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PHP Fox, Custom Build And Auction Module Assistance

we are building a social networking site based on the framework of PHPfox, we need however many customisations done to the site including the implementation of a carousel, and share/swap functionalities and adjustment of the Pbay module (phpfox auction module)

If you are experiences in PHPfox… not just php, must have PHPfox knowledge and have examples to prove your work.

This is an urgent project so please contact us ASAP.

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Social Network

I am looking to set up a niche social network site which will be designed around one topic.

The site will be similar to other social sites such as facebook in terms of its member profile etc.
The site will be able to upload photos and video.
The site will need to be able to accept uploading of information in form layouts.
The site will operate on local and international levels and blogs and forums should be able to operate on theses levels.
The site should be capable of messaging in real time during events.
The site should be able to show news at local and international level depending on the visitors location within the site
The profile of the site members should allow linking to other members in developing friends
The site should be monetizable and ability to add ad sense and add products for sale by web members should be included
The site should allow members to join by facebook etc as well as standard login and join.

As an overview the member signing up can put in their profile their favourite teams at local intermediate national and international level.
The profile will form the basis of member linking at all the levels. Members can also link to other members as they wish.
At events the members should be able to communicate with members in real time during the event and post blogs and engage in forums as they wish.
At local level the member can access local news and events and at national and international level they should be able to access national and international news
The site will not be monetized until member numbers are large enough but will then be monetized by ad sense and internal ad sales.

Questions for Freelancers
1. have you experience in social network sites
2 What platform will you be using.
3. Can we expect a fixed price.
4 What time frame can we expect
5 What after sales service will you provide.

Detailed submission will be forwarded after initial selection

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Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Link Building, Social Network

Job Description

Looking for expert candidate to do link building for my websites and you must be able to do blog, facebook and twitter work.

you must have a proven record in build links to websites and you must have proven history in social media, able to invite targeted people and have the knowledge of ways to get my websites popular producing traffic result within a short period of time.

You must know how to Increase Facebook fans, write articles and submissions regarding our products.

You must know how to install templates on facebook and twitter.

All the fans or followers, fans and traffic must be genuine. We are not just looking for someone to add people or followers that do not exist.

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Marketing For A Niche Social Networking Website

I am looking for an exceptional marketer for marketing a social network site for Indians/ Pakistanis/ Asians.
The person should have very creative writing skills and be an active user of social tools like blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.
I will be happy to engage for a longer period once I am happy with the quality of the person.

I will need to see proper activity on a daily basis. I am willing to start at 30$ for some X number of postings and hits before I can move forward. If you have done something like this and have suggestions I will be happy to hear.
You need to be conversant with SEO techniques so that you can maximize your work activities.

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Help Me Make Money From My Facebook Page

I have appx 16000 likes on this page and would like someone to handle the page
If you have any ideas, please advise

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500 Facebook Fans From Australia


I need 500 Facebook fans for an Australian based company. I have previous experience in managing social media campaigns but currently I have busy schedule and therefore I decided to outsource this job.

The Requirements:

– We are only interested in acquiring REAL accounts for people living in Australia. We have zero-tolerance policy regarding spam or fake accounts.

-Were after active Facebook users. Fans must have at least 50 friends on their account and show signs of activity on their wall like status updates, adding new friends, commenting on other groups/pages …etc.

-Were expecting that the service provider will only employ good practices to get the fans. The page should not be suspended/deleted due to his/her marketing actions. Should this happen, the project will be terminated and the service provider will not get paid.

-Were looking for slow and steady approach to collecting fans. We dont want to draw a lot of attention from Facebook admin for our page. No need for you to be in a hurry to finish the job. A period of 10 -14 days to finish the job would be optimal.

-Please note that you will not be giving access to the account administering the page and we will not add you as an admin either. You have to work on the project from your accounts. Thats a win win situation for all as you can keep the friends collected during the project for your use in future projects.

-You will be paid 2 weeks after you are done just to see that fans are real and not disappearing. This means that the number of fans should not fall below 500 during that period and in case that occurs, you must replace the ex fans with new ones.

The Ideal Candidate should have:

-Good command of English language and good communication skills: I expect to see a daily update about the progress of the project. I will be available on IM/email for support in case you need anything or have questions.

-Previous experience in social media: This is not mandatory but will be very appreciated that you worked before on similar projects in the past.

-positive attitude and flexibility: We all know that projects sometimes face difficulties and I expect the provider to show good spirit and be cooperative. The client may ask for fans substitution if he encounters few that dont meet the requirements.

– IMPORTANT: Preference will be given to the provider who already has a database of facebook friends living in Australia. You should not have all the fans required from the beginning ( that would be awesome of course ) but the bigger the number of ready fans, the more favorable your bid will be.

