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Social Media Monitoring Tool

This is the tool that will search what are people talking about specific keyword on social media channels, forums, blogs or anywhere on the internet.

Currently we wish to target these languages:
 Croatian,
 Serbian,
 English,
 Slovenian

Services that will SMM tool search
a) Blogs
1. Google blogs
2. Technoraty
3. Twingly

b) Social media
1. Twitter
2. Facebook

c) Forums

d) Web
1. Google
3. bing

e) News portals

f) Other
1. Google Alerts
2. Google insights
3. Google trends

g) Video sites

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Group Buying Website

We are looking for a web designer to build a group buying website that consists of the regular group buying (ex. groupon) features such as: Once a day deals that tips off once a certain amount of buyers have purchased, a daily email sent to subscribers, a link to our merchant account for payments, the ability for our staff to add and update the daily deals (it must be user friendly).

However, we also have some features that we would like to customize for our website that groupon does not offer which I will PM to website developers that we choose based on your responses. No copyright/Intellectual property laws should be broken and the website should be secure as we expect high traffic.

The design of the website is extremely important to us and we would like to have a site designed more similar to: we want the design to be modern tailored to young users who are on social media websites such as facebook and twitter.

We prefer somebody who has done work in other group buying websites or is very similar with the concept and the customization of these codes—- as I said earlier, we do have features that will be different than the regular group buying websites that will need to be custom coded.

Please PM us your work both in designs that you have done as well as any group buying sites that you have created.

We are also looking for a long term relationship and for a developer that will maintain our website as well as be reachable for months and years to come.

Looking forward to hearing and working with you!

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2000 Facebook Likes

1000 Indonesian Facebook Fans needed (Running a Second Version of this job).
We require timely, high quality delivery.

Short Description
We are interested in 2000 Facebook Fans based in Indonesia only.

PLEASE NOTE: When starting to

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Experienced Facebook/ Social Media Marketer Required

I am currently seeking an expert in social media marketing to assist in marketing my websites.

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Blogger And Social Media Manager Wanted

I am looking for someone to take up the role of Assistant Sales and Social Media Manager.

I am based in Manchester and would like to increase our friends and followers from this area. Location of the candidate is not as issue, although a native English speaker, would be preferred. You will work closely with the owner, but you are also expected to work independently, generating leads and turning them into sales. Your main responsibility will be to build a relationship with local businesses. This can be done by cold-emailing, facebook, twitter, or any other way you can use. You will also be required to submit blogs on design, internet trends, technology and social media. We are looking for AT LEAST one blog per week. Blogs will be 300 – 1000+ words

The candidate should possess the following skills and qualifications;
Experience in sales
Experience in accumulating targeted facebook and twitter fans
Good English, speaking and written.
Ability to produce interesting content

The details of the bid –
I am looking for someone whose time working for me will grow as we grow.
There will be an opportunity for commission based on sales.

I am not looking for a robot, I want a person with passion and ideas. You do your job well, and you will be handsomely rewarded. Bring fresh ideas, and keep the company on the pulse with trends and technology and you will be rewarded. We are looking for an individual that can utilise social media ie Twitter and Facebook to generate sales leads. We are a Creative Company, offering Web Design, Logos, Corporate ID, Posters, Flyers, Print Advertising.

Remember, please bid, how much PER BLOG, we will begin with you writing blogs and integrate you more into the company with that.

Now, to make it even clearer – YOU MUST – have great English, written and spoken.
YOU MUST – have demonstrative skills in creating fan pages/groups and populating them with real active people.
YOU MUST – have knowledge or at least an interest in the subject matter.
YOU WILL make a bid DETAILING what you will write blogs about and how you would use twitter and facebook to generate sales.
Anything else apart from that will be ignored.

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Adding Social Media To Our Website

Just need some simple social networking additions to our bands existing website:

-Twitter link
-Facebook "Like" button
-Twitter feed
-Events feed (preferably pulling from Facebook)

We will provide PSDs for all graphic elements and any HTML files that are needed for the updates.

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100 PR4+ Social Bookmarks

I require 100 PR4+ Social Bookmarks

This needs to be completed as soon as possible and for as cheap as possible. All must have the PR as stated.

Successful bidder will be chosen and paid upon completion of .xls report being sent to me.

I always pay, just check my feedback.

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Facebook And Twitter Marketing



Website: For LOCAL to Connecticut ONLY – Not looking for the entire USA only Fan/Followers local to my market in "Connecticut, USA". – IF YOU CAN NOT DO THIS DONT BID!

