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We need a SKILLED Joomla expert to add the attached photo gallery to our Joomla website today. We are using Sobi2 for our listings and need this photo gallery installed for our each new listing. Another programmer tried installing and failed. The photo gallery is partially installed, but no guarantees that it is installed correctly. It does not work. You must complete the entire job today, as this is not a big job.

Be sure that the photo gallery works in IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Please see the attached file for more information.

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Joomla / Sobi2 / Customisation


I would like a Strong LAMP/PHP developer with experience using sobi2 and Joomla to complete work on our new Online Directory website.

Our Website was orgionally completed using all custom code. This link can be found at

The Website has since been rebuilt on Joomla 1.5 and can be seen at

I require the following work to be completed :

1. Create a dropdown menu on the Home Page. (category dropdown box here)

This will contain a list of all the Categories in the DB

As you can see the old website contains the text "Select a Category"

I would also like under this an option called "Popular Categories"
When this is selected the list will refresh with the 100 most popular Categories selected in the last week.

Then if you re select "Select a Category" this will list all categories.

When you select the dropdown on the home page, you are then directed to a page showing the platinum/Diamond listings. This will always only show a maximum of 10. This Page will also show the category dropdown, the county box where you can then select a county. Once the county is selected it then refreshes and shows the 10 gold listings. The Town box is then shown where you can select a town and this then displays the listings available in that town.

2. Google search needs to be added to the search on all pages.

Currently i believe there is a sobi2 search

3. There is currently only one page where customers can add there details to the website-

I need there to be 6 Pages.

Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum

I need all these pages to be easily configurable/added/removed by me, so certain categories can have certain fields displayed. I am unsure if this can be done using sobi2, if it cant then some other way is needed.

Also with these fields i need a lot of them to have validation on them. This is very important so bad data is not entered into the DB. For example if one field is entered in, i need another field to then be displayed.

4. I need the customers displayed the way they are on the old website, thumbnail logo to the left etc etc

5. I need sobi2 to be configured so that when i add a new customer though the sobi2 plugin i can select which category they are ie Free, Bronze Silver, gold, Diamond, Platinum. Depending on which category you pick this will display certain fields on the website.



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Joomla Homepage

This job has 3 parts:
1. Small changes in my sobi2 in its appearance and function.
2. A Search page integration into my newly designed template.
3. A redesigned Homepage. (There are modules that link into sobi2)

All Designs are already made, all you have to do is code it:
JPEGS will be supplied to you, if you want I can supply the PSD file, but that will take me some time. I have many more very simple projects on the side and will pay well for the whole project.

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Template/Homepage/sobi2 Redesign

We have everything already designed in jpg images and have written directions about their functions. All the work is done visually on the design and graphics on these files. You will follow them exactly. We need you to make our idea come alive on our site.

Please message me for more information
Template/Homepage/sobi2 redesign

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I Need a PHP/XML solution (component) to be able to create an XML file of all Sobi2 listings incl. all custom fields.

You must know PHP / XML
You must know Joomla 1. 0. 15
You must know Sobi2 Component
You must know MySQL
You must have experience designing Joomla extensions

The Goal:
.. is to submit our listings to different search engines like for ex. and others

A lot of search engines allow inserting listings via XML import
check here:

I need also to import xml file into my sobi2 directory

As the search engine uses there own specifications we need to be able to rename our custom fields into their specifications inside the Joomla administration.

What must this component do:
– create a XML file from the Sobi2 listings (database)
– possibility to rename/change names of fields
– Export/create XML file to the root or for download
– Import XML file to my sobi2 directory

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Joomla / Sobi2 Module

I need a simple module for Joomla 1.5 which replicates the "add to shortlist" and "remove from shortlist" function. It should look and work like the function on this website:
The module will be displayed on vcard and details view pages of the Sobi2 directory component
We must add an "add to shortlist" link to each of the vcard and details view page Sobi2 template.
Fixed budget 40 USD.

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Upgrade Sobi2 Template From Directory Plazza Template

Hi there,

I bought Directory Plazza template from I can provide you with this template.
The sobi2 template of Directory Plazza doesnt work with the current version of Sobi2.
I need someone to upgrade the sobi2 template (od D Plazza) to fit :

– Joomla 1.5.22 Stabel (in French)
– Sobi2 (French)
– The short description doesnt work neither (see demo)
– Sobi template must be adaptable to other joomla template (other than directory plazza)
My website:

I believe it must be quite easy to fix and I am able to pay as much as 50-60

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Joomla / Sobi2

I am looking for a web designer to design a business directory based on joomla and sobi2 extension.
I must be able to communicate with you daily and you must give me daily updates of the project. Functionality and clean code is a must. I am working on other projects and dont have time for this project but it must be completed in timely matter. If for any reason you wont complete within set time frame, I will repost again
I will check all code before final payment. If you do not have time to work on the project, please do not bid as it must be started asap.
For the project. It is a business directory similar to yellow pages based on Joomla and Sobi2 (not phpld, not pmd and not syndicate). Each listing will have following forms. Buisness name, business website, facebook site, twitter, site. picture (logo) upload, ratings and review (more to be determined later). End user must be able to sort by reviews and ratings. There will be two groups of users. Businesses who submit their business and end users who can rate and post reviews of each business. I am also open to suggestions and you must be open to changes in design as requested.
If you have done Joomla and Sobi2 before then it should be an easy project for you, If you havent worked with Sobi2 then please do not bid. Do not bid with one price and then PM me with different price or send me link to your site with different price.
Thanks for understanding

