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Design Project For Tire Shop (Flyers, Brochures, Signs, Etc)

Hello, This project involves designing business documents for a tire shop. All material will have the same theme, color combinations, and overall message so it is not a bunch of documents that need to be separately designed and made from scratch. In fact the logo and business card is already designed so you have a head start on the theme/colors. Listed below is the different documents needed:

– 5-8 Flyers/Brochures tailored to different markets
– 6-7 Banners/signs
– Letterhead, envelopes
– Craigslist/kijiji templates
– 3-5 Decals/stickers
– Magazine/yellowpages advertising spot (3"x5")
– Brochure/Materials holders

READ THIS CAREFULLY: Any respondants must have a portfolio, several attachments, or a website to see your previous work. We will only accept bidders who do not have restrictions on the revisions, of course, within reason.


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Signs Site Made

I need a Magento site that calculates prices for signs made. Ill pay $150 for this work. I need it done in 18 days or less.

I have a jpg of how my client wants the homepage to look. No psd though.

For more info download these files.

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Magento Signs Site Made

I need a Magento site that calculates prices for signs made. Ill pay $150 for this work. I need it done in 18 days or less.

I have a jpg of how my client wants the homepage to look. No psd though.

For more info download these files.

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Long Terms Revenue Stream

Start your PM with Yes I can"

We are looking for freelancers that can generate relevant traffic to our website using blog writing, site reviews and links.
If you currently have people visiting your blog, or if you think you can generate enough interest in your blog, were willing to pay!

What are we prepared to do for you?
We are prepared to pay a one time US$30 for every person that signs up on our website as a result of your work, and an additional $5 a month for as long as this person is a paying customer. Essentially, you can get paid $60 a year (plus an initial $30, making a total of $90 for first year) for every person that signs up as a result of your work!

What are you expected to do?
Write a blog, post links, write a review about our website promoting our product, which sells very easily. You will get a special code to put on the link which will identify you as the commission beneficiary when the person signs up. Its that simple. The more you write blogs, comments, links the more money you can make.

Exact details about the website and single product (its a service) will be given to qualified people in the PM.

Start you PM with "Yes I can", and follow with any questions you may have about this project.

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Need Someone To Make And Run Sign-up Bot


I need someone to create a bot for me which signs up, changes IP and signs up again. Need another bot to login to the created accounts and post something and logout. More features.

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Description of project
I have a small business which is sign related. Our store in located in Brooklyn NY. Our web site is Joomla based. We want to improve our traffic with SEO links, posts, reviews, Google analytics, broken links, old cache from google.

This is an ongoing engagement however we expect results within 90 days first and then we will extend the contract for longer term if successful.

a) 50% grow in natural visits at the end of the project, result based on search-engines report (Google analytics)
b) At least 70% of our selected keywords are on first page

We pursue mostly localized community within 200 miles radius: we would like to increase popularity, enhance our image and increase visibility to our local community/patients.

Part 1) Links building only Generic
300 PR4+ quality one-way/theme/diff IP/back links, 500 PR2+ one-way/related good links
-photos links
-300 Social bookmarking submissions
-200 Directory submissions
-300 Articles submitting: we need someone to provide article contents in English

**All links must be one-way, permanent, NO spam, hidden pages, Google banned sites, unethical tactics, directory unrelated, or Black Hat methods……..etc., or anything that will affect company image.

Part 2) Rank high at Google, Yahoo and Bings searches:
20+ keywords will be used for the project, those are fairly competitive that driving us traffic, we want at least 70% of them rank on page 1 on Google, Yahoo and Bing, especially for the 5+ main selected keywords.

Part 3) Site Optimization:
In depth analysis and audit, on-site content optimization, site maps, site links created and submitted, site checked for errors in search engine submissions, conforms to HTML standards

Result measurements:
– After we receive an Excel spreadsheet with all URLs that link to us. We will check every URL
-Our Overall traffic report

Lead time: This project is ongoing with results expected within 30-60 days with option to extend on the maintenance basis. Another site will go live soon. Start immediately.

