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Children’s IPad App Illustrator

We are looking for iPad & iPhone illustration for children book.

Looking for an edgy, contemporary illustrator with a good handle on characters and a munny-sensibility.

The concept is about a little boy pet missing from home, there goes the story begin….

There are 20 screens in the app. The characters will include: mother, little boy, some cartoon animal characters.

We will commission in the middle of April and want delivery in four weeks.

Required sound effect: sweet mother sound, charming little girl for some conversation.

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4 Sound Files Inserted Into FLA ( Salman Only)

as per spec

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IPhone App


I would like to have an extremely simple app designed which musicians (mainly guitarists) can use to help themselves practice and get better at their instruments. It basically entails recording sound through the iPhones built in speaker and looping the sound for playback. The most important aspect is that the app is very simple to use. I am looking for a designer interested in getting more work in the future as I will seriously market this app and will be interested in updating the features based on user feedback.

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Image And Sound JavaScript Application For Website

I need a simple Image and Sound Java Application for a website I am developing.
I have a selection of images, sound wav files and Pixastic Library Image effects such as blur and grayscale.
What I need is a script which allows a user to pick images from the selection on screen via a radio check box. Upon selecting the images they move to the next screen to pick an effect which will be used on the image such as blurring, grayscale etc and then move to the next screen where they pick a sound file to be played. On the next screen an automatic slideshow plays the images selected one at a time with the chosen image effect for each one applied and the selected wav file will play for the selected image.

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I would like to have en mobile software programmer to make a mobile applikation with the following features.
Exact price for Android and exact price for iOS is preferred.

The app is about comparing voice frequency graphs.
On the phone you got a number voice frequency graphs. By choosing one, the phone plays the sound by the loudspeaker. Afterwords the user off the applikation, are going to imitate the sound played by the phone. The phone records the imitated sound, and makes it into at voice frequency graph, and compares it to the original played voice graph by telling how many % the sound was imitated correct.

All in all the user are going to imitate the sound/voices from the Phone, and get a score in %, off how much is was imitated correct.

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Sound Effects For Online Slot Games14

Looking for someone to create custom sound and sound effect and music for online slot games and animation . You must have worked on this type or project before to be awarded the Job. we will like to heard demos of your work .
Go to and under the video slots tab choose the Game Gold Diggers that s what you need to be able to do or please dont bid!!

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Video Editting

I need someone who can help me edit videos rapidly and professionally
Basically I have 6 sets of 3-5 short videos which need to be converted into 6 videos. They are really not that long, each video should become about 3-4minutes long.
Editing that needs to be done is pretty basic:
1- "join" the videos into one for every set (6 sets in total)
2- add logo and some text to all videos
3- remove sound in some sections
4- improve sound in other sections (if possible!)
5- some videos are pretty dark so, if that could be fixed that would be great!
As you can see, no mayor editting and no special effects needed.

I need it ASAP so only bid if you know you can do this within a couple of hours and have it done before 3pm EST, I will be accepting the bid at around 10am EST.

You can PM me specifying what you can do and how long it will take you. Please please only serious bidders, I cant afford to loose time!


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App That Integrates Sound Effects With Live Calls

I need someone to program an app that integrates sounds into a phone call. The functionality would be as follows: someone would open the app, make the call through the app, and click a button that incorporated sounds directly into the call so the recipient would hear them or even set a timer for the sounds to play.

I would provide the design, and the sound effects, Id just need someone to code the rest and make it available for the iPhone and Android.

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Customize Google Site Search Results

We use Google Site Search for users to search our 1,500-page website.

We want to customize the search results to exclude results for certain items that are in our database, but have been flagged as "Do not display" or "inactive". These flags already exist in the database.

Our site runs on a proprietary application written in PHP and is hosted in a LAMP environment. Our app uses proprietary tags which would be easily understood by anyone with a sound knowledge of PHP.

Of course, youd also need sound understanding of how to customize Google Site Search.

