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PHP Expert For Various Projects

I need someone with excellent knowledge of PHP and mysql. I have several websites and I often need minor tweaks and updates for my websites. So, I need someone who can maintain my several websites as and when needed. I need a fix hourly rate and we can discuss fixed cost each time I need something done.

If this works out well, then I might also need you to build my several sites that I will be building in a few weeks from now.

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Content For Website Pages

I need about 100 web pages written. I will provide the subject of each article and a brief description, but you will be required to research a small amount on each subject and write a completely unique 350-400 word article about each subject.

I am looking for a couple of good writers who can pump out interesting keyword based content written in GOOD english. The content needs to flow easily and make sense. (We have tried several writers so far that sent us content that doesnt make sense.)

I have A LOT of work that needs to be done, this is a small part of a very large project. When we find a writer who is a good fit, we will keep you very busy………..We have several thousand web pages that need content.

This content must be unique, as we will run them thru copyscape before we pay for them.

Thanks for the interest, and good luck.

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Creating Sales Funnel For WordPress Site And Blog

I need help creating a sales funnel for my WordPress static web pages and blog posts. Website URL is

What I have already done: I have already set-up this WordPress site with several static pages loaded with content, a couple blog posts, installed an SEO plugin (have loaded and activated with title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords), and I have E-Junkie order buttons installed on each static page ( I also want to be able to offer my eBook from my blog posts.)

What I am looking for: Professional with copywriting, web design, programming skills, that can create a sales funnel that maximizes several ways for the prospect to purchase my eBook from my WordPress web pages, blog, and from several choice eBook retailer sites.

This will entail.

#1: Setting-up eBook with several retailers like Amazon, Createspace, Lulu, Kindle, Smashwords, etc. to offer my eBook

#2: Setup a system to capture leads from web pages

#3: Help writing excellent content for autoresponder series of emails for maximum response

#4: Link those emails through a no cost low cost listing service to my website

#5: Offer any suggestions to improve sales beyond what I have mentioned above.

Note: The work will ensure my website and blog is optimized and the sales process is fully functional and automated.

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WordPress Customization / Plugin Design + Seo

Im looking for someone that is good in both wordpress customization and seo.
I need several several changes and additions done to a current wordpress site i have.
These changes include seo and possible new plugins that need to be made.

Pm me for more detail if interrested.

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Design Several Banners For Live Chat Application


I need to design several banners, these sizes:

125 x 125
234 x 60
468 x 60
728 x 90
336 x 280
200 x 180

This is for live chat software. Youll need to come up with a concept for text and design.

Please send similar work examples.

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Several Graphics Jobs

We have several projects

1. edit existing PSD

2. create new flash banners

3. edit jpgs

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Freelance Programmer For Several Jobs

Im looking for a freelancer who nows the zend framework and is excellent with xml and php. i have several projects for my community website

i only accepts freelancers and no companies

for more info send me a message

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Video Editing

I am creating a video promo for an event. I have several clips I want to use.

Here is the basic I have created. I am not happy with it.

The clip needs to be slick, crisp and easy to follow and foremost cool. Its going to be a 30-40 sec clip.

I need to see if you have created similar promo clips first and you must finish within 48 hours.

I could give several text to animate such as "Shop", "Savor" and "Party" and the event date.

Budget: $40

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Agregator News From Several Websites – WordPress


What i need is someone who can work with wordpress to edit a theme and create/ install plugins to create an website agregator.

I have a website with a theme (wordpress) and i want that person to change the theme with some mods and create agregators from several websites.


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I Require Several Youtube Uploaders

I require several workers to upload clips. I will provide the clips and the instructions on titles, tags, etc. You should be familiar with uploading to youtube, adding annotations, etc or have similar experience. Please note, I will not be online all the time, so if I dont reply right away to messages, be patient. Remember, I am probably in a different time zone.

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Loja X Portugal

I need a WordPress template, that i want to use several times for implementing stores online ! It must be easy, to change colors, or reorganize some itens, in order that they seem to be different.
I want something very similar to [Removed by Freelancer Admin} (sorry, its in portuguese !!!) . Please see the shopping details, because is exactly what i want – products are organized by categories, and subcategories (in some cases in ordering it might be needed a form to upload a photo, to choose between several options).
Some features included: online shop, newsletter subscriber management. i know exactly the structure that i want.

Kind Regards

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AWS Php Setup

I have an AWS account and need a complete LAMP installation incl. phpmyadmin prepared for 2 minor websites.

This job could leave to several server and php tasks in the future as I have several websites that are to be updated and created from scratch.

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We Are Looking For A Copywriter To Produce Articles.

