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Inbound Call Center Leads

I am looking for someone who can provide legitimate leads for small hospitality establishments needing an call center to handle their in-house reservations.

Small Company is starting in New Hampshire and if legitimate leads are produced that creates signed contracts, full time at home job could be offered with said company.

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Drupal Developer For A Small Project


I am looking for a drupal developer for one of my small project.

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Japanese Link Building

Am looking for someone who primarily is strong at writing native level Japanese and preferably knows about SEO – in particular link building for some small Japanese websites I have. I will provide further details to the candidate selected. Am starting with a small website contract initially to gauge results and am looking to expand after that if things go positively.

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Presentation – Small Flash, Video Or Powerpoint.

We need a small presentation video/banner for our website.
It should be an animation similiar to the one on – but maybe a bit more simple.
We have the text and idea, so you should just do some animations that fits the text, as well as adding the text of course.
No speak needed.
How its done is not so important, that it looks good and professional is.

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Website For A Small Hotel Is Urgently Needed.

hi im expert of developer php sites for more than 5 years.
im developer this site this is sales houses and apartments
I guarantee my work.

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BNR Removal In Small Waste Water Treatment Plant

A small scale – Class A+ Waste Water treamtnet plant that we built a few years ago needs the addition of a BNR component.
Existing documentation is good, waste water samples available.
The plant is located in very hot Western Australian climate.

We are looking for a WW Expert to help us design the BNR RAS component in two stages.
Stage 1 is the feasibility and budget estimate
Stage 2 is the detailed design for construction

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Small Edits To DVD Cover & DVD Disk

I have a dvd cover and dvd disk that need some small edits.

I have the psd files to make edits.

Simple font changes, insertion of graphics, movement of text etc

Will take 1-2 hours Maximum for changes.

Budget: $20

Must complete within 1 business day.

Any bids above will be rejected.
Please provide sample of work
Must be proficient in Photoshop.
Must make changes till correct.

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SEO & Social Media For A Small Business

Get me real clients to the site

I need someone who has shown redults before.
You need to be able to do SEO & Social Media –
This is for a small business.
If you can do a GOOD job here then you will be used for many other projects that I am working on.
You may be hired permenantly if I think you are able to do this and know what you are doing.


Lower bids will be prioritised – however for future projects a reasonable price can be set.

Happy Bidding!!!

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SEO Job For A Small Site. Link Building

We have a 3 years old finance related website which has already good position on google. we need some quality links to improve rankings.
Budget around 250usd.

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Chat Avatars


We need a set of 32 custom, small avatars suitable for an online chat. They have to be small and suggestive on 20×20 pixels. A very good example of what we want can be seen here (you can notice that they are very small yet suggestive, this is very important).

Just like the example link above, these avatars should be somehow different as subject (we dont need only "cartoon faces" or "flowers" or "stars") but the design style should be the same.

The final avatars should be at least 32×32 pixels and use progressive alpha channel (png and transparency).

Preferable but not mandatory is that the final set should be delivered as a layered PSD or TIFF file (color layers have to be separated so we can change them, no other modifications will be done).

P.S. We need to see some similar work (icons, avatars) before we start.

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Ajax And Small Changes

I have minor changes to be made in css, and an ajax div to be created.
if you understand ajax and css bid. if not please do not bid.
the templates are in .tpl format
I have a pdf document with description, send me your skype and we can talk more
this is needed to be done asap
thank you

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Posting Of Our Business To 50 Small Business Forums

We are a web design agency specialising in small business website designs.

We require an introduction to our company, a brief overview of what we do and a link to our website posted onto 50 UK BASED small business forums, websites etc.

You must:

– Provide links back to all sites
– Not use automatic posting



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CSS – Small Job

A very small job to customise a widget – set background image and tab buttons. Images supplied.

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Compatability With Internet Explorer And Small Php Modificat

Problems with viewing one of my pages in internet explored 9.0 maybe other versions too.

Small modification of existing php script to intergrate target="_blank" on links etc


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Iphone, Ipad And Android App For My Site

I run a small site and i want an app that:

1) Get my articles via RSS and display like engadget app for iphone (a gallery with 3 photos at the top, with articles) and latest news below it, with thumbs.

2) Publish exclusive content to the app (this will be done from wordpress, using one category)

3) At ipad, the app most flip pages like flipboard

4) Tweet button and like on facebook

Three menu itens:

1) News
2) Twitter mentions
3) Videos (we will get from a category at my site, they are from youtube)

Your bid should be like this:

Total – US$ xxx
Iphone – US$ xxxx
Android – US$ xxxx
Ipad – US$ xxxx

I need like that because i dont know if ill make them all, depends on costs.

This is my first app and i need orientation in the hole proccess. Winner must have previously developed at least five apps and send me links. Be gentle in the bids, im not a company, im a person and my site is small. Tks a lot.

