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The Vetbook

I need a web-designer with good .php skills to make my site database driven.

I am a final year student at the Royal Vet College-London. I have been creating a website using google sites where fellow final year students and new graduates can up-load a photo and their CV. I collect the data using google forms but to display it on the site I have to enter it manually. I have recently purchased domain and linux hosting with MySQL databases.

I would like my current site to be recreated (or a similar looking site) on this new domain and hosting. I also want the site to be dynamic database driven so that users can enter their details and photo and they automatically appear on the site in the relevant sections and users are able to edit their entries themselves.

The form on the Sign Up! page shows the data I want collected, but I do not want the users email, surname or phone number to appear on the site, as these need to be accessible by me alone. Each user needs their own page with their CV and photo on. People searching for vets need to be able to filter through all the vets on the site by:- the locations theyre looking to work in in the UK; the type of practice (small animal/equine/farm/mixed/exotic); other parameters.

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I have PHP Code that needs to be integrated into my website as a form. A slight change needs to be done to the code. To hide one box and make it the default option. Small Project on a budget

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PHP Expert In Pune Only

Am looking for a PHP expert in Pune. He should also be good at AJAX / MySql / PHP based Frameworks / MVC Architecture. I require it for one of my projects and I may need to meet this person on weekends occasionally. He should be professional enough to meet the decided timeline. I want only individuals to apply and No companies. I prefer if you are from Pune.

I will require this person to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure/Non Compete) agreement with me. Remuneration can be decided as a flat rate or per hour rate once the scope of project is disclosed.

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Simple Website

I just need 10 basic pages with some colour and a couple of pictures per page, linked to a blog and with a contact form, with SEO. I have my hosting and domain, I should be ok updating it as I know the basics.

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PHP – Customize Jamit Job Board applications

We have a Jamit Job Board application that we would like to customize. Ideally we would like to work with a developer who has worked with Jamit (

In the Employees area, where they setup their resume, they have this form that is generated by Jamit:

We would like to break this form up into 3 different pages – all with similiar functionality.

I am attaching a copy of the PHP Code. I will be available to discuss in detail if you would like before you bid.


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Simple Mud Coding

I am looking for a C coder to add code that has already been written for CIRCLEMUD to my MUD. The code that will be added is free opensource code. What needs to be done is the code needs to be added to my mud and a few adjustments need to be made to mainly renaming of functions to match called functions on my mud. The codebase for my mud is Diku Gamma 0.0 and the written code is for circle. Which circle is derived from Diku Gamma 0.0. The code to be added is Oasis OLC which allows rooms, mobiles, objects, and specs to be added to the game within the game. The patched code should be bug free and compile without errors or warnings. Please feel free to send me a message if you have any additional questions.

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Simple mq4 Code Needed

We are running our EA on 27 simultanious pairs.

When it sees an opportunity, it opens a STOP order 10 pips from the current price.

We need a code that will limit the code to only opening one buystop and one sell stop at a time per pair.

Also, if any buystop or sellstop on any of the pairs opens up and becomes a live trade, we instantly need all stop orders deleted/closed.

example, 5 buystops are waiting for 5 diffirent pairs and 3 sellstops are waiting on 3 diffirent pairs.

If a buy goes live, all of the buy stops are deleted.

if a sell goes live, all of the sellstops are deleted.

you will not be allowed to see our code, we simply need you to code the above sequence and we will add it to our code.

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