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Blackberry / IPhone / Android Application

I require a developer who can quickly develop a simple application for Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

The major functionality of this application is to stream audio from a shoutcast server. The application will in addition have banner rotation and text ticker and thats about it

I require the solution to be handed over so that the SHOUTCAST connection server can be changed as well as the banner adverts (to be called from a directory on a particular server) – I will explain this more if required. And then the application icon changed, compiled and uploaded to both App stores for BB, Android and iPhone

This should be an easy job thanks


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Embed Shoutcast Stream Flash Player

I currently have a shoutcast embed code on my website:

i would like my own player embeded below the navigation bar. Which will be used to listen to my shoutcast stream.

This does not have to be a redesign of a new flash player it can be a JW player or any other ones that are available.

I will not pay more than $30

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Internet Radio Website Design (Shoutcast/Sam Broadcaster)


I am looking to buy an internet radio design for my new company.

So heres the info: Its going to be hip hop and rap (but I also want room to expand like a multi radio station) check out 977 hitz

(You need to know the shoutcast code, we use sams broadcaster)
So I need a full design
-Home page (With some ads, And a nice front pic of out logo and some current popular hip hop singers)
-Listen Now links
-What playing Now
(With the pic Of album)
-Whats up next
-Past 10 Songs
-Request page
-Contact Us Page
-phpbb forum integrated into the website
-Live chat box and player
-Dj page
-Contest Page
-Promote Us Page
-Pic Page
-Shop page (To buy tshirts ect)
-Also a mobile site.. Something for iphone ect.)

(manybe something else that can keep my visitors entertained)
(Must have room for google adwords)

*Please also send past jobs so i can take a look*

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HTML5 Shoutcast Streaming Player And Apps

Online streaming player for a Internet Radio Station.
There would be 4 types of streaming players;

1. For website. This player must be in HTML5. No flash, No SIlverlight and no WMP plugins.
2. For Nokia (Symbian OS) Handset (Touch or non-touch both). This application will be in .jar format. Not in .sis
3. For iPhone
4. For Android

The player will have these contents;

1. Banding Logo at top center.
2. Header Banner Rotator
3. The actual player in the body.
4. A footer option from where users will be able to make song request.

All of these 4 apps will have the same design and contents. There should be a web control panel from that panel; I

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Shoutcast Stats Script

I need a custom script to parse the shoutcast stats from the new 2.0 server. Its a small job but I cant do it.

Many thanks

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Shoutcast Mobile Radio Station

Need someone to setup a shoutcast radio station on the domain which will play on cellphones as well as computers. Presently use live365, but want to move to shoutcast. The station will play only religious music. Want to be able to do both a live and archive programing. Also would like apps for android, blackberries and iphone. People should be able to post comments and make request for certain songs and artist. Since I do not understand much about shoutcast, I need you to setup everything, so i can just add additional content which you will show me how to do. Must have a facebook and Twitter component that allows people to follow us and include automated posting to social media sites when needed. Present site is on a cms System, and a copy of the template is attached as this may require simple adjustments.

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Shoutcast Player For Iphone & Android

We are looking for custom shoutcast player for iphone, Ipad, and Android

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Fake Shoutcast Listeners


I am running Internet Radio Station.
Radio station running on SHOUTcast.
I need script cost me the amount of listeners.
I wanna add few hundred listeners more in my stats and even they go to shoutcast site ( and enter our site..


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Shoutcast Streaming For Android And Blackberry

We are looking for the code to stream shoutcast radios on to Andriod and blackberry. Code must be backward compatible. Take any 5 radio streams from shoutcast and test it for android and blackberry.

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Rss Feeds Convertor For Playing Streaming Media

I want my rss feeds(mp3 format ) to be converted to the shoutcast stream so that i can able to play in blackberry mobiles.
Do bid if you know this and if you have any alternative for this job then let me know.
More details to be provided to successfull bider.
Presently the rss feeds are live radio staions which i want to be converted to the shoutcast stream.

