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IPhone Aplication

I need the following modules / screens for a generic iPhone app. The idea is that there is a logo, front page menu that gets to these pages. Then the content and graphics are customized for each screen to fit the company.

the menu contains the following items:

* find my store
* opening hours information
* contact details
* facebook page display + integration
* twitter page display + integration
* rss news feed
* survey
* tell-a-friend

find-my-store-> opens Google maps, with a pin on the location of the store; maybe when you click the pin it opens up the standard extra info page and can take you to the "website" link through safari or something.
opening-hours -> just a nicely designed info page
contact details -> same as opening-hours, but has links to send an in-app e-mail / comment / etc.
facebook-integration -> i.e. a "like" button or something that puts a like to the companys facebook page
twitter-integration -> integration to post something about the company automatically under your twitter account
rss-feed -> some feed pages, this is a nested view, first to read the rss feed item list, then to go into further views reading each item; up/down buttons, etc.
survey->engine to ask multiple choice and free-text answers
tell-a-friend -> forward email with some pre-defined text info

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Print/Clothing Design Software

I am looking to have software custom designed on a budget for something like this – and this –

We want people to be able to go on the web site, choose their product and customize/preview their design before purchase. Things like color, font, text, size, graphics, etc. should all be available options.

We can likely install it ourselves but will need something who communicates well and can be there to assist if needed.

Project will lead to future projects as well.

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Something Is Very Wrong With Our Site’s Code.

Whenever we try running an online SEO tool such as or it cant read or analyze the sites code.

Were afraid that this is hurting our exposure to Google crawlers.

We will give you cpanel and Joomla login with admin to try and fix the problem.

Thank you

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Experienced Programmer Needed!Soft Making,Long Term Project

Need a really skilled, yet fast and cheap programmer who would be willing to develop a software/automation bot for several tasks to do. There will be about 6-7 main sections/general huge functions for the soft and each of the section will have itself around 5-6functions to do.

This is Pretty huge soft to make,and will take some time to do!
Dont bid if you only know how to make something using only visualbasic and use of InternetExplorer- Dont need such an stuff, also if you charge insane prices dont bid.
This could take ~1-1.5weeks of daily work and testing to finish probably.
I have around $500-$600 budget for this + will pay monthly sum for updating something which have stopped working etc..
Place some bid and I will send you more details of what I need.

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Experienced Programmer Needed! Soft Making,Long Term Project

Need a really skilled, yet fast and cheap programmer who would be willing to develop a software/automation bot for several tasks to do. There will be about 6-7 main sections/general huge functions for the soft and each of the section will have itself around 10functions to do.

This is Pretty huge soft to make,and will take some time to do!
Dont bid if you only know how to make something using only visualbasic and use of InternetExplorer- Dont need such an stuff, also if you charge insane prices dont bid.
This could take ~1.5-2weeks of daily work and testing to finish probably.
I have around $800-$1000 budget for this + will pay monthly sum for updating something which have stopped working etc..

Place some bid and I will send you more details of what I need.

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Streaming Platform Website

I would like to create a streaming platform of video content. The graphic design is already taken care of.
The website will be something similar to youtube with some elements of social networking send messages, post comments etc.

The platform will have two different types of accounts that will be free or premium. Payment for the premium accounts will be made through credit card transactions or paypal. I also want a paypal donation option to fund some projects that will be popular among users.
Finally a search engine that will be able to provide results based on the mood of the person doing the search and not only based on title.For example if a person feels sad and wants to see something funny to cheer his mood the videos that will be categorised as comedy or uplifting should appear.

I want a quote for the total website development cost as well as specific costs for each element

-Cost of design
-The feature to enable paying with credit card or paypal for premium accounts
-The feature of Paypal donation
-Search engine development cost and how much time it will take to be developed
– Is there something else the website requires to run that i have not taken into account and if yes what is the cost of that?

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Comedy Show Poster Design

We are looking for a creative person with awesome skills to design a poster for an upcoming stand up comedy tour.
We have a high res image and some text (performance dates and times etc).

Wed like something simple but eye catching and for you to preferably deliver a php or high res jpg profession file that we can send straight to the printers.

Posters will be A4 but wed also like the opportunity to print A2 if necessary.

Our demographic is 20-30s…a bit hipster….Style wise it has to be readable, not too flashy but something that oh course makes people interested in coming to the show.
The title is He Says/She Says
The photo is of 2 comedians a girl and a boy.

If you can send web links of previous work of this nature that would be a massive help.
Please send questions etc.
We have a reasonably fast time frame (1 week) so being able to manage that a necessity.

