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Bei Is Back In Biz!! $1200

200 articles – minimum of 50 per week needed this month.
2 milestones of $600 (100 articles per milestone payment)
Shoot for 150 articles by Feb 27.
Batches in increments of 25 ONLY.

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Codec Configurator

Need configuration person to configure HD Codec for mobile application

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Cross Platform Browser Wrapper Mobile Application

Create a cross-platform mobile app that servers as a wrapper for a mobile site. The application will contain a local site that is initially served to the user, this local site will contain links to the external site. The application will have the following navigation located at the bottom of the screen

– Home
– Refresh
– Back
– Forward

The application will show a loading graphic when navigating to pages.

You will be supplied with required graphics for buttons and icons etc.

The app will need to respond positively to loss of connectivity and will tell the user that the connection has been lost and then return the user to local site. If the user tries to navigate to an on-line page they will be shown a no connectivity message and the app will remain on the local page.

The application will need to work across the following platforms.

– IOs
– Android
– Blackberry Os

Both the local and on-line sites have been built and are ready to go.

We would also appreciate assistance in submitting the app to the Apple App Store, the Android Market and Blackberry App World.

We will own all source code and licensing and will require the successful bidder to sign and return a full Non-disclosure agreement.

Our required time-frame from acceptance to completion is 3 days.

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IVR Application For Mobile Subscribers

Looking for someone who could design an IVR application, which will be later on used as wap application. it will be a content based application in which content application engine also required. in this application mobile subscriber will be able to dedicate songs etc to their loved ones. if the content is not in database then content team will get the notifications through email and sms.

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Mobile Messenger

I am in need of mobile application developers who have experience in various mobile technologies in blackberry/iphones/android and symbian platforms. This will be a straightforward messaging application (like BBM) interacting through all those platforms. Will need to sign an NDA and payment will be made via milestone.

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Innovators Community – "MetaView Alarms Mobile" Application

Im a contract consultant working on behalf of Metaswitch Networks in an effort to expand the suite of user-centric Telco 2.0 mashup applications available at its Innovators Community website. Metaswitch is the provider of market-leading softswitch solutions with an extensive range of APIs for ISVs, customers and partners. The architecture promotes innovation by allowing ISVs and external developers the tools and open-source platform to create applications that leverage and integrate with the core products.

The Innovators Community (register via the Metaswitch website) is an online social business community that provides the help developers need to make full use of the APIs; SDK, sample code, tutorials, etc. Using this foundation, weve identified six applications for immediate development. Once registered at Innovators Community, and confident you can code a prime-time ready version of the targeted app(s), please bid accordingly. The end product will reside at Innovators Community at Metaswitchs discretion.

This project is for an application called “MetaView Alarms Mobile”. There are five other projects open for bidding, so if this one doesnt fall in your area of expertise, have a look at the others.

Details of MetaView Alarms Mobile:

– Allows pre-defined event / network alarm alerts and status updates (resident within the MetaView product) to real-time reach a user

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