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Upgrade Magento Site

Something wrong with my site after installed a mod..The Shopping cart page is blank.

* I needs the newest magento version install
* All my products and categories be move without problem.
* Have this new theme install with a classic logo.

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Add Features To Existing Shopping Cart (for Dharmin007)

This project is to add the following features to a cart system already in place designed by dharmin007.

The drop down of items that is currently pulled from the database needs to be put in alphabetical order.

Once a user has submitted their order, they need to be brought to a thank you page with the option to either enter their email address and have a copy of the order emailed to them or click a different button and download the order.

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Zen Cart Integration

I have an existing zen cart shopping cart with a cpanel and a private SSL certificate. I have just purchased an Addon Domain and want to get this working as an independant site as well.
I need:
1) To copy my existing zen cart shopping cart to this new folder on my server. I need this to work independently of the original site with its own database (copy and config). I do not want to start from scratch as I have a lot of extra modules added.
2) I am hoping that I can use my secure area with this site as well. Will I be able to use this cert with both domains? I need someone to advise me and help me sort this. I will need to know if this will work before I start the project.
3) I need a little advice on linking to my payment gateway

I realise that there is very little work in this for someone who is an expert in this so I do not need someone who will give it a go, I need someone who has done this many times before and can do it quickly and painlessly.


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Electronic Store

i want to creat a website to sell car electronics and automotive parts wholesale. i want have shopping cart and be able upload information to site easily

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Web Design Project For Afzaal Shopping

Site details will be provided via email.

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Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Script

I am looking for a script that will trigger an automated email to send to people who abandon their shopping cart. This scipt should be HTML or text enabled, should link them back to their order and automatically enter the coupon code offered in the email when sent. Basically it must utilize their cookies. I will provide example to who over wins the bid.

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Online Shopping

the project about online shopping in

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Zen Cart – Upload Product Info & Pics And Organize

I need a programmer who is very experienced with ZEN CART.

The project consists of 2 parts:

Part 1.
I need this programmer to help upload products, data and pictures into our online store. The online store is already created and organized.

We already have most of our products displayed in the onlinestore.
We will provide you with a simple data feed to tell you the remaining products that need to be displayed in the online store. We need to upload 50 additional products (pictures, descriptions, text, etc.) We will specify the category, sub category for each product. We will provide you with all the information. You just need to upload and organize the products into the online store. You must make it look neat, organized and very user-friendly.
We also need you to organize and make the inner pages of the online store look better.

Part 2.
You must learn how to use 3rd party datafeed software called:

We will give you access to our account. You must watch and learn the tutorials. This app is very easy to learn. The purpose of this software is to automatically provide our datafeeds to the various shopping engines and comparison shopping sites.

You will setup our account for All of the products offered in our online store must be listed in our account. The linked datafeed must contain all the products listed in our online store. The datafeed that you setup in this app must be easily updated by us and linked to various shopping channels and easily setup for affiliate marketing.

Our datafeed must be fed to the following sites:
Google product search,,

Please also have our Zen Cart store friendly for Affiliate marketing.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Plask One Page Payment Checkout

Need to integrate plesk billing into our existing website. Already
have Moderbill installed and already have custom shopping cart in
place but need to be able to send shopping cart variables over to
MBAPI for processing. Need to be able to processes credit cards and
domain names through MBAPI (already have registrar and gateways setup on the backend).


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Lemonstand Developer – File Upload Progress Bar/PDF Preview


I have a Lemonstand ( Shopping Cart – The shopping cart currently has File Uploads integrated with each order. I simply want each File Upload to be accompanied with a Upload Progress Bar.

Users will be usually uploading Images. So, once an image is uploaded and order is placed, i would like the user to be presented with an Image preview – with an ""I Agree to this terms and conditions" Checkbox, so the order should proceed with this checkbox selected only.

Theres more work thatll follow.

Let me know how much time and money itll cost. I would like this to be done ASAP. In your reply send me the code: apache13 to prove that you read the description fully.

Preference to those whove worked with lemonstand before.

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Cre Loaded – Express Checkout – Custom

1. Im looking for a "Sew Quick Instant Checkout" button on product page that will generate an alternate shopping cart page that will automatically forward product info to our SSL card payment account.

2. From the traditional Shopping Cart, i would like an "Sew Quick 1 Page Express Checkout" option that will send all of the products in the cart to the express checkout SSL file.