We need ONLY QUALITY work! Experienced SEO specialists only! Please bid only if you are very experienced, can show your previous work.
Basic keywords.
Signs, awnings, sign repair and service, neon sign, Banners, channel letters, Light box signs, sign cabinets, dimensional letters, metal signs, tin signs, construction signs, site signs, Full color printing, full color banners. And more to come.

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Graphic Designer Needed For Signs

We need someone to create 14 table signs (14 x 10 or close to that – preferably 2 sides because tables are round) which will have the names of locations from the Harry Potter books printed on them in a gothic font – creativity is appreciated! Examples of locations include: "No. 4, Privet Drive", "Little Whinging", "Surrey, England", "Diagon Alley", "The Forbidden Forest", "Gringotts Bank", "Hogwarts", "Hogsmeade", "Kings Cross Train Station", "London", "The Quidditch Pitch", "The Shreaking Shack", "Dumbledores Office", "The Ministry of Magic".

We will also need 3 larger signs that say,"Welcome to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry!", "Platform 9 3/4" and "The Leaky Cauldron" and a one sided table sign that says "Kids, which house will the sorting hat select for you?!".

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2 Signs (custom Poster)

Two similar custom cut signs to be created. Need to use Adobe Illustrator. Will provide some images to edit and create.

Both signs are layered (will be printed on gator board and cut with a sample making machine). Thus, I need Ai files for the cuts. You can place PS files in the AI document.

No brainer for a top-notch designer. I have a bunch of images you will need to remix and make a beautiful sign.

budget is $45. This this completed ASAP.

Your bid will not be considered unless you provide a portfolio.

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2 Signs (custom Poster)

Two similar custom cut signs to be created. Need to use Adobe Illustrator. Will provide some images to edit and create.

Both signs are layered (will be printed on gator board and cut with a sample making machine). Thus, I need Ai files for the cuts. You can place PS files in the AI document.

No brainer for a top-notch designer. I have a bunch of images you will need to remix and make a beautiful sign.

budget is $45. This this completed ASAP.

Your bid will not be considered unless you provide a portfolio.

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EBay Ad Builder

I own an LED manufacturing company we are looking to target the LED signs sales on eBay and post as many ads as the top poster on ebay at prices under his, with a warranty that is better than his by far. This job should be a small pay with a bonus as to what is sold. We will be selling basigninc brand LED outdoor signs.

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Two similar custom cut signs to be created. Need to use Adobe Illustrator. Will provide some images to edit and create.

No brainer for a top-notch designer.

budget is $45

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Looking For T-Shirt Designer (Vector Design Style)

Hi there.

Im looking at getting a 10 shirt range together that incorporates my company name called Toxic Torso… so it must incorporate stuff like hazard signs, and other toxic elements that you see on hazard stuff etc anything related to the toxic and hazard signs you get.

Here is an example:,1226495005,4/stock-vector-hazard-signs-collection-vector-20412586.jpg

To understand what I fully want I suggest going to the Tapout or Affliction website and looking at their designs… now obviously I dont want a copy of that but I want splashes and vectors they have… difference is that instead of the goth look they incorporate, im after the hazard and toxic look. What im looking for is that one sign (like the biohazard sign) is incorporated per shirt as the main theme… with splatter effects and vector brushes completing it. The name "Toxic Torso" should also be incorporated somewhere in each design…

10/31/2010 at 11:02 EDT:

Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.


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Scaled-Down Web Platform Similar To Vistaprint


Dynamic Mobile Messaging, LLC was founded with the purpose of broadening general expression and advertising on automobile exteriors. Sticky Frames

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Grade 2 Braille Translator (especially For Signs)

I plan on documenting and publishing/printing Normal english text into Braille. Most of the time these will be some SIGNS(advertisement) sort of thing.

These will be some artworks that are used to produce the signs. Always drawn at full size and typically showing the shape of the sign and the graphics and sometimes crop-marks for the sign.

