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Classified Ad Poster For Rooms And Share Section


I need a poster for rooms and share section of cl.Please contact if you can post live ads without violating Craigslists TOU.

If anyone can do this than contact me asap!

I need 50 ads in cl and

I am ready to pay $50 for this.


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Photographic Application For Iphone

i would like to hire the developer for making the photographic app.

The application consist of different photo effect

*By pressing one button application can turn your shot into a photo from 60s or 70s, a picture drawn by a pencil, oil paint, or done in a Modern Art style.

*Various Lo-Fi effects, Vintage, Bizarre, TiltShift, Sepia, Glow, Grunge, Blur, Textures FX Photo Studio has them all and even more.

*Apply single or multiple effects to one image

*the application manually tune every single effect

*Crop, flip, rotate, adjust gamma of your pictures

*Save combinations of effects to PRESETS and apply on other images with just ONE TAP

*application can also SHARE PRESETS with other people

*Application can share in facebook and other social network places

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On Going Graphic Design Work – We Share

We Share ( is looking for a graphic designer for on going work.
Request you to have previous work available to preview.
Work will be weekly.
Current work to be completed website design, marketing materials, editing of current booklets as per attached.
Work to start ASAP

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Supermarket Market Share Of Retail Food Sales By Country

I would like a report on the market share of supermarkets for a few key countries around the world such as Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil and Japan. In Australia Coles and Woolworths dominate, but what is the situation in these other countries?

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Minor Tweaks To My Website

I need Javascript vote text below each post. The javascript vote below each post should have 3 choices of text, example: "Good!","Bad!", or "Both!"
Also I need to:
1.make my facebook "like" and "twitter" buttons smaller with counters after each post. Just like the articles on next to each other horizontally.
2.I have both facebook like and share buttons. Remove facebook "share" buttons.
3.Make less space between my posts. Simlilar to how they look on my archives page.
4.Make less space between "no comments" and the bottom of a post.

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Simple Tweak For My Website

I need javascript vote below each post. An example is: "Good!","Bad!", or "Both!"
Also I need to:
1.make my "facebook like" and "twitter" buttons small with counters after each post. Just like the articles on next to each other horizontally.
2.I have both facebook like and share buttons. Remove facebook "share" buttons.
3.Make less space between my posts. Simlilar to how they look on my archives page.
4.Make less space between "comments" and the bottom of a post.
I can pay $50 for this.

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Facebook Application – Creation

Like, Share, Get

Add the App from the App Area

What the End Product Is

Facebook Page – Page
First thing that shows up is the Reveal Tab if they have not pressed Like. This gets them to Press Like.
Once they like the page. What shows up is at the top a 520px x 240px Image which is the ebook and text or something in a graphic
Below the Image is a Share to Unlock Button. They press share and a popup comes up to share the free Ebook Details.
Once Share is done then the image above stays but the share button turns in to the name/email request to receive the ebook in there inbox.

Admin Area

Allows you to:

Add URL of Reveal Image
Add URL of Ebook Give Away
Add Share Title
Add Share Image
Add Share Description
Add URL of Favicon
Add Page Name
Add Optin Code


There needs to be licensing of the software based on an email address that is kept in a database that is able to be updated when users join a program.

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Ride Share Website

I would like to build project like in order to helps people /organizations establish easy to use, private, social networks for ride sharing. The result: a critical mass of users sharing rides, saving money and reducing resource consumption.

Please advice how match it will cost.

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Ride Share Application

I would like to build application for Iphone / Andoid cellphones like
Looking for very talented experts that can achieve this project in short time.

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Ride Share Website

I would like to build project like in order to helps people /organizations establish easy to use, private, social networks for ride sharing. The result: a critical mass of users sharing rides, saving money and reducing resource consumption.

Please advice how match it will cost.

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Images Sharing Portal

I need to create a site on the domain for images sharing that will have the following:

User Registration and Individual Profile for each user
Can Create Picture Albums
Can Share Albums or Pictures
Can follow his/her friends
Sharing pictures or albums will be shown at user home page
You can see who is there from your friends and you can invite people from your email directly
You can see friends of friends (security measures of what to show shall be there)
Every image and album will have unique URL(with this URL user can share it in Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site)
Can give comments on friend

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Easy WordPress Changes

I have a wordpress template that needs a few quick changes made to it.

