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Custom Prostores Web Design Needed

We have several stores in several channels. We have an ebay store
and want the design, home page, category landing pages to match the ebay store. We have and will provide graphics from the ebay store. We will set up shopping cart functionality and import products and categories from EBay but require the winner to also build the following funtionality that we have in our other prostores site (PLEASE REVIEW THIS SITE FOR FUNCTIONALITY BELOW)

1. Google analytics
2. Google check out
3. Amazon check out
4. Fast loading SEO firendly home page
5. Geotrust Button
6. Payment Methods buttons and Icons
7. Google translator
8. Facebook "like buttons" on all products and pages
9. Breadcrumbs functionality
10. Fly-out left nav functionality

On all the numbered items above I can provide access to the code used to create this functionality in our enlightenedexpressions site so you can adjust and re-use in the new site. Please read this specifications carefully and quote both time and bid

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Web Design Mock-up Needed

we need to make a website for our company we have an existing PSD file and we need to complete the design we need a PSD file only, all information will given in PMB.

samples are required, dont bid more than 50 dollar.

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Inspirational Web Design Blogging Articles

I have had to repost this because the winning bidder "anum28k" ripped his articles from the websites i have listed below.

*********** If you are not a web designers – developer or graphic designer by trade DO NOT BID! ************************

All articles are to be original and not copied from websites!!!

My client has just started a blogging website to inspire web designers/developers and graphic designers.

The website is the same as all websites like webdesignledger, designmodo, smashingmagazine etc.

My client is after someone on a regular basis of 100 dollers a month to post 10 blogs/articles a month on the site.

This is 10 accepted blogs/articles. If client doesnt like the quality he will not accept it.

So if you think you can do this and would like a regular 100 dollers a month please apply, more than 1 person might be accepted.

Please post a demo of simular work to what is shown on the website examples above.

You will be paid each time you supply an article/blog and it has been accepted and you will get of dollers wither through here or paypal.

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Web Design + CMS

Brief : Design Website (Restaurant) with CMS
8-10 pages with some sub pages
ability to upload documents (pdfs)
Mobile friendly site (ease of viewing menus)

to be able to edit,upload,maintain site.

Please note :Only apply if frequently and easily contactable.

My client currently has an existing site that they would like similarly replicated.
I will need someone that can achieve this and able to be on hand for contact and support daily with communication back to me during the construction process. Project needs to be completed with 3 weeks.
In regards to CMS as stated I want to be able to edit any and everything in the future for this client.

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Web Design

Create a website with following:
– HTML Static Pages (About 20-25)
– Inquiry form that sends inquiry to mail
– Mechanism for posting articles and blogs and discussing the same
– Mechanism for subscribing to the mailing list

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Web Design With E Commerce

I need someone that can do a website design with e commerce that can be done on a template so that my employees can easily add and subtract data, photos, colors, etc. without the continuing help of designer. We will need to add hundreds of items every 6 months and this process must be simple and easily understood for someone with zero website abilities.

After the initial design is made I would like to simply be able to change, whatever I want, anything about the design with just a click and paste method. In other words I do not want to have to rely on the designer or someone that knows computer language to change an item or design feature every time I want to change a photo , a description, a color of a border, a background image, or whatever.

Also, I would like for this person to be able to show me how to administer another site that the former designer is no longer in communication with me. Instruction no longer seem to work and I cannot make changes to the site.

A site similar to what I would want is:

Designer must know how to secure e-commerce or who to approach for secure transactions.

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Web Design – Client Upgrade

(This Project is for user Lukas123.) Require upgrade to existing remote client developed in VB6 with access dbase. Client app must be developed to integrate with website in .net Framework 4 with SQL dbase. New functionality to reporting, real-time scores and the ability to add new classes must be added. Seamless upload of event data to centralized dbase. Source code on project required. Detailed documentation and training material required.

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Squarespace Web Design

I need help debugging a website built in Squarespace. The site works in Safari and Firefox, but not in IE. Please do not respond to this post if you have not worked with Squarespace templates.