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Sobi2 And Google Checkout Integration


I need to add google checkout as a payment option in sobi2. Right now, sobi2 only allows paypal. I want to have the two options showing and the user can decide which to use.
Please only bid if you are familiar with Joomla, customizing components, and payment plugins.

The timeframe is to have this completed is two days.
Thank you.

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PHP Work In Joomla 1.5 And Sobi2. U.S. Bid Only.

Immediate need (as in today) for a programmer to do a small customization in Joomla 1.5 to a Sobi2 plugin.

You must have prior Joomla 1.5 and Sobi2 experience! You also must be willing to chat and talk via Skype as well as email. I will explain the exact details of the work once you are selected. After the scope of work is determined, we can discuss final price.

Again, please only bid on this if you are in the U.S.A., speak fluid English, and can get the job done immediately.

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IPhone And Joomla/Sobi2 Website Integration

I have a Joomla 1.5 website which uses the Sobi2 directory component for a database of job listings. I would like to get some iphone code to be integrated into another iphone application which allows the user to search the Sobi2 database on the website, and to download the search results for display on the iphone. Search parameters need to be specified by the user on the iphone. Basically we need to mirror the search form fields used on the website. Please note: I do NOT just want to see the search results in a web browser on the iPhone. Instead, the records found have to be downloaded and displayed on the iphone in a different format. Bidders who can provide a working demo/sample will be preferred.

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Sobi2 Radius Search Modifications

I have Sobi2 Radius Search Plugin on my website, that has some errors.
When searching the zip code I get correct search results, but when I search for the second time and enter another zip code into search box Ill still get previous results.

Ill leave the project open for 3 days but so more programmers can read it, but I need this done ASAP.

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Joomla Sobi2 Search Module

How to use 2 sobi2 search modules (one sobi2 search module and one jv sobi2 search module) , one will search per category or business name the other one will search for Last name or First name.

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Sobi2 Expert

I need a developer expert in sobi2 and joomla, to complete with me a project. please the contractor must have an experience with sobi2 at least 1 project.
Best regards.

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Delphi 2010 And Joomla/Sobi2 Website/database Integration

I would like to get some code that allows me to connect my Delphi 2010 / Firebird database program with the Sobi2 component ( database tables installed on my Joomla 1.5 website. Ideally the code would connect directly to the database tables.

The idea is to administer the records locally and to then publish them online accordingly.

Functionality needed is to create new records in specified multiple Sobi2 categories, delete existing records, toggle published/unpublished state of Sobi2 entries. Another function to delete all records in the Sobi2 database table and to "empty" it.

Each Sobi2 record has ca. 30 fields.

Budget is 80 USD. If you have any working demo that shows interaction between Delphi and a Joomla 1.5/Sobi2 website that would be preferable. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Add Slider Effect And Contact Form To SOBI2 Template

I need to have added a slider to SOBI2 – in sobi2.details.tmpl.php so when user click a button a contact form becomes visible.

Same slider code should also be used to make a slide down containing a google map when user click on a button

The contact form is made with ChronoForm and I need to have the email to address the submitted form is sent to generated from the email address in SOBI2

you can see a demo of a similar function at – click on the Contact Instructor button

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Extension Of SOBI2 / CB Integration

Based on an already customised SOBI2 install where a user can click on a button to register interest in a SOBI2 item.

I would now like a user to be able to view a report of all SOBI2 items they have registered an interest in, and that are still published.

From that report, the user needs to be able to click on the SOBI2 item reference/description to get the full description listing. From there they will be able to click a "No Longer Interested" button, which will make the item visible again to all registered users to the SOBI2 listings and remove the item from that users Interest list.

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Virtuemart Integrated Into Sobi2


I am looking for some to integrate virtuemart into sobi2. I have a website up and running but looking to integrate an e-commerce component into the business listings. I want the businesses that are on my website to be able to add at least 1 product to their listing and that this can be bought by someone registering and logging into the site!! I also want the product to be then displayed in a scroller on the frontpage.

I would prefer virtuemart because i know it well and like it but if cannot be done with it i might consider another shopping cart component

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SOBI2 Core Hack With Community Builder Lookup

I have a website standard Joomla 1.5, with SOBI2 installed & Community Builder installed.
In SOBI2 I have created a custom field called "Interest Registered".

