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Idea Entrepreneur For A Portal Of 4500 Domains


We are a company that recently bought a bundle of 4500 domains.
Our first idea was to build adsense websites on all domains, but we need one or more entrepreneurs to make the right structure, because we also would like the domains to do more than Google Adsense.

We need to create the right setup, so we do not need to change 4500 websites manually when we get a new idea, so before we start building sites, we must know :
– How can we get most out of the domains
– How to get most traffic on Domains.
– Is Google Adsense the right choice or should we combine with clickbank and other ads.
– Should we have same CMS on all Domains or 1500 WP, 1500 Joomla etc.
– We want to build 5-10 "backlinks shops" and use our portal of 4500 Domains for backlinks, is that possible ?
If it is possible, how should setup be ?
– How can we earn extra money while we have 4500 domains
etc. etc

In a few words : We have 4500 Domains that must be optimized and generate as much money as posible – how should the setup be ?
You should only come up with the ideas and structure of the portal, you do not build the sites.

If you have no experiense in handling this kind of project, please do not bid.
As bidder on this project, you need to come up with a detailed plan and winner(s) will be awarded with 50$.
Maybe winner(s) will be given long term jobs after this.

Thanks for bidding.

Best regards

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Social Media Link Building

I am looking to partner with a company that can help promote my clients articles and press releases through social media channels. One of my clients publishes 20-30 high quality and unique articles per month. These articles already have a strong audience and get between 1000-5000 page views for each article per month. To help better promote these articles I am looking for a company that can seed high quality social media links to further promote the content through social media. We have an RSS for these articles and I would be looking for the provider to seed 15-20 social media links within 24 hours of each article or press release being sent out. These links would need to be generated manually and would need to vary article to article. I am also open to other ideas for further promoting these articles and press releases to generate increased traffic and links if you would also like to include some additional ideas in your response and proposal. If the provider is able to deliver the service successfully this will be an ongoing service for at least the next 6 months.

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Writers In Social Media & Marketing

Looking to for excellent English Writers with long track record in written perfect quality copy for English speaking readers. The writer is required to meet the following requirements:
1- Perfect English
2- 100 copyscape pass
3- excellent knowledge of Marketing, Social Media, Blogging, traffic building, affeliate marketing topics.
4- proof of similar work performed successfully in the past.
5- Writing style easy informative and 100% not boring.
6- articles once approved will be fully copyrighted to the buyer.
7- no proof of experience no need to apply
8- no knowledge of the above topics no need to apply
9- no software rewitting , only unique quality articles that should stand out when published.
10- please quote per article ( we require minimum 500 words per article)
11- please confirm how many articles will be submitted daily.
12- please select 5 topics that could be original and could have a wow effect and you think will adress few questions by readers.

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Need Visitors From Facebook And Other Social Network

I need more visitors surfing my site from facebook or other social network. I dont care if its a real traffic or fake traffic but it must be reconized by Google Analytic and other analytic software. When I mean visitors, I dont just mean number of hits. I want the visitors surfing my site in some certain amount of time, browsing some certain amount of web page.

Please only bid if you can provide a software or able to send me real traffic.

Budget: $30

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City Portal CMS

I need a large city portal cms maybe drupal or some other custom made cms
Need good seo, options to add restaurants,clubs etc.
Some like websites:

Check the sites and you know what im mean 🙂

I want to see a porfolio from previous like projects you made

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Car Service Centre Software

Hi, im looking for programmer that can develope small application on/offline
for car service centre.The client application must push the data to main server once connected to internet.

Basically its involve parts in/out, car maintenance schedule, Request Order to hq, auto generate invoice/claim to hq,car history etc that necessary.

any platforms and database can be done.

Pls give your proposal.


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Social Media Promotion

I need promotion on major social bookmarking sites and social media sites. Twitter, mixx, digg, facebook, youtube etc. The project consists of ever getting fans, followers, diggs, virtual worlds. I need to generate 10 K thematic traffic from all the networks combined. Bid for 10 K visitors to the website. Show me previous successful experience with social media promotion

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