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Upgrade Magento Site

Something wrong with my site after installed a mod..The Shopping cart page is blank.

* I needs the newest magento version install
* All my products and categories be move without problem.
* Have this new theme install with a classic logo.

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Flash Banners For Magento Site

Im looking for someone to develop a snazzy and engaging flash banner for my magento website. Ill supply most of the images. You must give me examples of your flash banner work to be selected.

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I Need Some Help With My Magento Site!

Custom editing is needed, if you have some experience with editing magento

please send me your portfolio and lets discuss thanks

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Create A Magento Site Like This

Create a online shop same as this one (nfl jerseys shop)

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Magento Site For A Product-review Website

I am starting a products-review website where consumers and experts review and rate products and services and are able to compare them side-by-side.

I have a template that I picked from templatesmonster that I would like to use:

It seems Magento community version has all that I need for the website so I need an experienced developer who has expertise with Magento and preferably worked on a products-review website before (not necessarily, but would be great).
The project is to setup Magento and the template to get the website ready for launch once I enter the data.

Website features:

– Dual language: Arabic (main) and English
– Products specs and descriptions
– Products/services reviews:

o Pros: from drop-down menue + ability to customize
o Cons: from drop-down menue + ability to customize
o Best uses: from drop-down menue + ability to customize
o Overall rating: 1

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Simple Magento Site Fixes

I need easy magento work done in the next day. Ill pay $65 for this work. Its not hard work.
Need to Add About Us link in main header navigation. – Page Already Exists

Modify Bottom Navigation to Include links to additional pages – Pages Already Exist

Add twitter and facebook icons to bottom navigation

Image Updates:
Update Home page Image with new artwork – Artwork to be provided

Product pages new main image updates – artwork to be provided apprx changing out 8-12 images

Images will be the same size as current website photos. Just merely changing out the photo.

Functionality Changes:

Every product page needs 3 additional categories to be standard on product upload.
-Three additional categories will have the following number of options available
-Category A – 6 choices (may select multiple choices)
– Category B – 4 choices (may select multiple choices)
-Category C – 8 choices (may select multiple choices)
– Each category needs functionality to be able to add more choices and corresponding icon in the future.

– Each choice within each Category will have unique icon that will need to be displayed on product page (Artwork Icons Provided) (Page Layout Provided as well)

– Each Icon will need to link to description anchor on another page. All icons will have descriptions on same page.
Also, Looking at the home page "Contribution to the environment page" we noticed that it is text over an image. I would like to remove this text and change out the image to the one attached. S

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Magento Site Fixes

Have a Magento site that has several bugs that need to be fixed ASAP. Time line is critical. Developer needs to have at least 2 years of experience with Magento and 4+ years of PHP and MySQL. Here are some…

1) Ground shipping is not displayed as an option on checkout unless the size of the shipment is over a certain amount.
2) Subscribe to newsletter check box can not be unchecked
3) Ordering of one of the drop downs need to be changed

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Speed Up Magento Site

Hi there all!

I am looking for an experienced programmer to speed up my dutch magento version site, pageload and admin. I just want the optimalization and a list of things done + reason, so I can learn for the future. Please spare me the default sales pitch and show me some magento sites speed-optimized by you.

Toon Rutjens

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Google Feeds Submission

Hi i need to automaticly submit feed to google base twice a week. the site is magento.

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Magento Site That Has Brazil Currency That Needs To Be Fixed

Magento site that has brazil currency needs to be fixed.

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Help To Put Music In Magento Site


I need someone to put music in a magento website.

The music should not stop when visitors are navigating pages.

If interested please contact via PM, preferably with a link to a site where you can show me how you propose it to function and look like.
I will also reply to your PM with the site url where you need to place the music player.


Thank you

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(Magento) Site Developer Needed

I currently have a site which is up and running.

This is what I need.

(1) I need to add a live chat to my site

(2) I need to correctly install an SSl seal which I already purchased from but was not installed correctly buy the last person.

