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Backlinks (permanent) For Ecommerce Web Site.

Dear future partner.

We need a partner, who will provide permanent backlinks from PR 3-10 sites (at least 50 PR5+) for ecommerce web sites. We need better ranking on google (USA, Australia, Canada).

First please place bids for 100 links.
We require:

* 50 PR5+ backlinks. Some websites must be PR6, PR7 and PR8. As many PR9 and PR10 as possible.
* 50 PR3+ backlinks.
* All links must be minimum PR3 or above.
* At least 50 links must be minimum PR5 or above.
* Links NEED to be relevant to our websites content.
* All backlinks must be DO FOLLOW… ALL links will be checked.
* Page Rank is for page that has the backlink – not the homepage or other page on the site. No more than 30 external links per page. (will reject any links in excess of 30)
* One link per domain (different C class IPs)
* Links from websites that already contain a link to our site will not be counted.
* Links must be deployed over time with maximum 10 links per day. Every page must have established PR or it will not be counted.
* No spam links.
* No link farms accepted.
* One link per domain will be counted, so 100 links must come from 100 different domains.
* Link page must already be indexed and cached by Google, MSN and Yahoo within last 30 days.
* Link page must be search engine friendly, that is no redirects, cloaking and other practices.
* Page should not be excluded by robots.txt.
* No links from "under construction" pages.
* No sites which ask for money later.
* No contextual ads sites, popups, intrusive advertising, etc. NO SPAMMING
* No blog comment spamming, No ping sites, No links within newsgroups.
* No link from: torrent sites, file sharing forums, guestbooks, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, directories, articles submission, hacker, illegal, gambling, pornographic or black hat sites.
* All links must be ONE WAY non-reciprocal links from relevant websites.
* Links must be static HTML links. Including the target keywords we provide in anchor text.
* Links must be permanent, active, never expiring.
* Links must be in text, not graphics.
* No use of black hat software/techniques.
* Slow deployment of the links is required over 10 days to avoid any penalties.
* We reserve the right to cancel a link if it is not suitable (with detailed explanation).
* Will provide you with the anchor text you need to use and any other relevant information.
* Backlinks will be required not only to the homepage, but inner pages as well.
* Experience is important and proof of quality work and extensive experience is required.
* White hat is crucial and required. Black hat or Grey hat methods will not be accepted nor paid for.

The link builder should be highly experienced. Must know how to check that links are good. Please do not bid if you have limited or no link building experience.

You will need to provide me with the following spreadsheet before payment is made:
-Link site exact URL (clickable hyperlink)
-Site Name
-Site Type
-Google Page Rank
-IP address
-date placed.

Please send me your report once a week every Friday.

When you contact me for the bid, please show me some url examples where my links will be coming from.

Read the above terms carefully and tell me what you can and can not do.

Thank you.
Eric Dolchester

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Property Management Web Site

Note: this is primarily a PHP/MYSQL project

I have the need for a new property management web application.

The initial implementation will be quite simple, but i want to scale it up in the future to make it bigger and more advanced at some point.

Initially I just want to build the backend to help me manage it. Once this is complete I want to build the front end so we can showcase the properties / rooms with photos / descriptions etc.

Its quite a simple project, let me know how much as soon as possible please.

Need basic property logo – Lets call it Wavendon Properties and very simple, crisp and clean layout. Nothing fancy at all.

Its not for use by the public ( not yet anyway ) so it just needs to be crisp and clear rather than anything fancy.


The company is a proper manager, Each property has an owner and the property is part of a portfolio for that ower. Its a VERY simple web app to enable me to add and remove records for a group of properties, tenants and manage the rental income and expenses

i have described the different entities and fields/attributes we need to display/manage i need to manage in the enclosed word doc. Please note this may need some minor adjustment as its just a guideline.


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Reseller Club Integration Web Site

I am an account with and using there store like to move away from that and start selling my own product.

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Photography Web Site

Seeking a designer for a simple, modern photography portfolio website. The site shall showcase a selection of classified images with titles, contact details and so on. If possible, this would be delivered with instructions on replacing/adding images as the portfolio develops with a view to redesigning on a larger scale should it prove successful. There are a number of example designs in mind while also open to suggestions.

