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FLVPLAYBACK External Skin Customization

Need external flvplayback skin modified for AS3/CS5/FLV2.5.

1. Add totalTime textlabel
2. Add displayheadTime textlabel

I need to be able to modify/customize both which means:
1. Youll provide all the fla file
2. Youll provide all the as, embedded fonts, etc that would enable me to modify the contents
3. That both are independent from each other

Please take note that seekbar and seekbar progress is already used somewhere else.

I expect this to be done in 8 hours and Ill try to select a provider in 6 hours.

You will provide the swf first. If it works Ill ask for the fla. If all the items I need are there then payment time.

I will only pay 30USD.
I would only pay two ways.
If you prefer here, The payment will be in escrow and will be released upon verification of the requirement.
if you prefer PP, payment will be sent upon verification of the requirement

If you can provide a link to showcase that youll be able to do this that would be better.


Good Luck

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DotNetNuke Business Skin For Business Presentation WebSite

I am looking for a web designer to implement a clean, simple, business skin for a DNN site.
Skin should specifically exclude any not necessary items such as social networks references, 3-rd party add space (such as Google or other exchange systems).
Design should allow multi-language versions selection (for the versions set in the backweb as available), clean business menus (dynamical and allowing nice layout for at least 2 levels), a set of custom flash banners on the site thematic (enterprise infrastructure IT projects).
Design background should be WHITE, main colour of design artifacts (lines, menus, partial area background, etc.) is preferred to be blue.
Please observe existing company logo and visual identity on the web site
Existing content (which is in-hose design from scratch, not DNN) should go as a link from the presentation site.
An ideal result would look much like this site which can be taken as reference (especially for menu, flash and organization) –
For integration reasons we can only accept DNN Skin projects. Please do not send proposals for any other technology.

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Kaltura Video Player Theme


Im looking for someone that could style the Kaltura video player with a skin designed by me. The skin is simpler than the actual Kaltura skin player, you can get the source at:

– It should look the same has the design for the HTML5 and Flash version.
– It should maintain the same original structure of the Kaltura framework, only need a skin.
– The image rounded with the circle need to be loaded from the skin directory so it could be change later (this image will be a transparent PNG) need to work the same in Flash and HTML5 video version.
– The skin should look the same in every browser: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 3/4, Opera 10/11, Safari 4/5 and Chrome 10/11.

Please see the attachment to see how the video player skin should look. I will provide the original file so you can style it.

Thank you

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IPB Invision Power Board Transfer And Update

I have a very large, up and running 3.0.5 version of Invision Power Board with a custom skin. I have purchased the latest verision, 3.1.4 and a new server, I would like it transferred, than updated, and stay consistent with the skin. The database is pretty large (200mb+), which will require SSH or another form of transferring, it was successfully done before using rsync.

The faster this is done, the more I will pay.

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Vbulletin Skin Copy

Hi, Im looking for someone to copy the skin design on my existing Vbulletin 3.8 onto the latest version (4.1.2) I just need a copy and have all artwork for buttons although PSD files also available. Also need the header increased to fit a 468×60 banner. See the forum on for reference although I have the full CMS suite so need the style carried through on that (Vbulletin does this automatically)
Nice easy job for someone with the right skills

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Write Ebook On Dangers/risks Of Preservatives In Skin Care

The requested ebook will form part of the promotional funnel for sales of a line of incredibly high quality preservative-free / paraben free skin care products on line. The ebook is expected to be 25-40 pages in length and focused on educating the reader on the risks and dangers associated with common preservatives used in skin care products and why they should use preservative-free and paraben free skin care products.

The contractor will have written several ebooks successfully used in online product promotions and will have done other online or direct mail copywriting. familiarity with the skin care industry is an asset. Please include a sample e-book if possible. This is not required but is highly encouraged.

Anticipated Milestones:
1. Approve Research Plan – this will include a limited review of published scientific results as well as consumer advocacy information and health authorities. In addition, the company marketing and educational materials should also be reviewed. We would like a copy or bookmark for all research reviewed online.

2. Complete Outline – this would include a full outline for the book with summary bullet points for each section as well as completed drafts of 2 sections to review for style

3. Full draft – complete first draft of the ebook

4. Revisions – We expect up to 1 major rewrite of the book and up to 3 minor revisions of the document (no changes to structure – i.e. a rewrite of a couple sections).

Please provide a breakdown of your quote by milestone.Add to Project Description

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Convert Joomla Theme To MojoPortal Skin

I need to convert 2 Joomla themes from to MojoPortal Skins. Let me know if you are interested and give me a quote on how much it would cost. Thanks so much!