-NO OUTSOURCING WHATSOEVER: I expect to work with the person who bid for the project not some random guy. Please start your bid with the answer for ( 2 + 5 = ? )

This project is the beginning of many to come in the future. I am planning to outsource most of my social media projects and I need to find someone whos reliable and hard worker. Do a good job this time and you will be rewarded with more projects in the future and I MEAN IT. You will be given the 1st chance to bid on my projects.

This could lead to a long term business relationship not only in social media but in other areas that the service provider excels at too. Show me that you take your job seriously and you are dependable and you wont regret it.

Finally,the budget for this project is $40.

Looking forward to your bids and questions.


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We would like to increase the number of sign ups to a New social network. We need 100% REAL PEOPLE, who will use social network for chating, posting pictures, logging in, playing games They must fill out their profile and do things they do on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace

So if you have a lot of friends

We will be paying per sign ups and you will also have benefit of this people.

This is a long term project.

Your bid should include your plan how to get new people, your ideas how to get this people active…

1 rule: 100% real active people

See ya!

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Social Networking Site

I would like to create web site with with functions and facilities.

– File manager
– Calendar
– Messages
– Chat
– add as friend
– Wall
– Profiles
– Picture Albums
– Video Gallery
– multi language
– forum discussion
– search and advanced search function
– and some other functionality

please write me:
1) your experience in this work ?
2) sent me your social network sites you have created before?
3) how much does it cost social network with this functionality?
4) how long does it take to create this network?

I am looking forward your answer and good programmers
Let me know if you can do this. You may write to my inbox too

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Social Bookmarking Expert Needed.

i need 1k social bookmarks for my gaming site.
just need an perfect guy..asap

Best of luck.

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SEO Links Building

Hi I am looking for 3000 links for adults directory
3,000 links 1,000 Social Bookmarks + 1,000 Blog Comments + 1,000 Paul Angela Links.

(social bookmark) = 1000
(blog comment links)= 1000
(Paul Angela links)=1000
TOTAL = 3,000


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LinkedIn, FB,, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla Projects

LinkedIn, FB, Meetup WordPress, Drupal, Joomla Projects.
I need to consolidate, tweek, and clean up my social media. Must know the REAL ins and out of different social media.
Im a 20+ year IT pro so Ill know whether or not you know you stuff or are full of it.

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SEO & Social Media For A Small Business

Get me real clients to the site

I need someone who has shown redults before.
You need to be able to do SEO & Social Media –
This is for a small business.
If you can do a GOOD job here then you will be used for many other projects that I am working on.
You may be hired permenantly if I think you are able to do this and know what you are doing.


Lower bids will be prioritised – however for future projects a reasonable price can be set.

Happy Bidding!!!

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A Developer Needed With Good Knowledge In DolphinSoftware

Need an expert with good knowledge in Dolphin software Installation and customization. This is a third party open source customization for a social networking website. The Consortium website will be a social networking website for musicians, and bands. There will be groups and events. We will provide you psd for home page and content page post login. You have to integrate these pages into Dolphin Open Source.

Setting up dolphin software
Configuring it to suit the home page content
Reskin for the software based on the supplied designs

IMPORTANT: We need daily status updates. No detailed reports. Just a brief explaination of where the job stands and what was the progress during the day.

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Twiends Clone


Looking for a fully working clone of

This must be ready to be rolled out as soon as complete.

The developer must be available to work on future updates and upgrades.

This shouldnt be too hard to put together as its just a matter of connecting it all through the social networking sites. With future upgrades we will be looking at other social networks to it as well.

But for the time being we are looking for a clone of

Good Luck.

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B2B Social Media Telemarketing – USA ONLY!


We are looking for someone who can work full time on referring companies. We will give you a list of companies you need to contact and you will go down the list and call + email each company regarding our services.

MUST BE LOCATED IN THE USA. Please do NOT bid if youre located in another country. Serious bidders only.


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Facebook / Social Netowrk Marketing Expert

I am looking for a Facebook and Orkut Marketing expert, We are startup free coupon website for Indian in the united states, we are in search of couple of Individual to market our website to Indians in United States through facebook and orkut, As our service is only available in the United States, so the job is highly target oriented, you need to target Indian people living in United States through social networking site such as Facebook and Orkut.

To make it easy for you, we provide excellent free goodies to new users who sings up with our website, with this free goodies, we believe you can attract lots of people.

If you are interested, Please write (Private Message) about you and your experience in social network and how can we achieve a common goal to bring more traffic to our website.

And it is a long term opportunity, so we need serious and genuine team member, who is willing to work hard for mutual benefit. And of course, the payment will be performance based. Bring in USER and get the payment.

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Need Fans For My Corporate Facebook Page 2


I need fans for my social media corporate page from Singapore.

Please give break down of prices per thousands ot fans.


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Social Media Monitoring Tool

This is the tool that will search what are people talking about specific keyword on social media channels, forums, blogs or anywhere on the internet.

