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Facebook Aps

Looking for someone to build facebook apps using social graph and facebook api –
Examples of what I am looking for are located here:

Project budget is open and ongoing.

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PHP Developer Required

A very good project for php developers.

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Small Coding Project In PHP


Im looking for someone to help me on two things:

1) To read a plain text file (about 300-400 lines) and extract Username, email and Join date to a MySQL Table called FST_User_Progress in a database called FST.
The MySQL Table has fileds (Firstname=Firstname, Lastname=Lastname, username = username, email = email, pos1date = Join date)
The format of the plain text file is as shown below:
Ulterium password Firstname Lastname emailATdomainDOTcom Members Active 0 2003-07-29 2003-07-29

So need to take the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 9th values. The values are seperated by Tabs.

The code should be able to check if a value already exists in the table and not create duplicates.

To have this run as a Cron job would be nice (if its possible).

2) This is for an online course…
Have a next button on a web page, go to a validation page.
The validation page asks the user to enter their email address.
It then looks up that email address in the MySQL table as well as the pos1date.
If the email does not exist, show a result page that this email address cannot be recognised.. please re-try.
After a valid email is entered, it checks the current date is >140 days after pos1date (from the MySQL table).
If FALSE —> then responds with a web page Please take your time to complete each lesson. It is recommended to take 1 week per lesson.. Also to send an automatic email to to say Firstname Lastname has tried to reach this page. The previous date = pos1date.
If TRUE —-> then updated pos2date in MySQL table with the current date. Redirect the user to the next page of the online course.

For testing purpose we can change the >140 days to be >1 days etc..

What I will be supplying:
For 1.. The user database (made anonymous).
For 2.. example web pages.
Content of email.
For the response messages there will be a page layout to follow and will also provide this.

With Thanks,


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Project Daizzy Adjustments Part 3

Small adjustments for my current administrator area.

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Small Project – Integrate PHP/CSS Pages Into New Site

I currently have an old website with PHP, which needs to be integrated to a new design. The design is already done, the pages are already built, all you need to do is integrate the PHP content of 2 pages and makes sure it is working correctly with the CSS. It is very important that you have excellent CSS skills as well as good PHP skills.

The pages are the following:

The new site is this one:

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Verry Small Project (PHP/HTML)

I need a freelancer can do a small work and can compete it some hours.
i need small change to my HTML/PHP code.

my budget $30
the payment will be create after you complete the work.

12/07/2010 at 11:40 EST:

you need have a PHP web server to preview for me the work.

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SMS Project In PHP Light Box Window

I have a script that is in PHP. I need to have a light box created so that some of the pages can be put into the light box so users will be able to use certain sections very easily. Right now some of the extra options make the web site confusing.

Even though this is PHP it is done in Yii Frame work. You must be willing to learn this or already know it.

Whomever I give this to must be able to start right away and be willing to work on this web site for a while. i have a lot of projects in this web site.

Please send the word "casual" in a PM or you will not be considered at all.

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Small Member Site

Health & beauty company looking to have a member site developed in WP.
You would be responsible for template and content writing.
Subject: Dental care.

Content rewriting, internet search, video uploading, maybe some video editing.

This project has 2 phases:
1. Release phase 1
2. Update content weekly to keep members happy.

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PHP Expert

PHP expert needed for high-end project.

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$30 Bids – Small WP Project

Hi everyone,

I have a fresh install of WP with a purchased template installed.

I need someone who is available immediately to perform the following tasks:

1. I installed text control, but it doesnt seem to work on all pages. Troubleshoot this.

2. The template came with sample data, most of which I dont need. I want someone to get rid of the excess and make the menus and content match a small Word file I will provide. There is not much content at all, so this should go very quickly.

3. The homepage has a jQuery slider, but it has navigation controls. I want to either ditch the navigation controls or replace this with a simpler jQuery slider. Either way is fine. In the end, I have a few images I want to do a simple rotation on the homepage.

Thats it! An easy $30!

Start now, get paid ASAP. Check my feedback — 10.00 and many comments about my prompt payment.

Happy bidding…

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A Small Php Project (needed Asap)

More details in PM.

You need to modify a php script so that It works according to our requirements.