A new template will be needed for our SSL server (no follow by search engines);
the template will pull the product information from the new shopping cart page.

Option to continue shopping and add more to cart(Send BACK to Last product Manufacturer), open fields to capture, Name, Address, UK only(send back to standard cart if outside UK), card payment details(type of card, card number,expiry date, valid from date, CV3 security code, issue number).

Submit Button to submit the data to the card capturing mechanism and forward customer info and product to a new page in cre loaded that will then fill the database with the sale information so the sale will be displayed in the same manor in admin.

I have attached the current SSL file to give an example of how the SSL works, giving the references to put the details back in to the database.

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Create Google Shopping File For Volusion Based Website

Need programmer skilled in Volusion shopping Cart to generate a working Google Shopping file for our website.

We already created one using the Volusion API. However, only a few products were added as Volusion support said there are a few fields that are missing in the other products that are needed for them to be included in the Google shopping file.

You will need to Import these fields into the remaining products.
Once that is done, generate a complete Google shopping file.

This is a simple project if you know Volusion shopping cart.

So please, unserious bidders, random bidders or marketing reps, please do not bid.


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Competitor Shopping Surf Stores

Surf various stores!! It is easy!! Seeking one individual we can employ to take our store products and price shop them with our competitors using the various search engines including MSN, Froogle/Google, Yahoo Shopping, and report back with any lower prices than ours.

Must enjoy surfing the web. Ideal position for a stay-home person. Will train, no experience needed. Work your own hours with no pressure.

Every product found lower than ours under our parameter will pay per product found. Average search time is approx. 5 minutes or less. So one hour, can accumalate into and average of 15 – 20 products found which equals = $5.50 – $7.00 per hour rate on an average.

Long term work and enough to keep you busy.

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US Writers Needed, Shopping News – Huge Potential……

Seeking reliable, dedicated, US based writer-reporters – who have their own adsense accounts – to write about current events related to shopping.

We need reporters that are internet savvy and love shopping, bargain hunting, and travel news and deals. Our news site provides current, useful information to shoppers – from new product announcements to pricing changes, recalls, travel disruptions, new product features, shopping deals, specials, discontinuations, availability and more. You will be in charge of your own research for these stories, but story ideas are abundant.

You will need to be able to consistently write in a 3rd person news style. Just a straight forward telling of a recent or current event,. While a reporter may provide many facts on their own, fine details, statistics, and anything subjective needs to be attributed to a source. Reports will be required to be free of bias, opinion, judgement, hype, advice, tips, leading questions. Just the facts. Just like you see in the hard news section of a regular news paper.

Please understand – this is writing about current events – not rewriting and spinning general articles for seo.

Only US based applicants are being considered. We ask writers to commit to three 200+ word reports a day, five days a week (15 per week).

For the first two weeks (30 reports), we pay $1.50 per accepted/published report. The goal is to use this as a training period. After that time is up, we would work together in partnership, with you receiving a generous portion of the ad revenue through an adsharing program. With this system, you should be able to earn much more than $1.50 per report. Ill send you more details in a pm.

Many of our writers are stay at home parents and/or homeschoolers, as am I. This has been a good opportunity for them.

Please bid $45 (for the first 30 reports) and confirm in a PM that you 1) understand what 3rd person writing means, 2) have an adsense account, and 3) enjoy writing about shopping, products, and travel related issues and deals.

Those that provide a sample of this type of report will receive fast consideration.

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Shopping Cart

Looking to update my shopping cart to newer design with complete access and control. Currently bound by Quick Shopping Cart standards.

Looking for cart alternatives – possibly Zen Cart

Like to emulate a cart that looks like this:

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Website Design And Development

Hello all!

I would like the nominated person to design and code a online store with a shopping cart. I roughly have about 20 different items and slowly plan to increase the product range (specialised iphone covers) so there is not a great deal of items as of yet. The more important part of it is the visual design part, which has to be of the highest degree. I will provide all pictures and the designer must add creative input to create the site with me. I am quite new to this so i would need very good communication so i can be guided in the right way.

the end result /lay out would be similar to , i understand this can be a long process when communicating ideas. In the end i would like to have the site managed by my self with ease ( adding and editing items)

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Live Shopping Portal System Module With Commissions

I need a Live Shopping Portal Systemlike this:

Demo of the Script:

As you can see there is an existing software but i need some additional features:

– Sellers should have a code per product which can be used on external websites, shopping carts, forums….(iframe, java, ajax whatever is possible) to include live shopping products in external websites or shopping carts (XTC, Gambio…)

04/01/2011 at 4:36 EDT:

Shop Owners should be able to modify their shop design (colours, logo…)

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Interspire Shopping Cart Template Design

Need an Interspire Shopping Cart to Build Exact as
Just convert this website design into Interspire Shopping Cart Template. Same Theme, Colors, layout.

