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Information About The Prosess Making Iphone Apps

We want to gather important information about making Iphone apps:
Can you explain this to us in a simple way, we do not have programming skills and are not doing the programming ourselves?

1. We want to make apps for the Norwegian market. What do we need to know before we start?
We want to use people at freelancer to help us make the apps and do the programming.
The apps are ideas that we have and does not involve other companies now in the starting process

2. How is the application process, how long time does it take and what is the cost?

3. Do we need to buy a web server/domain or a place to host them?

4. Is there other important information we need to know.

5. What is difficult and what problems can we expect to face in the process?

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300 Facebook Fans From California Needed

I am looking for a long term relationship with a good provider for this type of work so please read every word of my project detail below.

We looking for targeted, real, quality, male/female Facebook fans that are from California. The counties are:
*Orange County
*Los Angeles
*San Bernardino/Riverside
*San Diego
*San Francisco


Requirements include all conventional rules for professional facebook fan acquisition and include the following:

* Fans MUST ABSOLUTELY must be actual people who actively keep up their facebook accounts. No fake accounts, no at-risk accounts, no spam, no bots, Farmville or Mafia wars.
* All fans must have at least 4 photos and 40+ friends.
* All fans must be between 18 to 65 years of age.
* All fans must have updated their status no more than 10 days ago.
* Fans must stay active and not be suspended for 30 days, or they must be replaced at no cost.
* At no time must the fan page you are working to add fans to be put at any risk.
* All fans must live in the counties we provide


* I will need to see proof of your previous work. I will need references, and fan pages you have worked on. I will need a description of how you plan to undertake this work. Please only bid if you have previously worked on this type of project and have positive reviews in
* You must not do ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to put this Facebook fan page at risk. You must use white-hat, Facebook approved practices for inviting new fans. Your account must also stay active and not banned. If either account is banned, you will not receive payment.
* Please list your favorite sport or movie in your response, so I know that you read and understood this project description. I will ignore all bids without this information.

* Payment will take place in two stages, one payment halfway through and one payment in 30 days.
* I have a small budget for this project

Please only bid if you are a facebook professional who can prove your success in acquiring targeted, legitimate fans.

Thank you kindly for your interest.

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Creating A Buzz

Do you have the skills to create a global buzz?

Can you help us take our exciting opportunity viral? We are looking for a team of Positive, Visionary and Ambitious individuals to help us get our message out quickly.

We are a Social Enterprise based in the UK and we will shortly be launching an exciting, global opportunity where ordinary people can create substantial part time incomes through learning, sharing and encouraging others to do the same.

You will be given your own unique link to use in your marketing and will recieve a % of all sales created from your leads.

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Expert Web Development And Design Team Needed

Looking for a website similar to:

There would be some differences, but general concept.

Bid only if you have lots of positive reviews and can demonstrate you have the ability, team and competence to complete this project.

Provide ballpark estimate of time and cost. You can change both being hired.

Also indicate which technologies you would use to develop it.

Show any URLS of comparable work.

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Scraping Data From One Site To Populate My Volusion Site

Hello, I need to find out how to go about populating my volusion website with products from another website. It will be titles, products, images, model number, description etc. I want the freelancer to copy pictures, text and prices from different sites and to enter information into my new site. The sites you will be scraping will be sites that I am buying from.

I want you to have proof that you have done this kind of work before and I need to know how much is will cost for approx. 100, 500, and 1000 itmes.

I will have many sites to do if this can be done for an affordable amount.

Also, I would like to know if you can do data entry from a paper catalog and how much that costs.

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Simple Resaurant Website

Need someone to put together a simple website for my restaurant. I have the design and layout ready, just need someone to put it together since I dont have the time.

The site is 4 total pages (Counting the home page).

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Time Share Site

We need a timeshare exchange web application built where a web user can:

* manage their membership:
* become a member
* renew their membership
* update their user profile with name / address /etc
* have automated password resets based on series of questions setup by user on registration
* view exchange and rental history
* deposit weeks (for exchanges and rentals)
* view availability (by location/state/region/country)
* initiate an exchange of a week

This site needs to be VERY intuitive for even a novice web user to visit and become a member and start exchanging their timeshares. This market is for a specific area but needs to be pretty open for future expansion. We have a current database of all of our current members and history that needs to be imported into this new web application upon completion. It is currently Microsoft Access 97 based and very old but the data is accurate. The design/layout is already completed and in PSD format, it will need to be converted to HTML to use for this site.

This site also needs to have a backend management console for:

* maintaining these members (updating profiles, renewing membership over the phone, manual password resets, etc)
* maintaining exchanges – confirming weeks deposited are existing at a resort (manually done), confirming current availability of week to be traded (manually done)
* maintaining resorts and their amenities
* viewing availability
* viewing burned weeks (expired weeks) and the ability to extend these weeks
* maintaining rentals and the ability to convert an exchange to a rental
* sending Certificates of Deposit documents and messages to members via email and allowing these documents to be viewed by members on their account page
* maintaining employees and their passwords
* running multiple reports including day-end reports, end of month reports, end of year reports, batch reports for credit card payments, exchanges completed, weeks burned (expired) etc..
* site needs to be integrated fully with the PayPal API with confirmation of any and all payments made
* Content management for some areas on the front end of the site

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Need Hotmail Ids

Need 200 hotmail ids. Must be in the last name/first name format, or anything else really, just not qwjkhakjsdh@hotmail. Please specify the cost, and the time frame (essential).

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I Want A Site

I need a site designer Now.

The design Must be completed within 24 hours.

Send portfolio.

Must have good reviews. No time to waste.

site like or

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Need A Mobile Site For A Restaurant

I need mobile version website for my restaurant should be easily changeable for other restaurant as well.
we need the website to fit on all kind of smartphones.

The site should have menu of items, and its cost,phone number and directions,maps &mobile ordering etc…


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Site Submission

I am looking for someone to help me do the following:
1. Create 1 Gmail account.
2. Create 20+ accounts at 20+ sites I specify.
3. Then, submit my content using the details I specify.
1. Able to do this within a day
2. Able to deliver promise
3. Lowest bid will always be considered FIRST!
I am expecting a cost lower than $15 for all these. Many jobs available.
Long term Data Entry job available.

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