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Electronic Audio Switch

Hi I need a simple switching device that is triggered buy and audio spike of sound

I have a trifield natural em meter

An iPhone that is programmed to record once it receives a sound spike in volume

And a hand held scanner that is tuned in to a specific frequency

the trifled meter will pick up any radio signal and will beep once there is one, I need this to then trigger the audio gate to open and let the sound come through from the radio scanner, once the sound comes through it will trigger the iPhone to record the audio samples

Should be quite simple for some who knows how to

I also have another project I need setting up once this one is done

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Sound Effects For Online Slot Games13

Looking for someone to create custom sound and sound effect and music for online slot games and animation . You must have worked on this type or project before to be awarded the Job. we will like to heard demos of your work .
Go to and under the video slots tab choose the Game Gold Diggers that s what you need to be able to do or please dont bid!!

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Sound Effects For Online Slot Games22

Looking for someone to create custom sound and sound effect and music for online slot games and animation . You must have worked on this type or project before to be awarded the Job. we will like to heard demos of your work .
Go to and under the video slots tab choose the Game Gold Diggers that s what you need to be able to do or please dont bid!!

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Slots SLOTS 2

We are looking to develop about 20 new slot games with high quality and sound files . We currently have games now visit username 11913 password 1111 to see quality. We want nice bonus rounds and animations. If we are please with your work we can bluild a long term relationship and add you to our development team

03/15/2011 at 11:34 EDT:

This bid for one slot game complete and ready to use with 3d animations and sound. High quality just like sample provide.

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Sound Effects For Online Slot Games

Looking for someone to create custom sound and sound effect and music for online slot games and animation . You must have worked on this type or project before to be awarded the Job. we will like to heard demos of your work .
Go to and under the video slots tab choose the Game Gold Diggers that s what you need to be able to do or please dont bid!!

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Iphone App – Sound Board

+++ BID WITH PEACE OF MIND. Ive selected "Seal Proposals" so nobody else will know you bidding price/ details! +++

Very Basic Sound Board Application For Comedy Entertainment

Home page image with numerous buttons that play "sampled audio" from a youtube clip for comedy purposes.

15-20 Audio quotes to be played from the application.

I would like the app to have a "share this function" so users can send a link that advertises the soundboard to their face book pages…..and twitter if possible.

Would also like an Android version as well …. please provide information if you can do both.

Must have previous applications successfully uploaded within iTunes.

Escrow: 100% before project starts.
Payment: 100% release to you within 48 hours after the app is approved by App Store.

1. For serious bidders only
2. You should have apps selling on App Store
3. Honesty, integrity and long-term partnership are important. Do not bid if youre not interested in long-term partnership.

The app is to work on iPhone and iPad. A few more iPhone projects are to start soon. Winner will have the best chance to win the projects.

LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP is important for my future apps. Do not bid if you are not interested.

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Working With Sound At Delphi, Sound Editor

Requires source code bases of work with audio files mp3
Ability to insert, copy, cut the sound.
The possibility of using special effects
Mixer files.
the presence of the visual spectrum.
A microphone, online.

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Image, Video, & Sound Capture App For IPhone & Android

We are looking for an iPhone and Android app which captures and stores video, pictures or sound, depending on which the user selects. The video, picture or sound capture may be triggered by shaking the camera (or other trigger methods of similar complexity). The user should be able to select the sensitivity level of the shaking or other trigger methods. In addition, the video, picture or sound capture may be triggered by the video imaging going from dark to light, or by a loud sound. The user will select which will trigger the video, picture or sound capture.

*Bug free functioning application delivered to the App store / Android marketplace.
*We provide App icon, you provide all other background images
*All copyrights, source code, and intellectual property belongs to us, everything submitted through our developer account.

Timing: 2 weeks

Maximum $300 for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch App, plus Maximum $300 for Android App. You can bid on the iPhone App only, or the Android App only, or both.

1) iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch iOS 4.0 or higher
2) Android iOS 1.5 or higher

3 installments
1/3 up front
1/3 on successful demo
1/3 after 1 week bug-free operation in App store

-Successful bidder(s) will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
-Successful bidder will briefly tell us about their experience with picture/motion/sound capture and provide links to other work. You will also specify if you are bidding on the iPhone/iPad app OR the Android app OR both.

