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Sharepoint 2010

We are looking for a Sharepoint 2010 developer who can take PSD designs and create a website within the server. The candidate will require VPN access to a closed network and work very quickly to get the site pages in place with webparts and dynamic content.

The developer must be proficient in Sharepoint 2010, Photoshop and have intermediate graphics design skills to convert the templates and create the site.

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Sharepoint Kpi Dashboard For SharePoint Services 3.0 WSS

Sharepoint kpi dashboard for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 WSS

Create and publish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Video of Eg:

Must have Features:
1>Open Dashboard API Must read information from an external source like from a local, web or server location with xls,csv,txt file supported or from SQL live tables
2>Dashboard Notification & Alerts to user email address Custom alerts
3>Data Visualization Options- highly customizable visualizations will ensure your data is easily understandable and actionable to the end user
4>Report & User control level
5>Dashboard must have RSS tab & support internal & external RSS feed
6>You can easily keep track of the vital aspects regarding all your Portfolios and Projects.
7>Real-time updated Reports.
8>Dashboards, Grids, Histograms, Line / Bar / Pie / Radar / Scatter / Bubble / Gantt / Network /

1>Be to complied in an exe plugin file format to my current Sharepoint 3.0 WSS
2>Must be able to install & uninstall
3>Must have feature of a 14 day trail of this software/plugin thereafter after 14day must expire
4>Must be able to enter a register key together with the company name & key to activate the full version
5>A key generate together with company name must provide serial key ( only I will have that , additional exe )
6>No information of the developer whose created this plug in. I will provide info
7> Infomation must be in real time with maybe auto refresh
Find screenshot of our current Sharepoint live

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Custom Project Collaboration Portal / Template In Sharpoint

We are looking for someone with Sharepoint development experience that can take one of the many off-the-shelf project portal templates available for Sharepoint and customize it to fit our needs.

We are a creative agency that specializes in the development of web-based training courses. The process of creating these courses involves many teams working together to pass through many project gates. We need a Sharpoint-based portal that will provide the following capabilities:

1. A communications hub for project team members to collaborate, discuss issues, share ideas and provide status updates. Discussion forums, wikis, ability to add comments are all things we foresee needing.
2. A tool for project managers to be able to create timelines, milestones, tasks, deliverables, budgets and have the necessary visibility to all of these in order to properly manage the project through the development cycle. Project status reporting, Gantt charts, timelines, budget vs. actual reporting are all possible requirements from a PM perspective.
3. Serves as a repository for all assets used during the execution of a project. All documentation, correspondence, creative assets (or links to other repositories as appropriate) are all captured in a single place where anyone working on the project can get to them.
4. Some back-end integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon) and TenRox may be required. Solomon is our financials system that is used for budget tracking, invoicing and job cost accounting. TenRox is the tool we use for time entry on jobs. Both systems use SQL Server as their back-end database.

We have found a number of off-the-shelf Sharepoint solutions that may do one or two of these things well, but none that do all of them to the degree we require.

This project will entail assisting with the selection of the best "starting point" Sharepoint templates and customizing them to the degree necessary to satisfy the above objectives.

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SharePoint Foundation 2010 Skins

Im looking for a few master pages for a SharePoint Foundation server. Nothing too complex, just some master pages that are an improvement over what comes out of the box with SharePoint Foundations 2010.

I would like to be able to prefiew the pages before purchasing.

Installation documentation needs to be included.

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Sharepoint Expert

I want a sharepoint 2010 expert

i have questions and would like to pay for couple of questions and solutions.

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Support TFS/SharePoint/SQL-server

I need someone to support me on maintening our SQL 2010 server, Team Foundation server 2010 and SharePoint server 2010.

You need to be able to help with all three servers (either yourself or someone in the company).

We have the SQL server, TFS server and SharePoint-server up and running, but we need someone to help us with functionality. ReportingServices are not working and some functionality in SharePoint is not working.

We are in the timezone GMT +1.

We use TeamViewer and Skype so you need to speek english well. I will do everything myself, but with your support.

You will charge us by the hour.

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SQL Database Setup, Forms, Tables, Queries, Reports

I am setting up a data collection system for a farming operation. Until now data has been collected using Excel, but analysis and collection a pain as it is setup today. Need to form the excel data input into SQL form, and be able to input data on a desktop at each production unit and/or via Sharepoint.

As i see it the project needs following:
1. ANalyse the Excel data we already collect and structure it into proper database tables.
2. Create input forms for data
3. Setup simple query or analysis of data in cooperation with us.
4. Plan is that the final product will have Dundas Dashboard or equivalent analysis via Sharepoint.

