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Need Forum Poster


I want a forum poster who can be active in my id in few black hat forums and coding forums and just participate in conversations there or reply to that people can see my signature.And if someone ask related to my service they can post in their thread.Im willing to pay 15 cents per post.Its not compulsory that you should post daily.I need you to do this for 15 days min 10 post daily and if everything goes good i can give this job for another 6 months atleast.

Need only serious person. forum names and account details will be given in PMB.


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Need Forum Poster


I want a forum poster who can be active in my id in few black hat forums and coding forums and just participate in conversations there or reply to that people can see my signature.And if someone ask related to my service they can post in their thread.Im willing to pay 15 cents per post.Its not compulsory that you should post daily.I need you to do this for 15 days min 10 post daily and if everything goes good i can give this job for another 6 months atleast.

Need only serious person. forum names and account details will be given in PMB.


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URGENT: Need Webdesigner/html Person To Backup My Designer

Hello Bidders,
Due to various tight deadlines, we urgently need some one to assist in supporting our graphic designer/web guy. The sites have been done and we need someone to implement the client feedback and tweaking of the designs.

The tasks include:
– Changing text
– Modifying or changing photos
– Creating some html
– Adding features

Basic standard website design and implementation stuff. Nothing complex. Flash experience would be good too.

Please bid on the cost of fixing one site. But there should be work on a longer term as well. Be quick and be reasonable in bid and i will select someone immediately.



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Continuous Article Writing Projects

I will be needing someone with a vast array of knowledge or someone who is eager to just look up enough informative information about ANY topic of article I may ask for. Projects will be approximately 500 words or less per article and must be original content.
I prefer to see writing samples if you have them available and am also looking for someone to work with for quite a while. We will start with just 6 articles and if the both of us can work together and I like your work then hopefully we can make our partnership last.

What you are bidding on is: writing 6 articles of my choice topics each with about 500 words or less full of plenty of information for readers.

Thank you.

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Need Someone To Design Online Gaming Site

I need someone to design my new online gaming website. I have got domain name and host. So now i need some one to design my site and link it. You can contact me for more details with your bid. I need this in maximum low budget.

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Pay On Performace SEO – We Have Many Projects Need Help

We need someone who is VERY experienced in link building & who trusts there own work. We want to work with someone on ranking many websites. I want you to be able to take a very small deposit and get me to the first page, when I hit the first page is when I pay you a portion of the funds. Please bid and in the PM area please let me know if you can work with $100 down per site

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Pay On Performace SEO – We Have Many Projects Need Help

We need someone who is VERY experienced in link building & who trusts there own work. We want to work with someone on ranking many websites. I want you to be able to take a very small deposit and get me to the first page, when I hit the first page is when I pay you a portion of the funds. Please bid and in the PM area please let me know if you can work with $100 down per site

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Looking For Quality Designers For Different Jobs

Hello to all the bidder.

I need someone (maybe even more then 1 person) for long term to design for me things once in a month or so.
Basically someone that I can count on to do things for me in the way I want, someone who will understand my vision.
It is for our business and we have a lot of work (Blog and Websites Design, Brochures, Graphic designs, Work in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator. 3D animation, Animation, Concept Design, Advertisement Designs etc.)

The designs I will need are for printing (Brochures, Business Cards etc) and on the other hand for the web (Websites, Blogs, Banners etc)

For those who think they are capable of doing this, I have a challenge to test your seriousness and quality of work. something that for a good designer will be a piece of cake.

The challenge is:
I have 2 logos designed and ready. I will send you a JPG of them, and you will need to just remake them in Illustrator open file and make it look a little bit different so I will know that you really made it and worked on it and not just copied it, put your touch into it.

Second, to show your skills in Flash, make something nice in Flash with the logo, No specifics.

*Note: For those who have skills in both areas (Illustrator, Photoshop etc + Flash) you have a better chance.
But as I said. People who have other skills are welcome as well to try.

Note 2: The design will include Hebrew in the future, so you will have to have the ability to work with that (I will provide the text of course, but you will have to know to handle Right to Left languages).

Start your Private Message with this: axfg

Note 3: Provide in your PM your
where are you from (to know what times you are awake and active)
and portfolio website or add your works in attachment

Important: I do not care if you are new in or if you have 300 feedbacks. What I care about is your work only and the quality of it. What I do care is seriousness and dedication to details. I will not wait for all the bidders to send their designs. If I like someone, he will be chosen. Those who will be chosen will get 10$ for their effort.

The designer/s who will be the best in our opinion will work with us in the future and the budget for each project in the future will change according to the size and
Good luck!

