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Hide Reviews On Google/Boost Ranking

I need somebody who can do the following:

– Bump bad reviews lower
– Improve overall ranking of the site

There are two bad reviews (one Yelp, one CitySearch) that need to be hidden as much as possible. One of these reviews was accurate, the other was a complete lie. Even though the review was a lie, CitySearch refuses to remove it. I need somebody who can remove these results from AT LEAST the first page of a Google search

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Looking For Somebody In China That Knows Factories…

Im in need of somebody who has connections with suppliers/manufacturers in China that sell products wholesale.

My main focus is electronics, cell phone accessories, ect. but Im open to buying other products as well.

Please include a sample catalog or some way to help me trust that you have contact with a reliable factory that can supply me goods.

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PHP Zendframework Help Needed

We need somebody to help us with a PHP / Zendframework server setup that has stopped working properly.

Our system has begun whitescreening and we need somebody to look at where the issue is occuring.

The system in Zondframework PHP with Mysql. The setup is a bit complicated as there is a mysql cluster and load balancing between the application servers.

This project is urgent. Please advice me of your availabilitiy to complete the project within the next 18-24hours


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Wordpres E-Commerce Plugin Sent To Fax

I am looking for somebody to retrofit one of the WordPress e-commerce plugins, there are a few I am willing to use, so that the order form is sent to fax machine rather than email. This is for a restaurant website online menu. Once the customer orders the food online, pays with the credit card, a fax needs to be sent directly to the restaurant with the order. This may involve a monthly subscription to a faxing service. We are not looking for somebody to create a brand new online ordering system, just retrofitting what already exists. If you are able to perform this skill please let me know.

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Hide Price, Know How To Just Need Somebody To Do It


I need help hiding the prices on my website for visitors.
They should only be visible for LOGGED IN !

And its ALL prices that are on my site now and every one i put ind after wouds.

I have the way to do it, i just need somebody who can do it real fast, here is what my web developer wrote:

Hi. You would need to edit theme php files adding the following code:
<?php if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { ?>
price goes here
<?php } ?>

I would suggest using FireBug tool for finding the elements you want to change and their corresponding css code.

MY url is :

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Neil Harvey

I need somebody to do gunshot flashes (muzzle flash) and a bullet wound to the head with blood spray. Preferably somebody who has experience with bullet shots.

I will be providing an MXF file .. you will render the effects work and send it back to me. I want somebody who has been doing this for a while ..

So in total: Approx 1 head shot. Approx 8 muzzle flashes (flash of gunfire).


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Arabic Social Media Expert

Need somebody who is a fluent Arabic speaker and right to run social media for a financial website. Need to be an expert on social media. We are looking for somebody to coordinate a massive twitter Linkedin, facebook presence.

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Copy 10 Jpegs To Visio


I have 10 pages of wireframes produced in another program and I need somebody to copy them in Visio. There are some graphic elements that you can either crop directly out of the jpegs or use something comparable.

It should be less than a days work for somebody who knows Visio reasonably well.

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Equity Portfolio Construction And Backtesting Strategy

I need to design an equity portfolio based on a fundamental strategy and back test the performance. I need somebody with good knowledge of portfolio construction and back testing. Person should have a sound knowledge of how portfolio and equity indices are constructed to be able to prepare a calculation template to calculate and back test the strategy.

For this particular project you will not need to be an expert in VBA as I already have a working macro that was designed by somebody else but I want somebody to show me how to use the macro, prepare the data for entry into the macro and maybe edit the macro to use for this particular strategy.

Since I already have a working macro I estimate this will only take a few hours of your time to figure out the macro and prepare the data for entry into the macro and maybe a couple of hours to explain it to me.

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Need Somebody To Secure Corporate Sponsorship

We are looking for somebody who can secure a sponsor for a music launch.

We will pay 500

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WordPress Help – Indians Or Romanians


I need somebody to help me with some WordPress blogs .

You will mainly need to :
– Post Articles
– Install themes
– Make links on some words from the article
– Make sure that all the links are using a proper linkcode that you will be provided with

If you are from Romania , Timisoara this will be considered a plus .
If you are a Romanian also this will be considered a plus .