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Blog Based Phtogallery

Hi, I need a photo gallery page set up, something based off of a cms like joomla or wordpress would be best.

something very close to this is desired

==="notice the facebook twiiter and share options here above each photo"===

We need to set this up on our server, and include it as one of our main navigation links in our menu
Please send links to prveous work, and or the theme/framework you have in mind

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Real Estate Branding

I am a realtor who is looking to create a brand for the team my husband and I are forming. We are thinking Cunningham and Company but we are open to suggestions. We want something simple, clean, crisp, friendly and that can be easily tied into the Remax brand. We will use the new branding on our new website that we are getting developed and all other correspondence and marketing. We would like something in full colour but that can also translate to black and white.

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Automatically Alter Datafeed – Zen Cart

Only bids $100 and below will be accepted. If you want the work – do not bid more.

I have a datafeed and need something to alter some fields automatically so that it can be converted easily to work with EasyPopulate.

The datafeed contains 10-15k rows.

The following processes need to be automated:
What needs to change in the datafeed:

1) Find & Replace certain characters (a list will be provided for you)
2) Change Categories (Categories from distributor and categories on my site are different – I will provide a list of my categories compared to the datafeeds)
3) Create values based off the Excel "concatenate" formula
4) Finally – Pull information from this changed datafeed to make a new datafeed that works with Zen Cart EasyPopulate addon.
5) Find new items not on previous datafeed, and copy image names so that I can mass grab and upload them to server.

As you can see, steps 1-3 and 5 take too much time to complete manually by myself each week. I need something that can help me automate these steps so that instead of taking an hour, it can hopefully take 10 minutes or less.


***** I do NOT just need the datafeed changed. I need something that can DO the changes AUTOMATICALLY for me. The last freelancer did not understand this and thought I only needed the datafeed changed. *****

Please PM me explaining what you would be creating to help me out.

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Totally Unique Music Creation App, Only Needs 2 GUI Buttons!

Hi and thanks for reading this,

With so many apps out there already it is now quite rare to create something unique, something that hasnt been done before but I have done it.

I have designed a totally unique music creation app there is nothing like it, its fun and anyone can use it. It is so simple to control requiring probably only 2 GUI buttons yet can produce some amazing results, you will be surprised what can be achieved using such a simple technique. The public are gonna love it!

There are many possibilities to expand it and add extra features such as social sharing and rating of the songs created, the only limits to where we can take this will be your skills as the developer. I would be happy with even just the basic but unique functionality, but to make some serious money we need to cover all bases.

I have a great name for it which describes it perfectly and is very marketable.

The UI design will be very simple but stylish, very colourful and also very marketable.

I am looking to release initially on Iphone and soon after on Android, if I dont release on both then someone else will I promise you.

The ideal developers for this project would be experienced with Iphone (Android experience would be a plus) with a passion for music creation. You will need to know how access the microphone and how to record and playback the audio stream.

I really believe I have something big here and need people who are passionate and skilled to develop this with me.

I am open to offers regarding fees and will consider all offers.

Only serious talented developers who are prepared to sign an NDA need apply.

This app will make us a lot of money, Im sure of it.

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Someone Who Offers Good Terms In SEO – Must See Results

YOU MUST READ ALL OF THIS!!!! ( I WILL NOT CHOOSE YOU IF YOU WANT MORE THEN $100 to Start.) I want to see results before I pay you the balance! I have been scammed WAY TO) many times in SEO – I want someone who really knows their SEO and how to rank!

I have about 50 websites all product related, these sites need to all rank well on I have been ranking websites myself for 12 years. I want to find someone I can work with. I want all my sites ranking. I need someone who can do something besides Article and PR, and social bookmarks. I want someone who can get links to homepages or something more then the basics.

I want someone who will work on terms, for example if you get first page results for the terms I want I give you $2000 bonus, but to start I only want to give you $100, then more and more as we go.. Please PM me details.

This GAF is for a site I just put up…

I want to rank for –

Wholesale Jewelry
Wholesale Rings
Wholesale Necklaces
Wholesale Silver Jewelry
Fashion Jewelry
Jewelry Wholesale

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ColdFusion + ICal Needed

I need a UDF or cfc that works something like this HOWEVER I need this to be a full feed whereas the calendar will contain any number of events. So the page would query the events, then using cfcontent, call the cfc and output all the events that were returned by the originating query.

Not sure how to best word it for you – I need my outlook or google calendar etc. to use the page as its live calendar feed.

So when I enter in the feed address it would read something like this –

I really dont know any better way to explain it to you so please ask questions before posting your desire to do this.

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Drupal6 + Ubercart ECommerce Site

Im looking to launch an eCommerce site for my line of products (about 9). The site will be in Drupal 6 utilizing the Ubercart 2.x module. I will be integrating the site with AIM and CIM (pre-existing modules will be handling this). There are a lot of standing modules that include a lot of functionality that I wish to utilize, they just need to be slightly tweaked.