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Web Design

Just started small publisher needs design one cover page templete, one inner page templete, and online article submission with drop down manu for avialable journals with space to type text and file upload options. The website already exist. The site is currently designed in pure HTML. we want to convert to 100% CSS html website. our requirment:
– 100% CSS
-100% html
– we own the copyright of all code and website.
– we own the source code of the project

if interested, contact us to send you the exact website that we want to modify and send you the layout of the ocver and inner templetes.

future developments of website are planned and we plan to give preferance to selected designer of this project..

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Web Design Fix

I am redesigning my website and there are some simple issues that I want rectified. Website address is

Below are the issues.

Menu > rewards > creditshoping
The lightbox is not working
The images are not correctly displayed

The flash is not showing

Menu > about us > who we are
The category/listing located on the left "back button" should not affect the "browser back button"

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SEO For Web Design Agency

Our company need experienced SEO Guy for our website to be in top 5 in Google Australia ( for at least 4 keyword phrases for our given keywords phrases. Home page of domain name got PR 2.

URL of our web site and keywords will be given in PMB to selective bidders only.

When you bid, we need following information in PM:
1. Description of SEO Methods
2. Time frame

– Unique C Class IP links.
– The links must be permanent and not from link spam network.
– Links must be static: no redirects, scraper or mirror sites, cloaking, or anything banned by Google.
– Links must be clearly visible to visitors on the site and should not have any restrictions such as rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag
– Link cant be within a frame or i-frame.
– No JavaScript or redirect script.
– No CSS redirects or link cloaking.
– NO mirror sites, link farms, spam sites, orphaned link pages, cloaking, 301 redirects, FFA or framed pages.
– No adult websites or with illegal content
– Link page will be ONLY from English language sites.

Weekly Excel report with the following info:
– Link site exact URL (clickable hyperlink)
– Anchor Text (should be from list of keywords)
– Date Submitted / Accepted

50% payment when our web site appears in top 5 in Google Australia for at least 2 given keywords.
50% payment when our site appears in top 5 in Google Australia for at least 4 given keywords.

White hat is essential and required! Black or Grey hat methods will not be accepted and not paid for.

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E-commerce Web Design

Design and Build retail website to include:
Phase 1:
– Flash content
– User content management (eg text and graphics)
– User inventory management (product and stock)
– Shopping Cart
– Logos, font and style sheet
– customer account management
– Customer Forums / Feedback / Web forms

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Web Design Concepts

We would like to see 5 different design concepts for a staffing company. Could lead to full project assignment but want ownership of design regardless.Eventually we will want to use WordPress but for now we are looking for the right design. We want a design that is clean and professional but creative and unique. Will provide more direction after selection.

nice clean site with pleasing colors
beautiful site
nice layout; easy to navigate
Like the boxes in the middle; easy for visitor to zero in on what they want
good color combination; like clear boxes for

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Web Design 2.0

Hello everyone Im currently looking for a Top notch graphic designer with great experiencie in web design 2.0 i dont want portfolios sent with old trends in design only sites like the ones in and it is a big plus if your sites or designs have been showcased in css galleries

must have good skills on developing elements like the ones that some designers showcase in
unique for each site

must have good creativity on implement the latest jquery effects on each site and be innovative (no need to be developer / coder just have the idea)

looking for 1 design homepage only if i like the quality of your work you will be doing all of my future designs

happy bidding

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Web Developer To Design And Install A WP E-Commerce Shopping


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Web Design

I would like a site designed with the functionality to upload and download torrent files. I would like a home page, a search section a easy to navigate page. We are looking for it to be fairly basic yet appealing to the eyes. A site which could be compared to would be

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Web Design Redesign

Web design

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Web Design

I want to redesign

The design needs to be fresh and professional as it is a Swimming Pool service company. I like the current design but I want something more SEO friendly and more accostumed to web 2.0

I would like it to be like the style but with a tropical and swimming pool look, with some integrated web 2.0 feature and media links.