Since many of our signs require Grade 2 Braille, the typesetting requires a translator. (Note – its not as simple as changing the font).

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Need SEO For My Websites….need A Reliable Expert

I have a site that is a few years old and I pay a good amount for Adwords and would like to tone that back and improve my organic search location.

I have a few phrases in mind for my site

I would like to rank in the top 3 on google for

street signs – I currently am 17th, so on the second page
personalized street signs – I am currently on the 5th page of google but used to be on the first page.
custom street signs – used to be on the second page and now nowhere to be found

I have posted my current rankings because in the past I have paid and someone and they say they help but they didnt.

These are two phrases I want to focus on and will add more later and offer SEO opporunities for my other websites to someone that shows me excellent results.

Must be legal white hat concepts here people, no black hat stuff.

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URGENT: I Need 60 Genuine FREE Dating Signs Up Within 24hrs.

I need 60 Genuine FREE Dating Signs up within 24hrs to signup on my affiliate site. PLEASE BID NOW. I will choose bidder in 1 hr.

I will only pay after 2 weeks once im happy with the signups being genuine people. The signups is preferablly from first world countries like USA, Europe etc BUT not China.

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Hello, I am looking for people to sign up on this program. Is about taking cheap vacations
and also building a passive residual income. The main focus of this project is
introducing the project to people and asking them to sign up. Is easy and very
rewarding. Youll need to let me know how many people youre able to
get them signed up so that youll be rewarded accordingly. Youll be paid $5 that signs up.
Reward will increase for more signs up. The more you sign up , the more your reward increases.
For the second person that signs up , you get $10.Ill stop here.
Is an amazing opportunity and Im looking to work with the right person for long term. Countries
Im looking for the list of people who lives in sweden and intersted
in travelling.

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Customization To PHPWeby And Possibly WPMU/b2e

I would like to integrate phpweby ( with multi user/website builder (such as WPMU).

The idea is a web directory with 2 types of users:
1) customers signs up and automatically received updates/newsletter from site
2) businesses signs up and is allocated their own mini/micro sites like WPMU/b2e – but not in blog style.

ps. extension to the CB – community builder or SOBI2 in joomla seem good, or WPMU or B2E

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500 Corrugated Bandit / Yard Signs

In need of 500 Bandit / Yard signs 18" x 24"
Signs will need to be 1 to 2 colors (text only)

Please provide samples for review.

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We Need An Area Agent In Australia

We are a professional company specialized in design and production of various types of indoor and outdoor Signage. The company

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Daily Horoscope Facebook Application


we want a facebook application.

the application will show daily horoscope signs , we will give the rss link of signs interpretation.

user can add his/her profile the horoscope signs box.

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Vbulletin Forum – To My Arcade

I would like my members from my arcade to freely go between
my arcade and the forum without have 2 sets of log-ins +
The software used:( phparcadescript +

There is a already a "bridge" made, but for the phpbb not Vbulletin.

Features are as listed.
* When a new user registers for your arcade, it registers them for the forums
* When a user signs in to arcade, it signs them in to forums
* When a user signs out of arcade, it signs them out of forums
* If a user had an avatar set in arcade, it sets the same in phpbb
* If you set an avatar in phpBB3 it uses the same in arcade
* Full vbulletin PM Messaging System Integration.
* For every post made in the forums, gives a configurable amount of points in arcade
* If you ban/delete a user in arcade, it bans/deletes in vbulleting.
* If your arcade already has users it will check the forums database
and add any users not already there
* You dont need to integrate the arcade and forums in to one SQL if you dont want,
it can use two seperate MySQL databases

Thanks for reading.

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Help With An MLM Web Application

I have started an MLM web application and need help to finish it. This web app is done in ASP.Net (VB.Net in 3.5 environment) and SQL Server 2005. I would need someone who has worked on MLM websites before and can develop efficient tree traversal methods for binary trees in order to calculate commissions for everyone in the database. These methods should use multithreading as they will require a lot of resources.

