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Small Coding Project In PHP


Im looking for someone to help me on two things:

1) To read a plain text file (about 300-400 lines) and extract Username, email and Join date to a MySQL Table called FST_User_Progress in a database called FST.
The MySQL Table has fileds (Firstname=Firstname, Lastname=Lastname, username = username, email = email, pos1date = Join date)
The format of the plain text file is as shown below:
Ulterium password Firstname Lastname emailATdomainDOTcom Members Active 0 2003-07-29 2003-07-29

So need to take the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 9th values. The values are seperated by Tabs.

The code should be able to check if a value already exists in the table and not create duplicates.

To have this run as a Cron job would be nice (if its possible).

2) This is for an online course…
Have a next button on a web page, go to a validation page.
The validation page asks the user to enter their email address.
It then looks up that email address in the MySQL table as well as the pos1date.
If the email does not exist, show a result page that this email address cannot be recognised.. please re-try.
After a valid email is entered, it checks the current date is >140 days after pos1date (from the MySQL table).
If FALSE —> then responds with a web page Please take your time to complete each lesson. It is recommended to take 1 week per lesson.. Also to send an automatic email to to say Firstname Lastname has tried to reach this page. The previous date = pos1date.
If TRUE —-> then updated pos2date in MySQL table with the current date. Redirect the user to the next page of the online course.

For testing purpose we can change the >140 days to be >1 days etc..

What I will be supplying:
For 1.. The user database (made anonymous).
For 2.. example web pages.
Content of email.
For the response messages there will be a page layout to follow and will also provide this.

With Thanks,


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A Small Php Project (needed Asap)

More details in PM.

You need to modify a php script so that It works according to our requirements.

I need experienced persons (full time coders) and low bids.

Its a little urgent must be done within 24 hours or less. If you are slow in communication and want advance payment please dont bid. Please write php in you bid if you have read this.
I myself a coder just dont have time. You must be available for online chat throughout the project and keep me informed of the progress.

Happy bidding…

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Php Work -small Project -fast Cash For You

Need help!
I need to copy one web page and make a small modification. Contact me for details

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