I need experienced persons (full time coders) and low bids.

Its a little urgent must be done within 24 hours or less. If you are slow in communication and want advance payment please dont bid. Please write php in you bid if you have read this.
I myself a coder just dont have time. You must be available for online chat throughout the project and keep me informed of the progress.

Happy bidding…

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Experienced Coder with Travel Agent Experience!

1. Fix form
2. Fix "Check Availability" feature

CMS: Joomla
Detailed instructions attached.

Budget: 30 USD. You can bid anything, but I will assume you agree with this budget IF YOUR BID!
Time frame; 24 hours.
Payment: Paypal upon completition (no escrow – no advance before result)

– MUST have worked on similar project
– MUST speak english.
– MUST have paypal
– MUST be able to keep your words.

Continuous coding work available for right candiate.

Please mention my website URL while bidding, to be considered! Sorry for being demanding, but I am fed up with users, who start bidding without reading!

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Php Work -small Project -fast Cash For You

Need help!
I need to copy one web page and make a small modification. Contact me for details

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Project For PHP Experts

Simple job for an expert


We currently utilize ActiveCollab as the core of our Project Management System.

Weve completed updates, one specifically allows clients to click a "Make Payment" link on an invoice page which directs them to to pay for an invoice.

Wed like to take the google integration one step further buy allowing the clients to make their credit card payment from within the ActiveCollab platform using Google Checkout as the payment gateway (Google Checkout API).

The user would click the make payment link and the web form for their credit card information would be shown and then processed through Google. No credit card information would be saved to the system.

The necessary web services would also be required to accept notifications back from google with regards to successful transactions and failed/canceled transactions.

The web services would update the invoice status as necessary (e.g. successful transaction would update the invoice as paid within the activecollab system).

The experience needs to be tightly integrated with the ActiveCollab platform so an expert understanding of ActiveCollab is required.

Proper user flow must be maintained at all times.

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Small And Simple Blog Application

This project for samhung only please.

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Mayur’s Project

It is a small project.

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Small FreeSwitch Project

We have a client who is using the FreeSwitch platform and needs some help with a small project.

Here is the basic scenario. The client runs an interpreting and translation service. Customers call in to the clients company and are manually (for now) routed to an interpreter in their appropriate language. Once the call is routed, the interpreter then performs her service and hangs up.

We need to be able to track the actual amount of time that the interpreter is on the phone with the customer rather than just the length of the entire call.

It would also be very helpful to track the customer id for whom the interpreting service is being provided as well as the interpreter who is handling the call.

For the short term, we expect to provide a simple application (probably web-based) which will allow a customer service agent (the person who routes calls to interpreters) to select both the client and the interpreter quickly on a single screen.

The solution we are considering is as follows–and we realize it may or may NOT be workable. That is why we are seeking your expertise to help us verify the solution. If it is not the right solution, we need you to help us find one that actually does work.

We plan to populate a record in an external database with information with customerId, InterpreterId, BeginningTime (of interpretation), and CallId (from the call detail record). Later, we would like to marry up the call detail records with the external call detail supplement from the external database. From the merged record, we should have all of the information we need. (If there was a way to marry up the data without using an external database it would be a better solution.)

We are making at least three assumptions–any of which may be wrong.

1. We assume that as soon as a call starts, the Call detail record is generated and an ID exists for that call–and that there is some handle we can reach to get that ID.
2. We assume that we do not have the ability to edit the format of a call detail record to add additional fields. (Even if we could, we realize it may be unwise.)
3. We believe that we read somewhere that FreeSwitch stores its data perhaps in a SqlLite database. If this is true, then we may be able to access the SqlLite database rather than an external database. We dont know if a vendor would allow tables to be appended into this database.

For the long term, what the client would like is to be able to recognize the client by their phone number and/or by having them enter an account number and/or pin into an IVR system to automatically recognize the customer. When the call is routed to an interpreter, the system could automatically detect the interpreter by the extension being dialed so no manual selection of the customer or interpreter would be necessary. That is where the client would eventually like to be.

We are open to different solutions or ideas than the ones I have presented here as long as the client ends up with the information he needs.

All ideas are welcome.

