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Simple Professional Website Style With Database

I need a site that is simple and professional. I have a few sites for references.
Also, the site needs to have a data base that allows people to create simple profile.
Finally, users need to be able to send those people in the database, emails of pictures they designed.

Its going to be a cool site and I can give more details to see if you can finish the job.

Also, I would like to see your portfolio.


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Simple Data Entry For Newindia

U know … its very simple job

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Simple Flash Modification (URGENT)

We need someone who knows his decopileze a Flash
To make a small change in the menu (URGENT)

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Very Simple IPhone/iPad App


Attention: To be able to bid on this project write the word "WINNER" in your bid or PM. Otherwise you can be disqualified,

I am looking for an experienced and self thinking developer for future work.
This is a simple first app that should be designed for iPhone/iPad. Lets call it "And the winner is".
Through this simple project we can find out if we want to work together in larger projects.

The app can solve an argue between 2 persons like a photographic coinflip.

It will work like this:
1. Splash screen (you enter a dummy, I will supply the graphics). I will also supply the graphocs for the icon. Other design should follow good practice.
2. A screen where 2 photos can be chosen (take a new with camera or choose from library). Then a button can be pressed (or you can shake the device) to start the action.
3. The 2 pictures toggles in full screen starting very fast then slower and slower. (It should take around 5 seconds in total). The result should be random.
4. The winner is shown in full screen and a sound plays. A way to go back to step 2 should be present.

I have added some simple mock-ups in the PDF file

I also want help in the process of submitting the app to App Store.

Thank you for you interest in this project.

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Simple Powerpoint Marketing Kit Conversion (PDF To PPT)


I have a powerpoint slides in PDF that I want to convert into an editable powerpoint format. This is a marketing kit powerpoint so if you have relevant experience, it will be good.


– you will have to extract all the information (content) from the PDF and put into a powerpoint slide
– please find relevant graphics to replace/modify
– please rewrite the content that is different from the existing source but the relevancy should still be there

This is a simple job so cost factor is of main priority in selecting the winner in this project.

Send me your portfolio if you have previous experience in doing marketing kit powerpoints.


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Ebay Api – Upload Product File And Images

We have a simple excel spread sheet and images of approx. 300 products that we need to have uploaded to our eBay store. We have the free use of eBays File Exchange software to upload listings easily and efficiently. Images need to be uploaded to eBays eBay Picture Services (EPS).

So basically two very simple things: 1. upload product file via eBays File Exchange AND 2. Images need to be uploaded to eBays eBay Picture Services (EPS).

I presume you know how to do the above and worked with similar simple projects.

Thank you,

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Typers Needed( Simple Project)

Looking some providers who can type correctly and speedly

Need minimum 20wpm typing speed accurately

Job responsibility is so simple only need to retype some words

Everybody is welcome to this project

Happy bidding

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Simple Directory Site

We need a simple directory site either built or tailored from existing scripts already available. The site should be designed just like Best of the Web (, the Open Directory Project ( We are talking very limited CSS. A simple CMS with MySQL backend should be in place. The directory will serve over 100,000 listings from the start. We will provide the CSV files to populate. We will also provide the directory hierarchy which will start with a breakdown by regions followed by categories within the directory of offerings. A search capability is also required.

The site should again be very basic and simple looking. No fancy graphics, colors, or ads required. More details in a PM to quality bids.

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Simple C++ Including Arrays And Programing Notation


for directions.

Needs notation on what is being done with the program to be included.

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Need Landing Sites – Review Pages About My Websites – Design

I need someone to prepare me 4 to 8 landings pages…..basically a VERY SIMPLE website that will explain why my sites are good to use, to give positive reviews, visitors can add reviews, open to all visitors, no need to be member, put pictures, testiomonials, product reviews, videos , polls, and more information. forums also

each landing review sites will contain 2 pages…

budget is 20 $ per landing review sites…

very simple work no coding , only good designing.

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Looking for a simple site to be built for to pump this site to the top of google search for the words "catering melbourne" with link to primary site and simple form to fill out to generate leads, a few photos, a paragraph of words, email, fill out form great seo, hey presto! done

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Simple Website Modification

Enhancements to existing site template

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Simple Pet Insurance Price Comparison Website

Require an insurance comparision website very similar in features to:

This would need to be a very slick and professional site, ideally SEO optimised and come with instructions on how to add new companies and change affiliate links.

Enable registration and emailing of quotes

Please PM with any questions.

Note: Not sure what coding languages required so those put down on job type are samples only.

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Revision Of Joomla Car Community Component

I am posting this job as I need a revision of an already existing component and module for joomla. The component is a car listing component, basically a directory of my websites members cars with a community element mixed in. In essence its a pretty simple job, removing some functionalities and adding some. It is mostly a job to update the component to current web standards and adding in a flexible communication element (like a simple facebook wall). I guess one of the main points of this assignments is making it a little more dynamic, in keeping with current web trends. So that means there is an amount of jQuery work involved.

All the details are in the attachments, everything that I would like to get done for now. Additionally I added the already existing component and module, so you can see whats its all about and if you can work with the code.

Please remember that the details I specified are flexible, we can talk about it!

Also there is a mock-up of the layout attached, this is how the updated components car profiles should look like. These should also give an overview of the very simple functionalities of the component. Important is that this very simple div design is also picked up for other pages in the component. BUT, Im not asking for difficult layout work though, just make sure the CSS abilities in the code are retained, I do other layout work myself easily. Further information can be had through a private message of course 🙂

I hope this and the files in the attachment explain what Im looking for. Im hoping on a cooperative and honest developer. As I know one or two things about coding and web developing myself you can expect pro-active input from my side as well. If I had the time I could probably do most of the work myself, so please give me a good offer! Remember, the basis of the component and module is there, therefore Im looking for offers around $75-200!