What I need is to help develop certain functionalities pertaining to:

– General theming issues.
– AJAX/jQuery Login/Register (with a non-javascript redirect to /user/login/ & /user/register/)
– Help developing certain features of Ubercart. More specifically: product view. I need to change the jQuery for multiple images per product from being a simple lightbox/thickbox to something else.

I basically want to take an out-of-the-box Drupal6+Ubercart site w/ some basic theming done and make it look something along the lines of :

This project needs to be completed by April 1st, 2011.

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Develop An Application That Runs Once

I am looking to develop an application that can go undetectable when installed that will launch when the computer starts or launches immediately after going through an installation wizard that will

Load a website without being visible or seen that will result in a cookie being dropped onto their computer from my referral code. This script would have an algorithm that was able to determine which website to load based on day of the week monday-sunday.

Cookies 1 =
Cookies 2 =
Cookies 3 =
Cookies 4 =
Cookies 5 =

If software was installed on monday cookies 1, 5 run
If software was installed on tuesday cookies 2, 3 run
if software was installed on Wednesday cookies 4 run
If software was installed on Thursday cookies 1, 4 run
If software was instaled on Friday cookies 2 run
If software was installed on Saturday cookies 3,5 run
If software was installed on Sunday cookies 1,2,3,5 run

Does this sound like something you could do? The idea of this app is to not be known or seen when installed or ran.

Let me know if you could do something like this…

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Smarty Template Designer For FSRevolution Script

I purchased a monthly package from FSRevolution and I need someone to design the smarty templates for the site as well as the CSS file and anything else that might need to be done for it to be functional.

The default design looks similar to this:

The design I am looking for is something like this: but with a World of Warcraft based theme (nothing fancy – just something like black and red with a Warcraft header)

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Joomla Module And 3 New Positions

Im working on a layout that that needs three new positions added below the component/content area in the body. I also am trying to find a module that I can place in that area that can list 4-5 services and when hovered over the name it shows a corresponding image on either the left or right of the area. (I can show something like Im talking about if requested) Im sure there is something on and I just cant find one. I also would want to style that module using a specific image I have created.

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Readymade Clone Of MLM Is Needed

Hello Everyone,

I need a clone of Multi Level Marketing. I will prefer a readymade solution so show me if you have something. I will buy it as soon as I check all the functionalities and it is according to my requirements. Please also tell me the cost for it. If you have something ready then post a link to your demo. Happy Bidding.


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Powerfull Modification Of WCDDL.

I want a coder to modify WCDDL into powerful paid ddl system which will include a custom webmaster panel, backend panel, payment system , add management etc. It is going to be heavily modified version of DDL.
Backend will have the options like remove submissions,edit submissions,ratings,billing system,wsyig editor,ads management,front page listings, ratings etc.

billing system should have something like
count total no of posts subtract no of posts not having rapidshare links X 1cent
Paypal ,Alertpay,Moneybooker API (Mass payments after approvemovent)
Able to edit the amount
After 5 Infractions
WCP should have something like:
Date wise submissions
Exclusive Email ID submission
reports of each submission
– total no of submissions
-total submission with rs
– Category wise no of submission
– Current IP
– Last IP/Time of last Activity
– Your Email ID
Contact ( – support

and i have made a fixed algorithm of payment ..

I WILL PROVIDE MY OWN PSD design..coder just need to code and not design anything.

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Chinese Voice Over Needed

I have a chinese document. may be one page or two with 18 paragraphs. I need a quality voice.. just say something in chinese and send me with your bid request. Sound quality will be my main factor to choose u.

Budget is very low since it is not something very hard to do or big.

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Flash Template

Looking for someone who can create a template for an OSC MS2 website which features flash. I have an idea, and want something very similar to it. The one I have seen is only a flash template, I want something similar to it that works with Oscommerce. I am currently running 2.2. The template is to be used for an online bridal accessory and lingerie shop. The colour scheme of my business is a few shades of pink. I am looking for similar to

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Model Agency Website

I am looking for a model agency script or software with CMS. You dont need to install it, I just want to buy the script. Here is an example of what Im looking for just google the term Model Agency PRO. It doesnt have to be that script, just send me a link to what you have. Whatever script you have please send me a link. I am paying $30 for the script. Make a quick $30 simply by uploading a script for me. I do reserve the right to ask for 1 hour of your time to help me with a few things but nothing more. I need the script asap. I am ready to get going.

Also this might turn into something long term and ongoing if we can work out something for you to do my girls websites if you are not offended by the nature of my business. Thank you.

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The Soap Game

It will be a game whereby u will have to to something to the soap and there will be a timer to time u once u are doing something to the soap.I cant tell u "something" as I am scared that u might copy it.I well only tell u after I ha e chosen the bidder.I can draw a sketch of the artwork but it might need some edition.sound will not be provided by me.the game will be an acade game.

