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Experienced Article Writer Needed

Your primary task is able to write good 1 unique articles (450 words) on various topics every hour

You must be an author and have written article and accepted by them.

You must be able to write article for web content (keyword density,LSI focused)

Important notes:
– Great native English speaker and writer
– Reliable and hardworking person
– Able to meet project deadlines
– Long term career opportunity with rewards and attractive incentives
– Available at Skype for updates during working days

Our offer : USD 1.5 USD 2 per hr
4hr per day, 80 hrs per month.

Please note:

a) All candidate need to show previous working experience to us

b) All candidates must do a simple test to show that you know how to submit article and build link

c) Then you need to go through an interview process with us.


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Slide Show Prow Full Screen Background In Joomla

I am using Joomla 1.6.1 and have created a module with standard output from Slide Show Pro Director ( if I place in joomla "debug" position I can get a 100% scalable flash slide show however I need it as a full page background on the main page with all content in front. I have tried changing the css of extra1 postion with z-index : -1000 but is still does not work?

I need a fix please.

Website is

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Adsense Website Making 10$ – 15$ Daily

I am looking for a adsense ready profitable website to be developed that makes $300 to $500 per month. (Please Read Carefully)

I already have the domain and web hosting myself, just use the sub-domain to show the keyword. You will choose the keyword and i make one wordpress blog with the keyword using sub-domain. Ill give you the password.

You will be responsible for writing the SEO optimized content, fully configuring and updating the website. Website should be developed in one of WordPress,

Site must follow the following :

– WordPress based
– Contain unique content with at least 50 unique posts/articles that are not published yet
– Must be original and SEO applied
– SEO Marketing as required
– Must earn $10 – $15/day per month and for long term.
– Any niche except adult, finance, loan, Pharmaceutical, violence, gambling & not acceptable sites
– All copyrights will be assigned to me in writing
– Must contain related images to niche topic
– Design its up to you. Must be nice and catchy
– Unique organic traffic (no bots or traffic buy sites)
– Must Be Adsense and clickbank optimized
– Have an Adsense account already; Bidder can suggest what other accounts required

I will pay the amount of bid only after I see constant income in my adsense account. I will hold the payment for 45 days untill we are sure. No partial payments done. When project gets finish, you will be paid in full. The bidder should consider the following points:

Tell me how you grow traffic to website.
Show me the proof of income after 30 days of launching of website, day by day statics to be provided ( Unique Visitor, Unique clicks, ad clicked, text-ads clicked)
Show me some of your previous website/blogs that you already created (that must not be your own)

We can make great business if this project runs OK

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Updated Online Address Book

I need to create an online address book with php/html front end into a mysql back end that will be hosted on local pc with xampp. It needs to be similar to simple customer but with some additional changes. Using simple customer as a base template, to include additional search functions, print options as well as advanced note taking capabilites and reporting function.

1. dashboard page – show total contact stats in two graphs: 1. by last 7 days and 2. last month. show lates notes

2. contact page – add facility (in pop-up) to add notes to contact, add radio box or tick box that records date that last spoke to.

3. contact details – ability to move to next or previous record in database, show list of dates last contacted.

4. search – ability to search and display results by street ascending or descending,

5. print search results with phone number

6. retain abilty to import and export from/to csv file

7. sidebar – show quick link to streets in database

The point of this is to use it as a tool for monitoring prospect phone calls so key information recorded is that date that they were last contacted and notes taken.

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OsCommerce Site 20110404

I have a template created in psd that is 85% correct but ready. You will be required to make only small changes 15% to the psd file. Basically you will just need good colour sense and layout knowledge.

The template will need to be cut and an oscommerce website created. As this is for a new site, you will be required to install somewhere about 20. (eg, cms, SEO, sitemap, article manager, postage, payment gateway etc)

I would expect you have had alot of experience with OsCommerce and php programming, and can show me example of past work. As basically the deisgn/template is already created, having good programming/configuration skills is most important.

When you bid please let me know the time you need to complete this project.

I will only pay once the website is up on my server and I am happy it is configured correctly and working sucessfully.

You will need to be good with communication, follow instructions and give me regualer updates.

Max bid $300.

Show samples of previous oscommerce website you have designed. Only OsCommerce…

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I need a simple ipad application. It is going to be like a story base integrated with 2-3 characters. No much choosing and options, it is like a story telling. About 3-5mins

Things i need:
1. Design
2. Programming

When you apply let me know:
1. Cost
2. Projects you done before for IPAD n IPHONE APP**** (must show example, good to show like story board etc to proof that you done it)
3. Must have experience and familiar with apple platform
4. How long you need?