Currently we wish to target these languages:
 Croatian,
 Serbian,
 English,
 Slovenian

Services that will SMM tool search
a) Blogs
1. Google blogs
2. Technoraty
3. Twingly

b) Social media
1. Twitter
2. Facebook

c) Forums

d) Web
1. Google
3. bing

e) News portals

f) Other
1. Google Alerts
2. Google insights
3. Google trends

g) Video sites

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Website Vulnerability & Penetration Testing For Social Site

We want penetration and vulnerability testing done a social networking website.

We will require a very detailed report and recommendations on how to solve some of the vulnerabilities that may be found. The test would include tests for cross site scripting, man-in-the-middle attacks, SQL code injection and all the other standard tests and more because of the nature of the site (a social networking site).
It could also be helpful, but not necessary if service provider has expertise to help plug the holes or solve the problems that these test bring to the fore.

We would also be more favourably disposed to service provider who would be willing to sing Non-disclosure agreement. This is not a must, but if we receive bids from service providers who would be willing to do, well consider those bids first.

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The Best Social Network Available

Hello everyone.
Im in the process of trying to find a person who can make my idea become a working website.. Members of the website would be able to search in the classifeds section with ecommerce. (The classifeds would probably make up 50% of the members pofile page. The other 50% would be the social part where members can upload video,pictures,blog,have friends,etc. ( A Social website that has classifieds) I can obvioulsy go into alot more detail.. However, I do want to receive a signed nda before I go into details

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Social Media Networking And PR Specialist

I am looking for a specialist in social media networking, communications and PR to promote a UK (Manchester) health insurance website

Health Insurance in the UK is a massive market, with around 7 million people (10% of population) having some form of health insurance

Tasks include:

Writing Press releases
Brand management
Manage Twitter & Facebook activity
Writing engaging Blog posts and articles to increase visitor activity

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Social Marketing Facebook Twitter Forum Postings HIGH INCOME

START Today – You will be given 5 unique links / banners /email creatives to use

Need Postings Facebook Mass Mailer Twitter Massmailer Posting all Postings boards Forums and more
No Limit on earnings or traffic volume

UK COMPANY is looking for people who can help us to promote there Website with Email Marketing Bulk Marketing for Long Term
Viral Marketing and all other Marketing Types are Welcome our Goal is get sign up, only name and email adress etc required for sign up NO credit card details needed.
We Pay on commissions for every Sign up £0.50 to the site Payment at the end of every month via pay pal or your preferred method.
You can promote our Site however you want to. All Marketing types are Welcome

You can make Bulk Marketing to your own list and you can do all other following Marketing types to get sales and success
Articles submission / Forum posting / Blog commenting / Email Bulk Mail Marketing / Place our banners on hi page rank websites / Classifieds / Gumtree /posting our website on all classified sites / Facebook Marketing / Twitter Marketing / Social Media Marketing / Link Building / Search engines listing / Affiliate Marketing / Seo/ Leads / SEO Articles / Bookmarking / Quality Forum Links / Themed relevant Links / directory submissions / Social Bookmarks / Backlinks / search engine listing / traffic exchange sites /

All sign ups must be from real uk people based and living in the UK.

*Only quality sign-ups
*Only unique and confirmed E-mail Addresses and Post Codes
*Only unique and confirmed IP addresses
*No Rotating IP addresses
*No fake Emails
*No Fake Post Codes
*No duplicates sign ups
*No fraudulent sign ups
*No Automated Methods
*No Cookie Cleaners
*No Black Hat
*No use of proxy servers
*No Craigslist
*No Auto Bots or Software

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Social Networking Membership Site

This is a website directed at Nigeria University Students in various states in Nigeria. Interface is of the utmost priority! It has to be elegant in functions and form! I dont want a site that looks like a cheap template with basically functioning tools.
I am looking to create a membership site with social network functionality, as well as a series of online web apps.
I want no flash, and I want it to run smoothly on smart phones, blackberry browser.
The regular side of the page will allow you to sign up and create a profile and select a layout from a set of templates. On this profile, you can host your pictures, interests, links to friends, bio(all like any other social networking site) as well as host videos, pictures(sort of an online portfolio) as well as list projects you have worked on or about to. The projects will usually be materials or e-books and will be linkable to friends and/or friends of friends who also want to embark on a same……

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Social Network Website

A social networking website designated for about 1,000 people.

based on php or python.

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Social Media Link Building

I am looking to partner with a company that can help promote my clients articles and press releases through social media channels. One of my clients publishes 20-30 high quality and unique articles per month. These articles already have a strong audience and get between 1000-5000 page views for each article per month. To help better promote these articles I am looking for a company that can seed high quality social media links to further promote the content through social media. We have an RSS for these articles and I would be looking for the provider to seed 15-20 social media links within 24 hours of each article or press release being sent out. These links would need to be generated manually and would need to vary article to article. I am also open to other ideas for further promoting these articles and press releases to generate increased traffic and links if you would also like to include some additional ideas in your response and proposal. If the provider is able to deliver the service successfully this will be an ongoing service for at least the next 6 months.

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