We are looking for a copywriter that can produce several articles for a cleaning company. Each article must be at least the size of 200-250 words we need three articles in total. The subjects for the three articles are as followed:
End of lease clean Perth
Bond Cleaning Perth
Window Clean Perth
Each article must have the phrase of the title in it several times to create repetition. The articles will be used for SEO. Please send your sample so we can read through it and make a decision to go ahead.
Kind Regards

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Skilled East European/Russian PHP Coder: On-going Work

Im looking for freelance PHP coders from East Europe or Russia (I have the best experience with people from this region). I need someone with good communication skills and that is available on Skype when working.

I have several projects I want to do so I need someone that is a full time freelancer, Im not looking for someone that already has a full time job.

As a small test project I would like to start with a Google keyword crawler that crawls for a list of keywords and then returns the average PR based on the first 10 results for each keyword. There are several classes out there that can be combined in order to get this functionality.

After this we can start communicating on Skype and I hope for a longterm professional relationship.

Thank you for your time.

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Picture Gallery Web Site

Picture gallery
Customers can have several projects
Project can have several works
Work can have several tasks
There must be a timeline where we can arrange the different works and task on time duration and begin and end date by task
Task can have materials and labor cost
Materials are products from several suppliers
There are departments with several categories with several products
Suppliers can have several products
Several subcontractors can bid on a project-work-task
Must be a picture gallery showing pictures from previous projects-works-tasks, able to short for different subjects
The web admin can suggest a list of pictures to sown in a slideshow to a possible customer.
Picture can be in more than one category
Web admin and customer must be able to tag a picture and write notes on it, plus arrows pointing to details on the picture
Customers can leave comments on projects-works-tasks-pictures.
Web admin must be able to create estimate for customer including products their quantities and prices calculated, plus taxes just on materials ( not taxes on labor )
Estimates must be converted to invoices after the customer accept the estimate.
The menus on the left side of the page where the departments-categories appear must be using ajax accordion
Must be a banner are on top of the page to the center-right
Top left of the page is for the logo
Top right of the page is for sign in
Web design must be suggest by you.
The web site must work perfectly on several browsers and on ipads ( very important) NO FLASH PLEASE, NO SILVERLIGHT EITHER
Must use sql server, 4, linq, jqueries, 4 or 3 tier
1 Business Object [BO]
2. Business Access Layer [BAL]
3. Data Access Layer [DAL]
4. UI (4-Tier) folder [UI]

There is going to be a specific page where the customer can change 5 pictures from 5 dropdown box
1 floors tiles
2 cabinets
3 tile for the backsplash
4 granite countertops
5 paint of the background (walls)
These areas will be predefined and the images will be always in the same format and dimension.
This feature must be using Ajax.
The web site must have a good design and very practical administration area.
No ecommerce for now but it will be added in a second stage of the project ( I will give this second stage to the same freelancer who win the first stage)
The customers and or web admin must be able to send a page to friends by email or to facebook
Pictures must have a way to catalog them by relevance even inside a same project-work-task
There must be a n email subscriber section were web admin can send to customer promotion or ideas.
The first step after win the project must be the database design. And the graphic design proposal.
I will provide a set of data to tried the web site.
I will pay extra on the second stage to populate the whole web site and insert the pictures.
The images on the website must have a watermark.

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Need Screendesign PSD For Several Projects.

For several projects in near future I need one or two professional webdesigners.

Designs are pretty simple though. Nevertheless if everything works out, I am looking into assigning more complex designtasks as well. Please be sure to be able to deliver Screendesig and Graphicdesign (e.g. button, icon, banner).

Payment will be given after project completion (delivery of a decent preview, PSD delivery may be done after payment).

PSD ONLY is needed. No HTML or other Coding.

The PSD-files need to contain ordered and titled Layers, so I do not have to search what is where and what.

Looking forward to your bids. Please attach up to 5 references (if more, I will only review first 5!) and at least 3.

Kind regards.

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Need Articles On A Daily Basis

I need someone to write several articles on a daily basis.

$1.50 – original article at 500 words
$1 – rewritten article at 500 words

Bid $30 if youre interested and if you can accept my payment above.
I could transfer payment after delivery of articles in batch.
Several topics to be provided.
This will be a long term task so I hope I could find someone who is reliable and consistent.
Please send me your samples or blogs you own.

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Flex, PHP, MySQL Report UI

Several scripts to query Salesforce and pull data into local MySQL Db.
Several Reports written in Flex and run against the MySQL Db
Flex UI to access reports
Basic login/autnentication to acces the Flex UI/reports.
Flexible framework to add additional reports in the future

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Create Several Websites

I am looking for a person or team to build several websites –
All websites must have easy to navigate CMS for me to continue updating and adding.
These websites will require
Google add words
Local SEO

Some can be in word press others in Joomla. What I want to end up with is several sites that i can manage the content and send wholesale changes to you.