This is for a discount items site so it will be easy to get followers and fans as everyone wants a deal!

You will set up a page for facebook and twitter, get each working and set up, then we will take over each account using a generic email service like tahoo or gmail ect so that we can access the email and the accounts while in progress.

I will accept bids for each for those who may be an expert in one or the other – For example you may be a pro at facebook and not twitter so I will accept Facebook only bids or maybe you are a Twitter Pro and not facebook so you may nid just for twitter.

Part 1:

Task Involves:
creating a Facebook FAN PAGE ( I will provide a link to a example site)

The added Fans must meet these requirements:

– We need 1000 fans
– All fans must be from Connecticut
– All fans must be real people with active facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon-NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
– All fans must be 23+ years old
– All fans must have status updated that go back minimum of 30 days, ie 1 month
– i will check every fan and then pay
– Fans must be permanent and not temporary

– Proof of prior work will be advantageous, esp. with references.
– Please use only good practices for inviting fans (Facebook account must not be banned for your actions and kept active). You will not be paid if the Facebook account is banned/deleted.

Please include in the bid:
– Price
– Accurate date of delivery
– URLS with examples of previous Facebook fan page work

Part 2:
Im looking for someone to gather 1000 FOLLOWERS for a Twitter account.

Please bid only if you have done similar jobs before…


All fans must be real people with real and active accounts.
All fans must have 50+ friends and atleast 1 photo
All fans must be aged between 18+
All fans must be from "Connecticut, USA"


If our page and/or accounts gets deleted you will not receive any money…

" Id ask that you let me know how youre planning on doing this just to make sure we are not in violation of any rules to ensure that we do not run into problems"

Budget $50 for each project.

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Social Network Projectph

I bought a script that is like facebook. I also have had 18 psds made. I need someone to chop these designs and
put them into this script. Needs to look just like the psds.

Ill pay $200 for this work. I need it done in 18 days or less.

The psds are here:

There will be programming involved in this. As the scripts do not have all the functions my client wants.

Basically the site will end beign like http://cs.sbt(remove_this),, http://wa(remove_this)
It will have selected features from all three sites. It will be a multi site combiing these.

I have elance page that you will plugin. Basically script I bought of fully functioning Elance type site. That will be placed into the one tab. So that take out that part.

And the social networking aspect (the script I bought) has the folling in it so you wont have to program these parts:

3.Twitter Connect
4.Manage Employments
5.Manage Schools
8.Mystore Management
12.My Articles
20.Profile photo from Album

What it doesnt have youll have to program and make are shown on these psds youll find in the hotfiles:






those are just to name a few the programmer I bought the script from mentioned. There could be more so look the hotfile downloads over thoroughly before you accept the project.

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Social Manager

Need a firm to manager our social marketing. This include managing facebook, twitter and other social media marketing strategies.

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1000 Quality Twitter Followers – No Spammy Followers Please

We need 1000 Twitter followers that are relevant to small to medium business in the United Kingdom.
We need quality twitter followers and are not interested in spammy followers just to push up the numbers.

Please provide some examples of your previous social media work.

Quality work will receive repeat business.

Thank you

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1000 Quality Twitter Followers – No Spammy Followers

We need 1000 Twitter followers that are relevant to small to medium business in the United Kingdom.
We need quality twitter followers and are not interested in spammy followers just to push up the numbers.

Please provide some examples of your previous social media work.

Quality work will receive repeat business.

Thank you

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Facebook App To Post Jobs

We need to create a facebook app that is similar to the the app below:

Please visit it, work with it, and then let us know the cost of developing such tool.

Heres a link how a company is using:
Click on Work for Us tab

Application should include:

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Need Social Media Expert For Face Book And Twitter

Need social media expert to create a facebook fan page and twitter account for my business, we need the entire page built from scratch.

Some advice of best use of facebook and twiter would be great.

In order to be considered for this project pls post sample and example work you have done in the past.

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Virtual Assistant / Copywriter / Social Media

Need help on an on-going basis for about 4h-8h/week to do the following:
– follow google news alerts and post on my website summary of relevant articles published online on laughter, joy, happiness and peace (you propose, I confirm, you write & publish)
– summarize the information published on specific yahoo & google groups: turn informal written exchange between individuals on how they do things and what their experience is into a "how to" type of article.
– research the web and write article on specific topics related to laughter, joy, happiness & peace
– help manage facebook, twitter & linkedin accounts

Here are some criteria for the job. You must have:
– Strong analytical skills;
– Strong communication and writing skills;
– Strong knowledge of the Internet (must be blog/social media savvy);
– Strong understanding of SEO
– Proficient in MS office.