Its a simple website but the look and design are important.

If you can design something like this then please bid.

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Groupon Clone Web Design

The project scope is to create a website design which business process is similar to or

The deliverables are:
– PSD or Fireworks design file
– sliced html and css (with necessary javascript to create better user experience)

Detail Requirements:
1. User experience benchmark to or
2. Design must be able to scale down automatically when viewed on mobile device (hint:
3. At least 2 mockup designs must be provided
4. 2 iterations on fine-tuning selected mockup
5. Scope of work is including slicing the design into html + css + javascript (if needed to support better user experience)
6. Server side coding is out of scope
7. We already have our own logo, logo design is out of scope
8. Dominant color is preferred in red and orange
9. The scope includes member area design

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Im looking for somebody to design entirely a new website.

There is no need to build/develop the website. This part will be put as a separate project.

The design must be inspired from but for a different business and different country.

-> same kind of colors
-> same style of design
-> the buildings on the left must be replaced by building which represent Belgium (Atomium, etc.)
-> the buildings on the right must be replaced by other buildings which represent other countries (could be Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, SugarLoaf of Rio, SF Golden Gate, Dubai Tower, Japanese house, etc.)
-> the vehicle must be replaced by an envelope and the moving layer by other design/text

There is a total of 6 pages to design: Home, About, Security, Pricing, Contact and a simple template page for Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms of service, Follow us, Feedback, Newsletter, Sign Up

The freelance will provide all the drawing and design and must be included in the price.

All the files must be provided to allow a developer to build the website.

A few correction or adaptation must be included if the developer.

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Web Design

I am looking for someone to design and develop a dynamic website similar to gumtree- if you are interested please let me know as soon as possible.

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Web Design

I start a Web site business.So i need a nice web site that is a Sport Web site.I search a good web designer.I am a web designer too but I want my web site make other web designer.I help you also. Follow my Example Web site I want a nice web site.You can try……………………..

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Web Design

Hi, we are looking for a long term tech guy. Somebody that feels passion with web design and code.

We aredi a small company that needs to cover fferent things in the world of the web design. We have developed our own CMS. Actually all we need is craphic desinger with interesting ideas, building friendly user interfaces, and passion with web design. Any knowlage in HTML, CSS and jQuery is advantege. Also willing to work with the edge of HTML5 and CSS3 will be valued.

Need a profile with this skills:

– Knowledge of WEB2.0 style design, HTML5 and CSS3 is advantage
– Website Design, banners, Concept design, flash, javascript
– A lot of demostrable experience.
– If he/she speaks bulgarian will be valued 🙂
– Works fast and with modern and nice design concepts.
– Knowledge of SEO and SEF will be valued also

Since this is a small job for every single website ( mainly the designs excl. the HTML coding ), and since we are low cost philosophy, we want people that wants to work per site and understands that money will come step by step, but a little amount for every small project. We calculate just 3 to 5h per project.

Right now we have 2-3 projects that are waiting to be designed and they will the first test. We are willing to have 2-3 webistes a month so we are looking for someone serious willing to work with us in long terms

The current website project:
it is website for sending quires for spare parts. We will look for a web2.0 style design. There will be only one home page design.
The idea:
green design, with sky, clouds,, may be flying birds 🙂 . There will be road, where is the main conceprt: a car devidet in 2- one site is looking NEW, the other is crashed. in the middle the will be the box with the form fields to send to our client. Also there should be an emergency call box, which will became link to help page. The box in the middle, will slide on left when the user clicks on the next step
here is a mockup design:

here is sample design

Please provide examples of your work
+ how much you will want for the current project
+ rate per hour for future projects

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Make A E-commerce Web Site For Shirt.

I want to make a similar website like spreadshirt, which is a web site for T-shirt selling .

