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SEO For A Website

I need on page and off page seo.

On Page SEO:

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Social Nework Site

I want to create facebook style site. Some must haves will include a sleek simple design..

Homepage with a "Newsfeed" type set up
Profile Pages which allow people to list information, upload pics and videos that can be tagged to other members
A wall,
Chat with friends (color coded based on "type" of member… We will have two "Types"

So yes, a very similar set up to facebook, but the site will be niched specifically and obviously we will make changes to make the site our own and not a copy cat *even with a different niche, I dont want people going to the site and thinking "why dont i just stick to facebook"

I also will need facebook/twitter log in ability, and the ability to "Share with Friends" via these social media outlets.

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Add Social Media Bookmarklets To Single-page Website

I converted a word document into a webpage at – the site is a single page design.

I would like to add social media widgets to the site so people can easily share the job description to their friends via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

The HTML could also use some minor tweaking to make it look more attractive.

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Social Network With Audio Share Site Needed

Social Network
Looking for creation of a social Network site, with all the basic functionalities of a social network, however bridged with an audio share script, where users will be able to upload music to both their profile and to the site. The audio share will consist of featured new music on the home page which I will pick the particle music I want to be listed on the featured music. User should be able to download audio, but must be registered or logged in, dear for prompt to register or login when they click download link. On user profiles they should be a tab that show

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