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Simple Iphone Application Needed

I need a simple iphone application that will provide my citys weather, movie listing, bar and restaurant listing. i will provide you with the links. maybe 4 to 5 pages needed.

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Simple IPhone Application

Need a simple demo Iphone app. The app will show the following:
1. List of things to choose from 3 times. (Example: Initial app will show list A, choosing an option will show list B, choosing another option will display list C. All this is static. User will finally choose option D.
2. From the list C above, when D option is clicked, go to, get gps location and show list of things (just a simple local search).
3. A separate icon below the list of search above will display another static page.

Exact details of what to display will be provided. We we like the demo, we will go for the entire project later.

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Need A Developer To Build An Iphone Application

I need a developer who can write an application for me that will involve capturing an incoming phone number, associating it with a contact and displaying data based on that information.

Its a simple app that should take an experienced developer a short amount of time to develop..

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Simple Iphone Application – Recruitment Company

I would like to find a developer for a very simple iphone application to be published by a recruitment company. The idea is to have a gadget for candidates to receive job alerts (= notifications about new jobs), status reports (= a html page emailed (or sent otherwise) to the app, and simple messages.

When a candidate has registered he shall receive a username (= email) and password. He shall enter these details into the iphone application to establish a connection between the app and this service.

Main functions:

1. Tab/Button "Jobs": Receive new jobs straight to the iphone (they need to be sent from a database software running on a local PC, not on a web server, not sure whats the best way of establishing this communication link, presumably email. But the email should not be displayed in the iphone mailbox then.) (display a page in HTML format)
2. Tab/Button "Status Report" If clicked, app needs to email a request with the username/password by email an email address monitored by the database, which will then generate and email back a HTML page which needs to be displayed in the iphone app (HTML format)
3. Tab/Button "Alerts": This should display messages which I send to this particular user directly from the database; it should be displayed by the iphone app (text or HTML format – depends on what is possible); "Reply" function needed which allows the user to compose a message which will be sent by email to the email address monitored by the database. The reply function can open the email function of the iphone so that the message is sent as a new email. It does not have to be displayed in a sent folder etc in the iphone app.
4. Tab/Button "Website": opens the company website in the browser.
5. Tab/Button "Help": displayes a HTML file with help instructions re how to use the app etc.

Of course your app has to pass the checks imposed by Apple and needs to qualify for inclusion in the itunes store (where people will be able to download it for free). If you have any references/demos please advise. Thanks.

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Ipad Iphone Application

We are looking to develop an Ipad / Iphone application to control lights inside a house. This involves creating a visually pleasing interface, preferably multi touch. Were users can set , recall and program lighting levels thought their house.
The Iphone / Ipad would then talk top our dedicated hardware through wifi to set the levels. We will supply protocol details.

The program would allow you to :
-Setup lighting faders for each of the lights and patch them
-Name each light/fader for example : Bath room , Lounge TV ..
-Group them per room, as one room may have more than one light
-Program each light level, some lights may have simple levels off -> on, other maybe have color pickers ( RGB)
-Set light patterns, effects for the lights for example intensity fades and colour changes
-Set levels for groups
-Save Presets (light levels and effects) and be able to recall them easily ( button press, gestures …)
-Recall presets using timers

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Push Notification Module

I need push notification module + some small php jobs on my website connected to my iPhone application

Simple job should take few hours (10 at the most)

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Design For A Simple IPhone Application


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Iphone4 Apps Developer

I am looking for a skilled Iphone apps developer to fulfill my requirement.

Please contact me if you have experience in iphone development with sound knowledge
and honest.

Simple Utility application

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Iphone Lottery – Simple Website

I need 1 or 2 pages webiste with nice design. It will be iphone lottery. Ppl register invite friends and and win iphones.
More info on pm. Need it fast

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Simple IPhone Application

Hello! I have a simple iPhone application that I would like created.

The summary:

1. User opens application, creates username and password, fills out profile info (age, etc…).

2. A list of jobs appears for the user to review.

3. The user applies to the job, attaches a video or photo from camera roll, and submits.

4. The submissions that are uploaded are available for my own review on a secure webpage. (basic, with a link to video or photo that was attached).

I will provide the hosting, server and sql database. I need to be able to easily add jobs to the application.
I will provide mock scketchups of the application.

Push notification is also requested so that the user can be notified of new jobs.

This is for an immediate project. 🙂 Please bid carefully as this is a smaller project, however will lead to a larger project if work is good and price is good.

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Simple Iphone Application

Request to build a simple iphone application:

the app should be able to count + and – and show the total result, the last entry, the target and the difference

the app should be able to register the timing of an entry

the app should have a different landscape and portrait view

The rest is very similar to any other iphone app: it should be possible to create, change, move up and down and delete "entries" similar to the iphone pre-installed weather or stock app from Yahoo. there should be a small menu at the top of the screen: "edit" and "log-in" and "learn more" button, including stadard menu features like share by mail, FAQ, Contact us, website-link etc. and the app should have an advertising bar at the bottom.

