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Website Home Page Visual Comp & Web Style Guie

Hi all.

I have a set of wireframes and a new product. I will be using BigCommerce for the implementation of my store. I have a developer who will help me with the tricky build parts but am looking for a designer to provide me with;

* 1 x visual comp of the home page (based on the wireframe layout & packaging design)
* A background pattern for the website (I have a pattern which will need to be manipulated for this)

* Colours (primary, secondary, tertiary etc and any acceptable shades there of in RGB, CYMK & Hex- these can be pulled out from our existing packaging)
* Typography/typefaces (this can be pulled from the packaging)
* Styles (colours, font face, colours etc) for page titles, headers 1-5, para, tables, links, hovers, visited colours, buttons, forms, etc – basically the CSS elements (the designer will need to make sure these all work together on the page)

I have an very rough mockup of the page layout already to give the designer an idea of what I want. This job is really just to refine it and specify the elements for the CSS so the developer can continue to work.

Thanks for your time

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Website Home Page Design

I need a homepage to be designed for my webpage. Got to be simple no flash required. I need this to be done asap.
More projects in pipeline. if this is done

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Website For Handmade Natural Skincare Products

I am starting a natural skincare range based upon eastern herbal traditions.

I would like to set up a simple website with a secure online shopping facility. I would like to be able to include pictures of the products and links to their descriptions.

I would like the website to be easy to update.

I would like minimal ongoing costs to maintain the website.

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Redesign Website Home Page

Need the home page of a website redesigned. Only need a psd, no html, etc. We do our own websites, just want a fresh look for the site. Should be simple to do if you are experienced. The home page for the site is at Please look at the home page before you bid and please bid only if you have experience and can deliver timely.

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Website Development

Hi, I have a website template but I need someone to build the site for me. It wont be too fancy – probably a home page with around 4-5 pages.

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Website Home Page Redesign

Our website home page needs to be redesigned to create more intuitive look and also to list more listings, categories, latest threads from forum, hot jobs, rss feeds, etc., Our current home page is html table based. New home page shouldnt use any html table. It should be all CSS based. Some minor use of html table is ok. But, the page layout should be driven thru CSS div.

I would require someone with fabulous creativity to give me idea about the look and feel of new design. I dont have any restriction expect that the background color of the page should be blue because that would sync with all other pages of the site.

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Website To Présent My Products

My old website
i need new one like this

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Website + OSCommerce Template

I have an Ayurveda company. For this I want to get a website designed. Important things for me are: easy to use/understand for the user, easy to update, sleek look.

Once the site is complete we want to have an e-shop based on either os-commerce or any other solution. The e-shop will be integrated with IDeal.

Once selected the timelines are:
Website: 2 days (1 day mockup finalization, 1 day page design)
E-Shop: 3 days (1 day design finalization, 1 day setup on webserver, 1 day integration with IDeal)

There will be milestone payments based on the day output.

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Directory Website With On-line Website Builder


We are looking for a freelancer or dev team for our new project. The project will be a directory webiste. Most important part of this project will be on line website builder which you can see on, or

Project description:
1. Choosing subdomain name [later on we would like to have new domain register functionality]
2. Loging using only email address and password. No account activation or email double check.
3. Choosing category
4. Choosing template
5. Building website with online tools. We prefer to do it using drag n drop method like in, but also can be done like on without AJAX.
6. Preview website – > Done.

User control panel where he can add new pages, blogs, change layouts and so on. Control panel should be accesible from our main domain or Back end for website administrator, where you can see all entries, stats and so on. All created website should be in directory catalog, accesible from our home page. This job also include tempalte development, so bidder should have strong graphic skills.

Please visit websites like webnode, weeble, ewebsite and yola where you will find all details. Bid only if you have already done website similiar or exact like weebly/yola type. Your bid should include portfolio with working demos (only website similar to weebly/yola/webnode, dont waste your time if you havent done anything like this before). Please PM me with estimated total cost and project schedule.

