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Sing With Music For Five Songs

I will provide the lyrics. The provider to provide the singer and the recording with the music. I will have full copyright to the song which needs to be original

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NEED 1000 + SINGUPS FOR Dating Website

We need 1000 + Free signups on Dating websites.
No credit card is required (verification only,free signup!).
Leads must be from the US only. You will be payed ONLY for each verified signup. in 100 based sing-up so offer ur price for 100 sing-ups .
I am looking for 50 to 100 Signups per day.
Please only bid if YOU HAVE experience and CAN deliver 100 Sign-ups in max 2 days .

Methods you can use Chat, Email, Banners.Social networking,black hat,automated chat bots etc

No bots, rotating IP sign ups, bad quality sign ups,no FRAUD or illegal methods. They can detect this easily and it will result in not getting paid.

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A Sing Along Multimedia Application

Create a simple yet entertaining Sing Along Application for children.

Music chosen is ,

1. Ba Ba Black Sheep
2. Old Mac Donald Had A Farm
3. Are You Sleeping
4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Start

I want something like this,

This 4 video should have a Karaoke style view.

Target Audience- Children below 5

My Budget is USD50-USD70 only thank you

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Inter Modeling (sing Up And Chat With Customers)

And upload your photos , then start chat with customers ,

$0.80 per minute , Payment weekly though paypal .

After complete the registration let me know the user name .

Best Regards

12/18/2010 at 4:17 EST:

sign up and add photos for details pm me.

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Inter Modeling (sing Up And Chat With Customers)

And upload your photos , then start chat with customers ,

$0.80 per minute , Payment weekly though paypal .

After complete the registration let me know the user name .

Best Regards

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Sing Up And Add Clicking

Dear Freelanceers ,

New freelancers are welcome…..

You need to sign up on some sites. i will send you the details. it takes 30-60min every day and it is a long term work.

Please only bid if you are serious and want to make some extra money.


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Vocals/Amateur Singers Needed For Karaoke


I am creator of karaoke site –

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Text Editors – Editing Music Lyrics On My Website


I am creator of karaoke site –

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Provider Needed To Do Free Sing Ups

I need around 70 sing ups for a site but there are need some information to do that.I will provide u all information also email and pass of these emails u have to just sing ups with these information.

But u must have a solid IP changing software to do that as here every sing up need each different IP and all are USA IP.If u make two sing ups from one same IP then no one will be calculated.

payment will be released after finishing the project.

please PM with ur price and also tell me what method will u use to do that.

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Sing Up Needed

Hello man

I need 170 sing up to my site.

U must have a ability to change your IP to USA IP. so 100 sing up from 100 new 100 IP.

Please bid with Your price for 170 sing up and your method.

PM me to know more about it.Payment will through milestone.

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Sales For Our Business

We need 50 sing-ups for our business, every sing-up must include an initial purchase.

Our business consist of providing turnkey web stores related to ebusiness services.

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Privet Project For Shakir Ahmed About Sing Up To Dating Site

This is the first sing up project to a dating site for shakir ahmed as discussed with him.

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Need Sing-up For My Website

I need lot of sign-up for my website.
Expert Providers most well come.

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Sing A Childrens Rhyme

Hi Freelancers

I need someone who can sing a childrens rhyme. The rhyme is around 2 minutes and needs to be set to simple music such as a piano or guitar (same tune as there were 10 in the bed, and the little one said…). I would prefer a British female for this if possible, but if you are female, have a good singing voice, and can do a reasonably good British accent, please bid.


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Need AMERICAN Specialist/eBook Writer: ‘Sing R&B In 2 Days’

I need a native-speaking american writer to write an eBook which teaches the reader how to sing, specifically in the R&B Style.

Ideally, the chosen candidate should have prior experience and/or be a specialist in this topic.

The eBook should be professionally formatted, have example pictures where appropriate, and be at least 30,000 words.

To help prove you are serious and competent, in your bid and/or PM, please submit:
1. An example of any previous work you have done
2. List any experience in this topic you have had in the past
3. Submit a draft/example of the Table of Contents you will be using to write the book.


Thanks, and happy bidding!

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Adobe Director 11 Interactive CD That Sing Nursery Rhymes

1)At least 6 pages and a Help page, Splash Screen and Menu
2)At least 10 pictures (suitably edited) with no stray pixels
3)At least 5 sounds
4)At least 1 narrated part (Spoken voice)
5)At least 2 animations

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Simple Sing Ups. Data Entry Work.

Need efficient provider.
no experience required.
better for new user

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Simple Sing Ups. Data Entry Work.

Need efficient provider.
no experience required.
better for new user

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Marketing People Needed For Free Sign Ups

I want few smart people to create unique free sign ups for a dating website.

I will pay you $0.50 per free sign up.

Payment after every 30 free sing ups.

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Game To Collect Email


Our compagny need a little game to collect email to sell our product.

The game should be a simple game with 10 levels, to pass a level you need to put a email of one of your friend when you are at level 10 you win a domain name (Soap php code will be given for that).

To resume :

1. Sing In (Name, email…) => to a database mysql
2. The game start level 1, when level 1 is finish => please give a mail of one of your friend to continue to level 2………..till level 10

At level 10, the database with his name should be updated to say that he has win.

The game should be very easy.

Please post the game that you gave done already in PM.