I need help with the calculations of the commissions, PQVs and GQVs. I need to be able to calculate commissions for a specified number of levels based on your distributor type id commissions. ANy work that you do would need to be integrated into my application. I have the functionality to purchase products online and write records to the sales and orders table so you would need to calculate the percentage for the commissions for everyone in your tree and all subtrees in your tree.

Here are some of the business rules:
1 – Distributors sign up other distributors on the website. When any distributor signs up another distributor, the new distributor would need to be placed in the tree of the distributor that signed them up. He/she would have to be placed under the next available distributor that doesnt have 2 distributors assigned to them (taking into consideration the right and left leg). This next available distributor would then be the Sponsor for the newly created distributor. I just need the ContactID of that contact(sponsor) so I can enter it into the SponsorID column when the new user is created. I enter the ContactID of the person doing the enrolling into the EnrollerID column of the newly created record. I have 2 CTEs that populate my EnrollmentTree and SponsorTree tables but Im not sure if theyre doing what they should be. These CTEs are run as a SQL job at regular intervals.

2 – Commissions: This process should be automated so that the user doesnt have to log in to initiate the calculation.
Here are some facts about getting paid your commissions:
-You must meet your monthly quota (minimum $99.00 a month in online purchases) in order to get paid commissions from your downline for that month.
-You will always get 5% from sales in your downline.
-Your downline consists of your tree and every subtree in your tree.
-Based on your Distributor Rank, you will be paid up to a certain number of levels below you. (There are exceptions to this…see below)
-e.g. Associate (first level) will get paid 2 levels down
Director (second level) will get paid 4 levels down
Junior Executive (third level) will get paid 6 levels down
Senior Executive (fourth level) will get paid 7 levels down
Presidential Executive (fifth level) will get paid 8 levels down
Executive Partner (sixth level) will get paid 8 levels down

– Exceptions: all distributors in your downline must make their monthly quota of ($99.00) for you to get commissions from them. If they dont, then you can get the commissions from the distributor below this one, provided they made their quota…and so on. So if an associate can get commissions from 4 levels but one of the distributors in the 4rd level didnt make their monthly quota in sales, then you would get the commissions from one distributor in the 5th level. This applies to all levels.

3 – Distributors also get paid a certain amount when signing up a new distributor.
Here is the breakdown:
Associate – $40
Director – $80
Junior Executive – $130
Senior Executive – $170
Presidential Executive – $190
Executive Partner – $200
Also there is a 5-4-3-2-1 bonus. If an Associate signs up a distributor, he gets $40, the Director above them gets $50, the Junior Executive above him gets $40, the Senior Executive above them gets $30, the Presidential Executive above them gets $20 and the Executive Partner above them gets $10…assuming that these uplines exist. ou can never pay more than $200 for new signups.

You can also get an additional bonus if you sign up distributors in a weekly period.
3 Distributors in a week – $100
4 Distributors in a week – $200
5 Distributors in a week – $400

4 – All distributors have a PQV (Personal Qualification Volume) and GQV (Group Qualification Volume) in their profile. These numbers should be dynamic or updated once or twice a day.
PQV – This is the amount of points in sales that you have sold in the month (1 point per dollar of sales) or any regular customer that you are the Enroller for (Your ContactID will be their EnrollerID).
GQV – This is the amount of points in sales that your group below you have sold in the month (1 point per dollar in sales). Your group consists of the distributors in your tree and all subtrees in your downline. This counts for product sales as well as points from distributors you enroll.

5 – You will also move up distributor ranks by the amount of associates you have Enrolled.
Associate – enroll 2 associates and maintain a $99 in Autoship sales or $200 from customer sales.
Director – enroll 3 associates and maintain a $99 in autoship and have a 2000 GQV/month.
Junior Executive – enroll 6 associates, remain active ($99/month) and a 12000 in GQV/month.
Senior Executive – enroll 10 associates, remain active ($99/month) and a 40000 in GQV/month.
Presidential Executive – enroll 15 associates, remain active ($99/month) and a 80000 in GQV/month.
Executive Partner – enroll 20 associates, remain active and a 150000 GQV/Month.