It should be easy to make the app available in different languages and I should be able to analyse usage data.

design should be in true iphone style. positioning and images like logos and icons will be provided, but the execution of the app design must be taken care of.

Please provide me with an estimate in budget and time and as a reference links to iphone applications your company have build. Also please let me know what the extra cost is to make it work in android as well.

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Simple IPhone Application

I am looking for a simple iPhone application to be created…

The application will contain but not limited to:

* The application will have an Aero Black theme
* The application will consist of 1 Audio file initially that on button press will be played with the option of obtaining more tracks from the apple store.
* The user will be able to choose from different options whilst playing the audio file (add/remove bground music, add/remove voice, etc.. separate audio files filenames will be provided for each one mentioned)
* The user will have the option of obtaining more audio tracks from our program via apple store.
* Full source will be handed to me at the end of the application with all rights.

I will provide a basic overview/template of how i want the application to run/work/look to the winning bidder.

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IPad IPhone Application – Simple Pendulum

I have a simple iPad and iPhone application that needs development: Simple Pendulum

Application: A Pendulum is hanging on a stick, when you shake the phone from left to right it hits the left and right side of the screen and makes a clang. You can choose one of 3 different colors and three different sized for the Pendulum. All rights belong to me.

Welcome screen
all parts necessary to make application work.
tested application that works

This is a Pendulum:

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Simple Iphone Application

Hello we have a website at
we would like a simple application for the iphone developed that allows the user to go to certain categories such as small tree, large tree, shrub etc and in these categories are all the appropriate plants listed alphabetically. you can then click on one of these and it brings up detailed information and a thumbnail that can be clicked for full screen version.

all the content can be found at

06/24/2010 at 4:59 EDT:

Note, we would then like the application published to app store under our own developer account.

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Simple IPhone Application. Many Audio Files

I need a iPhone application (iPad compatible)
The application is similar to a simple dictionary
but there are only audio files
(I have about 15.000 mp3. 320 MB total)
Every file is calls as same as word.
ex: house.mp3 contains the word – house –

* Search word. Possibility to listen word result
by click on it.
** If no match results, show similar words
** If no similar words, write – no match found –
* A Random search
* Possibility to save a word in a favourite list
(Max 10 favourite)

Thats all.

The critic point is the large number of audio files and iPhone performance.
If files are free, iPhone became very slow.
So you have to find a solution like a database, a binary file with audio into or similar.

Please let me know your bid and estimated completion time for such a project.

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Iphone Application Design And Simple Functionality.

I need to design iphone application , and to give it simple finctionality
its a news website so i want top menu
and list the news , and when clicking on the link
to open ,we will connect the app to database later
thanks ,
dont bid high
urgent application

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Very Simple Iphone Application

The project is for an Iphone application similar to the "iBeer" application.

-experience in graphics design is needed.

Dont hesitate to ask, if there are any questions.


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Simple iPhone App to create phone log

We are looking for an iPhone programmer to create a very simple application for us:

1. The application can generate a table or excel spreadsheet of weekly or daily phone logs.
2. The phone log table need to have 5 or 6 information columns such as "time stamp", "location stamp", "call duration", etc.
3. The application can email the table or spreadsheet to 2 or more email addresses supplied by the user.

An expert should be able to create this application in a few hours. Please provide a bid indicating price and number of hours required to complete this project.

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Mobile Phone Developers

We are seeking mobile platform developers that have a very good understanding of the C programming language and Java. Knowledge of Objective-C and Java ME (Java 1.3) are huge assets. Applicants who have already developed programs for mobile and cell phone platforms, as well as those familiar with the iPhone and Blackberry SDKs will be highly considered. Other assets include: High level communication skills, creativity and enthusiasm.

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iphone application

We need a very simple IPhone application

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iPHONE Radio Player simple

simple application for iphone/ipod users
would like it simple touch the iphone screen and launch the radio station.
its a free application for users.

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iphone UPC code reader

I need a upc barcode reader application for the iphone. This will be for standard UPC codes on most products. The iphone app should tie into a web page or a page built within the application that will tie into a website after the upc code is scanned. The product information (determined by the upc code) can be either located in the application for a limited number of products or be web-based for a larger selection of products. I can provide the UPC codes necessary.

The overall project will have several more components after the upc reader and the first choice preference for the rest of the project will go to the winning bid.

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Accent Training

We need to create an application on iPhone. The application will display a recorded video on one half of the screen, and on the second half, it will show the audio frequency (like most audio recording applications) in one color. Then the student will repeat the sound, and it will record it, and impose it on the original frequency, so that the student can see any "gaps" in pronunciation.

We’d like a simple way to be able to add and delete recording to this application.

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