Even if the task that you will have will be simple i need somebody with experience not somebody that will work based on some tutorials.

PM me with you hourly rate.

Happy Bidding

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I Need Somebody Who Can Cash Out Money From Freelancer

I need somebody who can cash out money from freelancer. I give out 15%. I have my own money stock in my account and i cant withdraw them due frelancer policy. If you are interested to earn some cash fast , please contact me.

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Referral And Lead Tracking Script (maybe WordPress Theme)

I need somebody to build a backend referral script and simple tracking system on it. I cant say more about it for obvious reasons.

It must have true compatibility and work on the vast majority of servers and with all the major autoresponders.

But what Im looking for is somebody who speaks EXCELLENT English, is creative, is a problem-solver, a good communicator, and can get the job done effectively and quickly.

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Need Somebody To Call The Cpa Networks To Get Approval

Looking for someone who can get me CPA network approvals.

Im specifically looking for individuals who can handle calling the AMs for a quicker approval,

You must have experienced with CPA networks and know how to promote the offer with all kinds of methods.

I need the following networks approved.

and more than 30 netowrks need approval.

i need a long-term partner.and need cpa approval every month .if you are experienced,please PM me .so that we can start the project asap
hit me (at) (Y)ahoo! :lai_dog_dog

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Wedding Photos For Post Production

Im looking for somebody who can do post production for 110 wedding photos. I need somebody who can put life on photos. In other words, I want the pictures to be dramatic as possible. Please send me a before and after samples of your work. I would prefer before and after wedding photos.

Please attach you samples in sending Private Message.

Thank You!

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Opencart Image Problem Fixed And Products And Banners Added

I have been building a site using opencart. I have so far completed the list of categories, the template, the site logo and have added some products.

I am now having a problem adding images to the site. I uploaded all the images that I need via FTP but now no images will show in image manager. This should be a simple fix for somebody who understands the technical side of opencart.

Next i would like somebody to create 3 simple banners to go in the slide at the top of the page.

Finally I would like somebody to help with adding products and images to the site so that I may get it completed sooner.

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Online Credit Card Payment Provider Needed Fast

I have a small business and i need somebody who can provide online credit card payment gateway. I sell around £15,000 – £25,000 each month so i need a trust able person who can take money trough credit card.

I need even somebody with google checkout merchant account

His share will be 15%

He will send the money to me after each sale i made trough his credit card payment gateway.

For more details PM , Only serious person.

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Website Management Needed For New Website

I am an owner of a website –
and I am looking for freelance website management.

I would like somebody that will be able to fix bugs on my website (hopefully most bugs can be fixed on my backend program). If I find the right person, I am looking for a freelancer to be "on-call" when there are emergency fixes to be made.

Im looking for some work to be done on my website as soon as possible.

I need somebody who has experience with private messaging systems embedded on a website,
as well as somebody who knows about how websites interrelate with Paypal.

There are currently around 40 bugs that need to be fixed, most of them small, but a few larger ones.
Im guessing there are about 2-3 days of work that should be done immediately.
I have all the bugs explicitly shown on a powerpoint that I will send you.

The bugs included in the powerpoint have some redesign work that is needed as well on a few of the features.

I live in Shanghai, but I am from United States.
I prefer a freelancer that lives in Shanghai, but it is not necessary.
You just need to be an excellent communicator in English via skype, email and IM.

Thanks and best regards,

International School Community

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100 Third Party Blogs (free Blogs)

I need somebody who can make 100 third party blogs (free blogs).

1) Resources should be powered by WordPress.
2) Ill give you unique content which you should post and incert link there.
3) Do not use the same username and password for more than one profile (fake data take from here
4) Here is an example :

Im looking for somebody who knows how to do this. Pls, send me a few examples.
The price is $30 per 100 blogs. NO ecrow.