1. Widen the text area so there is no white space.
2. Make the Facebook comments automatically show below the blog entry without having to click Leave a Comment.
3. Increase the font size a few points of Recent Posts and Categories.
4. Add a Share button on each blog post so its easy for people to share posts.
5. Link "read more" button on homepage to the about page.
6. Create a new layout where the sidebar is on the left and text is on the right.
7. Remove wordpress logo in the footer

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PHP Site Scraping

We want a PHP script that can do the following

1. Go to
2. Extract show name + episode code (episode code 31×11 output should be in 2 formats -> S31E11 and Season 31 Episode 11)
3. Extract episode description of new upcoming episode, available e.g. here:
4. Extract Episode Title from
4. Create a HTML code ready for instant posting on wordpress (layout of the html post will be provided later)
5. Create a wordpress post with the following details:

– Post title: (Showname) (Episode Code) HDTV XviD-<random 3 characters)
– Post Layout in HTML: given in a later stage)
– Post Tag: (Showname)
– SEO Keywords: (Showname),(Episode Code),(Rapidshare),(Hotfile),(FileSonic)
-SEO Description: (Showname) (Episode Code SxxExx) Rapidshare, Filesonic, Hotfile (Episode Title). (Showname) (Episode Code Season xx Episode xx) Filesonic, Hotfile, Rapidshare Direct Download.

All without the brackets "()"

6. Auto post to wordpress.
7. Auto-post a HTML to these websites (log in is required) (HTML code will be provided later)

These website are somewhat the same.
The posts to these website should look like this:

Title: (Showname)(Episode Code in SxxExx format)
Download link: Link to the post on WP
Tag: TV-Shows

8. Autopost to created article to those websites.

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A Write And Share Website

I need a website where you can write documents and share them on the website. My designs for the webpage are pretty simple. I believe you
can do this with mostly php. Probably have to have javascript in
some places.

I have 9 pages.

The first one is Index.png. Index page displays the
documents you want to share on the website.

The second one is Signup page. You just sign up on
this page.

The third page is Compose page. The compose page is
where you write your document.

Then I have the read page. This is the page where
you read peoples documents they made.

Then the account page. The account page just stores
all of the documents you wrote on the website.

Then the search results page. The search results page
will give you results of all of the public or non-private
documents on the website.

Then the Invite page. Invite page is where you invite your
friends to come to the website.

Then the Signin page. Pretty simple, just sign in.

Then the last page. The forgot password Page.
The forgot password page will send the users password.

That is all of the pages I have. I have image files of
each of the page. So, I want my website based on my
images I designed.

I want to work with somebody that will do this job right
the first time. If you are that person, you got the job.


Jobs Online

Note : Have to Start Immediately,

Low Bid with Experience will given priority.

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Viral Video For Promoting A Fashion Community Website

We are looking for an economical youtube video which needs to be shocking, sexy or funny, weird or cool so that it can spread through word of mouth. Right now due to budgetary limitations, we need something inexpensive, but based on success of this video, we will be posting videos on a monthly basis – so more work will keep coming your way!

Video should not be offensive.

The purpose of this video is to promote a Fashion Community where people share photoshooting, fashion styles, looks, make up tutorials, air cuts ideas, promote as beginner models or aspirant stylists or share any tips related to Fashion.

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Facebook Connect And Share Individual Photos To Facebook

I Would like to add Post picture to Facebook option underneath the large image in my gallery lightbox. This will then allow people who are in the pictures to post a single picture to facebook, tag and share etc.

I would also like Facebook Connect Plugin to be activated as I Cannot seem to get this to work.

I am testing a new gallery format.


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Tutor Website With Virtual Classroom


We want website similar to website

with small changes.

The website will include virtual room similar to
with some feature for example:
– share applications.
– share desktop … etc.

The website will be in Arabic language and we will provide the text.


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Custom 3 Step External Facebook Script

I am looking for a Facebook developer to code a simple external script for me using the new graph API.
The script will do the following:

– 1. like the page
– 2. share the page
– 3. show content

Each step must be completed in order to go to the other step. The share button will have a custom message which i can edit from a php file.

