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Social Media Networking And PR Specialist

I am looking for a specialist in social media networking, communications and PR to promote a UK (Manchester) health insurance website

Health Insurance in the UK is a massive market, with around 7 million people (10% of population) having some form of health insurance

Tasks include:

Writing Press releases
Brand management
Manage Twitter & Facebook activity
Writing engaging Blog posts and articles to increase visitor activity

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Social-networking Cum Informations & Tutorials Website


I wanted to build a social networking cum informations and tutorials website. Website should be very elegant and classic.
1) This site is not only the social networking but I am giving informations about the list of universities in the world and the universities providing scholarships for various courses. Also, I am giving a free video classroom – basic foreign languages tutorials (like english, chinese, japanese, etc).
2) About the social networking site, we will provide all the basic features of social-networking. Users can upload photos and create an album which is secured by users. Users can also upload videos. Unregistered users can also see the videos until the specific video is not secured by user. There is also an option for chat and user can hide their friends who the user does not want to chat.
3) Users can search universities by zipcode, states, countries. I will provide the little description of each universities of each course. For more informations about the universities, we will provide the official link of the universities.
4) Users can find the scholarships by course name, country names. I will provide the little description about the scholarships and also the deadlines. For more details, I will provide the official links of the scholarships provided by universities.
5) About language tutorials, users can learn through video class and also the same video class will be available in pdf/word format where users can download it. There is also an options to download the test papers. The video class will be chapter by chapter. Users have the options to post the comments in each class.
6) There will also an option of WHAT TO FIND?
In this section- user can search the hotels, clubs, resorts, restaurants, etc. This search is through countries wise, state wise, zipcode wise.

I will send a more details at your request

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Need Canadian Or US-based Social Networking Expert (12160)

Need a Canadian (preferably Toronto-based) or US-based social networking expert to assist us with promotion of our residential real estate-related website.

For the right provider, this project would include:
* Writing posts for our Facebook fan page
* Potentially securing new local Facebook fans to our page

* Writing posts for our Twitter page
* Potentially securing new local Twitter followers

* Writing posts for our blog
* Identifying relevant and topical articles that we can reference on our blog

* Posting on other relevant blogs and forums (in a participatory manner)

We are looking for someone to work with on an ongoing basis.

With your bid, please include the phrase "Toronto Rocks" so that I know you pay attention to details. Please include examples of your work with your bid.

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Social Networking Startup – Vancouver, B.C.

Im looking for freelance cross platform developer(s), prefer a college student and someone locally in the Vancouver, B.C. area, who can help me build a platform independent app for iphone, android and web using rapid prototyping techniques. The concept is disruptive and has the potential to change how personal credit ratings are managed.

About me. Im a seasoned entrepreneur with a professional IT background, originally from NYC, currently based in Vancouver, B.C. I have a track record of previously building a Web 1.0 startup with 10 employees that received one round of angel funding. I was also selected as a business plan winner and presenter at New York Citys First Annual Venture Capital Conference, the predecessor to the todays Techcrunch Disrupt. I have been offered up to $1MM in a second round of financing for my previous startup. Im open to offering an ownership stake in the startup.


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Ad, Coupons, Social Networking, Browser Ext. Portal + Apps

Inviting bids to develop a portal and mobile apps (all platforms and devices) with push/pull, search, Google Maps (and geo-location API), Ads, payment gateway to broker a marketplace for merchant-user communications – ads, vouchers, coupons, urls, Social networking channels etc.

All/most features of the web-portal are required on the devices.

Browser toolbar/Extensions – FF, IE, Safari, Chrome along with desk-top app (all devices) to receive new voucher prompts are required.

Social Networks apps integration (Facebook, Twitter, bookmarking sites, ability to extend via integration APIs) is required. Essential ability to aggregate content or RSS feeds from various sites based on user preferences.

The following expertise is required…

Java or .net
Flash, Flex, Adobe AIR for Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry programming
Browser Add-ons
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, other SN sites, bookmarking sites, …
PayPal Web payments gateway pro
Ad Server, Affiliate Program
Cloud + SaaS – License model with scalability

Please email with contact details, portfolio and high-level estimates based on any similar work already done. work can be broken-up to portal team and device team if all expertise is not available within one team.

Willing to consider bids for fast-turnaround of project by breaking up the project into discrete deliverables that can be independently launched.

[Restarting this project, due to change in circumstances from previous awardee. Want to move fast…so early response would be appreciated.]


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