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Web Design ECommerce SMS Calendar

Website with database. users adding info into spreadsheet with calendar view and SMS reminder option. Yearly fee charged to users. Can use or integrate software from web SMS provider

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Suresh: Facebook, Twitter, SMS Widget Install

add facebook, twitter, and sms widgets to index page after sign in.

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SEO/BackLinks For SMS Website

Looking for someone to do SEO and Link building for my website. PR3+ links and non spam methods.

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SMPP Server


We are having a Web Application and a SMPP Client for sending bulk SMS. We create resellers and provide them with a whitelable website and then they reate their own clients and send SMS.

Now we want to develop in a SMPP Server, where we can provide SMPP account to resellers who have their own SMPP Client applications.

Companies who already have a developed and tested SMPP Server should only Bid.

We are fine with both the platform Linux and Windows and are also fine if you can modify kannel source code to suit our requirement.

All the technocal details would be mailed to bidders individually.


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Bulk Sms,bulk Smtp & Web Developing Teachings

I need bulk sms, bulk smtp and tututorials for website developing

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Customize The Magento Form & Sms Intergaration ! Very Urgent

Hi there,

I need to customize the magento customer registration form :

1. Need to add some field Like mobile number and remove some field.
2. Same to add in the Billing address and shipping address.

and need to add and sms api on order & registration.

i can provide the api code if need or you could also suggest the sms provider

it is very urgent need to start by monday.


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Free SMS Sending Application For US Numbers

We have a windows application product in VB.NET. In that product required SMS sending functionality.

To send SMS we are using SMTP protocol. After sending the SMS using SMTP protocol, the message is not displaying properly in the receiving side.

We required a sample application in VB.NET/C#.NET to send SMS to any US number for free of cost using SMTP protocol or any thing else.

Knowledge person create the sample application and send it to us for review. The amount will be paid after we test the application to make sure it is working with various mobile companies numbers in the US

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Application Development With Windows CE

I need to develop an application with windows CE as OS and for handheld device. The device will receive sms and the text will have some data. These data need to be stored in the device and later compared with a barcode reading. After reading the barcode the device will need to send automatic sms. Few hot keys need be programmed.

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IPhone Android SMS App

iPhone/Android app developer needed.

Android app is 80% finished need someone to complete. iPhone needs to be built from scratch.

Design is done, concept is done just need someone to code it and get it ready for market.

This is a SMS related app that sends text msgs.

Please only bid if you have previous experience.

I require Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed.

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Gprs Modem Download Sms Messages

We are looking for a solution which includes up to 5 gprs modems which download sms messages from 5 sim cards, upload the messages to 5 sql server databases and delete the message from the sims. You need to recommend a gprs modem or modems that you are familiar with and provide source code for the application which can be written in VB, VB.NET or Java. The solution will include a config file which allows dynamic variables to be set such as database IP addresses, database names, usernames and passwords, table names, port numbers and any other variables that are needed.

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Need 10 Paid Sign Ups For My (SMS)mobile Marketing Site

Looking for 10 paid sign ups from businesses in the United States. I own a SMS (mobile marketing) business and I sell text message marketing to other businesses. We offer Text to win, Mobile Coupons, Mobile websites, real time text to screen, text message blasts, and so much more.

Businesses that i have sold too:

Real Estate
Ad agencies
Sports teams
Basically any company that needs to get a message out quickly.

With your bid please tell me how you are going to get people to sign up.

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Sign Up Companies For A Free Trial.

You will sign up 20 companies for a free trial of my sms (Mobile Marketing) company.

Company will receive 100 free outgoing sms messages to try out our platform and our shared shortcode.

Must be US based companies.

Types of industries mobile marketing can work for.
Real Estate
Ad agencies
Sports teams
Basically any company that needs to get a message out quickly.

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Kannel Installation For SMS Gateway

I am having my own SMPP server & facing problem in Kannel installation and configuration. If anybody can do this project. very urgent.

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We need a gateway that takes inputs via HTTPS post requests and sends SMS messages worldwide using Email to SMS gateways.