Before calculating commissions we would check to see how many associates the user has enrolled and then update their DistributorTypeID to the proper rank. Then, that will determine how many levels to check below them for commissions.

Theres a grace period for all new enrollees, if they sign up after the 15th of the month, they can use the remainder of that month and the next full month. This extended period would be used to calculate their new enrollees and volumes in order to move them up in the ranks so that theyre given a fair chance to move up.

I can supply you with a copy of my database. You may need to make some changes based on what you will need to do. I will also need help in implementing the work that you will be doing.

Thanks and let me know if anyone has prior experience in doing this.

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A site which will insure individually named articles belonging to our clients against certain events occurring to that article, the client will pay a set joining fee plus an ongoing monthly fee dependant on the overall value of the articles insured.
On joining the client will pay via an ecommerce portal the one time joining fee, the client should be issued an i.d. number which will identify his insured articles on the database as being his and will allow him to retrieve a full list of insured articles whenever he signs in.
The client will enter the details of each article in a database which will record the following details:
Date and time entered
The Location of the article
The Description of the article
The Serial Number if applicable
The Model Number if applicable
The Registration Number if applicable
The Insurance Value of the article

The database should also record the i.d. number of the client and once the store button is pressed the client will not be allowed to update the database except for marking an article as removed from the database and the time and date this was done. The article will never be removed from the database unless we remove the client manually or he no longer subscribes to the site for a period not less than 3 months.
The monthly billing should be derived from the database insurance value field and will be based on a business formula to be discussed. The monthly bills should be issued by the system to the clients in pdf format.
The client should be able to add and subtract from the database without hindrance whenever he signs in, the new monthly billing amount should be shown to the client at this time.
The client should be able to view and download in pdf format a full history of items in various report formats such as history, deleted items, current items etc.
The sign in process should also allow the client access to privileged information via webpage or downloadable in pdf format.
The database should be in Microsoft access format or have the facility to export to that database format.

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Looking For AdultContent Writers,Chatters,eWhores,and Flirts

Im looking for a few good writers/chatters/ewhores.

Are you an adult content writer?
Do you like chatting and flirting online?
Have you ever worked for a adult affiliate network before?
Do you need a great full time income, that you could generate online?

If you answered yes, then I need you!
I am Affiliate Manager for an adult affiliate network.
We Pay 30$ per sale. A sale is paid when someone signs up under you to our dating site. We pay all affiliates weekly no matter how much you make.

So if you would like to flirt your way to a healthy 1 to 2k a week, then contact me now! If you are not into the adult work, but you are good at marketing, or have friends that are. We have a referral program that will make you 5% of every sale anyone gets that has signed up under you.

Thank you for your time, and i look forward to working with you.

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Webcam Models All Over The World Needed.

Hi there,

We are a big corporation all over the world and we are looking for talanted and expert people who have the ability and knowledge to get at least 25 performers/models monthly (female & male & shemale) for our Webcam Adult Website.

If you want to work with us thats simple. You will be given an agent code and every model that signs through you will be immediately associated to you. You may do what you want to get us what we need: craiglists posting, posting ads all over the world, etc…just talk with us.

If you deliver us 20 models you will get a long term contract concerning your earnings in relation to your models earnings. Please note that you will only be paid after 15 days that your models are online and after they are completely activated and working.

– each model will be paid $10 per private (model personally requested for 15 mins).

– for each private (for each 15 mins!) that your girl makes you will win $2.

This means that even if each of your model makes 8 privates/day, you will win $16/day for each performer. If you delivery us 20 models you will win around $7000/month.

We dont care how you get the models, or where: just bring them to us!! We are the best payers around! Bid only if you are sure you can do this.

PM me for more details.

Best Regards,
David Birg.

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