More similar work in future for winning bidder. Need quick turnaround in 2 or 3 days Max.
Show some work (Related to Interspire)


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Interspire Shopping Cart Template Design

Need an Interspire Shopping Cart to Build Exact as
Just convert this website design into Interspire Shopping Cart Template. Same Theme, Colors, layout.

More similar work in future for winning bidder. Need quick turnaround in 2 or 3 days Max.
Show some work (Related to Interspire)


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Crawler For Google Shopping/Base And Comparision Shopping

I am looking for someone with experience in writing crawlers in which product pricing can be retrieved from Google Shopping or from sites like or

I need to be able to submit a list of product numbers (manufacturer SKU#), the software will need to be able to crawl google shopping for the SKU# and retrieve
1) product name,
2) product description, and
3) Product pricing sorted by lowest to highest
4) Seller name
5) link to seller web site

if you have experience writing similar crawlers, you will be the ideal candidate. I am looking for someone with experience only. This project will be for crawling Google base, subsequent project will crawl other targets.

thank you.

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Install And Configure Interspire Shopping Cart.

i need programmer who has experience in an interspire to install interspire shopping cart to my server.

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Website Design And Promotion For Malaysia Base BAKERY

We need web site design and Oscommerce customization. We need graphic design , shopping cart integration.
Bottom line is we need a full and working e-commerce website.

Designers and programmers from Malaysia are encouraged to try because the website is IN MALAY.

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I need a website for Fruits & Vegetables Retail Shop, Similar to the website

Please visit the veggiefresh website to get to know the requirements.

Need an interface to update the prices of products daily.

All online orders should be received by Email & SMS.

Online payment feature is not required.

Request you to let me know the Price & Time to Develop.

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Help Me Import Product Interspire

Who can help me import 3000 products on Interspire Shopping cart 5.0 Vendor to 6.0.14 Vendor.
And add over 1000 products to my shop.
I will pay over 130 to 160 usd.
Thanks for read

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E-Commerce Platform Development

I am looking for a developer or a company who can develop a shopping cart solution with similar features from OSCommerce or Majento but should have different styles of coding. Please note it is a platform I want not a website. It does not have to be based in PHP other suggestion can be considered but should have an explanation why should we go with that programing language.

Please I want someone who has done something similar before.

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WEBSITE For RETAIL Site With Shopping Cart

I need a new website for a website that was built from due to the slowness, pic loading and shopping cart sucks!

want some kind backend to edit and add content,pics and new clothing, etc

I want someone with experience and resent work for clothing retail websites

I will send link of current website to freelancers that message specifically to my project(dont copy and paste your info)

also need facebook and twitter links

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Shopping Cart For Paypal Integration

I am looking to build an open source shopping cart (magenta or zen cart) for integration with paypal website payments standard (Australia). The shop currently needs to cater for a single product but we will be extending to 2 products in the coming month. The website is ready and all that is required is a cart.
The product we sell will be shipped to Australian customers only. For shop layout I can provide sample from our sister organization in Europe.

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Http:// Reseller Website

We are new resellers of the products. So we need a simple website which has the exact same features and products, only the website will be differently named obviously.
We are looking for a innovative design which makes this product look like a BOSE brand (High end) and make it look very high end and desirable. So experience with design, online shopping and knowledge is highly desirable.
Submissions need to be specific, and not generic, and companies that just send examples will be ignored. We want a proposal specifically designed for us.
Also must be SEO optimized and integrate with the social media sites as well. Prefer JAVACRIPT so compatible with iphones, ipads etc. Impress us with your proposal and design idea!

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Password Protection & Shopping Cart For Small Business Site

I have a small business website and Im looking for someone to help me create (1) javascript password protection for multiple users and destination pages, and shopping cart.

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Opencart Project

i need a opencart shopping cart.

– install a theme
– install turkish language
– transfer products from a xml file
– help with using the site

fee for this project is 50 usd.

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