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Slide Show Prow Full Screen Background In Joomla

I am using Joomla 1.6.1 and have created a module with standard output from Slide Show Pro Director ( if I place in joomla "debug" position I can get a 100% scalable flash slide show however I need it as a full page background on the main page with all content in front. I have tried changing the css of extra1 postion with z-index : -1000 but is still does not work?

I need a fix please.

Website is

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IPad Application

An application for iPad that will function similar to a photo album where a user will have a large amount of slides to choose from and when selected the slide zooms out to fit the iPad screen. Every slide should have a button giving the user the ability to flip the slide (e.g. if its a word, once flipped it would read backwards). A few slides need to give the user the ability to insert text in a preordained spot on the slide. Several slide templates have copyrighted images so similar original images need to be created. Menu page and possibly a sub menu page organizing the slides in certain categories. All the slides that will make up the application have been premade in photoshop and saved as jpegs.

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JQuery Interactive Banner

Were a large design agency that often has overflow work to be outsourced and are constantly on the lookout for self-starting, motivated individuals that dont need to be micromanaged. If you feel youre a fit, read on!

We currently have a project in which we need to develop an interactive banner (See attached mock up file) which we want you to do. The banner has a couple features that require the magic of JQuery:
— The content of the banner must slide in ON TOP of the previous slide, similar to jquery cycles "cover" effect.
— Theres a callback menu with wine labels of each wine displayed. When clicked, it should slide in the respective wine.
— The callback menu will also scroll (with arrows, left/right).
— When a wine label is clicked it should rise up and have the little arrow showing which item is selected and being shown

The basic HTML/CSS markup is complete, although you may have to make additions/changes depending on how you go about this.

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Ajax Slide Down Do Display Infos

Ajax slide down do display infos when click on a link

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Create Powerpoint 2007 Slide Master And Layouts From PDF

We got a design for PowerPoint presentations in form of a PDF containing 10 slides. Your task is to create a PPP with a slide master containing the logo, blue ruler and footer and 10 layouts from the PDF layouts.
Download the material at

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Video Editing


I have around 200 videos in a number of formats that I would like edited as follows:

1. You will download the videos from a location I will give you.
2. You will place a watermark on the video of my website url
3. You will upload that new version to my members area (instructions will be given).
4. You will also cut short the video at say 1 minute and create a new version.
5. You will add a 30 second holding slide (1 slide at the end) that contains a The full version of this video is available in the members area of {URL}, along with around 200 more videos etc… If this slide can be hyperlinked and clickable, all the better.
6. The cut short version of the video to be keyword and SEO optimized and submitted to as many video publishing sites as you can handle (automated submission solution preferred).
7. A list of the urls where the videos have been published will be required. These will be social bookmarked, so if you want to add a price for social bookmarking them as well, please separate that.

Please respond with cost and time estimates, along with how many sites you will publish to (along with social bookmarking costs if relevant).

Thanks Allen

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Project For Lukeyan-Drupal Theme Home Page And Inner Page

Are you able to convert the PSD design into a Drupal theme? I was learning about how to do this, but I do not have the time any longer.

Please give me a quote for the main home page and a secondary page to use for the About Page, etc……
The home page must include the functionality included in the attached mock up
For example…

1) slide show per region of main images
2) manual slide show of retailers

Yes – for now 3 languages (english, french and possibly hebrew), more later
Yes – lightbox is what I am looking for. So the locator will pop up the lightbox and display the postal code / zip code results there with a map?

Can you turn around the website home page and a secondary page (using some of the home page design) with for About Us, Try Weehoo content by this weekend? Or just the home page ??

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Flash Designer & Actionscript Expert For Our Next Slide Show

Need a flash expert level actionscript programmer to build our next slide show.

You must posses designer skills also.

Looking for long-term relation ship.

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Slide Show Setup And Customization In Magento

I need a slide show set up and customized to look and function exactly as the example shown in the link below.

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Website For Photographer With Slide Show Pro

Im a photographer looking for a designer who could design me a website, that will be running on Slide Show Pro Director.

– Need to be fullscreen capable
– Need to 100% width

Example that I like:

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Coin Slider For Products

Looking for a traditional coin slider banner as seen here:

but with 1 exception:

Traditionally only 1 image and html content can be placed inside the slide. We are looking to place 3 separate images each with their own <a href=""> link to separate pages in each slide so we can feature our products. Needs to have the same cross browser performance as the listed example.

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Powerpoint Master Slide Design

Hi – I need a master slide design completed for powerpoint. Maybe 6 – 10 different slides. I have files of our current branding etc so its just a matter of converting that to PPT with a similar feel. If you check out our web you will see what I mean [removed by Administrator] I can email files to assist.

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Web Powerpoint/Flash Set Up – Ideally Using Joomla

We have a short 12 slide powerpoint slide show. We have included some animation on each of the slides. We would like to post this up on a new web domain as a placeholder while we upgrade to a full website. This presentation should flow automatically, pausing on each page to allow time for the reader to read the content. On reaching the final slide it should stay on the last page.

