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Simple Flash Banner

Create simple Flash banner similar to

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Simple Stats Feature From Admin To Show On The Index Page

I would like to have a stats feature added to the index page. The stats is working in the admin and I would want basically that stat to show on the home page

You can see the test here

if you login to the admin you can see the stats I am wanting on the home page.

user and password: admin
Please dont change so others can see

Once you are in the admin go too:
You will see "View All Members:" click the submit and then you will see all the members info and this is about the same format I want on the home page with a few things left out.

What I want to show on the home page is around the top center:

Username – Sponsor – No. Of Active Positions – No. Of Cycles Out

I want it always show the last 30 signups. This way its will always show the active users.

This is a test site, once done I will need to know what files are updated to move this to my site

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Signature Animation

Flash animator required to animate a signature for the index page of a HTML website.

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