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Flash Banners With Simple Animations

We need 9 flash banners with animations ( 1) one banner for each services we offer.

each banner will have a simple animation and it should measure 950px width / 200px
Design should match layout, icons, and colors and must have a deeply integration with the them, ( we are not going to use any text so we need to give the message of each service with images we need some impacting effect ( see samples and descriptions below)
You can use known brands and logos. flashed must have border, all photos should use the whole space, no blank spaces plz

please check the attached files for more details:


1. Trucks and mobile advertisement
It could be a background coming from the top and after that a truck coming from the right like riding. The box of the truck must contain and ads from a well known company like Harley for the scenario below and Coca-Cola for a city background.
Sample animation: see pdf page 1

2. Printing services TBA see page 2

3. Website and online marketing see pdf page 3

4. Advertising, marketing and branding see pdf page 4

5. Marketing research see pdf page 5

6. Photo books and photos see pdf page 6

7. Design services: see pdf page 7

8. Commercial and jingles see pdf page 8

9. Outdoor media see pdf page page 9

mainpage :
website and oline marketing:

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Flash Banners – Simple

I am looking for a flash designer/coder to join my team of freelancers. I have found some excellent freelancers on this site which I continue to work with over and over again. The only thing I am missing is a good flash expert, so this project will be to find the right person that I can work with well for a long time.

The project will be for one banner with simple animation, sliding text etc (no actionscript / interactivity). They will be needed in four different standardized sizes. Leaderboard, Banner, Title, MPU

What you must do:
– Send me 2-3 examples of work you have already done by private message, of course send your best work
– Also let me know if you do more advanced work just so that I have that on file for future projects.
– Bid exactly 33 USD for the project to show you have read the description (I hate automated copy/paste messages)
– State if you are ready to start work STRAIGHT AWAY!! Do not bid if you are busy for the next few days.

How this project will be run:
– We will look through all bids and examples tomorrow
– Select THREE freelancers who we are interested in working with
– Ask each person to create one sample to the specification I will send to all three freelancers
– Each freelancer will get 10 USD for creating their sample
– We will select the best sample
– The loosing two freelancers still get paid their 10 USD and their samples kept on file for future projects
– The winner will get the remaining money (23usd) to equal 33 USD in total
– The winner will be assigned as the winner and will get full feedback for the task and obviously will be the main person we go to for our flash banners in future.
– The winner will then produce the remaining three sizes (same banner / animation / wording … literally just different dimensions)

So once again this is not just for a once off, this is to be our flash guy who we can go to when ever we have flash work. Price is important to us as we are known as being very competitive on price, that is why we are using this website to drive down cost to our clients. We treat everyone who works for us with respect, so if you are happy with the budget for this project then I look forward to seeing your samples and hopefully starting a wonderful long lasting working relationship.

Kind Regards,

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Looking For A Flash Designer For A Simple Task

Flash expert is wanted for a simple task budget is 30$

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Flash Designer Simple Job


I need flash graphic designer for designing 3 styles of the jackets.

This is classic style:

Second is hoodie jacket style, everything is the same like the classic jacket just this have hood.

something like this :

and third is with collar:

Jackets need to have front view.And sleeves needs to be in the pockets.

I need also 1 design with Side view, only one.

Budget is <20$, this is simple job and quality should be like on this site:

start application and see how jackets looks, just i need front facing, and sleeves in the pockets, and one side view.

This should be finished for max 36 hours after i choose you.

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