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Build My Rank BMR Writer

This job involves writing as many as possible 150+ word short articles posts in a day. I will pay you $0.50 per 150+ word post/short articles. I need 72 such posts and I am willing to pay $36 for them. I will not necessarily wait for the deadline to award the contract. We will begin as soon as we find our writer(s). That being said, I might hire more than 1 writer because I have a huge backlog of posts to be written. Here is how I want the posts to be written:

– I will supply you a number of keywords.
– You will research the keywords given and acquire a fine grasp of what they are all about.
– You will then write blog posts/ short articles of at least 150 words excluding the article title.
– The article title should contain the keyword. Example is as follows, assuming the keyword supplied is dry skin problems, an acceptable title would be like Getting Rid of Dry Skin Problems, Causes of Dry Skin Problems, Help! I Have Dry Skin Problems or Solutions of Dry Skin Problems.
– The keyword should appear at least once in the article body, preferably in the first 3 sentences.
– The articles/posts should be free from grammar and spelling errors, have proper punctuation and be factual based on your research above.
– You are free to employ any writing style as long as you have followed the above outline. Be creative and just let your thoughts flow into your writing!
– Articles need to be 100% unique and pass Copyscape
– The keywords are from different niches like beauty, health care, sports, medical, electronics, pet care, travel and hospitality, internet and technology, home and garden appliances and so on. You should have a broad mind to handle whatever keywords are thrown at you!
– This contract is really a paid interview. I will discuss much larger contracts of hundreds of posts to the right writer upon successful completion of this project.
– As I need the short articles/posts in large quantities, I will only consider offers from full time writers.
– Bid for only 72 short articles/posts @ $0.50 per post. So your actual bid should not be more than $36 for 72 posts.
– I will provide you with a Writer account where you will write up the posts. You will edit or replace any rejected posts. If you have lots of rejected posts, I will cancel the project.
– Mention how long it will take you to write the 72 posts in your application. I need fast turnaround at the same time I do not want to compromise on quality.
– Please mention the word candy in your application so that I know you have read and understood the requirements of this job post.

If you have any questions, just bid and ask in PM.


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VBulletin 4.1.2 Theme/skin Development For Real Estate Site

I am looking for someone to skin/template my fresh installation of vBulletin 4.1.2

The site is a real estate forum. We have a color combination in mind already, and example websites for the layout will be provided for illustrative purposes.

The logo design has been completed.

Keywords: vbulletin skin, vbulletin theme, vbulletin template, vbulletin customization, vbulletin design, theme vbulletin, psd vbulletin, vbulletin designer, vbulletin skins, skin vbulletin, vbulletin expert, vbulletin psd

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IkiClassifieds – Create Template, Skin


Looking for a freelance programmer who has good knowledge of the "ikiClassifieds" script to modify and customize the user look and appearance of our website. We would like a more modern and attractive look and feel.

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PSD To Magento Template / Skin


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Asterisk User Interface – Re Skin


We operate a multi-tenanted Asterisk service using 4PSA Voipnow Professional. We require an experienced PHP/HTML developer with a thorough working knowledge of Asterisk PBX.

The project is to re-skin the standard user interface with a view to simplifying the user experience.

We will provide you with screenshots of the required look and feel, together with access to a fully functioning Asterisk server to test your work

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PSD To VBulletin And IPB Skins

Im interested in hiring a coder to be involved with a custom skin designing website in the making. I will be charging people $250 per skin (prices will probably be risen) Of that $250, you will receive 50%. ($125.00)
I want someone who can code vBulletin IPB and preferably WP (not a bid deal if you cant do WP)
Also I would like the coder to be skilled at jQuery or similar javascripting effects.
Message me for more details

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Customize The Theme Magento With Excellent Css Skin

Customize the theme magento with excellent css skin

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Slot Skin Design2

Need some one to design slots symbols and main screen . In Very high Quality.
11 symbols , 3 game screens and 3 payout screens

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New Algorithm For Skin Cancer Detection

I would liket to get some help about my graduate project. Journal should be about Detection of Skin cancer using different algorithms and focus on any of the algorithms and redevelop the algorithm.

All the work must be shown and explained in a manner that can be understood easily. Please focus more on Mathmetical side insted of medical side as this is subject for Biomedical /Biotechnology Engineeting and Mechatronicz.

The main goal of this paper should be any developed algorithm and research previous developments, why we have choosen this method and what further developments can be done.

Project should be approximately 80 pages with minimum 100 references. References must be used throughout the whole paper and also at the end of the paper. i will provide the formatting and further information to the winning bidder.

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Drupal 7 Skin From HTML Template

I have a design that I applied in HTML+CSS format. This design needs to be converted to work with Drupal 7.0 incorporating all of Drupals functionality.

The theme is simple enough. It follows the same defined regions as the Bartik skin. There are three possible block designs.

Proper work expected. The theme needs to be well structured and documented.

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Online Minecraft Skin Editor

We have been asked by a client to create an Online Editors for minecraft skins.

This example here is great:
Especially how you can browse, edit, upload etc.. this is what we want

However we want our editor to be super easy to use, aswell as having advanced options.

we want to combine the features from both & SkinEdit Software:


Online Skin Editor:
SkinEdit Software:

Minecraft Skin Tutorials:

Minecraft Skins:
Minecraft Skins (Forum):


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Quick Data Extraction / Scrapping Project

This is a simple project, and really a recruitment tool for a good PHP engineer / data aggregation specialist that we will be using for many projects in the future.