Simplify, update and rework! That are the three main ingredients of this task.

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Setup A Simple Wowza Server

Im looking for a person to set up a simple test Wowza server, please follow this setting guide:

This is just a small task so I will not pay more than 50$
Do not bid if you have never installed/configured a Wowza server

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Simple PHP Form(urgent)

i have created a simple form in Html which will get input From user and sends the result to an email. i need some one to write contact.php page for it so that the results are send to specified email. this is 10minutes work for a professional need it to be created as soon as possible. more details in Pm

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Simple Easy Calculator App. Needed ASAP

We want a simple timecode calculator <> app to be made for us in the shortest time possible.

There are a few out there for you to check out.

We have a designer so he will be providing all the graphics for the application.

Has to be designed to work on both the iPhone as well as the iPad.

We need developers who will be keeping us up to date with their progress.

More information will be supplied.

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Migrate Simple Iphone App To Android

We need to migrate these two similar Iphone apps to Android
The application will look 100% similar to the iphone app

In general the applications contains a set of YouTube videos with some text on each video and a lead form that connects to though WebService to our ERP

The iphone apps are available for free at:

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IPhone Push Notifications Project

Deliverable : ASP.Net Simple application and iPhone code.
We need a very simple basic application with Push notifications for iPhone, the interface as per the attached document.

The project is not more than a few hours of work and is needed within 24 hours of being awarded

Please do not bid more than 50 USD.

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Simple Effective Website Design

I need a website to promote my Business

Im looking for a simple effective design with a header and 5 pages a home page, about us, services, portfolio, contact
us. In my site contact us form required.. Later I will give all the details for selected designer…Happy Bidding…

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Simple Java Rmi Client Server Communication

need help with
simple java rmi programm that grabs 15 randomize numbers from a server java program.
print out in console of client program
how to set up?
how to compile?

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Website Design: Apartment & Room Rentals

I need a complete redesign of this temporary website:
This job is a fairly basic, simple design requirement but I realize that price may go higher than the simple project ($30-250)
No super hurry on design.

Temporary site is a few hour effort by me using jalbum and Dreamweaver editing the jalbum HTML & skin but I need a real design.
Two language site – Home page click for either English or Spanish – I will supply English to Spanish translations for identical Spanish site so only knowledge of English required for site design.

HTML and is fine but CMS is OK if I can edit (Maybe I can learn sufficient CMS Made Simple to edit????)
I am too lazy to learn Joomla! but maybe that is best?????
Mostly one time design but maybe small maintenance required later.

I have 3 sites registered at GoDaddy but redirects to above temporary site right now.
Or maybe use these but too long of a name so probably redirects only:

Paid for about $150 for 3 years cheapest premium site at but no site design done yet. They seem to have auto installers for most scripts including popular CMS progs and were recommended by several designers I know so hope they are OK.

Job Details – Do not want a super elaborate or fancy site since local prospective clients here in Nicaragua are simple. But site should look "nice" and modern and not real cheap whatever that means:
1) Home page similar to existing but maybe Photo at top and links at left instead of bottom.
Same links on every page. Prominent English/Spanish buttons on home page.
2) Add 1 text page for pricing details. No Shopping cart or vacancy info – Customer response only by email or phone.
3) Add 1 page for location in city map of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. I can supply map based upon modified Google maps or modified Google Earth.
4) Will eventually need Photo albums for about 10-15 total Apartments or Rooms similar to the 4 photo album pages now.
I could copy and modify a basic design to add photo album pages myself later but maybe CMS is easier.

I am open to advice and recommendations since it has been 10-15 years since I did a lot of HTML site design and I am lost and out of touch with modern site design.

Thanks for reading all of this ;-))

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Drupal And Ubercart Very Simple Modification

this needs to be within a couple of hours.
it is very simple please read the description
if you know ubercart and drupal it will take 30minutes.
if you dont then it will take you more time
on the ubercart product page there are attributes. I want the attribute image to show instead of the attribute text.

if you can start now and have it finished in a short time please bid and I will accept you right now

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Simple Job, Add Facebook Like Button

A very simple Job, I already have a sample HTML with facebook like button added but now, when I click on the Like button, in facebook wall, only can see image; I would like to show more detail on the facebook wall, like title and description.

I will provide the sample HTML file, and developer only need to make my HTML file like button is work then ok. Attached with sample for your reference.

Its a fast trade, can be finish by 1 day. The final HTML need to send back to me.

Please PM for any question. Thanks!

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Data Entry ( Very Simple Job)


This is very simple typing job.

you can work freely as you wish

i will give you freedom of working

you can choose your suitable working time

Good and genuine payment


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Integrate Simple Business Directory And Blog Into Website


We need a simple job employer / business directory built using php html and mysql. We need the directory integrated within our site, and we need users to be able to sign up as employers and add their business to the directory.

Each business will have a profile, and be able to self manage the profile and update themselves. Types of information will be business image (multiple), company description, and also we have several specific questions we want on each business profile that the client will answer when signing up for their business profile.

We also want a search function, where users can search by specific data fields. Option with search results to have a featured business listing which is highlighted.

Also be able to embedd youtube videos into their profile as well.

Any more information please contact – Need ASAP

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Add An API Functionality To Simple Rails App

Looking for someone who has worked with Ruby/Ruby on Rails and APIs to add an API functionality to a simple Ruby on Rails App. Looking to display images based on keywords. More detail can be given in message. This needs to be done ASAP, so only looking for someone who can start right away. Should take about 3 hours. Will pay your hourly rate. Please message me as soon as possible!

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