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Change Our Existing Flash Site To A HTML Site

We are looking to take our existing shop at [Removed by Admin]and create the same shop but in HTML. We are changing our website and shop because we want a search engine friendly website. Please have a look at our shop and tell us what you propose, the changes you feel necessary and why.

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OsCommmerce Add-on Charity Donation

I need someone to fix and re-package an existing oscommerce add-on that allows a shop owner to donate some of the sale proceeds to a list of charities, groups and associations. Most of the work involves putting all the previous existing contributions into one updated package with an easy idiot proof installation guide. In addition, the shop-owner must have the flexibility of being able to offer different donations amounts (% or $) to different organisations on the list.

The existing addons to date can be found at:

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Install&solve Problem With Payment-Extension For Mageto-Shop

We have a problem with installing an extension in our magento-shop for payment.
This extension was already uploaded and shows up in backend – but it`s not shown during checkout on frontend.
We use a custom design.

Even the company which is reponsible for this extension couldn`t find the problem.

Your task:

Check the installation and find the error thats causing the problem and fix the problem so that the payment-type is shown during checkout.

Only bidders with experience and references with magento. All other will be ignored.
Bidders from EU are preferred. Invoice is needed!

Skype for fast communication is required.

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The Best German SEO Profi Wanted! Bring My SHOP To #1

Hi guys,

I looking for the best guy who can bring my Shop to #1 (the most important countries are: Germany, Ausria and Switzerland) in the most important search enigines like google, yahoo, bing etc..!

The website Url is:

I don´t know which are the best methods, and I also don´t know hoch much is the price for a perfect Internet marketing which I want! Please let me know what are the possibilities we have and which are the best possibilities! I also can´t tell you any keywords because i don´t know what would be best keywords!

I can only tell you one thing: I sell palms and other similar plants and I want to boost my sales extremely!

One of the biggest competitors are :

I looking for a really serious guy who provide the best quality and the best way to become one of the best online shops in europe which sells palms! Please provide me your recommendations your previous work and your guarantee!!

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Magento Fitness Shop Redesign

I got a fitness webshop based on magento.
The shop is selling anything for people to do fitness at home,

The current design of the shop is old, and dosent look very clean and make people come back.
Therefore Im looking for someone to redesign my magento shop with a functional and uptodate design.

Features I want on the frontpage including the design is:
A functional Big image slider just like on
A Box with best selling products

I want a preview of the design before you start changing the design on the shop.
More details will be releashed, just PM me.

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Website Design With Online Sales

Looking for a website for a natural health clinic. Can supply some graphics. Require Home Page, Services Page with several Sub-pages, About Page, Contact Page and online shop to sell approximately 10 products. Shop needs shopping carts but can checkout with PayPal. Website needs to have a relaxed yet professional, polished, clean look.

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OsCommerce Speed Optimization

We have to speed up and optimize an OsCommerce online shop. The shop has al lot off installed plugins and has been modified so usual Cache and other speed optimization plugisn dont work. The biggest problem are SQL querryies…

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Hika Shop Product Import Using CSV

Due to pressures of work we require a skilled indivdual to help complete a basic online store using Hika Shop. We have our catalogue of products that we need imported into the shop and also would like a simple method of changing the pricing within the shop as due to a complex market our supplier changes prices on a monthly basis. The product list is small and images will need to be extracted from the pdf broucher.

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TecDoc Shop

We looking for one developer which can build for us one autoparts webshop based on TecDoc database.

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Joomla No Frills Shop

Need a no frills Joomla shop (VirtueMart) to run as an iFrame in another package (Serif). So no shop header, footer, boxes, categories, no print/pdf, no links, just a white background with products etc.

Two columns with the product group menu and shopping cart on the left and some sample products on the right (well replace those samples with our own products later). Each product has a standard add to cart button.

Shop menu should show only product groups, no breadcrumb trail. Each product group shows only those products in that group (so each group on its own page, not just a long scrollable page with all products).

Project should be delivered as a VirtueMart folder ready ro run as localhost (e.g. /www/… under WAMP)

Payment integration not required for this project (leave checkout functionality as per sample shop).

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OSC 2.3 Shop – Contributions, Custom Fields, Debugging Etc.

I need for the new shop project the following things:

Product options:

Field for the Tax-Number (for to display in the order, not in the website)

Field for the Measurements (length, width, height)

Field for the storage position (for to display in the packing note, not in the website)

A possibility to enter the number of the products in stock (and for every attribute) so that it counts down with every order. I need some kind of inventory management – so that the product or the colour/modell doesn´t list when everything is sold out and give alert at a specific number to order more of the product…

It now displays only the netto prize – but it should display the brutto prize like this: 3,95 inkl. 19% MwSt. (very important!)

Wishlist function – where the customer can save the products he would like to buy later.

Login-Field in the header.

Where can I change the text of the template (everything is written in lowercase letters – but this is not correct – some words in german beginn with an uppercase letter!

Where do I change the button styles?

The reviews don´t work – debug this.

I also have problems with the slideshow of the template – I found out where to change the big pictures but don´t know where to change the thumbnails and where to set the correct links?

Sozial Bookmark integration of Twitter and Facebook and others on the productpage.

The client does not know yet which payment ans shipping providers to use – but this will come later on, too.

The client requires a packing note (with the storage and stock count informations) and a invoice in pdf-format (with item number, invoice number, tax number etc.) to send to his email when an order is placed.

I need someone who really is an OSC expert and who is willing to invest some time into this project to make it a top notch and fully working shop…

As we are on a very tight budget please do not bid too high!