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Need SMS Verification For Site

I am looking for coders who can make SMS-verification for new registered users on my site. For complete registration user must sing in his phone number, receive sms with code and sign in it in form. Anyone can do this?

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Creating Lyrics Videos

Im looking for someone who can do the following task.
1. Ill send you a link to a song on youtube.
2. Youll listen to the song and write down the lyrics of it (please note, the song will be a very new song, most chances you wont be able to find the lyrics anywhere). Youll have to listen carefully to the lyrics of the song.
3. Youll create a video that contains the music of the song (youll have to download it from youtube), and the lyrics of the song, the lyrics should be changed on the screen according to the song, so people will be able to sing with it.

Here is an example:

Ill need about 100 videos of 100 songs.

Only for English speakers.
Some of the songs will be very short, some of them (mostly rap songs) will demand more work.

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Online Avatar Karaoke Software

Our project idea proposes an online avatar game with the concept of enjoying karaoke from home. We need to design an online karaoke service that allows users to sing karaoke using their own songs.

The software in the website should be able to do the following things:
1. Read and identify the library of songs in the users PC or laptop
2. Identify the pitch of the vocalist in the song.
3. Remove the vocals in the song
4. Detect the voice and pitch of the user and match the original pitch of the song.
Some of the business solution I have found is Lyric(TM) and Music ID (R) from Gracenote(R)

In addition, an avatar system similar to Viwawa and Maplestory is needed to incorporate into the software to create a gaming and singing experience.

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NEED 700 Sing Ups With Deffferent Ip

Need 700 sing ups with defferent ip adderess
in just 6 days

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I need a team who can provide me 100 free ceridt card sign ups

Hello GAF providers.

I am looking for a team who is really expert on providing sign ups for an Adult site. I will provide you a link specially for you to provide me free credit card sign ups. You can do real sign ups as well as fake sign ups. But you should have to be able to change your IPs address. and virtual credit cards not allowed as the website does not allow you to use virtual credit cards. So, You must need real credit cards to verify age. And no fees will be cut from the credit card and that is 100% guaranteed. there are some sign ups package available for people who wants to get membership there. All you need to do is select "VIP package". if you do not use "VIP Package" to get sign ups, then No payment.

You have to provide me 100 sign ups at least every week. But if you are capable of doing 100 sign ups or at least 50 sign ups daily, Then I will pay you 10$ per sign ups. But for 1st 100 sign ups(as I want to see your work in trial) I will only give you 5$ per sign ups.

If you agree with this, then you can bid. After 1st 100 sign ups, I will start to pay you 10$ per sign ups.
And if you able to provide me 50-100 sign ups daily, Then I will pay you daily.Please Write **** Good Project**** While you post your bid. Which Will confirm me that you read the project details fully.

Thank You & Happy Bidding.

Waiting for you at PM>


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Singing Articles and Re-Writes

I require some articles written on the subject of learning to sing for a new website I am making.

I need 2 DIFFERENT articles written and optimised for each of the 15 keyword phrases below, for a total of 30 articles.

The first of each should be 500 – 700 words long.

The second of each needs to be 400 – 600 words long and needs to written in a spin-ready format for use with an article spinner.

The syntax for the spin software is the standard {version1~version2~version3} format.

I am looking preferably for someone who has experience with this type of spinnable writing.

A full guide to the syntax is included in the attacthed pdf.

For the second, spinnable article, I require 3 VERSIONS OF EACH SENTENCE.

I will be checking closely for duplicate content, so dont plagiarize your work.

I am looking for good quality content, written in proper english, optimized for each keyword with the keyword apearing in the title, once in the first paragraph, and then 2 – 5 times throughout the rest of the article, but in a natural sounding mannor.

Please provide at least 3 samples of your work with your application.

Pleas also give an acurate estimate of when this project will be completed by.

Here are the keywords for the articles:

Vocal warm up exercises
Singing voice lessons
Online singing lessons
How to sing harmony
Learn to sing online
Online voice lessons
Teach yourself to sing
How to sing well
How to sing better
How to improve singing
Improve singing voice
How to train your voice
How to become a singer
Vocal exercises
Singing techniques

I look forward to your aplication,


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Need 100 or more sing-ups

I need 100 or more sing-ups to a dating site.
Maximum 0.2$/sing-up.
Payment with GAF or PayPal.
PM with your experience!

06/01/2009 at 14:15 EDT:

US sing-ups only!

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Article Writing – Singing

I need a total of 16 articles written. Each article needs to be original content approximately 300 words long.

All articles must be in great english with very few (if any) grammar mistakes.

All articles will be related to "how to sing better".

I need 2 original articles on each of the following 8 keyword phrases:
1. how to sing better
2. how to sing high notes
3. online singing lessons
4. how to sing falsetto
5. how to sing metal (as in imitating heavy metal singers)
6. how to sing rock (as in imitating rock and roll singers)
7. how to sing opera
8. singing voice tips

Please try to use the keyword in the first 100 words, but no more than 2 or 3 times throughout the entire article.

I am okay if you write one original article on the subject and then re-write that article for the second article. However, ALL articles must be able to pass a test for plagiarism.

Many of these articles will obviously be very similar as it is all the same topic; however, if you are up to the challenge; please submit your bid.

All articles need to be delivered in a plain text format (such as notepad).

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