Quote "read n agree" at the title, or you will be ignored.

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WordPress TV Show App

I want a wordpress plugin developing that will pull tv episodes embed codes, synopsis and titles from websites and post them automatically in seperate posts on wordpress. I also want the tv episdoes to update automatically when a new one is added to the websites. In short i want it to have the same features as one called StreamWP (

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Need A Website Design With Valid Abd Verified XHTML

Hello All,
I need a simple design to be build according to the attached images. I will need only one page for the design, which is home page. You will need to provide me valid and verified XHTML and it will have no inline css, and no tables.
You will need to give me two samples of the design according to the attached images but just with different colors.
After i show you the design screen shot you show to me to my client and he approve it, then you will need to produce a valid and verified XHTML. More details will be provided to winner.
I need this job to be done quickly.
Thank you

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Comedy Show Poster Design

We are looking for a creative person with awesome skills to design a poster for an upcoming stand up comedy tour.
We have a high res image and some text (performance dates and times etc).

Wed like something simple but eye catching and for you to preferably deliver a php or high res jpg profession file that we can send straight to the printers.

Posters will be A4 but wed also like the opportunity to print A2 if necessary.

Our demographic is 20-30s…a bit hipster….Style wise it has to be readable, not too flashy but something that oh course makes people interested in coming to the show.
The title is He Says/She Says
The photo is of 2 comedians a girl and a boy.

If you can send web links of previous work of this nature that would be a massive help.
Please send questions etc.
We have a reasonably fast time frame (1 week) so being able to manage that a necessity.

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USA Facebook Likes (Fans) NO SPAM OR BLACKHAT

Need Facebook "Likes" (Fans) for fan page. Need 100k fans minimum in the USA. Must show proof of past work (other fan pages that have 100k+ fans that you own). Must show sample work (500 fans sample) to show you can perform. New fans MUST be targeted (USA, have at least 130+ friends, and be active users of my application). Will explain more info about application after bid.




This is a LONG term project (I dont expect you to get 100k+ targeted fans in 1 week), therefore, money will be in escrow until job is complete AND before paying the money, I will wait 2 weeks after job is complete to make sure facebook does not ban the fan page. Then money will be released.

If you are serious and can complete this task, please bid. Include "single" in your bid so I understand you read these terms.

Thank you, and good luck!

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Starting An Application With Python

I am a very experienced web developer that has little experience with game servers and python. Im trying to start a game server hosting site for a game called Minecraft but I cant figure out how to start the server. I keep getting error codes and I dont know how to get around it.

The requirements of this job:

-Show me how to use python to start a game server (a jar file).
-Show me how to capture the process pid so I can terminate the server. I dont want to start it and have it get lost forever in the processes eating up my cpu.
-Show me how I can use python to record the information. I dont know the best way to do this but Im thinking it needs to be recorded to a mysql db.

To be perfectly honest I dont even know if this will work on my server. Ive written a simple python file that executes the server on my own computer but the same setup does not work for my server (paid hosting). So Im not sure if my server is blocking me from running the application. If someone can tell me this before they start that would be great. Id rather not pay someone to tell me- "oh yah, this aint going to work. 30 bucks prease!!".

Oh! And if youre Indian or Pakistani or what-have-you, do NOT just post some stupid s*** like- "Lets do it…" and expect me to even consider you. Not that your background has anything to do with it, I just see this ALL THE TIME from these two countries. You must be able to speak english and explain this to me (I love to learn). Im sick of seeing your bids…. really.

Budget: $30 – cmon this is easy!

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Quick Question About MySQL + PHP

My problem is : when a user type in a textbox :

hi my name is (ENTER KEY)

in mysql it does show as
hi my name is (ENTER KEY)

but when I test the content of that text it show this error : alert("hi my name is <—–

it stop at the first enter key, is there anyway I could read enter key in Database and test it with an alert that will show the full text ?

Thanks , sorry about my english.

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Fix Facebook Like Button In Internet Explorer

Need someone to make my facebook like button show up in Internet Explorer. Its show s up in fire fox butr not IE, 30 firm.

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Expert Level Review Writer Needed

I am looking for an expert article writer who can write 3 product reviews, related to health topic. All of the reviews will be around 1000-1200 words and will be based ONLY one keyword.

This project is for editorial level article writing and not for some article directories or spinned content. Please apply ONLY if you can show me your previous review experience preferably in health niche.


1. Extensive experience writing editorial level content. Not just informational but soft sell and hard sell copy
2. Basic Understanding of sales psychology and what drives customers to click and purchase. You need to be able to write reviews which are actually SELL!
3.Product reviews will be 1000 words minimum with research and soft-sells to the reader.