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Shop-Surf Stores Competitors Pricing

Surf various stores!! It is easy!! Seeking one individual we can employ to take our store products and price shop them with our competitors using the various search engines including MSN, Froogle/Google, Yahoo Shopping, and report back with any lower prices than ours.

Must enjoy surfing the web. Ideal position for a stay-home person. Will train, no experience needed. Work your own hours with no pressure.

Every product found lower than ours under our parameter will pay per product found. Average search time is approx. 5 minutes or less. So one hour, can accumalate into and average of 15 – 20 products found which equals = $5.50 – $7.00 per hour rate on an average.

Long term work and enough to keep you busy.

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Php Shop Header Customisation

replace links with buttons
link to external site inner frame pages
repair image upload bug

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E-commerce Website For Kitesurfing Online Shop

Straight forward assignement – Creation of an online shop for selling kitesurfing equipment in the United Arab Emirates.

I have a website which has a good ranking and I want to replace the current design by an online shop. the new website will be very blue, water, kitesurf oriented, but want to keep it simple at the same time.

I need someone to create the website and make it look good and attrative. Previous experience in e-commerce is essential (credentials).

I will provide all the information you need in terms of equipment, categories, price, sizes, etc.

Please let me know your fees and the timeline for this assignement. Also I would appreciate support after the assignement to update the website from time to time (whenever required).

Good luck

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Need Help To Design A Online Game Shop

I need a online game shop. Videogames.
And need paymant accept below: paypal, alertpay, 2Co, Amazon, Google Checkout.
And you will add products for me.
Thanks for bid.

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Need Help To Design A Online Shop

I need an online textbooks shop.
Who can help me Design, Open paygate, and Add items?
Thanks for bid.

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Web Design And Build For Online Shop

I would like my current website to be redesigned to include an online shopping cart. An easily managed gallery is important. My business is homewares, furniture and lifestyle accessories. I am Australian based and will be marketing primarily within the australian eastern seaboard. The website currently has a gallery but no ecommerce set up.

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Shopping Cart For Paypal Integration

I am looking to build an open source shopping cart (magenta or zen cart) for integration with paypal website payments standard (Australia). The shop currently needs to cater for a single product but we will be extending to 2 products in the coming month. The website is ready and all that is required is a cart.
The product we sell will be shipped to Australian customers only. For shop layout I can provide sample from our sister organization in Europe.

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Add Products From A Shop To An Affiliate Website

I need someone who can add products from a shop on an affiliate website. There is a small project where we will start with about 100 products. All information is in Swedish so if you know Swedish its a BIG plus. If you dont know any Swedish i can guide you and we can use google translate so you understand what parts that is interesting.

You will use WordPress so WordPress know how is important.

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Data Entry – Approx. 150 Products To OpenCart Shop

We have approximately 150 products to be added to an existing online shop built on the OpenCart platform, each of which is well organized in a folder structure that contains Word documents with the product info (description, title, pricing) and images. Just need someone who can create and assign the products to their appropriate categories, and you will be provided with all info & login credentials to use the simple point-and-click administration system. Ideally looking for 2-3 day turnaround…

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Craiglist Poster Needed For Artwork Shop


NOTE: Only individuals who are experienced with posting over 1000 daily Craiglist ads on Arts&Crafts and Furniture can apply for this job.

We run an online store selling artwork, we need 1000-1500 ads posted daily.


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Photo Shop Work – Edit Pictuers – 0.02 / Each

I have a work for people who know photoshop. The work is not complicated easy
if you know how to remove watermark on our images you get the project

i pay $0.02 cents per image.

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Ruby Webshop


Feather Comfort is a company that sells bedding items through a webshop. For our new website we are looking for people that can work with spreecommerce website based on the ruby on rails technique. We want you to integrate a webdesign into the spreecommerce shop.

To be clear:

We already have the shop running only the design needs to be integrated. Therefore we dont need a admin page or whatsoever.

Looking to your reply,

Best Regards.

Leon Burgering
Feather Comfort
The Netherlands

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Liberty Reserve Shop Script

I need someone to code an online shop script that can accept Liberty Reserve and WMZ (Webmoney) as methods to fund their accounts automatically where the admin will not have to verify. Meaning it will use liberty reserves SCI and WMZs API to fund for balance. When they fund their account they will be able to buy proxies based on location they select which will be pulled from some sort of database such as mysql (this will also have to be coded/built as well).
As soon as they buy a stuffs from the shop it must be removed from the database. That is all that needs to be done.

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Html To Oscommerce/shop

Need help with turning a static java shop into a php shop either with oscommerce or another provider.

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Restaurant House Business Plan

This section of your restaurant business plan should describe the current state of the restaurant industry and how your restaurant fits into it. How would you categorize your restaurant casual, quick-casual or fine-dining? Is it an upscale Filipino or Asian restaurant, a pizza parlor, chicken shop or an ice cream shop?

Your business description should showcase the elements of your restaurant concept that differentiate it from every other dining establishment. Explain how you plan to gain a competitive edge and why your restaurant will be profitable.

This may require some research on the current and future restaurant industry trends. A restaurant consulting firm with a skilled research department can help you identify these trends.

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Photo Shop Work – Edit Pictuers – 2000 Images – 0.02 / Each

I have a work for people who know photoshop. The work is not complicated easy
if you know how to remove watermark on our images you get the project

i have around 1000 to 2000 images.
i pay $0.02 cents per image.

i want this as project. so if you start the work you must finish the work
do not complain that there are too many images to do.

So i am telling there are lot of images.

Note: some images have similar nothing to modify only rename for this kind i do not count as images
so you need to co-operate to finish this work

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