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Livescore Web Site


I need a livescore website (like flashscore ou similar) to show football (soccer) results and table standings from europa leagues.
Ill be responsible for receiving and introducing the scores, so i need a simple and fast way to do it.
Im still not sure how to do this, so any advice/tip is welcomed.

If the website can show scores from other livescore sites, even better.

Since this is a small (and non profit) personal project, my budget is very small.

Thanks in advance,

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Building Interactive Web Site For A Fasthosts Reseller

I am a fasthosts reseller. I need to interface a website to sell all the fasthosts products automatically registering the domain creating password billing etc. Fasthosts offer api and I have a web designer I need some one with the right programming experience to do all the back end of my website.

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Seo And Additions To Web Site

1. I want to continue to improve my web site ranking with seo and SUITABLE APPROPRIATE back links which will not negatively impact with google

2. I want to create a small on line store where customers can purchase (salon gift vouchers only) which I will post to them when their funds have been cleared.

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Ride Sharing Web Site With Location Calculation

Ride sharing web site
This project good needs programming skills and understanding of Google Maps API (or similar worldwide free service)
I would suggest using PHP + MySQL but other technology can also be discussed.
The idea is to let people share rides, find other users traveling the same route to travel together easily.

Users should be able to choose their start point and destination on the map (Google Maps or other). The users which are "Driver" are the people which can take other people in their car. According to users starting point and destination, system shall search on the database if there are any "drivers" traveling on the similar route. The start and ending points can be different (the driver can take people on some point and leave them on another point which points are near his route) There shall be configurable distance that driver accepts to increase his journey length in order to take other people. There should be a good algorithm which can calculate and optimize the journey so a) users can find drivers for their journey, b) drivers find users to take without need to make their journey longer than they want. Algorithm shall calculate journey length if car passes by the starting and ending point of the user and total length shall not exceed shortest way for driver + the distance he is willing to accept (f.e. +5km, +10km).
When new user register, system searches for drivers and suggests possible drivers and their routes, if user likes it it notifies driver. When new driver registers system searches for users and and if driver likes any of them system notifies the users. (same is valid if user/driver changes their desired start point or destination in future or uses option to search again). Drivers enter travel date and time, it can be one time or regular f.e. every Monday to Friday 9am or every 4 days. Users can search with or without date for their travel.
Users and drivers can leave comments on each other which can be seen by anyone. They get notification by email for possible option to travel together.
There shall be easy registration for the web site with email confirmation AND option of using Facebook account
There shall be comments together with source which lets making changes where needed.
Web site shall have easy way to be translated in other languages and to have graphical interface changed.

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Building A Web Site Regarding Addiction

I need someone to build a web site regarding addiction. And to write content for exsisting sites

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Web Site Refreshment

One of our web site id
we would like to add a few pages page of management , we would like to change the lay out of the site ,
fix booking calender , utilize space for some affiliation program .

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Web Site Creation

I am looking for website design. This is NOT an e-commerce site. It will have approx. 10 pages (home, about, news, contact, info, legal, etc.). I will provide a detailed PowerPoint presentation of the site and page design. There will be 2 unique aspects to the site….

1) Ill need a VERY professional UI (web 2.0, elegant, etc.)

2) The home page will contain 2 or more dynamic line graphs. The left Y-axis of each graph will need a feed from Google (or other supplier of financial market data) where one dot or point will be graphed. The right Y-axis will plot user inputs. Each day, the previous days graphed inputs will slide on spot to the left. In essence, this will (over time) generate a time line. There will be some other intricacies, but this shouldnt be a complex site.

I realize this is a very brief summary – Ill supply clearer explanations if/when a freelancer is chosen. The site & database will be hosted by GoDaddy.

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Drive Traffic To My Web Site

I need to drive real traffic to my web sites ASAP. If you can send real traffic to my web sites contact me and let me know how soon you can start. i have several campaigns that I need to run that each need 1000 visitors. That is how we will separate the campaigns. I need to drive traffic from the following niches:

Make money online
Internet Marketing
Business Opportunity

I need to get started right away.

Classified posting
are all OK forms of traffic.

This needs to be done right now.

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Web Site & MLS Integration

You will be provided with photo shop design layouts for each page of the web site and then will need to code out the site. The web site will be approximately 25 pages. In addition to the site their will be a search feature that allows users of the site to search the MLS listings. These MLS lsitings need to reside on my server for SEO and are pulled from my local MLS. Again you will be provided with photo shop design layouts of the pages. Those searching the site will be able to set up an account, save their favorite properties etc. You can go on any real estate web site and use the search function to see the functionality. Additionally a daily email will be generated that updates the client with any new listings or those with a price change.