Please bid for 8h to try it out and confirm we can efficiently work together.

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Wanted: IPhone-developer

I have developed a simple but nice concept for an iphone app the will appeal to many people all over the world.
Interaction design and visual design will be delivered by myself.
I need a developer to start building the app.

Structure of the app
#1 Welcome screen
#2 Input: Three fields of input
[calculation with input]
# 3 result screen.
#4 post result to twitter and facebook

input and result are saved for next use of app.

When you please provide me with examples of previous work on Iphone apps.

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Facebook And Twitter Followers

2000 facebook/ 2000 twitter fans within the united states, done progressively over a period of two months using only good practices to invite fans. Project could be ongoingto the right bider after completion. This is for one of the biggest art galleries int he United States. If this helps us sell art this will obviously be an on going job. We sell more art than anyone on ebay as we have the best prices on the most popular artist.

Project Requirements and conditions:

* All fans must be real accounts (No Spam, No Bots, No Fakes!)

* All fans must be accounts with 50 friends or more

* All fans must be from United States

* All fans must have more than 4 pictures on their page

* All fans must be between 30 and 65

* All fans should be active & must have status updates that go back min 30 days

* Fans/Friends from other countries will NOT be paid for

* Fans should be approx 50% Female and 50% Male.

Please Include in your Bid:

* Price of bid
* Date of completion
* URLS with examples of previous Facebook/Twitter fan page work & general information of how fans will be acquired

PLEASE NOTE: You must not add fans in a way that will get the page banned or suspended — there will be no payment if the page is suspended within 15 days of delivery. NO SPAM ALLOWED!

You must use legal means of obtaining friends (If the Facebook or Twitter pages are banned, It will noted in your comments and feedback.

Your bid should start with "serious bid" to ensure you have read and understood this description

Absolutely no bids will be reviewed unless you have feedback and can provide the above.

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Social Mapping

Social Networking site based around Maps.

This project is going to be built on top of Googlemap API and Qype/Gowalla API – or something similar.
It will need the enable friendships and the capability to review.
I also want the site to sync with Twitter, Facebook etc.

Highly motivated, creative and experienced WEB DEVELOPER needed to help move this project forward.

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Social Media And Social Networks Marketing

We are looking for someone to place at least 150 post per day for our website.

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CakePHP / Facebook Connect Project

We are looking for Cake php developer to work on a month long 2.0 project.


Extensive experience with PHP and 2+ years with CakePHP, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, SVN, CSS and HTML.

Facebook API and AJAX is required.

Must have Social media and user-generated content experience.

Knowledge and experience in the software development life cycle.

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Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization.

We are looking for someone who can help us with social media marketing (through the more popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) as well as with press releases and newsletters. Please reply only if you are fluent in written and spoken English.

Thank you.

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Social Media/virtual Assistant

Staffing agency requires Senior Social Networking Expert for 10 hours a week. The aim is to generate leads from businesses and business professionals. Looking to start off at one week and see the results. Potential to lead to long-term contract if results are achieved.

Ideally you should be based in North America, however I am open to ideas depending on your previous experience.

You will be responsible for implementing, and managing a comprehensive social media marketing strategy/program on a day-to-day basis (paid weekly). We want to attract 500 unique visitors daily who all must meet our target demographic (Canadian professionals or businesses).


* ability to build a list of Facebook fans by engaging them in conversation and posting content.
* ability to build a list of Twitter and Linked in followers by engaging them in conversation and posting content.
* familiarity with Facebook, twitter, and linked in.
* abilty to write entertaining and interesting content.
* experience delivering social media campaigns.
* talent for spotting a good story.
* entertaining, creative and strong writing skills
* good networking skills.

Please provide examples and outline your experience with social networking and article writing pertaining to social media.

You bid should be based on 10 hours of work for one week.

Please PM me with questions, examples and bids.

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Need Experts: Joomla,Drupal, Facebook, Twitter, Social Media

I need experts on: Joomla, Drupal, Facebook, Twitter, Social Media.

Also experts on "edirectory CMS"

Also experts on JMSsWin a Joomla extension to manage multiple Joomla sites:

Also SEO super champs than can guarantee first page on Google results and even 1st position on

Also Content writers specially on the legal category.

Also professional that can convert a website into a mobile version for the iPhone and other devices.

Please only people with proven knowledge will be consider.

Also you need to have at least 10 good reviews on

Please check the links you sent before you sent them, any broken link will already tell me about your work.

I have several projects and each project with have a budget for the right person.

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