When contacting me, i am looking for samples of sites you have done

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Log Header And Several Banners For An ECommerce Website

I am looking for a graphic designer to design a logo, a header, and several banners for a developing ecommerce website. Prefer Apple type of look and feel. I am looking for a completion time by March 15, 2011. I have a budget of $200 for this project.
Also if this project is satisfying, there will be more opportunities coming for graphic designing (background images, buttons, icons, artistic numbering etc).

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Need Several Youtube Uploaders

I require several workers to upload clips. I will provide the clips and the instructions on titles, tags, etc. You should be familiar with uploading to youtube, adding annotations, etc or have similar experience.

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Vista Print Like Editor, JAVA

We need a vista print style editor, similar to:||771|0&uei=5781&icparts=yes&ag=true&combo_id=61917&ssc=1&filter=9%3a10013||1%2c4%3a10003||1%2c3%3a10001||1&xnav=previews&xnid=button&rd=3&

As well as the Advanced version, (Click Advanced Editing)

What we need it to do: user to import images, user entry into several Text Fields, allow movement of images-text fields,
ability to change several text and image parameters; eg.. text size-font-color, image rotate-scale.

We are also looking for a Shopping cart setup using a CMS. Preferably Joomla or something similar.

Personal Background:
I know enough about programming and html, css, flash, CMS to make edits and changes, so I will not need to have you fix every little issue.

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IPhone/iPad Simple App – Text Based With Some Graphics

App will aggregate text and display one random line per day. Must be able to select favorites among several different categories. Several categories must be able to be sorted through and selected as well.

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I have a blog site that Im trying to interfcace effectively with Blogger, Feedburner, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. I am encountering some difficulties. For example: I have a Feedburner feed which notifies subscribers of blog updates via email. I have adjusted settings several times, but cannot get the latest blog post title to come up in the email subject line.

Also, I have a Facebook page which should put up links to the blog automatically. All worked fine for several months, then the updates simply stopped appearing on the Facebook page in October. I have no idea what the issue is as no settings were changed. We have a Twitter page but it is not updating from the blog and I would like to see if we can offer an RSS feed that comes up on readers home pages in addition to an email subscription notification. Any other suggestions to increase SEO optimization and social networking options would also be welcome.

Finally, I am looking for someone who can not only handle these issues, but who can tell me what was done so I can maintain a handle on all aspects of the technological side of my blog. (When I make my first million from this, Ill happily hire someone to manage the site, but for now, I need to know whats going on!)

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Article Writing

I need a specialist in writing niche articles, which means that the articles will be posted in thematic blogs. The size of the article is 240-260 symbols, plus several links you have to indicate to it. the price for one article = $2. The project is over on Sunday, I will need several writers to complete the load of 100 articles. Only unique articles passing copyscape will be accepted, plagiarism will be checked at the special software. Topics: US hotels, fashion, collections, anime fims, rock concerts, exotic countries. Candidates who want to work on the project should indicate the topic on which they want to work, and the amount of articles they will be able to post daily

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Need A Banner With Several Pictures That Will Alternate!

I want a banner made for a local band that will have several pictures that will alternate every few seconds and it can be clicked on to go straight to their website!

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WordPress 3.0.4 Site Has Problems With Posts And Sitemap

I have a blog that has a few small errors. When you click the posts, it goes to a 404 page, not sure why. version 3.0.4. I self host, not shared on

Also, my site map isnt correct for some reason.

I put up several blogs a day, I would appreciate working with someone long term if you can handle the easy stuff.

I will send you the blog to review… this is a pretty simple job … but I have several hundred websites, and this is only one.

Thank you.

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Microsoft Excel Data Extracting

We have Approx 20 spreadsheets of data, some with one table and others with several, that we need to extract into an easier to read columned spreadsheet. Many products we sell have several different configurations, so the vendor has put the price sheet in a table instead of listing them individually in a column. We need to get them out of the table and into a column to enter them in our system.
There is a pdf catalog online where you can see exactly how each product should look and would be ordered so taking the individual parts out of the tables and putting them into the columns would be easier.

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Software Translation Work Into Several Languages

We are looking for software translators for the following languages:


Preferably native translators.
Please contact us if you are interested. Let us know which language/languages you are bidding for. Thanks.

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IPhone Dev Video Tutorials Creation


I am looking for someone who is an iPhone App and Game developer to record several interesting video tutorials for newbies who want to learn how to create games and apps for iPhone. Based on your experience with samples. Step-by-step tutorials. Easy to understand. Native english voice.

Get back to me with sample of your vid. tutorial and quote please. I need several.

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Designer To Create Several Icons

We need a creative designer to create several icons in our existing design style to create a line of products. These icons will be used for branding, web and printing. We need to start the work right away.
Please bid for one icon.

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Custom Webscraper Development

I need several web scrapers to be programmed which extract people profiles from several dozens of company websites. Sample websites can be provided by PM. Please give a price for the programming of 10 web scrapers (they all follow the same concept and should extract the data in XML format. More details by PM.

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