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Facebook Aps

Looking for someone to build facebook apps using social graph and facebook api –
Examples of what I am looking for are located here:

Project budget is open and ongoing.

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Simple Website

Simple project for abraham66 !!

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Simple Jasper Report Creation

Im looking for someone that will create several reports in jasper.

You will be provided with the , some sample xml as datasource, as well as detailed instruction and a PDF to show you exactly what I need.

Id like to start with one report design which consist of simple xml, and a chart next to it.
If everything is well, Ill expand the project to include the look&feel of the reports and creation of sub reports.

Youll need to provide the jrxml file.

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PHP Simple Transaction Postback Project


I need some one to help me write a simple transaction postback for refund postback is for allied wallet quick pay api

will pay $40 as this is a simple project

please pm me and let me know if you can do this and how long it will take you


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Simple Data Mining – 2009

One Project for Yearly data – 2009

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PHP Expert

PHP expert needed for high-end project.

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Simple Game Applicaton INSTALLS 100 A Day URGENT.

We are looking for experienced workforce, who can deliver game downloads and installs from unique US IPs.


Looking for multiple service providers.

Each download from unique US IP only.
Must be done by clicking on my site banner only.Means for every install, you visit my site.
Download File size around 5 MB, then installation to be done
You will be given unique tracking code.
Weekly stats of your work will be provided.
We pay $10 per 100 unique installs.
Biweekly Payments.


*.Able to change Unique US IPs and change User agent of browser, for every download and install.
*.Can deliver minimum 100 installs a day.
*.Willing to work for long time with us, its a ongoing project, more similar works will be provided.
*.Be technically proven and honest.
*.We have a strong fraud detection system, beware cheaters.
*. No upfront payment

*.Fully read and understand the terms to bid
Please contact only serious bidders with your yahoo id for further discussion.


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Redux For Jay

A project for wonderful Jay: to update a simple page hed made before.

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Simple Data Processing- Checking Validity

Hi freelancers,

I have pretty simple job to do.
A database with full contact details, need to verify them.
If found any mismatched, do simple look up and replace it.
Total data quantity is 30000.

Please bid with reasonable price.
Successful completion of the project leads to future permanent job.

Looking forward of your bids.

Important: Please dont send me PM, i would ignore those bids.

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PHP Coder Needed! Simple Project With HUGE Future Benefits!

I need a php coder to edit and add some features on my pre existing website!

You need to understand MySQL and php.

Your job is to learn the code thats already there, and add in a few more features.

The project for this is 30 dollars.

I will tell you what the new things that must be added are.

Lastly, the benefits of the website is that there will be future projects if the site does well.

Please PM me with your php experiences and I will tell you what the features that need to be added are!

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Experienced Coder with Travel Agent Experience!

1. Fix form
2. Fix "Check Availability" feature

CMS: Joomla
Detailed instructions attached.

Budget: 30 USD. You can bid anything, but I will assume you agree with this budget IF YOUR BID!
Time frame; 24 hours.
Payment: Paypal upon completition (no escrow – no advance before result)

– MUST have worked on similar project
– MUST speak english.
– MUST have paypal
– MUST be able to keep your words.

Continuous coding work available for right candiate.

Please mention my website URL while bidding, to be considered! Sorry for being demanding, but I am fed up with users, who start bidding without reading!

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Project For PHP Experts

Simple job for an expert


We currently utilize ActiveCollab as the core of our Project Management System.

Weve completed updates, one specifically allows clients to click a "Make Payment" link on an invoice page which directs them to to pay for an invoice.

Wed like to take the google integration one step further buy allowing the clients to make their credit card payment from within the ActiveCollab platform using Google Checkout as the payment gateway (Google Checkout API).

The user would click the make payment link and the web form for their credit card information would be shown and then processed through Google. No credit card information would be saved to the system.

The necessary web services would also be required to accept notifications back from google with regards to successful transactions and failed/canceled transactions.

The web services would update the invoice status as necessary (e.g. successful transaction would update the invoice as paid within the activecollab system).