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Zencart Subcategories

i need someone to visit and look at the subcategories, and put the same on my website. Which is
i know this is a very easy job but i have too many jobs to do so i need someone to complete this ASAP
The basics of this jobs you will be expected to do the following:
– when you click on a category it should expand showing subcategories just like on helenebridal
– To narrow the wedding dresses down you should pu options on the left hand side where people can choose options that will narrow their searches down

This job should be done within 2 days

Lowest bids will be considered

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Universal Smartphone App

Im looking for someone to create one universal smartphone app that can be used with iPhones, iPad, Android, Blackberry and so forth. I have a bunch of ideas and I need someone who can take these ideas and create one phenomenal app.

It needs to be very simple and easy to use. I dont understand programming, so please make the app 100% clean, no bugs and no crashes.

I do want this app upgradeable and grow constantly, so whomever I hire, they might have a customer for life. As Im new to this, Im not sure what else to include, but we can discuss more on this during the project.

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Zen Cart Integration

I have an existing zen cart shopping cart with a cpanel and a private SSL certificate. I have just purchased an Addon Domain and want to get this working as an independant site as well.
I need:
1) To copy my existing zen cart shopping cart to this new folder on my server. I need this to work independently of the original site with its own database (copy and config). I do not want to start from scratch as I have a lot of extra modules added.
2) I am hoping that I can use my secure area with this site as well. Will I be able to use this cert with both domains? I need someone to advise me and help me sort this. I will need to know if this will work before I start the project.
3) I need a little advice on linking to my payment gateway

I realise that there is very little work in this for someone who is an expert in this so I do not need someone who will give it a go, I need someone who has done this many times before and can do it quickly and painlessly.


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Myspace Friend Adder

I need a new software or if someone already has this software or if someone can crack any existing software

who can add freinds and send messages to myspace profiles…

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PHP Expert For Various Projects

I need someone with excellent knowledge of PHP and mysql. I have several websites and I often need minor tweaks and updates for my websites. So, I need someone who can maintain my several websites as and when needed. I need a fix hourly rate and we can discuss fixed cost each time I need something done.

If this works out well, then I might also need you to build my several sites that I will be building in a few weeks from now.

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Auction Website

I will need someone to add a decrease functuion to my script. I have a penny auction script. I need to option in the back end so I can choose a reverse penny " where the price drops evertime someone bids" A example would be I also need someone to add the design I have to the website and update the logo I have designed.

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Virtual Assistant With Ability To Copy-Paste And Photo Edit

I seek a person with a high attention to detail and after reading over the requirements a desire to want to work directly with me. While new with freelancer I have worked with another well known website for years and have been in business for over 25 years. I am looking for someone who will help me become more efficient as my primary goal.

This is a full time permanent position. If you have the skills required and would like to have steady stable work we should find out if this will be a good fit.

I need multi-task virtual assistant, with a lot of copy-pasting, basic image editing, simple content layout
You must be able to work with Remote Desktop, have high speed internet, computer and be able to be focused with the task at hand while on the clock.

Software that will be needed includes but is not limited to:
The gimp ( free) photo editing or other that will be just as efficient at cropping screenprints from the web (The ability to effectively and efficiently crop a screen print will be require before starting as this is one of the biggest components of this job)
Spreadsheet program excel
Internet explorer or firefox (with a very high degree of ability)
An HTML WYSIWYG editor to layout content
Remote desktop
Google documents
FTP program (your choice)

You will be given a list of items and criteria to source information about.
Usually you will go to up to four websites to gather information and pictures about the items.
You will need to be able to take screenprints and edit the prints to create images of pictures / information
You will be uploading images that you create into a server via FTP
You will be entering information found from the websites into a spreadsheet to analyze
You will enter information found from the websites and lay it out as instructed into an HTML editing program so that it will be ready to be posted to the net for public viewing.

I need someone that can write FLUENT American English, with proper grammar and spelling. This is a requirement due to technical terms used. The ability to find RELATED items and understanding the content is required. Being able to speak English is a plus but I expect we will mostly communicate via chat.

While not required the ability to supervise and manage others will be a big plus for someone that would like to take a management roll and eventually be in charge of others.

In my hope to get the highest quality candidate I am willing to have a starting time as late as 5PM Chicago time (regardless of daylight savings time this is the latest that will work for me)
Hours of work needed after trial period and training (about 20-30 days) is a starting time of 2 to 5 pm and an ending time of 10pm to 2 am Chicago time Sun-Thur (you may pick the starting time of either 4 or 5pm). Weekends should be available to work IF YOU WANT but are not required. A minimum of 30 hours will be needed. If you need one or two days off a month that is fine but I really need someone that will typically be available five days a week.

NOTE: Please bid any amount you want for the first 80 hours of work which will include the training period. I would expect that the training will take about a week or less to start out with and then ongoing training to get you up to full speed.