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I wnt a website design created for a web designing company. The website should have the look and feel of It should be colourful and eye-catching. My client needs something which has the "WOW" effect!!

The Website is of 4-5 pages, including the Home Page. I will provide the Banners for all the pages nd the content.

Pretty simple work. Expect this to be completed in a weeks time. I shall provide further details on confirmation.

Happy Bidding!

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Fix OSCommerce showing as self-referral in Google Analytics

Stop reading if you are not a Google Analytics pro.

We have an OSCommerce website for which all Google Analytics codes have properly been installed (in the footer). Everything works properly and traffic data as well as E-commerce data is collecting right now.

However, our own website shows as a referral in our traffic sources.
Not only is our own website a referral to ourselves, but 100% of our sales supposedly come from this referral which is our own site.

To be exact, shows as a referral to Moreover, all sales come from this referral which means we have no way of actually knowing the real source of transactions.

So if you come to via adwords and make a purchase, in analytics instead of saying a transaction was made and the traffic originated from adwords, it will say the traffic originated from

This issue should be fixed.

Additionally, the freelancer is expected to set up tracking for a referral campaign with another website.

In all cases, the freelancer should explain specifically what changes he has done.

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CED Urdu website

WE are an organization serving South Asian Urdu speaking immigrant women in Toronto. We have a website, but it is in English Lanuage. we want to create an option on the home page for Urdu language, and then create a copy of the English languge website. It need an Urdu language page as well as translation of English website into Urdu language. Only those freelancer who can work on the website as well as translate English into professional Urdu writing should apply. we want to see a sample of your work before assigning the contract. Once set up we want a monthly update.

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Oscommerce Site Product Loading

I need to load 2500+ product on my Oscommerce website.

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WordPress plugin (character counter)


I need a character counter in comments in WordPress.

This project consists of 3 parts:

1. Dynamic counter
When guest try to leave a comment once he type a first character – it will show "1". When he type the next character it will show "2" etc.. Spaces are also characters!

2. Character counter
Once guest left the comment – it will show how many characters are in the comment (this information should be placed at the top right side of the comment)

3. Summary counter
At the main page of website I would like to see how many characters in total guests left. This information should be placed in a sidebar.

Would be great if it can be a plugin/script, so I could install it myself to my WordPress website (with your help)

Pretty simple project for the right provider.

Once you place your bid – please send me PM and make me sure that you fully understand the project.

Looking forward for your bids.


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Portfolio Website for Videographer/Editor

I am a freelance videographer/editor who is looking to create a website to generate me potential clients and future work.

The purpose of this site is to act as a portfolio website to show off my work, provide potential clients with background info about me, and allow them to contact me directly. This would be ideal and be invaluable to me as a freelance videographer/editor.

My website would need to have:

Home Page
– Small spot for news, and a featured content (ie- a movie)
About Me
– Background info about me and the services I offer
– A gallery of videos that people can watch that showcase my work
– A gallery of production stills from various sets Ive been on
Contact Info + some sort of form for people to submit quarries
-Basic contact info

Here is an example site of what I am looking for:

David Lehre is a mega successful videographer/editor who has "made it" in the industry. His site is exactly what I am looking for to a T. (minus the forums) I really like the layout.

Please let me know if you can provide me with a solution and timeframe!

Thank you!

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OsCommerce Website Modfication


I have a oscommerce website for which I need the title tags of the product details pages to be the name of the product for that page. At the moment every product details page has the same title tag.

So in other words each product has its own product details page. The name of the product needs to be <title> tag, so that every product details page has its own individual title tag.

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Oscommerce Simple Modification URGENT

Hello, I currently have a OSCOMMERCE website.

The product detail page currently displays a Single Small image of the product. I would like to be able to show 3 bigger images on the product detail page.

Budget is $30

This project is urgent, i would choose amongst the first 10 bidder, please place your bid asap.

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