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I Need Professional In Java Programming


I have created previous project which is :-
(I need a java and php page to get remote user mac address , the visitor should accept java to run on his machine and then itll get the mac address and send it to php page )

the previous project has done perfectly but java was sending many hardware mac addresses to php page and I want only network mac address. so I asked him to fix this and he did it but another problem came out and he couldnt fix it. The problem is when the user enter the site , pop up java message come out(see attached file) and user must press on run button to receive mac address otherwise if he press on cancel button nothing will be received. It was worked fine on the first time he programmed (receiving mac address whether pressing run or cancel button)

here what I need you to do:-
Fix this by receiving mac address whether clicking on run or cancel button
or receiving mac address without showing pop up java message (it will be much better if possible)

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Need Someone To Quickly Write Me 3 Assembly Functions

I need someone to write me 3 assembly functions in MARS (must be done quickly, within 1-2 hours of me accepting your bid)

Very simple, please look at the attached file. I will paypal you $15 as soon you deliver the project.

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Facade alteration.
(front of building and parts of roof) material are alucobond and reflective glass.

Looking to modify some aspects on a facade in a building looking into a round shape facade.

Need 3 alternatives to choose from.

Looking a facade to impress.

attached are files marked (a,b,c)to be modify. and samples of interested designs

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CKEditor QR-Codes Plug-in

Good night,

Im looking for a coder to develop a plug-in for CKEditor to insert QR-Codes in websites.

You need to get the QR-Code Plug-in and add the following features:

– Size
– Encoding
– QR-Code Size
– Preview

Please check the attachment to see how the layout of the plug-in will be.

Thank you

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WordPress Plugin Configuration Needed

I need something done on wordpress now. You should know how to install and configure J Post Slider plugin.

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Need To Implement An Ad Plugin To Flowplayer In Drupal We

Here are the requirements:

You will need to create a test player so the ad network can verify our implementation: Create an Acudeo AD POLICY (or use the SAMPLE Ad Policy ID), associate an Ad Policy ID to our TEST player, and publish our player to a web page, preferably one that mirrors our live environment. Then, send ad network the URL for review.

These implications will need to be adjusted as well:

a. All in-stream ads deliver a synced 300×250 companion banner ad unit (For instructions on how to implement this, refer to the Acudeo Implementation Guide for the Flowplayer.
b. If our player is below-the-fold, it must launch in a click-to-play state.
c. If our player launches in an auto-play state, the volume must be on.
d. We offer a viral/embeddable player to your users, it must not deliver network ads. With that said, it will still be an Acudeo-enabled player (so that we can deliver other video ads to them) as long as it uses an Ad Policy that does not use our network ad tag.

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Work On A Dolphin 7 Site

I need a php expert for work on a dolphin 7 site. If work is good there will be plenty of more jobs. Here is what I need.
See the attached file for the job I would like completed.

Any questions send me a message.


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Finnish Female Narrator Needed.

Here is video.
pass: gp2010

There is also written translation in Suomi language.(Script)

Overlay audio in Finnish language. We need just MP3 file. All editing will be done by ourselves.

Narrator must have:
– Female voice.
– Native Finnish.
– No accent.

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Digital Offline Multimedia Brochure

I need to produce a E-vite/Brochure for an event
8 page design very elegant and distinctive
Music as Background in all publication
Many elements will be links to web
Create field for RSVP to send email with basic form template
This needs to run in a CD for PC and Mac
I will provide Text, Images and Music file.
Need to be produced in 5 working days and then make revisions changes and finished in 2 more days.
Bid only if you are able to work around US Eastern Coast Time schedule

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Audio Downsampling From 44khz To 8khz

I need someone who can give us a utility which can downsample an audio file from 44khz to 8 khz
without loosing quality.

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I need the attached projected converted into C/C++ asap

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I Need A Simple WP Plugin


I need a simple plugin that quires few specific web pages and save some data into its internal database.

and also cleans some of the records every day or so.

Let me know, if you have done plugins.


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