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Shoutcast AS3

I am working on a new adobe AIR app for Android to stream a shoutcast station. The aesthetics isnt as important as the functionality. The app should be able to properly buffer the stream and avoid memory leeks. I will be completing the rest of the app and just need the streaming part worked out.


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Shoutcast + SAM Broadcast On CentOS

We are looking to transfer 2 existing internet radio channels, using SAM Broadcaster to a server of our own. The server (VPS) runs CentOS, and I recenlty installed ShoutCast DNAS on it.

However, I am unsure of what else to do to get these stations up and running, and am looking for someone to help me with this process. Concretely, the candidate will be guiding me as to what to do, or do the work him/herself, and supply relevant documentation detailing the work done afterwards.

Documentation should be sufficient for me to be able to repeat the process in case the server would require to be rebuilt.

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Shoutcast Class

The project is to fix a Shoutcast class on Adobe Flex Builder 3.2 with using Flex SDK 3.6 (not lower versions) That Application is using AIR 2.0

i need a Developer for this project


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Flex Guru – Shoutcast

The project is to fix a Shoutcast class on Adobe Flex Builder 3.2 with using SDK 3.6 (not lower versions) that Application is using AIR 2.0

we need a highly experienced Developer for this project

Fields: Flex 3, AIR, AS3

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Debuging A Shoutcast Class

The project is to fix a Shoutcast class on Adobe Flex Builder 3.2 with using Flex SDK 3.6 (not lower versions) That Application is using AIR 2.0

i need a Developer for this project


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SHOUTcast Server Statistics

Hello everyone,

To develop a service statistics for SHOUTcast servers you need to get through the SHOUTcast log file:

– Daily Statistics (graphically and in figures)
– Weekly Statistics (as well as chart number)
– Monthly Statistics (graphically and in figures)
– Annual Statistics (graphically and in figures)
– Instant Statistics by COUNTRY (with the flags of different countries)
– Number of unique listeners per day (IP ONLY)
– Number of hits per day (All together IPS)
– Know the peaks of listeners a day
– Average viewing time of listeners a day and by hour.
– Knowing the monthly number of connections and less than 10 seconds. (Listeners of short and long term)
– The total playing time of one month (in minutes)

Here are the constraints:

– The user can return to a year back on one day of hearing.
– Access by password to the statistics of the radio in question.
– Able to connect via a web browser interface in question (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc etc …)
– Develop in PHP, MYSQL (I suppose) and other languages you need.
– The ability to add simple (1 or more) SHOUTcast servers to know the statistics of it.
– Several Internet radio stations have several servers radio, be able to count the statistics of the 2 servers and not
only one.

Thank you in advance.

Sorry for English, Im French

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Install Shoutcast: Linux Centos

I have linux centos and I need shoutcast installed properly on server. I also need audio stream link – winamp, media player and realplayer to point from my webpage [Removed by Admin] with features added. ( last 10 songs played ) Now I have already downloaded shoutcast to linux centos but I am stuck on how to complete the procedure. So before I make a major mistake I would prefer if someone who knows what to do take over.

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Shoutcast Radio With Joomla Site

Looking to add an internet radio on a joomla powered site using shoutcast. Want it customize to make it user friendly for the client to do his on playlist. Shoutcast needs to be put on a remote server.

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IPhone App – Shoutcast Player W/ Meta

Need a very simple app created. Must play MP3 shoutcast stream in-app, and display song Metadata. If that cannot be pulled from in stream, I can provide URL to a dynamic page with the data. The app is VERY basic, with 2 pages: listen page with play/stop, song data, volume and logo, and a static station info page. I do NOT need it submitted to the AppStore on my behalf.


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Shoutcast Radio Player

We require a popout player built for our online radio statio.

We would like it to look this.

We have our shoutcast stream ip address so we would also like it show the now playing song.

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Shoutcast Radio Player. Pop Out, Embed Player

A online embed radio player is needed that is easily rebrandable for different companies and brands.