(3) I need to make some changes to my home page eg. change banner, banner pictures and change the location and wording of my newsletter subscription tab.

(4) I need the speed of my site to increase I recently switched hosting and upgraded the package but the speed does not seem to increase.

(5) I need to know why people are abandoning the shopping cart on my site?.

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Magento – Site Using Language With Accents

Magento – site using language with me

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Magento – Site Using Language With Accents

Magento – site using language with me

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Magento – Site Using Language With Accents

Magento – site using language with me

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Magento – Site Using Language With Accents

I have a team building a website with Magento, where we have 2 other languages besides English.
For some reason, some of the words with accents are not displaying correctly. Some display the accents, but some dont, and the team developing the site in Magento is stuck in doubt on how to solve this.

Problem appears to be also that the translated content (the one with accents) is coming from a .CSV file so not even a solution where we would use ascii characters instead of accents seems to solve the issue.

We need a freelancer experienced with Magento and building sites with accents, to help us solve this quickly.
Bid to solve this problem.

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Private Project For Gyanverma

Special change on magento site

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Illustration/Image/Icon For Magento Site

Require the editing of a standard set of icons from a template Magento site called Ultimento. The images create a sprite. The standard image file includes 4 icons, which need to be changed to our requirements. Need to stay in theme with original file using 3D icons with minor reflections as per original file.

The feather icon needs to be changed to a mini 2D layout of a playground overhead or landscape layout overhead.
The flash box icon should be changed to a mini illustration of soil with wood chips on top to imitate wood surfacing.
The gears icon changed to a single child with arms in the air.
The 100% guarantee box changed to a 3D clipboard with a piece of paper displaying a check mark.

The overall height and width of the flash box icon should be changed to be the same size as other icons.

New icons should not be larger in width or height than that of the original file.

Must provide a psd and web ready png file.

We will provide original psd for your editing along with png for example. Must modify our original file as there are other images within the sprite that should remain unchanged.

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Private Project For Nashid1234

Add description and pictures on Magento site

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Magento Site Redesign


I have a Magento store that is live but would like to redesign it to encompass more of the Magento best practices and capabilities. The new design* must* be optimized for excellent performance! If you are not Magento experts do not bid, no hackers, this is a store and needs to perform well!

I also want the new design to have one tweak; I want sub categories to show in grid view instead of product list. There is a pretty easy way to accomplish this though it is not out of box capability of Magento I think its pretty stupid that this is not an out of the box option, but maybe someday in the future they will.

I also want some modules to be installed, I can install myself but would prefer to have someone do it for me.

Finally, I also have a logo I would like designed.

Thank you for reading.

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Upgrade Magento Site Plus Other Magento Work (repost)

We had our site customized by a freelancer and they told us which files they changed, were looking to have the site upgraded to its currently
The upgrades they made need to be retained and naturally we dont want the site to "break" when this is done.

Also we build many Magento sites and are looking for a long term relationship for custom programming.
For example right now we have a client who we installed ontap advanced shipments extension which is conflicting with another shipping extension. OnTap is offering no support so we need a pro who can fix bugs and provide modifed code.
We need a lot of custom work using extensions and also your own mods.

We have a good steady stream of work for the right freelancer who doesnt change their prices after theyve quoted and can complete in a timely manner.

Please quote for the upgrade (1) and the fix (2)

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Magento Site Project

Im willing to pay $80-110 for this work. I need the work done in 14 days or less. I basically have psds designed that need to be chopped up and put into magento. Youll need to install magento connect everything too. So connect the merchant account get the product pages working in magento and all that. Youll also need to put all the products in.

Now with the psds I have about 8 pages done. The rest of the pages look exactly the same just have different text. Like about us page looks just like the contact page, just will have text for one and forms for the other. Youll need to make those pages. Not really design work. Your just taking what I have now.

Respond to this with magento sites you have done.

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Minor Change On Magento Site

This project is for Parul.