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Java Small Assignment
i can pay 30$

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Animation Needed Small Job

I want an animation like this one shown here (my terrible job)
using this image

but it needs to be smooth and professional looking and about the size of the first animated one – yet not a huge file (less than 100K hopefully)

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Custom Videos For Small Businesses

I need the following :

Videos that will be used to promote small businesses

I do not want Animoto

I do want

Royalty Free Footage
Royalty Free music
HollyWood Quality Voiceover.
Professional Script Written

This is an example of what I am looking for:

If you bid on this project please provide links to sample videos or if you have none please create one promoting a small business.

I will need these videos in Bulk so please give me you pricing for 10 of these videos.

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Cuda Small Task

I just want a cuda code to be run on the machine: to do the folowing

An algorithm for parsing BLAST file output
An algorithm in CUDA for one of the following:
1- The Seller algorithm.
2- The Neighbor-Joinig tree construction algorithm.
3- An algorithm for parsing BLAST file outputs.
can pay $20

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Edit Small CSS / HTML For A Web Site

My site is here:

The demo site is here:

In the upper right (below search) there are modules that load on the demo site.
On my site – theyre not showing up properly.

I need the FREELANCER to make this work.

$30.00 bids only.

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C# Small Task ( Urgent)
30$ is my budget

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Make Small Changes To WordPress

Make small changes to WordPress template

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CKEditor Smiley Icon Small Change


Im looking for a coder to update a the Smileys in CKEditor to include a custom groups of smileys instead of the current ones.

Please check the attachment to see how the layout of the plug-in will look like.

When bidding please include your price, time to complete the project and your portfolio.

Thank you

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WordPress Small Business Website

A small business wordpress based site
5 or so pages
Database capture using Free E-book
be able to copy another sites format
Database management – be able to send out mass e-mails/promotions etc..

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Small WordPress Job

Here are the four things I need done:

Clean up layout

Add Facebook Link/Widget

Add permanent sections to page body

Import rotating streaming radio player from other non-wordpress site – keep it in a permanent section as well

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Minor Modifications

I have a list of minor modifications that need to be made to my WordPress site, these are very small adjustments including correcting alignment of posts, adding a favicon, changing the background colour, etc.
I need a freelancer with an abundance of technical skills to help me execute them. You must be an expert at WordPress and a wizard with CSS, PHP and HTML.

This is such a small job and what needs doing shouldnt take much longer than an hour. But I am hoping to find someone reliable who I can continue to work with in the future as the site grows and when it needs updating.

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PSD To WordPress + Small Shopping Cart Function

Hello everyone,

I am re-posting this project since the other developer decided to quit on us because of his family troubles.

We have a project that we need assistance with. Recently we have been getting quite a bit of projects, similar to this one and other ones as well. If all goes well with this one, it will be a pleasure to do more work for other project with the proper candidate.

Please review all of the information stated here before bidding;

– We are looking for a professional that is expert in WordPress. Can implement a small custom or modify a plug in to work as a small processing cart type. The process of this is simple, client click on purchase or buy button, is sent to a page with fields for address, name, credit card, the submits for to process the transaction and upon approval pop the thank you page.

– The right candidate will be able to follow guidelines and use clean coding when coding our pages from PSD files, he will have experience and be able to showcase us examples that he/she coded. Design files will be provided to you to code that will be the first step. Second step would be to get all of the functions within this site working per our instructions PDF file.

Pretty straight forward, budget of course is $200. However, the lowest bid will win with the most experience and feedback.

Please provide examples of your clean coding skills, and WordPress example work as well. Please remember the first step is to get our design into WordPress. This is already 50% or more done for you by the other developer, just needs to be finished. You will be provided the documentation, PSD files, PDF file, full access to the WordPress area. We need the coding done within 24 hours and the functions by the very late end of the week (Friday).

You must be available online to message or chat. You must also update us every 4 hours of the progress.

Thank you,

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Small Magento Project

We need a developer to do the following:

1. Creatively format our mission statement. We will Provide the mission statement.

2. Place our metatags on all 17 pages of our site.

3. Remove a questionnaire form from our site.

4. Configure shipping and 10 new products on our site.

Please provide examples of previous sites youve worked on.

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Need A Small Game Using Directo Mx( Assignment)
pls check the details.i want the code along with report 600 words with no plagiarism…
can pay 50

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Two Small Javascript Tasks

I need two small html/javascript jobs for a free blog I run:

one is a daily total in a small panel that says: Follow Dining in For £ess and you will have saved: £XXX.XX – this sum in British pounds to increment daily by 7.85714285714286 but to show two characters after the decimal point. I should be able to stipulate the starting date – so after seven days the total should read £55.00 and after 14 days it should read £110.00

the second is a simple calculator that should read:

[1] How many in your family? [user input] ##

[2 ] How much is your current weekly spend on meals? [user input] £###.## (British pound sign)

[3] Your dininginforless weekly budget should be: £##.## [calculation that divides [2] by [1] and multiplies by 1.40625

[4] Making a weekly saving of £###.## [calculation of [2] minus [3]

That is, per year: £###.## [calculation of [4] divided by 7 and multiplied by 365


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