I will need the script immediately.
Thank you for bidding

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Add Twitter And Facebook Share To WordPress And Add Disquss

Add facebook and twitter Share to the footer of all story post on the home page of blog. Install Disqus plugin and enable comments. need done in 1 day

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Facebook, Twitter Share Button

We need share button like facebook, twitter etc.

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Profit Share Website

Hi, Im an affiliate marketer. In otherwords websites pay me commission to send traffic to their sites should they sign up for a free trial or purchase a product etc.

I need someone who can build a website for me where I actually do a profit share where as anyone who clicks on any of my affiliate links and buys something or takes part in a free trial will share the commission that I recieve.

So, someone comes to my website, registers with my site and goes to the affiliate links webpage where there will be a long list of affiliate trials etc. If he clicks on the link and takes part in the trial my commission would be then split 50/50 with him/her. The website would need an area where the person would be able to track how much hed earned and withdraw his money out.

The site would also need to somehow track which of my affiliate links he had actually clicked on so that the correct amount of money can go on his account provisionally.

So, in short, id need a home page which tells what we do, a register now page where they can register their details. A webpage with my affilate links/buttons on it (links and buttons supplied obviosly) and a page where they can check their account and how much money they have earned.

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Share/swap Website Link Directory Automated Module

I need to create a Directory page for my websites so that I can share links with others .
I want to create a means whereby when I reach out to admins of websites with the intent of sharing and or swapping links on ours and their websites. That we create a more automated way of doing it.
I dont know the correct terminology to describe this, I will try as best I can to explain it
When I reach out to an admin or webmaster to a website I want to be able to have some type of module that when accepted by webmaster or admin that it will automatically swap links on

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Share Facebook Accounts / LIKE

Need 10,000 facebook accounts to LIKE on the apps button in Facebook

Our overall goal finished within 30 days.

Quotes more than $100 will be rejected, and you must have experience.

Id prefer someone with a good track record whos done this work before.

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Video Sharing – Post, Share, Rank Video’s – Acct. Profile

Design website to post, share and rank videos. Create sign in and user profile much like You Tube and Facebook but on a more basic platform. The primary function of the website is to share video files. Furthermore, contain separate categories of videos such as, (primary) personal experiences, musical, sports, shocking, talents etc…

I own several video sharing type domain names. I want to point all of them to one website and make the website the go to website to visit to see videos of all types with creativity. Also, I will be selling devices that allow video camerea to be easily accessable. This recording device will allow for hands free continous video recording to many different types of cell phones which will create on the spot recording and brinf out a variety of entertaining video. This website will allow for easy up loads (userfriendly) of a variety of video types. The more times a user playes the video the website will show how many views and rank the videos from most viewed videos at the top of each category.

The website will be able to automatically dissallow any unlawful acts and will have safeguard options and settings.
The website will be mostly like You Tube and also many of the Facebook features and have profiles with picture sharing as well. Im interested in having enough space to handle a large amount of videos.

I would like to build a basic version of my description and continue to advance the qualities and formatting and featues as the website gets more and more visitors. I would also want the capability to transfer videos from another location to this website, I would like to have the ability to make certain changes myself such as content, ability to maintain integrity and law abiding. .

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Live Share Market Data On A Website Nse/bse

Looking for some1 who can get this done for us, ours is a php mysql website where we are planning to get a section where we can show live share market and shares rates and can show chart and all, plus user can also check the old market price for the selected share and all…. something like this the entire data must be on our website in our DB……..let us know

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File Share

I want to be assisted with setting up server for linking with 5 dreamboxes for file sharing tv etc with our kids. Currently I have a redundant server that runs windows server 2003 but I have been told Linux may be more suitable. If so setting up with Linux will be required.

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Indian Share Market Live Data Api

Live data api of share price with minimum internet delay like current price,current day high,low etc,

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Sharepoint File Share Module

Looking for a developer to complete a module customization which involves connecting to a sharepoint server and displaying the contents of a file share module on Sharepoint through DotNetNuke.
The module we will be using is:
SharepointNuke located on sourceforge
Current version is 2.00.08 which does connect to the file share but the browing of folders (sub folders) is not complete. Downloading files in the root works.

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Facebook Share Project

Good day I have a website with photo galleries, I would simply like to be able to Facebook share the images in my photo galleries, its a php gallery so every image that is there and will be added to my photo galleries, should have a Facebook share button next to it which enables me to share it on Facebook.

Thank you for your time

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