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SharePoint Developer/Word Forms/VBA Consultant

Small consulting firm in Eastern US has immediate need for a SharePoint expert with strong programming skills; strong experience with Word forms/VBA scripting required. Problem-solving, communication skills, and a positive attitude are a must. Position is part-time contract

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SP2010 Word Cloud (not Tag Cloud)

I have a sharepoint 2010 environment (1 WFE, 1 AP + Fast Search). I require a webpart that can crawl the page that is loaded (current page) and go through the wiki content, taxonamy tags, social tags & noteboard and produce a wordcloud.

The word cloud should be interactive i.e. when any word is clicked on, its take the user to the Fast Search Centre with the word as the search string, and display the results of search using default settings. i.e. if word 2 (bonus) is clicked on, then the user is take to the search centre displaying results of the word bonus.

The word cloud must have properties so that it can be customised using css, number of words to display, height, width, colours etc.

The webpart must follow standard MS sharepoint logic and be able to be security trimmed and placed on any page without the need for any programming changes.

The word cloud should allow one to change properties similar to i.e layout and more the word appear the larger the word. Exclusion file for words such as (and, it, the, etc).

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Sharepoint Nuke Complete Integration

We need to take the completed sharepoint nuke file list code and combine with a completed calendar list code to make a single module to install.

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Update Custom Web Part


We have a custom webpart for Sharepoint 2010. We would like to add to additional features to the existing code.

1. Make the hyperlink url open in the modal dialog window
2. Add an option to turn on Audience Targeting, specifically Item level Audience targeting

We have a custom webpart to display news that works great. We would just like these two enhancements and our developer is new to Sharepoint development. We will provide you with the code once a bid has been accepted.

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E-Commerce Site Using MS Commerce 2009

Seeking a software developer to build a new store based on a suite of Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 technologies (Microsoft Commerce Server, 2009, SharePoint etc

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Sharepoint Application Manager (Netherlands)

Are you interested to move to The Netherlands for 1 year ?

The customers intranet and internet are both developed using Microsoft technology. In order to secure proper alignment of technical applications with the global business processes IM is currently looking for a Application Manager Microsoft .Net / Sharepoint

Job description:

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SharePoint Staff Search Directory Design

Modification of existing SharePoint Web Part to allow new drop down which searches Staff meta data for custom properties.

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SharePoint Intranet Helpdesk Solution

Create a Web part product to interface between existing Numara FootPrints product and SharePoint 2010 to deliver personal staff open and closed call stats.

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Sharepoint Project For A Small Law Firm

Sharepoint Project: work with us to set up the site and install the features that we need.
-Set up master page template & user level security (MS sharepoint foundation 2010) for a small law firm with less than 20 staffs memebers with staffs will work and share information in 2 different office location.
-Training end-users how to use the site and also provide a detail user guide.
Let me know how long and how much the project should take. You need to have some experience with legal law firm to able to win this project.


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Sharepoint File Share Module

Looking for a developer to complete a module customization which involves connecting to a sharepoint server and displaying the contents of a file share module on Sharepoint through DotNetNuke.
The module we will be using is:
SharepointNuke located on sourceforge
Current version is 2.00.08 which does connect to the file share but the browing of folders (sub folders) is not complete. Downloading files in the root works.

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MS Access Project Management & Reporting Tool

Original Post: Looking for someone to create a MS Access tool used for tracking and reporting on IT Projects. This tool should utilize forms for data input, can generate reports, send emails, capture data sets from Excel, and capable of integrating with Sharepoint. Creator does not have to input any data.

Amendment: First of all thank you for placing bids for this project. Several bidders have asked me more info so Im adding some specifics to what Im looking for. Im looking for someone who can finish the project in 1 week and should be fairly experienced with MS Access, VBA, and other Office programs (ie. Excel, Sharepoint). The Access DB is used for tracking and reporting on multiple network infrastructure projects thru-out a project life cycle. The details of the input fields will be provided in another document after the winner bidder is selected. The main database will contain all the data while there should be a "Project Manager" and "Program Manager" input interface. There will be a few selected reports that the Project Manager can generate and a Program Manager can generate those plus more reports which are hidden or locked from the Project Mangers. The database should also be password protect-able allowing some users to only view the data, some to input, and the owner full access. Other features will include emailing reports to distribution list, reminders for set tasks, upload to Sharepoint, and obviously generate multiple reports from the data input by the PMs. The data input pages should be visually pleasing and intuitive. Reports should allow owner to customize headers, titles etc. Examples of similar reports and graphs will be provided to the winning bidder.
Ive done some research and compared to programs that are available on the market the general cost of the initial base program should be around $150USD unless the bidder can offer other added value features or work. However, given that there will be updates and customizations down the road, the winner is guaranteed to be making more than that amount for subsequent upgrades/projects and well have a long term working relationship going forward.
Since there are numerous bidders, more info about your experience and examples of your previous work will help in my selection. For those who are really interested can provide example or past work.
Thanks once again for your interest.