I suspect this may need to be converted to Flash, but I would rather avoid this so as to ensure no problems with mobile compatibility.We have an existing version of Joomla running on an Amazon instance and would like to set this site up on the same infrastructure if possible.

The domain has been registered, you will need to repoint the domain (registered with fasthosts) and set up a catch all email forward.

We will pay on completion of the set up.

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Joomla And Joomfish Expert

Need a joomla and joomfish expert to fix small bug in a flash slide show joomla plugin.
The two slide shows is working without joomfish. Needs to make it work with joomfish also. Small project.

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Graphic Designer Required For Powerpoint Presentation

We require a 6 slide powerpoint presentation to be created for use as an informative slidedeck. This slide deck will be used in a presentation this week, and information will be provided in word format. You will have to be creative, good with graphic design and fast turnaround, as it is needed within 24 hours.

Please dont bid if you dont have experience that you can show, and a solid portfolio of previous work. Again, immediate start is required.

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IPR Presentation

Illustrate 50 slides, each slide having 1-3 frames, (maximum 100 illustrations) for a powerpoint presentation that will be animated. There will be a detailed story for each slide explained through indicative images or hand-drawn sketches to explain what each illustration needs to show. Style similar to istockphoto file 15674740, or file 14689420 using stick figures.

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Create 60 PowerPoints From Articles Supplied


I have 60 articles I want to turn into PowerPoint Presentations (I later intend to add voice overs). I need someone to take each article and do the following:

1. Break each article down into valid points that can go on each slide of the PowerPoint, I do not want all of the article text in the PowerPoint

2. Go through each word document highlighting in bold the text that should be used as points to appear in the PowerPoint.

3. Take the PowerPoint template provided and put the title on the first slide and enter each point on every slide after that.


Here is an example (I have bracketed the text I want to use in the PowerPoint to represent each main point):

[Are you a small business owner] and [trying to juggle every aspect of your workload] yourself

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Image Gallery

Looking for someone to build a very simple jquery/javascript 6 slide gallery to be placed on a Volusion site.

The dimensions are 700×242 pixels.

I will provide all 6 images to be integrated into the gallery.

I would like to see some prior work.

I need this done within hours after I accept your bid. When responding with a PM please add code word "SLIDE" so I know you have read the entire project brief.

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Excel/powerpoint Data Merge Or Similar Solution

Basically i have a computer set up using a 50inch tv as a monitor to display all the sales figures.

I assumed there would be a simple program i could use to display sales figures.

I have struggled to find this on the internet as often they are integrated into phone systems and payments etc and this is not required.

I have tried merging a 4 page powerpoint slide to our data off an excel sheet and its not simple enough for the receptionist and other members of staff to add thier sales too as it needs re-merging after every update.

Example figures are attached

Slide OneSlide 2Top SellerTop SellerCalls
Robert 321421300

So would need somewhere to enter the data and then press enter and the figures
be displayed through a program at 10 sec intervals running through the figures over 4 slides

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Remake Slide Show

Need a professional flash developer to remake existing slide show with enhanced functionality.

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Home Page Slideshow Banner

Looking for implementation of slide show on our homepage at Our store uses volusion for hosting. Three Animations.
Java script or flash acceptable as long as it is visible via Mobile devices. Images will be provided.

Example of the type of slide show we require is located here:

thank you,

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Slide Up Footer


I want a script like this .


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Web Site Update

We are developing an on-line course for our client in PowerPoint and need a Web designer to upload a file to an existing Web site once the content has been developed. The existing content on the Web page will need to be taken down before the new content is uploaded. Any recommendations for a Web-based viewing format that can be browsed slide by slide would be appreciated as a PDF or PowerPoint is too basic. Looking to impress client with additional functionality.

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Joomla/Virtuemart Job

Looking for someone with Strong virtuemart, PHP, CSS, JQuery and Ajax skills to work on the following:

1) Have the shopping Checkout Edited to be one page checkout with slide down tabs working properly (Currently have slide down tabs but need some editing.

2) Style tabs

3) Style Menu

Only bidders who are currently available, communicate on the projects progress and provide high quality work.

Future projects will be available after successful completion of this project.

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PHP, Java, CSS, SQL Database. Email Form And Side Show

Dear All,

We are looking for a highly skilled web programmer to help finish of our site as well as work on future projects.
The Project,
Most of the site has and is being created. The design is complete so we require not design work. We have two very small and quick tasks which need to be complete. We will give our Future projects to you depending on how well you do in these two tasks. We understand programming and have done some ourselves so we know how long these kinds of things should take.
News letter from
This will be a simple form where people enter their email address in with two options to press cancel or ok. If they select ok we will receive their email address in an email and add them to our news letter list

Slide Show
(j query is our first choice but java will do ) this will consist of around 4 slides. The slides would move smoothly from one to the other automatically. We would like the user to have control over each slide so they can move from slide to slide (back and forwards) also once the user clicks on the slide it will direct them to a page. All graphics have been created.