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Magento Site Alterations

I need alterations to a previously created site.

Changes are
1. On all pages where News articles appear on the left hand side, need to replace with the vertical product navigation that currently sits on the products page.
2. Change the Products Vertical navigation to a Jquery vertical accordian. See
3. Make it so that the footer will move down the page when content exceeds the current size. At the moment the content stretches the footer instead of moving it.

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Magento Site Upgrade And Updates


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3 Pages Designed For Magento Site

I need pages designed for magento site. Im not sure how many pages its going to be so base your bid on 3 pages. the homepage is done I just need you to design the other pages. Some pages like about us, contact us, etc will look exactly the same, but have different content. So to save time and money Id only have you do say an about us page, and Id just use that design for the other pages later with my programmer. Other pages are unique and the design cant be reused.

Anyway Im willing to pay $10 a pages. So for all pages. Im just saying it will be 3 pages. Again it likely will be more. So place you bid based on 3 pages. So $30.

I need this done in the next 24 hours.

So bid $30 Base your bid on 3 pages.

What Ill do is pay you $10 for each additional page I need designed. Just like the homepage and the other page. After the jpg has been given 100% approval of the look Ill send you the money for it, then youll send me the psd. Well do that for each page. Thats pretty standard.

Respond to this in the pm with designs you have made.

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Changes To A Magento Site/

I need changes done to a magento site. It really is not that hard work. I need it done in 3 days or less. I"m wiling to pay $75-100 for this work. Basically I had a site made that is based off the look of a pdf. Its looks 95% like the pdf, but some minor changes need to be made to match the pdf.

Message me and Ill send you the changes work doc and the pdf.

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Complete Magento Site Development

We require complete development of our new Magento based website. Some redesign of existing GUI also required.

We require developers with a high degree of competence and experience in this platform, and to deliver 110% results on this project.

Our full project proposal will be sent through within the next 2 days by PMB to any candidates who bid and supply a portfolio which we are satisfied with.

Happy to look at bids higher than bidding limit for any provider who can demonstrate the given need to do so.

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Can’t Log Into Magento Admin Site

I cant loginto my admin site… its giving me error. I know my username and password but its not loggin in for me…

There has been an error processing your request

Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

Error log record number: 1435882113

if you can do this i will pay $20.00 to fix my admin site login and check my database/site stability

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Magento Site Development + Migration From OScommerce 2

We require complete development of our new Magento based website. Some redesign of existing GUI also required.

We require developers with a high degree of competence and experience in this platform, and to deliver 110% results on this project.

Our full project proposal will be sent through within the next 2 days by PMB to any candidates who bid and supply a portfolio which we are satisfied with.

Happy to look at bids higher than bidding limit for any provider who can demonstrate the given need to do so.

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Magento Site Duplication And Setup

We are looking to duplicate our current Magento website to a new domain using the "mulitple" website ability of magento so that we can use the same products and admin. The new site will be exactly like our current site, but will have different colors and logo etc. We will provide the new PSD files for the design. Our current store does have some custom features and functionality so we need to be sure that these custom features remain in tact and working on both the new store and the old store.

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Magento – Site Modification – CMS, Theme

I have a Magento site running: (in Hebrew) . The original site address:

tasks to be done:

1. All the CMS pages (like : ) & the home page should be rewritten.
problem now that all the content is HTML copy & paste from the original site.
solution need to be elegant & simple using standard Magento design so our costumer can:

A) change the text of each page in a simple way. note that in for example
we want that the costumer can add more articles!!! (same thing in

B) In almost each page there is a banner & pictures+text to the right. we want that the costumer will be able to choose which banner(flash) & right picture+text he wants for each page. also the option to hide banner and/or rightpicture+text

C) right now the home page shows the featured product(using the extention),
the look of the home page should be exactly like:

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Magento Site, Fill Products And Made Small Change

The project is to fill my database with csv file of product, made small change on existing site. associated picture with the product.

I need this change made fast

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