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Adding Sound To Site

Hi! I have a language learning website and I want to add sound to it. by clicking on an image/button or just rolling over sound may appear. for exapmle: if its possible without showing the media player on the page. I would like also to have more ideas and suggestion on that matter. thanks.

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IPhone App

The project is to build a basic iPhone App to do the following things:
– Create a User Account
– Capture a sound bite (up to 5 seconds)
– Upload the captured sound data to a website for storage
We can also provide full graphic storyboards for the look and feel of the application.

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Music Backing Songs Required

I have many song instrumentals (karaoke-style, no words) recording to be done. But I will start with one at a time. $100 each. No escrow. Full payment once high quality and groove is reached.

Only professional musicians apply. Must play real guitar and be able to have it sound like almost any guitar.

Each song need to be 100% your own work (not anyone elses).

Guitars and drums need to sound real and the songs needs to sound high quality and like the real song. A very soft vibraphone playing the melody playing in the background is needed and a midi of that melody supplied.

I will supply the original mp3 and sheetmusic. I will include instructions on what key it is to be in and any other changes.

ONLY BIDS WITH mp3 SAMPLES of your work on rock and pop songs WILL BE ACCEPTED.

All payments will be made once supply of a 24bit wav of the song and a midi of the melody is supplied.

The person who does the best job in the best time and appears the most trust worthy will receive the most work.

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Website Demo Video

We run 2 websites ( & and are looking to get a quote and short proposal to produce a YouTube video of the exact same length and structure as the following one

We would provide the script for each site and links corresponding the script to the relevant areas of the website.

We would require the production of the full clip including:
– Voice recording and background music
– First splash page animation and sound
– Screen shot motions and changeovers
– Final splash page animation and sound
– Supply in various web ready formats

At this stage we would like a price and estimated time and if you have examples for similar work and references that would ideal.

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Java Sound

I looking for a java expert, with good reviews.

That has worked with the sound api.

small $30 job

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Need AS3 Expert To Solve Issues

Check this:

#1 (important) – on pressing record, it will record the sounds that are playing (samples, soundA, soundB, micro) for this i think an array can help
on pressing again it will appear a box, make it to listen and stop listen the recorded sound, make user give it a name (without .mp3 that will be add on php file) and on pressing SAVE it will save that name + .mp3 on db table MIXES with user ID (5 number) and save as a mp3 file into mixes folder and then retrieve it to Mixes datagrid that shows when you press on My Mixes button

#2 – make upload mix available to upload the selected file name on datagrid (without browsing) and catch the file on mixes folder and duplicate it to musics folder, saving name on musicas table on db and retrieve the name to appear on Tracks datagrid

#3 (important) – when clicking on Samples, it will appear a datagrid (the upload function is available to upload so that you can upload a beat or kick sample), on NR it must have numbers 0 to 9 and on clicking on the keyboard numbers it will load the corresponding sound file and plays it (without loop), the php already calls number to be set i guess, no worries on that

4# – fix the 2 sound position knobs so that when stop dragging it will stand on that position and on dragging to update the time

5# – make the sound waves playing each one according to each side, now they are playing both just for 1 side

These are the tasks, ask any doubt or say if theres something that you might be concerned or you cant do maybe i can help as well!
I started coding in AS2, but then i programmed as AS3 because client needed some features and now im stuck.
Must be online to talk and not leave, so that i will not close the project, i need as soon as possible!
If you are good and fast, ill give a bonus!

02/23/2011 at 9:34 EST:

Ill pay $15 for each task solved!

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Java Real Time Sound Frequency Spectrum


I need to develop an application which "listens" to music and "draws" a real time frequency spectrum. The application will actually provide input for controller to control house lightening – dancing lights.. This needs to be done in real time of course. Music will be played by a sound player (winamp or Win Media player). I guess the application should listen on a sound driver level, so that player is an independent component.

I need a code snippet in Java which extracts frequencies out of signal into some kind of programming structure. The code should be in a component form, which allows a simple usage and building an application on top of it.