The pay after the first 80 hours is $2 per hour. We will review the progress after five months to decide on a pay increase to take effect at the start of six months and then will move to $2.10 to $2.25 per hour depending on the quality of work. We will repeat the process of review every six months.

I look forward to working with you and hope this will be a mutually satisfying experience. Please include a resume or your qualifications and the word kaizen with your information to show that you have read this and your attention to detail.

Included is a representative of the work that will be expected

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Iphone Application Development

I am looking for an iPHONE application developer to work on a very exciting project that is already part developed. We need someone who know how to integrate GPS, Voice, Photos into an application. We are a small company but our enthusiasm is infectious and I hope that we can get someone interested with the expertise and passion we have. Thiis could turn into a very lucrative contract with overseas travel involved. We would prefer an individual to work on this project and not a business.

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Java Application Support

I contracted some developers to build an application for me and its mostly done but there are a few bugs and I cant get a hold of them to make the necessary changes.

I have a background in software development but I havent really stayed up with the latest Java programming standards and I want to bring someone on who has.

The first phase of the project should be very simple. I just need one or two bugs to be fixed and the new SSL certificate to be installed on my server.

I wouldnt expect it to take more than 1-3 hours.

I would like to partner with someone who will be available for future work as well.


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Need Help With My WordPress Website!

I need someone who is knowledgeable of WordPress to help me fix my site. I dont know why my tables are all screwed up. I dont know enough about html to be able to fix it but I assume it wouldnt take long for someone who knows what theyre doing.

I need someone to not only fix the problem, but to educate me also in what is wrong with it so I can keep myself from doing this to my site in the future.

Take a look at my site:

Also, I downloaded the "All In One SEO Pack" plugin and need someone to help me implement it correctly with placing all the information it requires, including my keywords, tags, etc.

Thank you!

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Prestahop Store For Pets

We are looking for someone highly experienced and knowledgeable in PrestaShop. We need to create an online store selling fashionable pet accessories. Only those with a portfolio and previous reviews should bid for this project. We will want to see similar projects you have completed. You will need to be a highly skilled graphic designer with an eye for detail and be able to implement style and sophistication in your designs. You design will be the future face of our company
All products, pricing, photos, graphics, descriptions, shipping options will need to be added to the store by the graphic designer/developer. Paypal will need to be installed and the site will be in both English and Spanish. We will also require a short teaching manual advising us on how changes can be made to prices, descriptions, sizes, coloures and photos. The site will need to be registered with search engines yahoo, google and google analytics etc
If you have a lot of work and a busy schedule please do not bid, we need someone who has time, if you say you will deliver the project within a certain time we expect it to be delivered. We however are not looking for someone who will rush our project. Communication and honesty is also very important to us

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Joomla Work – US Only Please

Looking to move a 1.5 web site over into 1.6 – need someone who is familiar with Joomla to help migrate this web site.

Looking for someone US based to do work from time to time in future.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Lead Web Programmer/Developer is a social networking website that is close to end and will be launched soon. the website needs a good final touch and someone with good knowledge of CSS, AJAX and PHP and an eye for perfection. and by perfection we mean, pixel perfect collaboration with the design layout. You are not required to be a designer, however, a good sense of understanding design is preferred. The project is 95% done and is in need of CSS cleanups and making certain broken functions work. We need someone who is quick at what he/she does, someone who can deliver what he/she promises in a timely manner, one who can understand web and social networking, and one who is open to ideas and trying new things. We are a creative team passionate about our jobs and expect the same.

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SEO & Marketing Assistance

I am looking for an experienced marketing person to help build traffic and usage of a website. I need someone to work on White Hat techniques – building back links, posting on forums, commenting on blogs, link wheels, social networking – the full gambit of activity.

The site to be promoted is

I would ideally like to offer a share of revenues together with a small retainer. Initial 3 month trial, based on monthly milestone payments in arrears of $100 per month. Will also pay 20% bonus on revenues made by the site. (over the past 6 months that would have netted a bonus of well over $1,000)

I dont have time to work on this site right now. Someone will also be recruited to write a weekly blog and we have a researcher who handles data updates and things.

Good opportunity for someone who is good and has the time and flexibility to work hard at this task in return for good rewards. Any queries I would be happy to discuss in more detail by PM.

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IPhone / IPad App

I have an idea for an iPhone / iPad app (dont we all) and need someone to code the app as well as design the interface. I also need someone to tell me if the app will even work or have a chance to be accepted by Apple.

I think the idea is unique so I dont want to put the description of the app in here. Would also like the bidding person to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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Regular Transcriptionist Needed For Overflow

Hi I need help with overflow transcription. I pay $12-15 per audio hour. Please bid for 2 hours of audio. I need someone who has experience transcribing and can complete the project with 3-4 days. I need someone is ready to start immediately. This could turn into a long term position for the right person. I look forward to receiving your bids.

