/script to create bootable ISO images of our HA Asterisk Linux Server installs on the fly.

I have custom built servers (HA setup) I need to deploy and I do not want to use imaging software or a PXE imaging server/software setup.

This project centers around:

CentOS 5.4 or 5.5
Heartbeat (HA)
etc. (everything involved in a GUI driven Asterisk implementation with the redundancy already built and configured, as well as customized).

We need a way to create an exact image of the lab servers (node1 and node2) that can easily be copied to a medium for dissimilar hardware installations.

This project includes both nodes, needs to be done onto DVDs or CDs or even Flash Drives, which would be bootable. I also need the ability to update this with the script you design and reburn as I make future modifications.

I am game for whatever needs to be done here, as this is outside of my scope of working on Linux, and I have not come across anything I am happy with, weather it is Kickstart files, custom RPMs and a dist. server, Images and imaging to an external drive (commercially or open source) etc.

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We are looking to start a web hosting company and need 2 servers properly configured. We have had other that say they can but fell short of the target.

We have:
cPanel License
WHMCS License
1 Dual Xeon Server (Looking to add second one)

Server 1 located in datacenter A
Server 2 located in datacenter B

What we need:

1. Synchronize Server 1 with Server 2 for redundancy and backup. (Specify technology such as rsync and why) also see below.
2. Properly, install CentOS with cPanel
3. Configure permissions and all security updates
4. Configure DNS properly.
5. Install a Dynamic DNS Server. Must have a easy to use web interface for managment
6. Setup scheduled backups
7. Setup WHMCS for billing
8. Provide documentation for each step completed and command line used. We need to be able to log everthing ever done to the server.
9. Provide .iso image of each server for recovery and replication.



Discussion is encouraged to design the best setup.

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Kayako Support Suite Integration

Kayako Support Suite Specialist Contract Job

We are seeking a person who is extremely familiar with Kayako Support Suite.

Specifically we are looking for someone who is intimately familiar with the setup process, set up options, configurations, installing a customized skin, setting up specialized logins, customizing screen look, and overall initial set up of this platform.

Skill level needed is specific to the Kayako Support Suite and freelancers should have intimate knowledge with the setup, and be different types of manipulations that can be configured.

Specifically I want the knowledge base to be populated with questions and answers that we will provide in a free area. However, I want to allow users to create a custom login where certain data fields will be displayed. Kayako is already installed, so this is not an install job. This is simply a configuration job for someone who is intimately familiar with kayako suite products, and can help us do the set up more quickly. We can work via teamviewer

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Linux / Apache Webserver Setup For Boonex Dolphin

Linux / Apache Webserver Setup for Boonex Dolphin – stable, fast and secure
+ php
+ mysql
+ mbstring, gd and xslt
+ ffmpeg
+ GD library compiled with FreeTyp
+ Sendmail or Postfix
+ RMS (Ray Media Server)
+ JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

I have the site up and running I am having issues with the video uploads. I really need to get this service up and running. The site has adult oriented content. You must be able to overlook any content that is on the site.

The site is being hosted on Bounce Web (

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Accept Incoming Feeds

I am using some online classifieds software from (you can setup a demo site for more details)

I am able to create feeds to and RSS but I would like to be able to accept feeds from other businesses within the same field.

The software uses Smarty PHP, PHP and of course MySql

please get back to me with costs and timeframes to complete. As i said before you can setup a demo website from the above site and this will show you most of what you may need to know.

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WordPress Blog Setup

I need a wordpress guru to set up blog (not working now). The setup will include wordpress and theme on host site. Good design skills and experience to make it happen at the right price.

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Drupal Ad Module Setup

Need to install Drupal ad module ( and configure so ads appear on designated pages.As part of job, must create reference sheet on managing ads and get on teleconference to review what was done with technical team.

Must be able to communicate in English fluently. Payment milestones agreed to before start of project. No payments made outside those expectations.

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Proxy Servers Setup / Manage Squid – 2000 Proxies

Need a proxy server / squid manager to setup servers for us to use and manage them. The proxies are for our own use and not for resale.

We are starting with 500 proxies and 1 dedicated server going up to 2000.


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Drupal Website Installation

I require someone to help to install a Drupal website and setup the below requirements:
– Actual template design will be given + reference site URL so as to setup similar functions
– Install necessary plugins such as directory, forum + no need data-entry the categories & contents, just setup 10-20 dummy content
– minimum customization maybe needed like colour change, font, and location of some plugins.
– any cost of the plugins if not free, we will pay the additional.

Basically I need an individual who is good in drupal, fast in response and future projects + maintenance may be needed.

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Install Moodle And Setup Mamp

Install moodle on a server. then, setup a copy of mamp and have running on a local machine.

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Setup Windows Server

I am looking for an experienced system administrator to setup a windows dedicated server, should have control panel and mail server. Current website should be uploqded onto this server after being setup properly.

Only bid if you are currently available to work on and complete this project in a timely manner.

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Setup Server For Adult Video Script

Need proven guru to setup server and complete installation of adult video script 2.1 .Script is installed but not working, needs additional server requirements. This should be an easy project for someone, all high bids will be ignored. Work will be paid for once script is completely tested and all is working

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Zenoss Admin Guru

We are a dedicated server and colocation company. The company is well established and are seeking an additional talented individual to assist completing our new Zenoss 3.0x monitoring system setup.

What we have:
We have the software installed and running. Most of the routers/servers/switches have been added to the system and are setup with the correct communities traps and so on.

What we are looking for:
1) Someone that is able to make new modelers and templates for equipment that is not setup out of the box. This includes firewalls, rebooter strips, Hypervisors(VMware, XenServer), IPMI/DRAC, SANS and so on. This can range from basic snmp pulls to advanced scripts that query the OS system directly.
2) We would like to have the monitoring server port changed have ssl enabled.

What you need:
Qualified candidate will have previous project experience working Zenoss in the fashion described above and as it relates to interfaces with the products. Additional skills includes SNMP, Python, PHP and Linux experience.

Future Work:
If I see that you can do the work there will always be more. We are constantly updating and enhancing our systems. Many additional product lines will be coming out this year that will require additions to this system.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Install And Setup VLC On CentOS Server For Video Streaming

Install and Setup VLC on CentOS server for video streaming

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OptimizePress Launch Theme Expert

We require the services of an experienced user/graphic design/setup of OptimizePress Launch Theme.

Project requires setup of squeeze page, four videos, header design and copy graphics.

Complete setup for one product launch.

Please only bid if you are an "expert" with OptimizePress Launch Theme.

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Setup Hostgator Reseller Account & Operational Website

I need someone to setup my Host Gator webhosting reseller account so it is ready to process payments and take on customers with automation.

This involves the setting up of but is not limited to the cpanel, whm, whmcs, integrating it into an operational website – template design is ok (we can discuss) – and anything else that is needed to setup my site and make it ready for business

# Configure Admin Area and General Settings
# Setup Payment Gateways
# Setup Products & Services
# Configure Domain Pricing and integration with Enom
# Setup Support Ticket Departments
# email piping
# Ensure the WHMCS Cron Jobs are setup and configure the automated

The experienced person will know exactly what needs to be done. The functioning website will also need a photo and link of each template ill be selling with these packages. We will discuss this later…

Im also willing to pay an addtl commission for helping me setup each template for new clients as they will only upload their content and photos so Im looking to build a long working relationship.

A sample of what Im looking for is

Time is of the essence…


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