1. I want the SOBI2 component amended so that:only entries flagged as Interest Registered are displayed.

2. A registered user can view a listing and click a "Register Interest" button. Once this button is clicked:
a) The listing is no longer visible (update "Interest Registered" field to "Interested")
b) The user is shown a message on screen & sent an email letting them know their Interest has been registered
c) An Admin logged into the back-end of the site is able to run a report showing all items that are flagged as "Interested" and are still Published. This report will include the Name, Phone Number & Email address of the user for each item (looked up in Community Builder).

There will be further amends as this project progresses but this is the first & most important piece of work required.
Please message me if you need any clarification.

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SOBI2 – SH404SEF – CB – Joomfish Compatibility

Freelancer needs to solve compatibility issue between components – may have to hack some plugins in order to get these plugins running smoothly: SOBI2 – SH404SEF – CB – Joomfish

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Joomla (SOBI2, CB, SH404SEF) Configuration

Need someone who has experience with this three components:

– Community Builder
– SH404SEF

These three components should work together as much as possible on a Joomla website (directory).

Currently all this components are installed and most is up and running. There are howerver problems emerging when users login and want to change entries. >> Server errors. This problem is caused by conflict between this components.

Freelancer needs to find the best solution. Best case would be all three components can work together without causing any problems.

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Joomla /SOBI2 Site

Assistance needed in modifying the SOBI2 component for a Joomla website. Expert knowledge of SOBI2 is helpful. Tasks include improving navigation, incorporating menus, and refining templates.

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Joomla/Sobi2 Modifications

Hi there,

I need capable and reliable experts to create several modifications (hacks) for the directory component "Sobi2"(, in particular their "Featured Items"and "Import/Backup" plugins. You need to have good PHP skills and must provide links to Joomla websites with Sobi2 components modified by you.

There will be several smaller projects (details by PM), and if things go well we will work together on a few large projects.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you.

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Delphi Component To Post Entries Into Joomla/Sobi2

I need a component for an existing Delphi 2010 project which does the following:

– login to a Joomla website (using a username and password – there are several sites, so it needs to be dynamic)
– create a new entry in the Sobi2 directory component, then assign field values and categories
– or delete a certain entry already in the Sobi2 database
– or publish/unpublish a certain entry already in the Sobi2 database on that website
– logout

You can connect directly to the database or using a web interface. If any add on components are required please let me know with your bid.

I will prefer freelancers who can demonstrate experience with Delphi and Joomla/Sobi2 integration. ANyone providing a working demo (even if basic functionality only) will be given priority over other bidders.

This is a relatively small project so reasonable bids please. If this goes well there will be plenty of follow up work. Thanks.

Kind regards

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Sobi/joomla Directroy Adjustment, Entry Forms

We have a Joomla website with a SOBI2 Directory and some plugins installed.

We need:

1. The sobi entry form is there, but needs to be made more userfriendlay. (organised either in tabs or one single page) – should mach the overall design of the page and if possible do some ajax validation during entry process.

2. Make a contact form for each (detailed view) entry. Where E-mails are send directly to the listed companies and one CC mail to admin.

Freelancer must have experience with SOBI2, Joomla and online business directories.

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Sobi2 Template

I need to set a "better" V-card template" and entries template for my sobi2.
Media and gallery are enbled and fetaured listing as well.

Fonts, colors, and position to be modified whith all these plugins.
I would like to provide one picture for each (v-card, entry and featured)

I also need to put in place a link exchange tools in this directory.
My idea is to ask for link exchange and to check if link has been done at entry
activation time.
All the links should be re-checked using one function on the back office at any time to check if some have disapear.

Project is urgent.
Good bid !

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Sobi2 (Joomla) Customization

We have a Joomla website with a SOBI2 Directory installed.

We need to customize:

1. Entry Form: Should be arrenged in tab style: e.g. 5 tabs: 1.Contact Info, 2.Description, 3.Logo, 4.Select Category, 5.Upload Images

2. Make a contact form for each entry. Where E-mails are send directly to the listed companies and one CC mail to admin.

3. Modify design and look of entry form, category view and detailed view of SOBI2. (simple CSS, e.g. border colour, spacing etc.)

4. Make sure SOBI2 works fine with Community Builder (a CB Plugin is already installed to automatically transfer entries to CB)

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Joomla Community Builder Sobi2 Field Population / Edit

Hello I have a Joomla site I have been working on that uses community builder for people to register and then uses the Sobi2 Plugin for users to Add entries. I need a way for community builder fields to pre-populate the sobi form template and allow users to fill in and submit the additional data required. I just about had it working but now when I submit a listing or edit a listing I get an error.

I think Im missing something small but – Im slammed – could use some help

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Sobi2 Template

Hi all,

I am building a directory with Joomla! ans the component Sobi 2.

I am looking for someone who can modify the sobi2 template to fit it to my need design wise. Is is basically making look nicer than the original sobi2 template.

I would like it to look like this ( or like this (directory plazza template…I bought it by the way but I cant update sobi2 without loosing the template and I cant put the french language in sobi2) I can provide you with this template if you wish. I quite like this website as well (

I am looking for the category view and details view.

I also would like to have the possibility to re-use the template easily on other website.

I am not skilled to do that but I believe it would need not more than a few hours.

Many Thanks

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