You will have to take a DEEP research and looking up product manuals, customer reviews at other websites and create a good flowing and personal product review (We will provide template and examples)

If you agree with above requirements and are qualified for this project, please send us a reply and we will proceed with interview. Start your application with the word &quot;REVIEW EXPERT&quot; to show me you red all the job description above.

The smaller bid will be consider as a big advantage! Show me and prove me you are the best and worth more than you charge for.

This 3 reviews project is a test project. If I am satisfied with you, youll get much more work.

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Website Update And Revision


We need someone to make changes to our website.

Project as follows :
1. Insertions of new links
2. Update content with provided text
3. Insertion of .pdf docs/brochures for online viewing to be updated
4. Replace flash on Start-Up to main index page as its loading too slow for clients with slow PCs.
5. Backup the site and load it onto our server for safe-keep.

The individual doing this project must :
1. Show he is competent in web design / maintenance
2. Show me PAST works in jpeg or links
3. Must be dedicated to completion with minimum delays.


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Looking For Facebook Developer Coder

Im looking for a professional facebook developer/coder to create several applications according to my requirements, I have several examples to show.. Please only professional developers who have already worked on applications, you can show me examples if you like, price of the project can be discussed later.

Thanks for looking

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Simple Apps Template For Demo

A company requested to do a demo on iPhone Apps, the project have two phases, phase I will be demo and we need to show some concept on our proposal; phase II is actual production. At this Job, we mainly focused on Phase I first.

The apps is designed for an internal company to prompt their products and events;

1. Splash Screen, when the apps launched will show the splash screen and until user tap anywhere then jump to main menu.

2. Menu Screen; with 5 tab and navigation bar on top.
2.1 Event List; First Tab
2.2 Product; Second Tab
2.3 Photo Gallery; Third Tab
2.4 Contact; Fourth Tab
2.5 Location; Fifth Tab

Tab Layout:
1. Event List Tab
– Simple Table view with 5 Levels
– Show the event name
– Tap on each table row can alter row text

2. Product Tab
– Advanced Table View with 5 Levels
– Advanced Table will show Image at 1st Line Left, Price at 1st Line Right, Description at 2nd Line
– Tap on each table row can alter row text.

3. Photo Gallery Tab
– We will load certain images, e.g. 10 images
– User can swipe left and right to go back and forth view
– Click on each View can prompt a individual message; e.g. Assign a unique ID for each image

4. Contact & Location Tab
– Just only 1 Simple View Only, just put a different label is ok

Attached with simple structure; above Demo do not required any actual data so developer can put their own testing data and ensure the workflow is works then ok.

– Source Code Required
– Able to complete on before 6 Apr 2011.
– Please PM for any question

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Graphical Output Tool

i need a graphical tool built to show what links are connected to any website and links to those links – down to as many as there are

The software needs to show the number of links , the url of the link , plus pagerank of each site

Output required to excel

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Heatmap System

Hello guys;

I am looking for a person who be able to make a heatmap system.

It is not just the heatmap system, it is a full website based in a heatmap system.

The heatmap will show where people clicked and it also will show some stats like what kind of browser are using the visitors, refers, SO…. (kind of analytics stats)

There will be a login and account users and some other details.

Please contact me just person with experiences. It is serious.

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Facebook FBML Landing Page

I am looking for a designer proficient in Facebook FBML and graphic design, who can design a sophisticate and effective Facebook landing page to increase our fan base:

The Facebook page must include:

1. A high Quality and attractive appearance.

2. A clear call to action (Step 1- Like us; Step 2: Sign up for our free giveaway) with an attractive arrow pointing to the like button.

3. Opt-in Box for people to enter their name and email which will be integrated with our mail account

4. Allow users to invite Facebook friends and spread the word.

Please include a portfolio of similar work that you have successfully completed for review.


Thank you for your interest

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Presentation To Apply Project Management Software At Work

I need a presentation to show to my boss. It applies to using a project management software called JIRA. Currently the company uses email to manage and communicate across projects and I have been tasked with presenting a brief (in a concise word doc form), a PowerPoint presentation that i can show in less than 10 minutes, and also a flowchart or perhaps two included that will help show how JIRA can help with the current processes used by our marketing team. I will want an analysis of the current situation, pros and cons of using JIRA and then some options for moving forward, including a business case for hiring a professional consultant to help implicate JIRA into our processes and staff training.

I already have a brief that can be used to source some of the information, and I will provide any information you need to do the work. i will expect the work to be done within 2 days, ready for me to review and then submit to you for changes.

Please start your bid off with your favorite color so I will know you read the whole thing and was paying attention. The successful applicant will be considered for a full time Virtual Assistant position. Show your past work.

