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Rewrite 70 Article


I have 70 articles that need to be rewrite, 10 per day. PAY $1.00 PER ARTICLE

I will give you the articles that need to be rewritten, you can use all text or part of it. Final article must contain 500 word, be at least 85% unique from the old ones and pass Copyscape. If an article has many spelling, punctuation errors and does not pass Copyscape I will not pay for the article until it is fixed and resubmitted.

Please attach a sample of your previous work for my reference. Also, TEAMS WITH ENOUGH EXPERIENCE AND NATIVE WRITERS WILL GET FIRST PREFERENCE. However beginers can apply too.

Thank you.

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Writer Needed To Rewrite Article Provided Asappossible

Hi everyone,
PLease only bid if you have perfect english.
I need a writer to rewrite some article i would provided.
Each article would need 2 rewrite.
You would need to send the article in note pad format, with 8 paragraph each.
Each article need different title
The maximum price i am willing to pay per rewrite is 0.75 dont bid more than that.
Rewrite are a lots easier than original article to write as the original article is provided
and you just need to change idea,put synonym.
The writer would start with 15 article to rewrite 3 time each and if satisfy will have opportunity for
long term opportunity.
Its simple you just need to provide a good quality then you can have longer contract.
The writer need to produce the rewrite for 10 article daily.
I got the right to ask for rewrite if the writer is droping the quality during the project.
If the rewriter is doing a unacceptable job he
remember its easy when your doing rewrite i you change the words and sentence the article wont show
more than 5 or 6% copy in copyscape.
Any article that i will receive that show to much copyscape result will have to be rewrite.
Good luck everybody!

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Simple Proxy Script

We only need to know which url the user is visiting. Therefor, we need a proxy script which rewrites all the h ref urls on the displayed page to something like:


so that the proxy script can display this page for them.

Most proxies also rewrite the urls for images, audio, movies, etc. We dont need all of that. We do however need to have forms work on the pages which are proxied.

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Simple JOomla 1.5 To JOomla 1.6 Migration

I want to convert my joomla 1.5 site to joomla 1.6 version, i have this commercial template on my website joomla 1.5:

i want it to be converted into JOomla 1.6 along with all the artciles, only simple article pages other then the template, i can provide url in PMB.

Thank you !

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Rewrite 1 Single Article 60 Times – 1 Week To Finish $30

I have an article that needs to be rewritten 40 times each rotation will be unique
copyscape, good grammer, natual writer

this article is on laptop ac adapter.
be creative to present the article.

here is the article

each article with different title and different sub headings and offcouse content

so 40 times you need to rewrite and you should be accommodate to allow revisions.

if you guys like, send me 1st rewrite for consideration.

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Create A Simple Article Spinner Program – Budget Price Only

Only programmers who know about article spinning syntax should bid.

I want a simple spinner that can produce 3 unique re-writes with ONE CLICK.The software will NOT use RANDOM spinning,but it will use SEQUENCED spinning to produce 3 re-writes from a spin formatted article.


Article 1 – Obtain an insurance quote
Article 2 – Obtain an insurance estimate
Article 3 – Obtain an insurance calculation


Article 1 is based strictly on synonym1
Article 2 is based strictly on synonym2
Article 3 is based strictly on synonym3

This means that article 1 will use every first selection,article 2 will use every second selection,article 3 will use every third selection and so on.You can clearly see the 3 unique re-writes that will be produced.

OPTION 2: You must also include a simple function that will delete each of the three selections in the whole article.The delete function should be a one-click function.

Program should work on Windows Vista,Windows 7

Program should spin articles with a maximum of 750 words at once.

Program will be tested for bugs for 30 days trial period.

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Article Rewrites – 50 Articles – Part Time Work Avail

Looking for writer to rewrite articles. Most of them are reviews for different products.

– each articles should have around 400 words.
– the articles must be unique
– it must pass copyscape
– some writer just replace some word in the articles. they don

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