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Playstation 3 Plugins For My Playstation Website

Firstly, I was pointed here for help with my website. I am not 100% sure its the right type of site for what I want but it looks promising! Im sorry if this is not something anybody can help with.

Ok, I have a new Playstation community website and I want some things installed to do with the Playstation 3. The main thing is to have a gamercard for each member who has a PSN ID. A PSN ID is their profile they use when they play on the Playstation 3. It stores information about there trophies and shows there Avatar.

The gamercard I want will show the members PSN Avatar and trophy count. You will see how many bronze, Silver, Gold and platinum trophies that member has with a total amount of trophies and there trophy level.

The card needs to be quite small, I want it to show in the users postbit everytime they post. It also needs to be able to update itself as members earn trophies on there games. I will need this created and installed as I am no good at editing the sites coding.

I use mybb for my forum so I need someone who is familier with crating plugins for mybb forum software.

If you would like to see an example you can look at This site has some awesome features. If you look in the forum at posts you will see the gamercard in the members postbit section. They already have something like this for free on the mybb site but its for the xbox and no-one can seem to help me.

If you can do this easily and would like a little bit more of a challenge I will pay more if you can create something like also has.

They also have a trophy profile. If you click on one of the members trophy cards in the postbit, you are taken to it. Here it shows all of the games that they have played with trophy information for each game! It also shows there recent trophies! This would be amazing if I could have something like this on my site.

I guess it is all linked up to another site that keeps all of this information but I am not sure.

And thats basically it. This would make my dreams for my site come true so I hope there is somebody out there that can help. If you are able to make a simple plugin that I simply upload and install then that would be great! If I will need to edit codes then I will need this doing for me. I will give access to the site. Once again I hope this is the right sort of thing i can request, sorry if it is not!

My site is if you want a look.

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Flashlight Mask And Cursor Tracking

Im running a psychology experiment and would like to track visual attention to the two halves of the screen. Ideally, I could do this through a browser either in a local file or one posted to the web (I have a couple domains I could use). Javascript, Flash, or something else that I could potentially make updates and changes to (Ive got the Adobe Suite) would be ideal.

In general, what I would like is a mask that only reveals a small amount of space around the cursor (a flashlight effect visually similar to that seen here: I also need the cursor position to be recorded (either posting to a file or saving to the local machine is fine).

Visual Effect:

The mask shown at that website is more a visual representation than it is a template–that ones not really a mask but just changes the background color–a clever trick. Id like something that could be overlaid on top of, for example, two videos or two images or two columns of text, blocking out everything except the area immediately surrounding the cursor.

Data logging:

The first thing that needs to be logged is a subject number for each person who does the experiment (i.e., a number to be manually entered at the start of the task, which identifies the experimental participants data).

Then, I need the mouse positions for each subject to be logged in a spreadsheet (e.g., .xls). What Im more interested in is the half of the screen they were looking at rather than the exact coordinates. Something like "left half" or "right half" should be logged every 100ms or so. This way I can know if they were looking at stuff on the left or right, and for how long.

In the end, what I want in the spreadsheet is the subject number and the proportion of the time spent on the left and right halves of the screen. This way I know if they were looking more at stuff on the left or more at stuff on the right.

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Mobile Site Builder

Create a database .with this database must be conected 2 site .1site must to be for mobile and tablets.must to detect automaticaly user platform must to be only for iphone,blackberry,android,windows mobile. tablets for ipad,honeycomb,webos.And all this must to be conected with must be divised by category etc.
2site must be an administration site for user .where will be posibile to login and to upload "something" and mange this something.the secret is that something must to be visible and manageble on mobile site.
more if you will be able to make it.and if you will make it you will get a permanent work and posibly a PART OF REVENUE FROM THIS STARTUP.send bid [Revised by Admin]

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Frame Buster Buster / Mask URL

I have become a resale affiliate for a scuba website……….i get paid commision on every sale that comes from my link………………………………………problem is they have a frame buster or something so i can not establish a page that uses my login info…………….with in my own website…………………………im either looking to mask the URL…………or frame the website with my link in an iframe or something ……i can promote their site and still get paid for my work

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WordPress Theme + Some Plugins And Integration


I have plan start with a new project ,market something like codecanyon im work long time in wordpress and i will start again with them .. but now i realy need good designers.. i need a new theme and something like market plugins or same… login and register page

I need simple and nice template with a css3, javascript/jquery effect, open new page without reloading and etc. (example. page)

So i need template, market plugins, and some customization with wordpress also i will need integration with software for payments maybe u can suggest me what i can use for this project… something like (amember)

Sorry for my Englsh and thanks,

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CafePress / Redbubble Website

How much would cost to make a copy of CafePress(

and how much to make a copy of redbubble?http:/ (/

Im going to do something similar.

I know it seems to be vague and too open, but actually I need something pretty close to it.

Want the same quality for the user experience – asynchronously calls, fast and secure!!

Thank you

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