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TimeSheet Application For SharePoint

Hi Freelancer Community,

I need a TimeSheet application for my company, to be deployed in our Intranet (based in SharePoint).

The application requirements are:

1) Integrated with AD, in order to login / logout.

2) Two different roles: normal user / administrator user


3) Ability to create "Projects" with the following fields: Project_Name; Project_Manager (dropdown of existing users).

4) Ability to create "Task Type" (Reference Data)

5) Ability to define the manager of each user (which will approve the tasks and reports)


6) Ability to create a task with the following information: Project (dropdown to the Projects list); Type (dropdown to the Task Type); Date (a calendar); Hours_Quantity; Approval (if this task was already approved or not); Description

7) Ability to approve the tasks of the users which reports to the user logged in

8) Ability to generate a weekly and monthly reports, summarizing the total of hours per day worked. This report should have a specific template, because it should be signed by the Project Manager.

9) Ability to generate a report for users which did not reported 8 daily hours in a specific period.

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Sharepoint Design

I need someone to design a Sharepoint site for me. May require some custom work.

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Sharepoint 2010 Design Implementation

We will have layered psd files that need to be implemented in a Sharepoint 2010 environment. Master pages, CSS, etc. Prefer local to New York City.

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Sharepoint – PSD To Skin For Sharepoint Theme

We have an intranet site design in PSD format that needs to be converted/installed to a Sharepoint theme.

Candidate must have the following:

– Good english
– a static IP – this is for remote/secured connection to intranet server
– Quick 24 hour service
– Be avaialble via skype/msn
– Needs to be able to start ASAP!

No time wasters, many thanks!

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Sharepoint 2007 Jquery Slider Custom Web Part

We need a Sharepoint 2007 custom web part showing an image gallery on a jquery slider with jquery easy slider plugin, we need it well documented, with a nice and clean code and with installation instructions

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SharePoint Site Requirements Document

I need someone with strong SharePoint experience, solid Business Requirements and strong technical writing skills to gather requirements for SharePoint sites. One to start but then a growing number.

Do you understand the SharePoint 2007 architecture?

Have you developed SharePoint site requirements documentation before?

Do you have good requirements gathering skills?

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Convert SharePoint 2007 Theme To SP2010, Incl. MasterPages

We have purchased a third-party created theme for SharePoint 2007. It is a complete theme package including a readme. We would like this theme converted to be a SharePoint 2010 theme including a Master Page.

Here is a link to the out of the box theme:

We will have other projects to follow.

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ASP.NET(C#),SharePoint Web Services

Need help to finish project to access sharepoint system within mobile browser.
If you are expert in the next technologies:
Windows SharePoint Services Web Service
Using mobile controls for web development in Visual Studio 2008.
Good in English
Can be available on Skype from 08 to 17 (UTC+01:00)
You can place your bid.

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Migrate Sharepoint 3.0 From SBS 2003 To SBS 2008

We wish to Migrate our sharepoint 3.0 server from SBS 2003 to 2008.
preferably we wish to go with sharepoint 2010 foundation!

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Application Manager Microsoft .Net / Sharepoint

I am searching for an expercienced Sharepoint Administrator for an International Customer in The Netherlands who is able to operate in a team and is able to be responsible for his part of the complex international intranet environment, based on Microsoft Technology.

The customer is located in The Netherlands. The project is on customer premises.
If you feel like moving to Holland for the period of 1 year and you fit to the profile, please respond.

The environment:
The intranet and internet are both developed using Microsoft technology. In order to secure proper alignment of technical applications with the global business processes IM is currently looking for a Application Manager Microsoft .Net / Sharepoint

Job description:

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Create MOSS Dev Environment

Create SharePoint MOSS environment on development server

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Sharepoint Foundation – How To Create Drop Down Navigatoin

Using Sharepoint Foundation. I need to implement drop down navigatoin on my project. Looking for experienced SP programmer for this.


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SharePoint Web Site Branding And Customisation

Home page and sub site redesign for large corporate Intranet site based on SharePoint 2010

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Sharepoint 2010 Foundation – Document Management Site

Part 1) I am developing Sharepoint based solutions for SME business. Document Management solution is my first project. Customer has SBS2008 and they want to deploy the FREE Sharepoint Foundation. They are looking for a simple DM to store their scanned documents, emails, MS-Office files, plus the standard features of document management within Sharepoint. 5 days

Part 2) Customer wants to outsource the scanning of documents to us. We are also using Sharepoint platform and would like to scan their documents (offsite)to our Sharepoint site, and then upload all these scan files to their Sharepoint Foundation site overnight. The interfacing / connectivity between customers SP Foundation site and our SP master site (standard or enterprise version?) is new to us, so need SP expertise guidance and setup. 20 days

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