I have currently built a template in html

As you can see it has a web banner at the top for google adense ads.

on the right hand side it has two ad boxes for 1 for google adsense and the other for sold ads which we would like to rotate so more ads can be sold.

then we need a player that acceptes shoutcast and icecast streams so you can play, pause, volume and also show what song is now playing

then space for the logo.

this will need to be contained into a reasonable sized box as this will be a pop out player.



We need a good turn around before july 1st.

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ShoutCast Radio Streaming Player Needed

Hello I need a HTML OR FLASH ShoutCast Player for my radio stations. I need it to FUNCTION Like this one even with The Artist pictures of WHO is playing now and WHO is coming up next? We need to be able to ad ADVERTISEMENTS to it and be able to change graphics and codes so that we can take same player and ad to every new radio station?
Here is the link of what we need built and functions of what is needed.



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Shoutcast Artwork

Would like a shoutcast script (preferably php) that will pull artwork and display information for the song in a shoutcast stream.Also makes link to buy on i tunes. Info for song title etc pulled from stream obviously. If artwork not available then displays a station logo.

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Fake Shoutcast Listeners

My name is Shay, I am Internet Radio Station Manager.
Radio station running on SHOUTcast.
I need script cost me the amount of listeners.
My budget is not limited.


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IPhone Radio Player (Shoutcast)

I want a very simple iPhone application for receiving a single Shoutcast stream. This would ideally suite a programme that has already developed the framework for such an application.

The interface should include:

1. Stop/Play buttons for the stream
2. Facility to display our logo with click thru to our web site
3. Simply send message screen to email us.
4. desired – currently playing artist / title from the Shoutcast Stream with ability to insert artist title and click-thru URL. This would cycle would the main logo.

Must of this functionality exists in current applications.

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Flash Player For Aac Or Aac+ Shoutcast Streaming

I have a radio station streaming in aac plus format. I`d like to have a flash player to be embeded on my webpage so listeners dont have to download software like winamp or Windows Media plugins for playing AAC audio stream. Id like to have a config file for the player to change shoutcast stream source for using the player for another stations.
Happy Bidding.

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Itunes Internet Radio Player

I am looking for a simple app for iphone for streaming radio stations. I will provide the links from You have to create an app using the links to our stations we are using Shoutcast as our back end streaming software we will provide logos for the app
Project Budget ($350-$750) we must have prototype to make sure app works

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Actionscript + Php Project, Long-term

This is flash app for playing shoutcast mp3 streams. Data is kept in MySQL, feeded to flash by xml+php.

This is suitable project for students/beginners, since deadlines are not very strict. Got tons of TODO issues, need to agree on price and you can take your time.

Current budget is 100$/month. More in future.

More details about project technical side on PMB.

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Joomla Web Bar – Shoutcast

What I am looking for is some kind of bar that sits at the very top of every page of my joomla website. It must be able to resize with the browser so is compatible with all resolutions and when changing browser screen size.

The bar would then display what song my radio station is currently playing (Shoutcast) and maybe a few links to other sections of my website.

Some websites use them as network bars which connect each website to another in there network. I want to use it so I can display details about my radio station.

I know this isnt particularly hard and can be found on the Internet openly, but I want a custom made one that I can say is unique.

Small project

If you can do it for less than $30, please contact me with quote.

Thank you

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Make A Radio Stasjon

I wont too make new and cool and colerfull page for web this is most bee norwigen page it must haw admin panel and it must haw news page on front page soo i can add news and topp 20 music and djs panel/support
i wont templates/bagrunds i wont support for shoutcast player i wont jukbox on air of air
i wont program page i wont so djs can write bloggs news arkiv tis is radio stasjon page for radio pop music

can you help me i wil pay good

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Custom Flash Shoutcast Live Streaming Player

I need a custom flash based player that will play stream from a shoutcast server. Must handle the memory leak problems that occur with the flash based streaming players. Also will need to allow for a static flash ad or maybe just audio to play before the stream and/or after using parameters to set all these option.(Preroll and Post roll.)

(This would be added later) Would also like the ability for the audio to stop after a certain amount of time entered in a parameter.

Would like a quote to include possible rights to the source for my own changes later on. Not to be sold.

Could use a shareware player as a start. Like

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