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Monthly Rollover

I want to enhance an existing spreadsheet to allow some automation. Imagine can achieve these by getting some macros written:
1. a monthly rollover of key closing balances to opening balances in next months spreadsheet
2. automatically at month end transfer summary of the months data onto a table of key data so that it is available for later months. e.g. In Feb spreadsheet show Jan data as history. In Mar sheet show Jan and Feb data as history. (Summarised)
3. after the finalisation of the months spreadsheet create 4 seperate spreadsheets that show 4 individual companies data. Anticipate may have to make data values only as otherwise spreadsheet formulas may not work.

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Effects Library MonoTouch, OpenGL ES 1.1

Seeking a fast effects library in Monotouch C# that uses OpenGL ES1.1 for the use in tile based games and related UI.

You can employ particle effects or clever use of textures and blending.

Show as demos in sequence, where required use a sprite character to demonstrate effects such.

I am familiar with libariries out there and is looking for more than a few days worth of using Google.

Must contain 20+ effects which include the following.

– Lightning effect
– Lazer effects, e.g. shot and beam.
– Force field
– Various pulse effects for position on map high lighting
– Scanner effect on spriite
– Explosions
– Blood and body parts
– Fluid (e.g. water)
– Fire/Smoke/Plume/Clouds/
– UI effects ( highlight texture, sheen, )

Preference but not all necessary towards bidders who show
– Quantity and quality
– An effects library that is fast and scalable in number of instants
– Who can produce a demo (one or two effects) or a video to secure the bid and similar in the first milestone.
– Bonus effects that work on openGL ES 2.0 with shaders

Please contact me if you have questions.

Kind regards.

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Show Reel Done In Flash

I have done a story board in flash which I describe in brief detail. I want it animated as per instructions and all art work will be supplyed and music for the show reel. The animation will last 10 secs aprox

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Webcam Customer Support Represenatives!


This position is only for FEMALE. This is not an adult webcam show job but it is pretty close to being an adult job. Basically our client has a website which sells adult products (dildo, vibrators etc). They have got tons of traffic on it and already have chat and phone support but we are thinking about adding a few webcam support girls. This will boost our sales for sure.

We need around five females for this role.

Role would be:

– Speak to the customers who are already interested and calling in and guide them, inform them, show them how to use the product. Yes you may even need to show the customers how to use the product if needed now the good part is that they can only ask you to show them how to use the product only after they have purchased the product so we know that they are not scamming us or dont just want our agents to get naked. The agent working will know who has bought the product and who has not. The good part is that you do not need to be naked on the job all the time (you ll only need to get naked for the customers who purchase and ask on how to use the product) but you would need to wear sexy clothes.

This position pays $8 per hour basic plus bonus (you can easily make $12-15 per hour). Our chat support people make around $2 per hour as bonus on top of their basic and you will surely get more bonus because you ll be selling more then them.

There are three shift options:

1) A full time position of any 8 hours of your own choice in the day.

2) A part time position of any 4 hours of your own choice in the day.

3) Weekend position (full time over the weekend).

We have not really done a lot of hiring on Freelancer but you can check our companys stats on Odesk. Our username on Odesk is nickcarter0084 or you can search by nick carter & co.


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A Bit Of CSS And Ajax

I have a site that needs some CSS and AJAX modifications made to it. Its not a major project and should not take a pro long to do. Basically the site has assets that are not in the correct place (the CSS part) and need to be put back where they belong. The site needs to display properly in all modern browsers. I also have some links from the home page that need to link to a page that uses AJAX to show that pages information (the AJAX part).

I can supply PSDs to help show what I require.

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Holiday Portal Required

I need a holiday portal … just like other holiday portals. I know there are ready made scripts available with good designs and all. Please show me what you have made. Only bid if you already have a portal to show right now … I cannot make it from scratch dont have time really.

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Make An Affliate Website


I want to make an affiliate hotel booking website, i am affiliate of, i want to show search box on my page. user will use this search box and it will use API you can find here ( ), and get list of hotels according to search criteria, then select hotel show details and click on book hotel now. just four to five pages needed, no need to make admin panel

just send xml request, get response and display results. It is affiliate so need not to process credit card this time

for more clarifications you can ask me

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Integrate Google Map Into Data

We are looking to integrate Google Maps API with the results of our data.

We want our event listing to show a map with the "Location" on the google map.
We want it to be picked up by google map API as we have name of location example "new delhi, India", "Los angeles, California" in our data.
Whereas when we click on an entry on map, it shows data of it.
If you have prior experience, please bid, we will then show the site, and the data. Thanks. Bids only under 100 USD.

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