The Future
We are a growing business and we have a lot of Ideas for this site, we would love to work with the chosen programmer on our ideas and future ideas on a long term basis. Just some of the future tasks include login system, content management system, and a video library.

What We Require (we will not settle for less)
-For you to start work immediately
-To work to are extremely tight deadlines
-To have at least 4 years experience in programming.
-Be able to communicate in English
-Work for less than 7.5usd per hour (bonuses will be rewarded for good work)
-Provide a portfolio with websites and testimonials (please send via email)
-Communicate over Skype
-Be a fluent programmer
-we need you to be organised

Program In
Essential – PHP, Java, CSS and SQL database

Bonus – Jquery

Happy Bidding

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Magento Extensions Banner Slide


I want to use Banner extensions for my magento website site name

i need to control banner image from admin page. one of middle of banner and right slider banner.

sample magento website:

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IPhone Trivia And Game App

We are looking to have developed a trivia game, with a few mini games for the iPhone. This is a work for hire project, so all source code, copyrights, etc will be owned by me and should be handed over upon project completion. Please keep that in mind. Your bid price must include development costs, testing, and bug fixing until the app is approved and in the App Store.

I will provide a Game Design Document to parties I am interested in which will give more detailed descriptions of what it is I am looking for, but below is generally how we envision the app to be and work:

– Splash Screen with our company logo
– Title Screen with button to proceed to Main Menu.
– Main Menu with 3 buttons for each mode of play.

Game modes:

Trivia Mode – There will be 3 levels of play within the trivia mode. 5, 10, 15 question modes of play. Multiple choice questions, a button for each possible answer. Player should tap an answer to proceed. Scoring is simple as it should simply tally the amount of questions you have correct out of the total number of questions for the round. At the end of a round of trivia when presented with the final score you should be able to share your score via Facebook, Twitter, or Email, if possible.

Slide Puzzle – This mode is similar to childrens slide puzzle games, where they move tiles along to unscramble a photo image. Scoring should be based upon time taken to complete and number of total moves made. You can reference this website " "to see what a slide puzzle is and how wed like the scoring to be like. After completing the slide puzzle you should be able to share your score via Facebook, Twitter, or Email, if possible. We will be providing photos for the slide puzzle, but it will be up to you to implement scrambling them up for each game played, like the website referenced above.

Flash Cards – Flash cards is more a learning reference than an actual game. There is no scoring. You are presented with an image on a white background similar to an index card. Tapping the image will "flip" the card over to reveal what the image is and a few lines of facts regarding the image. Players should be able to share those facts via Facebook, Twitter, and Email, if possible.

Those are all the modes of play for the app.

The majority of sound and art/graphics assets will be provided to you, though we me ask for or you can suggest some minor art or sound work if it doesnt impact cost much, such as button SFX or back arrow art and small things of that nature.

Trivia questions/answers will be provided to you in a Word or Excel document.

Photos for the slide puzzle will be provided to you by us in jpg format. Again, it will be up to you to implement scrambling them up.

Photos for the flash cards will be provided to you by us in jpg format.

Text for the flash card backs will be provided to you by us in an Excel document.

That is pretty much what we are looking for. The more detailed GDD goes into each mode in a little more detail and includes the actual subject matter of the app, but this description is a pretty good summary of what were looking for and should hopefully give you good enough information to make an accurate estimate bid.

We are looking for an app format/engine that can be reused again in the future possibly. If you do a good job we would definitely be open to working with you again on future trivia apps.

We are not on any specific time table, but we are very limited in our budget.

We are also open to idea and suggestions from the developer that may help to add a little bit of polish to the app, but again since we are on a limited budget those ideas would need to be very cost effective.

Please include any links or references to previous works and previous iphone app experience. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to message me.


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Image Slide Show / Gallery


I would like the images and description from:

Put in a similar set up as the pages they are on.

then for new galleries:

I would also like another 3 slide show / galleries set up
One with about 44 slides. Titled: construction111510
another with about 16 slides. Titled: Custom table
another with about 25 slides. Titled: Methods and history

Each image gallery will have its own page with all images and clicking on the image will start the slide show. As seen on: – the new gallery images will all have descriptions which will be just

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Edit Flash Banner 5 Min Job $50

Hi, I have purchased a template banner from templatemonster

I simply need to have an additional slide put in so there are 4 slides instead of 3.
Also I want it to automatically scroll without using the buttons, but still have the button option there.

Once the file is edited with the additional slide I can edit the rest of the flash document.

Please dont waste my time if you do not know how to do this. To someone that knows flash it should be a 5 min job.

I am willing to pay $50



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PowerPoint Designer To Format Large Corporate Presentation

Our client is developing content for an extremely detailed PowerPoint slide deck communicating the long-term business plan for a pharmaceutical product. Attention to detail and provision of a highly professional output is essential. Design must adhere to corporate standards and will require addressing large amounts of content per slide. Total anticipated length of this presentation: ~150 slides. Slides will contain a combination of text-based screens, tables, bar graphs and line graphs. Timing will be extremely tight with a likelihood of 2 days for start-to-finish development.

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