There are two things that are important in this project , that need to be made.
1- The link Create your own has a Interactive (made in Flash i guess)page, which need to be remake.
2- The online store with shopping cart facility and back end administrative area.

I do not want all the links like the original website only 4,5 links where shirts designs will be displayed. ,rest of the links will be left blank.
It should support online payment.
The logos and images will be provided.

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DESIGN AND CREATE A WEBSITE FOR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS. Interactive and user friendly, colourful and responsive. uploadable with soft copy photos, scanned photos and data transferred photos.

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Web Design

A web site design for a company that develops applications for mobile phones is needed.
The primary target are iOS and Android, so the sites design shouldnt focus on iPhone or Android phones (nor Apple or Google).
The current sites using WordPress as a CMS, so it would be great if the design can be converted to WordPress format.

Generic bids, bids with no portfolio and no idea/draft on the design will be ignored.
The budget is up to you, I just had to select a budget group.

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Web Design

I have already created a website with a flash banner, as I no longer have time for this project myself I would like to outsource it to a freelancer.

Here is what I need: the banner that we currently have needs to be rearranged and color schemes updated, as well as, the the buttons changed and links fixed. Also I want some forms added so that users can contact us. I would like to establish a relationship with someone knowledgeable so that I can call on them whenever I need things fixed up.

The freelancer MUST be familiar with Flash, Photoshop and PHP, and have some input about functionality and appearance.


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Web Design And Rewrite

I have 3 sites to be worked on

one is a flash site which needs to be converted into wordpress

second site is redo to something similar to with same features but in wordpress

third site is to make a site similar to but with sections

please forward examples of similar sites done and prices can be quoted for individual sites as well

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Community Web Design

I require a web site design for a soccer community. No coding required. Just logo, webpage design.

Site description;
This is a simple soccer focused social community.
Site will display list games. Users will select the game and can write comments at game page. Also a live comments page will be available.

Basic features of site are;
* Teams (team information)
* Players (player information)
* Games (game information like date, score, stadium, teams, comments, photos, videos)
* Fixtures (fixture details)
* Comment (team, game, player comments)
* Member Messages

Working Terms;
* I will expect a portfolio with bids, so please include some works of yourself with your bids.
* I will send some sample websites which can be inspired during design
* I will send details of pages (max 10 pages) to winning bidder
* I will expect mainpage design within 5 days. After the approval of main page, we will proceed to detail pages.
* The deadline of project is 15 days.
* I will send the fee after complete delivery.

Technical Details;
* I require or html pages as output
* I will require every documents with the delivery (including psd, fonts, html, css, javascript files e.g.)
* I prefer html, css, javascript and jquery. No 3rd part componetns.

Happy bidding.

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Web Design Appstore


Im looking at getting a web site similar to this one:

with the following modifications:

– the home page becomes the product page; in other words, the home page is displaying all the products info (

-on their product page, they have a secondary banner with sub-menus (Overview, FAQ, support, download) -> I dont want that, keep one main banner with :
Home // FAQ // Support // Download // About us

-My home page is the product overview (text + photo gallery)
-the FAQ is the FAQ
-the support page displays a form
-the download redirects to the apps AppStore.
-About us is text.

about the home page: (from top to bottom)
-Photo (sceenshots) Gallery (just like their gallery which is on the left side of their product page).

– the text describing the products features.

– A "call to action" (The appstore icon): bottom of the page.

Chart design directions:

-Keep the banner & menus fonts similar or close to the FaceBook fonts.
-Other text: I wait for your suggestions. It is an informative website, so nothing to arty…their font seems ok so far, unless you have a better idea.

OK to keep a "2 levels background" : the "background-background" in some silver grey or white cream or pale blue color.
and the "front-background" ,where the info is displayed, is white.
(for another illustration of that, check )

Top Banner (with the menus) : background is white – Left: my app logo; right: the menus.
Letters font : facebook blue


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Web Design


I currently have a web-site and I need some one to maintain it for me, I also want to build a new web-site like the following ones


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