The experience needs to be tightly integrated with the ActiveCollab platform so an expert understanding of ActiveCollab is required.

Proper user flow must be maintained at all times.

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Simple CMS Integration

I have a web design(template) already finished and ready to integrate with any opensource CMS (joomla or wordpress or anyother) and make it functional.

Its a simple integration project. Please bid under 100.

Ill post design and some brief details in PMB

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Simple Poster Needed

Need a poster, preferably by someone having a good knowledge of Indian culture.

Technical details:

Size: A4 (but should scale well if needed)
Format: PSD / PSPIMAGE / XCF (Any of these will do – basically the design should be made up of editable layers)
Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Additional files: If you use any non-standard fonts, please include them or if its not possible to include them please mention the source.

Poster details:

Title: Chak-de Dandiya
Brief Desc: fund raiser for XXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXXX
Date: 10.07.2010
Time: 06:30 – 11:30

Design details:

The event described above is a typical dandiya/garba event – but with a fusion of bhangra and disco. The poster should reflect this well (use appropriate graphics). Feel free to use graphics available on the internet if you dont want to make all of it by yourself.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a fundraiser event for the building of a temple, so please dont make the poster too flashy or inappropriate.

Some space should be left for a logo/picture (for the organisation hosting this event)

A couple of lines more of text *might* be added to the poster in the future, so please make your design flexible enough to allow this without having to make too many changes to the original layout. On the other hand, feel free to add or rephrase any text as you feel appropriate.

Finally, the design should be made up of editable layers in the image file – different components of the design should go onto different layers. This is to allow future editing of the poster, if necessary.

Project selection criteria:

Please include a rough sketch, or a low-resolution/low-quality/watermarked completed design of the poster. I will select your bid based on your design.

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Project For PHP Soldier

As discussed.

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I just purchased the resale rights for a Clickbank product, I have downloaded all the files and I just need someone to put it together for me , I just dont have the time at the moment, should be a simple project. Thanks

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Project For Php4world


Hi Artyom,

We are looking for a coder with experience in PHP PDF generation to write the code for auto generated PDF files similar to the attached example (See Shoppinglist.pdf). You appear to be one of a handful of freelancers with experience in FPDF etc. and wonder if you would be interested in the brief below. If you think you can do it then we will elaborate/clarify the brief as necessary and you can liaise with our own developers to complete the project. We would like to get this project completed fairly soon, however if you have another project underway we can probably be flexible. Details of the project are listed below.



Scope of project:
The PDFs are shopping lists. The data/output requirements for the page is outlined below:

Our server will output raw shopping list data based on user preferences (see shoppinglistdata.txt) which will need to be fed into the PDF template. Along with the shopping list data our server will also provide asset IDs for the masthead [mastheadID], sidebar [sidebarID_0] and footer [FooterID].

The shopping list data is split into section headers based on supermarket aisle layout (Fruit & Veg, Meat & Fish, Chiller etc.). Your code should be smart enough to apply column breaks where appropriate and smoothly continue the graphics in the next column. It should also ensure that once a new section header is created there is enough column space underneath it to fit in all the ingredients under that heading, if not it should be moved to the top of the next column and the preceding sections graphics should be extended to the bottom of the previous column. After the last shopping list data section has been added the remainder of the last column should be filled with a

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Mutlple PHP Project (Private V) – Vin

Its a private project for my selected provider..

As per our discussion.


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Mutlple PHP Project (Private IV) – Vin

Its a private project for my selected provider..

As per our discussion.


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PHP Project

Hi i need somebody who can implement an API.

Need to send their server information such as mobile phone number, amount to be billed. and then receive information back from their server and it to be logged in database or sent in a confirmation email.

Please let me know if possible. need quite quickly.

can send over the API documentation by pvt.


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Mutlple PHP Project (Private III) – Vin

Private project for my provider…


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[php project]

This private project is for ashish.

We will work on communication.
The budget will be 500$

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php project


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