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SalsaTronix Web Site

6 page site; I will supply a 5 minute video that will appear on home page that is currently on YouTube (and will remain as hosted on YouTube). I will supply all content and most photos, but will need a couple of additional photos supplied by you.

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New Web Site

I am looking to build a website for a modeling agency.

I need:

Simple web CMS to quickly update photos, bios, profiles, and availability
Photo gallery
link/banner exchange
member login for access to member photo galleries
contact form
age verification page (18 or older)
employment form
about us page

the site needs to look professional and modern without the use of flash do to the large number of clients that use our site on mobile phones/devices

some sites for reference are:

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Collaberative Web Site

This is a new build of a web site that will offer the following:
Allow registered members ability to collaborate on various projects.
Allow guest visitors ability to search projects
Allow members ownership of projects they start
Allow some finished projects (Music, Film and Literary types) to be sold on the site
Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn connections (commenting, listing etc)

Other things that will need to be built:
Chat (invites between Employers and Candidates, BMS, etc
email (receive email upon registration, password reset, etc.
Ability to upload Articles
Ability to upload Video
Ability to link to Internet news sources other then our own (CNN, MSNBC, WSJ, etc.)
Ability to allow merchants to advertise on select pages within Users sections.
Service Panel to update code and add additional code
Some services will be upgrades thus, pricing for those service will need to be built in and selectable by members.

And other typical web site capabilities.

we are looking for Web 2.0 / 3.0 features in this site. Utilizing PHP, mySQL, CSS, Java, etc. and the most well recommended technologies. We are no mimicking other sites but the tops sites on the net like Linked IN, Monster, Facebook, are utilizing the tech we are looking to build our site with. Not all of them but the most well known, secure and build-able with growth in mind tech is desired. Some Droople and WordPress is also desired for certain sections.

Note: this is the initial phase, thus the site MUST be built in such a way as to add on services for the type of users listed above for growth.

Additionally: we are open to design and development consultations that could result in changes (slight or major) that will yield the service to consumers we desire.

We will expect (individual and organizations) to sign a Non-Disclosure and Non-compete as a condition of acceptance and BEFORE discussions and work begins.

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Web Site Required

Need a Web site for a reputed Company

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Web Site Required

Need a Web site for a reputed Company

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Local Web Site Promotion Required

Ive a Property related classified posting site focusing only NCR area in india like delhi,gurgaon noida etc, site development is done and i am looking for someone who would be able to promote it in local classified search engines like olx etc and get property dealers to register on my site . do some basic backlink building by doing blog comment posting etc

people who have done such work need to respond, I am looking for a long term point of view and not just for this work as Ive got few more projects. pls send the url of the projects which you have done.

my site is

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Send Traffic To My Web Site

I need to drive real traffic to my web sites ASAP. If you can send real traffic to my web sites contact me and let me know how soon you can start. I need to drive traffic from the following niches:

Make money online
Internet Marketing
Business Opportunity

I need to get started right away.

Classified posting
are all OK forms of traffic.

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Update Web Site Content With SEO

S | SEO | Technical Writing

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Update Web site content with SEO  

Update Web site content with SEO is project number 943203
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 02/09/2011 at 2:18 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

02/14/2011 at 2:18 EST
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (7 reviews)



Looking for an experienced web content writer who can research and develop web site content as well as new layout of content. We already have a site up…we need to update the same. Fast learner who has eye for designing SEO friendly content will be preffered. Please respond with your previous work experience.

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Redesign Web Site

I am looking for someone to professionalise my website.

I built a 21 page website in a couple of hours using a wizard. The website in hosted by Siteground and I see no reason why this will change.

The website is an electronic brochure for my services and does not require a shopping cart.

While I am happy (sort of) with the layout and the copy, I would like the site to look more professional. I would also like to add a blog down the track.

As part of the project I will retain the copyright to everything associated with the site.

When completed I must be able to update the site via a

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High Converting Traffic To Web Site (100-500 Visits Per Day)


Im looking for freelancer(s) able to provide targeted and _converting_ traffic to my new website.