Overview: we need a PHP script that when executed, retrieves all active deals from
Output format: XML file, mysql database
Data to be scraped (example: :
1. URL of deal

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Nop Commerce Skin Implementation

I have a skin designed for nop commerce. I have all the graphical element already cut. I need someone to implement the css of Nop Commerce to create the skin of my store.


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NopCommerce Skin Implementation

I have a skin designed for nop commerce. I have all the graphical element already cut. I need someone to implement the css of Nop Commerce to create the skin of my store.


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NOPCommerce Theme

Looking for skin/theme for NOPCommerce V1.90.

We will provide completed HTML/CSS and/or photoshop files to work from.

Want to be able to simply use the in built skin/theme features within NOPCommerce V1.90 from our provided HTML/CSS/Photoshop files.

We currently have 1 website job to skin and test you with where a second website will be immediately ready to work on after completion of the first.

We are looking for ongoing HTML/CSS NOP skinning from the successful bidder.

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Yabsoft MFH Skin

Hi ,

I just bought MFH script from Yabsoft .

Im looking for someone to do skin for the script .

I want the script skin similar to ( all sections ) :-

Pm me for more info….

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Convert/Port Joomla Theme To MojoPortal Skin

Hi I was wondering if Somone would be interested in converting a few Joomla themes to MojoPortal Skins. Let me know if you are interested and give me a quote on how much it would cost. Thanks so much!

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Invision Power Board 3.1/IP.Content

I have an adult-themed IPB site online that requires a change to the IP.Content database record layout (database template) and profile tab modification/additions (using IP.Content data). Definitely want someone with experience with Invision Power Board and IP.Content. Would like changes to work with the default (purchased) skin as well as the IP.Mobile skin.

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IPB Skin And Code Upgrade From 2.31 To 3.14

Need an IPB expert to upgrade our existing skin from IPB version 2.3.1 to IPB version 3.1.4. This is for a large, popular online gaming forum. Must be proficient in the IPB 3.1.4 substructure. For example, we add several new games to the site each year, and we don

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Need 50 PR4+ Relevant Backlinks

I need 50 PR4+ relevant backlinks for my website. My website is

Backlinks are to be free, one-way, and placed onto permanent websites.

Backlinks for blogs, discussion groups, etc will not be accepted since they are monitored and the content can be removed. These backlinks must be permanent.

Relevant keywords and topics are: skin care, skin health, health and beauty, sunless tanning, self tanning, self tanner, tanning bed, skin cancer, etc.



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Model Website With CMS And Store

We need a website designed as a Models membership site. It needs to have a CMS system to allow us to update images and text and also the capability to stream video. It will need a membership payment gateway and mailing list facility. Also Twitter and Facebook incorporated. A layout but not necessarily design suggestion is The site needs to be the same proportions with a toolbar across the top with content scrolling below. Needs to be kept simple , no major flash, quick loading and readable on smart phones and tablets. We would require it built as a skin so we can re-skin with different models but use the same shop, membership system. We would want to won the code outright and host it ourselves. An existing system can be modified to suit our needs if you already have one.

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Custom DirectAdmin – WHMCS Skin/template

Need a custom skin/template for DirectAdmin and also for WHMCS.
Send a PM for more instructions.

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Worpress Skin

Looking for an experienced WordPress developer. Please provide a portfolio of work along these lines.

This project entails taking a PSD and skinning into WordPress.

Must be English speaking and available during UK office hours 10am

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20110215 – DNN Skin

Project is for a custom DNN Skin compatible with DNN 5.x. Must be compatible in IE 6 to 9, FF, Chrome and Safari. Overall project should be done in 4 weeks time. Design ideas will be provided to serve as idea and direction on concept and graphic design to be approved before skin conversion. Logos will be provided as well.

The project will contain the below components:

1 – Concept and Graphic Design
This includes 1 design concept for home and inner pages as well as all graphics and layouts used in the whole project like Layouts for forms, Buttons, rollovers, Login page etc. One Flash header and static headers for all of the pages are also included.

2- Skin and Container development
This includes skin development for Home page, up to three different skins for inner pages and one skin for Login page. There will be 5-7 containers depending the rest of layout and where needed.

3- Content Filling
This includes insertion of contents and then cropping and shaping all content images to follow the consistent look, html layouts for any special page including forms. This also includes any additional CSS work that will be required to make the Layouts in inner pages consistent.

4- FAQs Page
Implements collapsable areas with images and text to match.

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VBulletin 4.1.1 Skin

I need a skin (style) for to make it look like

I just upgraded, and my previous style was incompatible.

Id prefer to be provided with a style I can just upload.

Heres a mock up of what I want it to look like:

Tables are okay, Im not a css fanatic.


Scott See

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Ipb Forum Skin Intergration


i am looking for someone to edit a already well built skin for ipb 3.1.1. i basically need a header and footer to be added edited to the skin. thus looking like its intergrated.

my skin is the infinite skin off ipbforumskins website. its already set up with the website and just needs skin editing. i am more than willing to pay for the assistance and of your time.

ipb is built off html php and css background code. no alterations are needed to the actual code of ipb its just the actual skin that needs altering.

Here you can see we have already intergrated a billing system into the website

this is a standard page from our cms website

this is the forum page skin

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