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Article Rewriter


I would like to hire somebody to rewrite articles on a regular basis….I have hired multiple individuals but am unable to get good services from them…I am looking for somebody who is a quick worker and can do atleast 10 articles of around 500-600 words a day.I will pay a maximum of $1.30 per 600 word article rewrite…By this I mean the original may be around 1000= words,however you can reduce it to 600 words…Also to mention I need somebody who is good at technical rewriting as well….

I would want to select somebody within the next few hours…Just so that I understand you know what you are bidding for please rewrite the following paragraph…

"The likes of Audis RS 6 and the BMW M5 have taken the super sedan arms race to a near-irrational extreme. Then there are cars like the G-Power M5 Hurricane RR — the worlds fastest sedan and the atom bomb of the four-door world — that go way, way past irrational.
Because this is 800 horsepower of twin-supercharged sedan, the Hurricane will stick wheel-to-wheel with a Ferrari 458 Italia to 125 mph and then blow it off the road when things get stupid. And its the very same car that just stormed to a new four-door record of 231 mph — besting G-Powers own mark, set with a lesser version of the same car.
And the best part is that without the faux carbon wrap, this Hurricane would simply recede into the sea of other cars on the road.
Sure, aficionados would likely spot the 20-inch wheels and possibly the badge, but theres nothing else readily apparent to suggest the sheer violence underfoot. It looks like a standard-issue BMW M5 with a mild Highline bodykit, and the interior is limited to a sports steering wheel and a few splashes of carbon fiber. This is not the kind of car that roars to the heavens and spits fuel on startup, and as we pull onto the old Nordschleife, (which isnt exactly my favorite place to test such a potentially spiky car), its truly relaxed. At least it is when were using only the first 10 percent of throttle."

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Hide Reviews On Google/ Boost Ranking

I need somebody who can do the following:

– Bump bad reviews lower
– Improve overall ranking of the site

There are two bad reviews (one Yelp, one CitySearch) that need to be hidden as much as possible. One of these reviews was accurate, the other was a complete lie. Even though the review was a lie, CitySearch refuses to remove it. I need somebody who can remove these results from AT LEAST the first page of a Google search

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Promotion On Linkedin

Need somebody who can publicize my site on I earn money when somebody registers on my site by paying. I am ready to pay you $1 per paid registration on my site. The site is new. I will give more details about the site when I finalise a person.
The work will be to post ads of my site on linkedin discussions (in suitable groups) and then pursuing those discussions on day-today basis.
If you want to pursue this job then please provide your earlier selling experience on linkedin.


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Need Custom Virtuemart For Buying Eletronics


I am looking for somebody who can modify virtuemart (joomla) so that it can generate quotes.

Website to be built is a website for electronics.

I would like to be able to add items, with catagories. I would also need to be able to adjust the prices pretty easily. The shopping cart will also need to &quot;check out&quot; with the normal name and address, so I would be able to send out pre-paid boxes.

A few examples you can take a look at are below:

I dont have much cash to start off with this, so looking for somebody who can work with me on this…

Please list your bid for me, give me your best price and I need I really need someone knowledgeable and knows what they are doing…

I have a little experience with website designing and building, but would like the winning bidder to also teach me how to add and update new products and models for future reference.

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Article Submission Repost

Hi guys,

This is a repost as the people I selected already were not reliable….My budget is $0.10 per submission.I would want the job done asap so somebody who would be available on the weekend will be considered.

I am looking for a person to assist me with article and press release submission.
This is an ongoing job.I would provide the articles ,your job would only be to incorporate the links to my website where ever I need it and submit them.
I prefer somebody who already knows how it needs to be done…
Its a very easy job so would be selecting the lowest bidder .


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Audio Magnetic Card Reader/Decoder

Hi i need somebody to write a programe to decode .wav file containing magnetic card data and convert to ascii.

if somebody understand what i mean please contact me for more details.

thank you.

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A Quick Project – Writing & Marketing


I have a NEW website with unique name.

When you Google the website name, there is no articles or links to this website. So, it is obvious that it is a newly created website. I need somebody to write several very brief blogs, texts or whatever about this website. So, this causes that when somebody Google tha name of this website, there will be a number of pages contining some information about it..

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