When you bid, please explain precisely how you would architect this solution, any pitfalls you foresee, and recommendations for this client. Also, please itemize your costs for the telephony (FreeSwitch integration), web application, etc. If you are unable to do the web application, we can manage it internally. Our blind spot is FreeSwitch.

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Project For PHP Soldier

As discussed.

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Zend Expert For Small Intro Project

We have a Zend solution that needs a small parsing correction. Should not take more than 1hr to deliver this project.

Do well on this small project and well have more PHP/Zend work for you.

Additional details will be provided to qualified candidates inside the PMB.

No escrow. No agents. No brokers.

Thank you

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I Have A Project Which Needs Small Fixes

Dear Coders,
i have a website i need some small changes in it and i need to complete quality asurance in the project with 3 months support please put your bid on it
information will be provided later


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PHP Project For AHT

PHP project for AHT

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PHPBB Project Need Small Modifications

Hello user we need small modification in phpbb site need it to be done in 6-7 hrs its very small project so my budget is $30 if you cant do it within 6-7 hrs please do not bid.

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Project For Php4world


Hi Artyom,

We are looking for a coder with experience in PHP PDF generation to write the code for auto generated PDF files similar to the attached example (See Shoppinglist.pdf). You appear to be one of a handful of freelancers with experience in FPDF etc. and wonder if you would be interested in the brief below. If you think you can do it then we will elaborate/clarify the brief as necessary and you can liaise with our own developers to complete the project. We would like to get this project completed fairly soon, however if you have another project underway we can probably be flexible. Details of the project are listed below.



Scope of project:
The PDFs are shopping lists. The data/output requirements for the page is outlined below:

Our server will output raw shopping list data based on user preferences (see shoppinglistdata.txt) which will need to be fed into the PDF template. Along with the shopping list data our server will also provide asset IDs for the masthead [mastheadID], sidebar [sidebarID_0] and footer [FooterID].

The shopping list data is split into section headers based on supermarket aisle layout (Fruit & Veg, Meat & Fish, Chiller etc.). Your code should be smart enough to apply column breaks where appropriate and smoothly continue the graphics in the next column. It should also ensure that once a new section header is created there is enough column space underneath it to fit in all the ingredients under that heading, if not it should be moved to the top of the next column and the preceding sections graphics should be extended to the bottom of the previous column. After the last shopping list data section has been added the remainder of the last column should be filled with a

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Zend – Very Small Project

We have a Zend solution that needs a small parsing correction. Will not take more than 1hr to deliver this project.

Do well on this small project and well have more PHP/Zend work for you.

Additional details will be provided to qualified candidates inside the PMB.

No escrow. No agents. No brokers.

Thank you

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small php problem


i change the name of my folder where my site is inside that folder

and also i change the bath in the config file

but i still recieve this problem

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at

i know the solution is to make it call the header before any thing else

and thats mean to put

session start at the beginning of the code in every page

this is very hard and i am sure there is one click solution

so i need this guy to show me how to do it

say olay in the bid so i know you read it

so any time i change the folder name i dont get this problem

it is 1 minute project i know

so i will pay for lesser bidder


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Small VOIP Project

We are working on a VOIP project which is almost done, except for the following issues.

Here are the problems:

– Client cant put a user in multiple groups.
– Client cant adjust the sound files
– Client cant see how many people there are online
– Client can see just 1 phone ringing. This has to be multiple.

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Mutlple PHP Project (Private V) – Vin

Its a private project for my selected provider..

As per our discussion.


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Mutlple PHP Project (Private IV) – Vin

Its a private project for my selected provider..

As per our discussion.


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Decode codelock PHP files

We would like to hire a freelancer to decode a relative small PHP project. If you have the skills to decode Codelocked files, please contact me.

Kindly regard,

The Netherlands

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130_OPA : php website changes

PHP project for Sukung34

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PHP Project

Hi i need somebody who can implement an API.

Need to send their server information such as mobile phone number, amount to be billed. and then receive information back from their server and it to be logged in database or sent in a confirmation email.

Please let me know if possible. need quite quickly.

can send over the API documentation by pvt.


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PHP Project 2

need someone to do an hours work for me please?

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