The ideal candidate will already be an expert whos already familiar with Email to SMS gateways worldwide

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Out Sourced Pa Marketing Person

I have a small business letting property
Every day there are about 4000 listingings in for property to let in the dublin area

There are about 200 – 300 new listings every day 80% are by agency 20 % by property owner

I am looking for a person to contact via email and sms those people who are property owners

You will need to create a google spread sheet and update it with the properties on daft
You will need to keep a record of when you contacted the owner and replies got

Each property that is owner listed must be sent one of our template emails every 3 days untill it is delisted
Each property that is owner listed must have a sms sent via a web text via our account

this is a regular monthly job it is not a huge amount of work to go through in a month and bids should reflect this

All the properties on for the rental section of dublin must be gone through

The difference between agency and owner can be identified by the fact that most agencies have thier company name and logo with a property listing.

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Online Fod Ordering Shop Working With GPRS Printer Urgent!


We need online food ordering system that working with SMS/GPRS printer.

It needs to be clients to login with a password and username and allow for them to order food on the system.

Once the order is submitted the website needs to send either an sms/data to an gprs/sms printer.
It needs to be full intergrateable with the gprs/sms printer.
This system will be mostly used for pizza-ordering and all pizza-shop need their own shop. Its therefore important there are possibilty for change designs for different pizzz-shops (multi-theme/interface)
All pizza places have their own design, derfor is important webshop can multi-interface/design for different pizza shops.
Customers should choose the closest place to eat at a pizza portal.
Here similar project or, yet not the same, for all the pizza shops to have their own unique website.
You can read more about GPRS printer on Google.
It is a Chinese GPRS thermal printer that allows you can inform the customer about the ordering and delivery time and order approval.
You can read more about the printer here:
We must also have the possibility of translation into Danish.
We would only like to receive bids from programmer / designer who can handle the job and more.
If you can change the printer SDK menu language then its just a big plus ..
we are a web design company that has always exciting tasks, so if you are creative, talented and not too expensive, we always have jobs for you.
The project is urgent!!!
If you have any good suggestions for the concept, it is also welcome

ONLY WANT GREAT Web designers and Developers, The site will need to be Designed to very good professional Quality, Look and Feel is Very Important and The Menu ordering will need to run Smoothly and very up to date in terms of todays online ordering systems,

I would like to see examples of your work if you have done something similar and would like to review the quality i believe this would help me choose who to go with.
I ONLY WANT THE BEST IN BOTH DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT With fresh design concept that is up to date with todays website.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Thank You

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Web Site Traffic – SEO+

Do the on/off site work to get textconn on first page for search engines. We are already on top for google.. so this is for all other search engines. Terms include sms gateway, sms aggregator, sms service provider.

Vendor will have a couple days to complete the project. No monthly programs will be considered.

One time fee bidders only. Half paid up front, half when proof of the work has be completed.

No big canned template bids will be considered. Just list the 3-5 things you are going to do to front those search terms to the top for search engines other than google.

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SMS Sendstation Python/Django

We want to realize a website which
nearly the same like the software on

1. CRUD Contacts
2. CRUD Groups
3. Outbox showing messages to be sent.
4. Scheduled
5. Sent box
6. Template to individualize each single sms
7. Buy/used SMS (accounting sms and money)

Django / Python solution wanted

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GSM With PIC Mcu

We require to communicate GSM modem with pic mcu. It should send given sms/call to desired number on an event and on recieving sms/ call fire an event.

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Connect A Bluetooth Sensor To A Symbian Phone And Sms

We need to have an application that runs on a Nokia cell phone with a Symbian OS. The application will be detecting and connecting data from a bluetooth sensor to the cell phone, and sending this data as a SMS message to another cell phone (prerecorded number). The sending of SMS data needs to be an automated process since there will not be any user to interact with the Cell phone.

Another needed feature is the possibility to control the program via SMS messaging. The remote cell phone will send a command to the cell phone that is bluetooth connected to the sensor. Upon receiving the SMS message, the receiving phone will wake the application, connect to the bluetooth sensor, read the data and send the data as a SMS message to the remote cell phone. Once data is sent, the program stays silent or iddle.