My site is currently not ranked in Google very highly and I would like to drive more organic visits from Google along with other sources.

Visitors should be highly targeted and have a decent conversion rate.
Im looking for roughly 100-500 unique visitors a day to start out in order to not upset Google.
Looking for a 1-2% conversion rate (.25% absolute minimum).

Our website theme : Building Self Esteem in Children (Ebook)

Trafic should be driven mostly from :
Web articles (we could provide you with articles)

If you think you can get me traffic by the services you offer, tell me what you can do for me and at what price.

Please bid accordingly, and pm me the following:

1. What methods you intent to use to generate the traffic.
2. How fast you will be able to start generating the requested traffic amount (Preferably within 30 days).

**Traffic flow must be maintained after the project is completed.**

If it is a success then more work will be provided.

We will use Google Analytics and powerfull on-website statistics tool to track visitors so visitors must be REAL and UNIQUE.
I am familiar with how Google works and if there is any risk of getting demoted on the search engines you will not be allowed
No black-hat tactics. No blacklisted or Spam sites or spamming techniques. No banned sites, porn, gambling, violent, illegal or hate-based sites.
No hidden, cloaked, or redirected in any way…

If you dont agree to what is listed above, please do not bid.


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Web Site Translation

Web site translation from Englis to Spanish-Spanish and Portuguese language. About 6000 characters.

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Aggregation Web-site For Political News

Build a website with associated SEO, feeds, marketing etc to aggregate all political news

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Secure Web Site

I have a web site that is being hacked.

I need a provider to review the site and put safeguards in place to stop the hacking.

The site has been moved from to

Need to hire asap.

Please do not bid if you cannot explain your steps youll take to secure the website.

Budget is Low, keep that in mind when you bid.

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Ecommerce Site By Web Scraping Picture/text From (

I want to create an ecommerce website selling items which i will buy from other online sites. I want the freelancer to copy pictures, text and prices from different sites and to enter information into my new site.
Posibility to get the Feed from the partner website.

Initial number of items will be about 10000 but i want site to have potential to have minimum 50000 items. The initial language used will be English but i want to make the site multilingual

Please show me proof you have done similar work in the past and that employers have been happy with your work and communication and after sales support.

Dont bid if your completion rate less then 75%
if the work is good I need the permanent programmer who work with me regular basis to improve the site and sell the items on ebay, Amazon and many other sites.


NTD Telecommunications

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Web Site Required

I require a website very very similar to

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Web Site Similar To Etsy

Looking for someone who has experience or has previously built a marketplace-type or Etsy-type web site.

The web site will have a shopping cart foundation (you can consider using open source shopping carts like Magento as your foundation). Key features to have:
1. multi-storefront, for different vendors.
2. centralized/consolidated shopping cart for entire web site
3. core features available on Etsy

I am looking for someone who has experience in building a site like above, if you have built something similar you will know what I am looking for. If you have something that you built in the past, I would like to see a demo and preferably ask you to simply customize it to fit my needs/requirements.

I am open to have a .NET solution or a PHP-based solution, as long as the web site is solid and you are available for future support on the web site.

Please PM me a demo if you have built something similar.

Thank you.

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Web Site Helper

I have deals and coupons web site which gets 2-4 hundreds of posts daily, usually scrapped from other websites. I need someone to moderate them. Remove spam, self-promotion, modify or add some information to them.
Also analyse affiliate promotions emailed and post good ones to site.
So basically it is site admin work and data entry. I will expect 8hrs of work per day. Could be flexible hours but it will occupy you for 8 hrs, so if you cant dedicate so much per day please dont bid, I already tried with people who tried working on it couple hours a day and it was not enough.
Preferable but not mandatory to have experience with affiliate deals and coupons site, SEO knowledge, able to work north american hours. Someone should have internet and being able to respond fast in working hours.
Describe what you can offer and bid based on weekly pay. My budget is 400-500 per month.


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Web Site Penetration Test


I have a LAMP website with about 12 pages. I need a penetration test done on the production web site so I can inform my web developers to close the found holes. Any vulnerabilities found should be reported in a detailed final report with a recommendation about how to fix the vulnerability.

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Web Site Redesign

I would like a redesign of the following site:

1. web 2 design style
2. main page & secondary page design
3. maximum 3 columns content layout on the main page

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