You should provide:
– code that outputs frequency spectrum out of live music.
– demo code that uses the component – output can be graphical or just values written into stdout. Focus is on demonstrating the component

Code can be written by you ( in this case you need to allow free and unlimited usage of it) or can be the existing code under any of the opensource licenses. You just consult in that case and earn the provision.

Very similar project is this
But I need to do the similar in Java. If you have the code in C++ this would somehow work as well, since I could create the JNI interface. (It will run on Win platform)

I imagine that this is a few hours project for somebody that already did something similar. For somebody developing from the scratch this project would not be the best, since budget is very limited .


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Speech Recognition

I have a elearning software, english learn for students
we have a recorded sound from a teacher lets say "Hello"
we need to record same message with a module and make a comparison with teachers recorded sound so
in the end to be able to make a pronuntiation check for recorded message.

we need this solution as soon as possible

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RareSound Production – Music Composing And Sound Design

RareSound Production Ltd. offers original and fresh music scoring for video games/film and quality custom sund design. Rates starting from;
Music – From $150 per minute depending of arrangements complexity.

Sound design – $100 per 10 single effects

Professional quality!!!

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Create A Roulette Website Promo HD Video


I am looking for someone to create me a Professional HD quiality video (around 2-3 minutes lenght max) that will be posted on youtube to promote my website. My website is and the video must contain real footage of a roulette wheel spinning (perhaps also how the ball hits a number or something), money/chips beeing bet on a roulette table, also some self made graphics and effects, i need it to be an active video where you see stuff, scenes, effects and text, not a long boring video with slow overlay moments. It must point out luxury, glamour and a fancy way of life. It has to be an actual video like you see a commercial on TV.. NOT like a powerpoint presentation with a background sound in it. As background id prefer some classy background lounge tune, perhaps in the end a voiceclip saying "visit www…. blabla now!!" but i will provide that sound when nessesary.

Come on with your bids, if you have examples of your work feel free to PM/mail me.


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Redesign Flash Header For Joomla Template Site

Need a flach header redesigned for the top portion of the website which is a Joomla template.
The flach should keep the exiting "fire/flames" flash imaging that is currently displayed and yet add a logo gif that moves across/upand down/ in and out of the header, while also scrolling images of artists (their eyes) so that it appearsthat the eyes are looking through the fire (at random slow intervals) and when the page is loaded there is sound (from wave file) that is played and there is the option for the viewer of the site to turn the sound off. Also there should be the image of speakers that seem to move or pulsate with the bass kick and sound of the music when the music is on.

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IPhone App – Bush-cricket Sound On Click

Its a very simple iPhone app. When someone clicks on app icon it plays bush-cricket sound to make awkward quietness situations funny:) No user interface or stuff like that. Just play sound immediately.

Icon should be a bush-cricket and name "Boooring". Some help in putting it into appstore needed too.

I want this app to be written in a way that will let customization, like changing icon and sound in future.

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Music Monstars

Hi Freelancers. I am currently looking for expectional talent in the Audio Sound Design background. I have a great concept for an intergrated software application that can be stand alone of implemented to other portable devices. I would like software to work on PC and Mac platform.

I need an indivdual or team of designers who understand sound technology,algorithms, beat matching technology, hexademical, sound waves etc. My concept for design is clear and informative. Successful applicant will be asked to sign a non disclosure agreement before work can commence.

Individuals will be expected to have a sound background with great imagination and creativity to bring to the project. A kine approach to new ideas and a willingness to troubleshoot and success in given tasks. I will need the successful applicant to keep me up to date with developments. Email, Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Phone number is essential. Many thanks for your time!!

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Flash Music Player/mixer.

I need a player that is mixing two different mp3s and can add some sound effects.
Like in this one:

I need it very urgent. It must be finished by tomorrow.
The version that I need for tomorrow should only work like the one shown.
Later I will pay up more for upgrading it in more music, more effects and so on but now only one song and one sound effect.

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Sound Project Creator

Need professional sound creator.

25$ per sound. Need just 2 sounds right now.

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