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Joomla SMS Platform Component

Hello. We have a SMS gateway with API and a short code. We need a Joomla component that will be our SMS platform. It should connect to our SMS gateway API and allow our clients to conduct their SMS text message campaigns. If you are familiar with SMS text campaigns then you would know the standard features our clients will need, but some are as follows:

Auto Schedule alert
easy opt in to keywords
view contacts
Create tartet list (or groups)
Message inbox
Keyword manager
Live Monitor of Keyword traffic

I do have a demo account with a company that has a platform that is perfect for us but we would like it to be a joomla component. If you are familiar and think you can tackle this job then i can let you log into the demo account that has the platform with all its features we need. The demo is for the Text Message Platform from

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Delphi 2010 – Integration With SMS Gateway API

Hi, I am working on a Delphi 2010 project and need a way to send SMS / receive SMS from the Delphi app via the sms gateway provider

They have a gateway API so it should be easy:


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Best Sms Script

I want to make a sms website.
deserving candidate please mail me

website like combination or feature of way2sms 160by2 and youmint. only professional and competent persons may contact. i will like to see a demo before buying.
1) in how much time you will finish the work.
2) should have spaces to put ads better to design in dreamweaver.all should be php and mysql
3) the candidates who know how it works only can email me with there quotation.

Additional features must be:
4.options to add international sms in future.
5,options to extend sms upto 280 ch(i know it will take 2 sms).initially 140ch +ad
6.send ad email to users to earn money just a feature in youmint.
7.sms categories

and rest in youmintm160by2 and way2sms…..

if you are not cleared please mail me i will send exactly……

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Premium Sms Chat Application Netherlands

Good day,

Sorry form y bad english it is not my main language.
We are a dating service in the Netherlands and we are looking for some one who can provide us with a premium sms chat system. The chat has to have the following posibilities;

-add profiles in the system with information abouth this profile ( eye colour, age and this sort of things.
( for excemple, customar wants to talk to a girl named tamara, he sends LIVE TAMARA to 5050 and the system takes care that the message comes to the profile tamara. ( LIVE= keywoord, TAMARA = subkeyword and 5050 is the shortcode.
-to import a api gateway to the chat ( for the shortcode and keyword).
-To send back premium sms to incoming sms from customers.
– to see some statistics ( how many incoming and outging messages)

Do you already have a chat like this and i can use this chat and you can help me import this to a domain i hope you let me know.

i think that when you already have a system like this, what a system must have.

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Sms Sending Script Like Way2sms

Wish to have a website like way2sms or 160by2 dot com. only professional and competent persons may contact. i will like to see a demo before buying. it should have log in, add friends, captcha etc.

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Generate Binary Concatenated Sms In PHP

Script for generating binary content for binary sending SMS in PHP: vcard, vcalendar, wappush.

Example for wappush in PHP:


function YourFunction($type, $text, $url … )
//some code
return $result;

echo YourFunction(wappush, hi! this is very loooong wappush, http://…);
//output is array with binary content something like [0] => 06:01:02:… [1] => 06:01:02:… [2] => 06:01:02:…


For vcard and vcalendar will be only different input values and type of content.

IMPORTANT: I need output content for concatenated SMS (its mean for data larger than 160 characters)

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IPhone SMS App Development

To develop an app that

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SEO And Leads For Australian SMS Business

I am looking for someone to do some SEO and generate leads for an online SMS reminder business. I want these leads to convert into user registrations (it is free to register although some might go on to pay).

The service only serves the Australian market and I want the website to show up in the top few results for sms reminder and similar keywords.

Start your response with SMS so I know you read this.


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SEO And Leads For Australian SMS Business

I am looking for someone to do some SEO and generate leads for an online SMS reminder business. I want these leads to convert into user registrations (it is free to register although some might go on to pay).

The service only serves the Australian market and I want the website to show up in the top few results for sms reminder and similar keywords.

Start your response with SMS so I know you read this.


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SMS Autoresponder – API Integration


I am looking for a programmer to create an SMS Autoresponder service for me just like: &

I have the SMS gateway provider that I am wanting to use who has an API ( ), So I am hoping we can build on top of this. I have even heard of another person who integrated aweber into thir system to manage the mobile phone lists.

Basically what I want the service to do is manage customers mobile lists exactly like an email responder would like aweber.

If you need anymore information just send me a message,

thank you,


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