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IPhone App Design

I have a few ideas for iPhone applications. I need someone to help me design it. I have no programming/IT knowledge but if someone can put their hand up for that part of the project, im sure the ideas are strong and original enough to succeed.
Let me know. thanks!

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Need Someone Who Can Help With A Programming Issue, C+ Java

HI I need someones help to create an additional feature to my current website. I need someone who can start work immediately and confident in what they do as this part of my site is paramount to me going live.

please email me if you can start work immediately, follow specific guidlines and is quick at what they do.

Many Thanks


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Mobile Version For My Website..

I have a website made in symfony PHP frame work..
and I have it installed in 2 directories..
one of them is for mobile version..

what i need is:

1- Someone who has a good experience in making websites for mobile phones ( all mobile phones! )
2- Someone good with CSS
3- Should be familiar with symfony
4- Good commuincation
5- Show example of previous work

the website is fully functional.. I only need someone to modify the CSS to make it suitable for mobile phones, so this is a low budget project + a good review and maybe some more projects in the future


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CustomContact Form

I am looking to get a custom contact form created. I need contact from that will track the keywords, and search engine a customer types into Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

The function would work like this:
Someone types into google, hair dresser, and when they click on my hair dresser site and submits a contact form on my site the form tells me which keywords, and which search engine the contact form came from.

Here are the requirements:
– Contact form that can capture and let me know which keyword phrase someone is searching.
– I need it to track keywords from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.


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Need Someone To Quickly Write Me 3 Assembly Functions

I need someone to write me 3 assembly functions in MARS (must be done quickly, within 1-2 hours of me accepting your bid)

Very simple, please look at the attached file. I will paypal you $15 as soon you deliver the project.

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Need A Php Tester.

I need someone with alot, alot, alot of years of experiences in PHP to test an interface and reveal the weakness.

I want someone who is able to review everything, bring modification and make the whole thing much more SECURE.

The whole idea behind this project is to OPTIMIZE the security.

I will give the info to the winning bid before awarding. I need someone with over 5 years of PHP experience and who can proove it. Someone honest and trustable is a key quality and with alot of reviews to proove it.

The project is to be finish today.

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Rails Programmer That Can Integrate API

This project should take about 3 hours and needs to be done ASAP, today… Will pay whatever your hourly rate is. Need someone with experience with ruby/ruby on rails to integrate some API, for example, yahoo search or flickr, to a simple rails application. Whichever API is simplest can be implemented, possibly two. Really need someone as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Ecommerce T-shirt Selling Site

I am looking for someone to implement a template I plan on buying so i can sell some of my t-shirts. Who ever decides to take this on must have experience with carts, ssl, implementing templates, ect ect.

I do not want someone to design me a 5 page information site. I can do that myself. I need someone to handle getting this off the ground. I could spend the next few months learning about each individual aspect of what I need to do but I dont have the time. Why make bagels when you can go to the bagel store and get them warm and ready right?

The template will be purchased by me from one of the template factories online. I already have a domain and an "ultimate" hosting package on godaddy from some of the other projects i have going on. It allows for multiply domains, unlimited bandwidth and space, it has an ssl cert too . I just need the template uploaded and the details entered.
Once its uploaded and the information is all put together, I will handle all the individual t-shirt designs and the descriptions. Since there will be new designs on a regular basis, I need to be able to handle the weekly updates.

Maybe if all goes well on this initial prject, I can hire you to do the weekly updates too. Something along the lines of you getting an email with 3-4 pictures and a description of each and you update the site. Who knows.

I need who ever is interested to be experienced in one of the shopping cart software brands. I prefer one with OUT a monthly fee (Id rather a one time fee). I do not like shopify. Please tell me what youre familiar with so i can research the brand to see if I would like to use it. If youre a preferred vendor of their product and can offer a discount, it may help me decide to use their stuff.

Anyway, I am looking for some one in the USA (sorry, my preference) and someone who is not working. I know there are plenty of people who do this on the side, but im looking to help out a fellow American who is not currently working. Every little bti helps in these tough economic times. Sure you can lie about it, but then karma will bite you on the bag.

If youre local to the New York City area, that is a plus an dwill receive higher priority. Face to face business still takes a front seat in my world.

So send me this info and these answers:
1 – Let me know what shoppoing cart your familiar with and prices you can get.

2 – Time frame on when you can have this done. If you say 3-4 weeks, it bette rbe 3-4 weeks. If its 3-4 days, it better be 3-4 days. Just be honest.

3 – Your desired fee for the above mentioned services (think about the updates to the site when new t-shirt designs come out too and how much you expect to be compensated for that as well)

4 – Your location, industry you work in, and your current workign situation.

5 – Any questions you may have to help get this going

Thank You and I look foward to working with you.

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